good morning it’s time to talk in depth about Kit Purrson, our main man Kenny P’s life partner and indisputable bae.

so Kent moves to Las Vegas. he’s probably super young- 18, 19, ect. lived with his moms and doesn’t really know how to react being given a sudden huge amount of contract money. his step mom Sadie helps him pick out the apartment and he flies in with her and she helps him move in. and she says “hey, you know what? you ought to get a cat.”

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God bless kladderier and their idea of Cat Cafe AUs

Imagine this with me : everyday Mink goes to this particular cafe in town, the newpaper is free and the coffee is exactly how he likes it. However there is one particular little thing about this cafe that is a bit tiresome for him.

It’s a theme cafe.

A /cat/ cafe.

And one of the servers has taken a liking to him. A moon-pale boy with white hair and eyes as rosey as his attitude

Everyday he greets the hulking man, who stands out in the cafe filled mostly with teenagers and young girls, and directs him to sit at the table nearest the corner window (this just so happens to be the quietest corner in the establishment) and after bringing him his usual coffee along with a treat (usually a cinnamon bagel with treat cheese, other time a snickerdoodle muffin) what Mink internally dubs ’the cattening’ begins.

The bouncy albino boy brings over a cat and somehow it’s always a different cat (the cafe also works as a rescue, so new cats come in as residents fairly frequently). He tries to get Mink to play with said feline and Mink always declines - he just comes for the coffee (and admittedly the cute if not a bit insistent server).

But one day Clear brings over the grouchiest cat Mink’s ever seen; missing eye, crooked tail, smooshed face - this cat is ugly - but Mink can’t help but feel a little pull toward the feline who’s sitting regal as a queen in the servers arms (whose name, he now knows, is Clear). The cat looks like it’s had a rough bit in life, but has came through it all tooth and claw with determination; he can tell he relates to this cat.

With a sigh of defeat he motions to the chair beside him and with a delightful squeak Clear goes to put the cat on it but Mink stops him

“Chairs are for people, laps are for cats.”


An amused sigh escapes him

“Sit, tell me about her.”

And it clicks, Clear settling down beside Mink to tell him Princess’s story while giving the darker man tiny shy smiles just above the edge of his scarf.