Armored Lady Monday (technically tuesday edition)

this drawing killed me

my favorite alolan pokemon wishiwashi! it was an intense competition between pyukumuku, wishiwashi and toucannon but in the end wishiwashi is just too cute and also too cool man, im in love with this pokemon

since wishiwashi’s whole deal is to get super powerful without evolving i decided to go a mech way, thats “technically” armor right? even if it isnt this wouldnt be the wildest stretch ive ver done

anyways, hope you liked my month-ish of pokemon armor gijinka! 

smoonstyle : The beautiful @cristinascabbiaofficial and I finally had the privilage to spend more time together than on any other festival. I will never forget her kindness towards me when Epica was still at the beginning of our career. We were playing together at a festival in Spain. It was freezing cold and she was warming my hands. Such a big heart she has. It was a pleasure to perform ‘Heaven’s a Lie’ with her and her boys and to see both of their sets at @70000tons . Only love for her! 💋 #cristinascabbia #crimone