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  1. a 5 page paper with three critical sources due
  2. journal responses to 3 stories plus works cited
  3. latin american study guide to my TEST TOMORROW
  4. chapter review on ch. 1 & 2 in psychology 
  5. pluss all the voc. from last week and this week

(half this shit is due by midnight tonight)

    i need to pull myself together and figure something out. and perhaps change my study habits. 

    Personalize your television

    Watching TV is a social phenomenon. We love it. But while the number of channels in the past twenty years has quadrupled, the industrial design of the TV exterior did not evolve. The average telly is a technical black shrine constructed of hard plastic. And the worst part is: its uninspiring form is dominating our interior.   

    The Homedia concept by Robert Bronwasser redefines the definition of ‘television’, crossing its technical functions with its future role in the home decor. The machine is dressed in fabric in order to give it a natural position within the larger interior design. Television becomes personal, earning the role of a high quality shape shifter adding intimacy and identity to any room.

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    Homedia TV by Smool

    Robert Bronwasser of Amsterdam design studio Smool presented a television set wrapped in fabric at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

    the Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser has a curved fabric back and stands on brightly coloured legs.

    "while the number of channels in the past 20 years has quadrupled, the industrial design of the TV exterior did not evolve”.

    Homemedia TV by Smool

    el diseñador Robert Bronwasser del estudio ubicado en Ámsterdam Smool presentó un televisor envuelto en tela en Milán.

     Homedia TV tiene un tejido curvado hacia atrás y tiene las piernas de colores brillantes.

    "mientras que el número de canales en los últimos 20 años se ha cuadruplicado, el diseño industrial del exterior TV no ha ​​evolucionado”.