If Bleach characters held an intervention for Yukio...

As requested by mietie117. :)

Ginjo: Yukio, hello. Please come in and have a seat.

Yukio: What’s going on? Is there a fullbringer meeting nobody told me about?

Yukio: …

Yukio: A fullbringer meeting at which Captain Hitsugaya is present for some reason?

Hitsugaya: Yo.

Tsukishima: This isn’t a fullbringer meeting, Yukio.

Tsukishima: It is a friendship meeting.

Riruka: [scoffing sound]

Ginjo: Riruka….we agreed no scoffing sounds at the word “friendship.”

Riruka: It’s just so smoofy!

Yukio: Says the girl who actively worships pink.


Hitsugaya: Why did I even agree to this….?

Jackie: Guys, guys!

Jackie: Let’s remember why we’re here!

Jackie: Yukio, we all wanted to talk to you.

Tsukishima: As friends.

Shishigawara: Yeah! You should count yourself LUCKY that we all care so much about you!

Yukio: Will one of you just tell me what’s going on, please?

Ginjo: Yukio we want to talk to you about your video game addiction.

Yukio: What?

Chad: He said that we want to talk to you about your video game addiction.

Riruka: You know, that addiction you have for video games!

Yukio: Yes, I understood the words you used.

Yukio: But I don’t have a video game addiction so

Ginjo: Yukio….you are playing your PSP right now. While you talk to us.

Yukio: Well so far this conversation has been pretty dull.

Ginjo: Why don’t you put it down, Yukio?

Ginjo: Just for a few minutes, while we talk?

Yukio: I don’t want to.

Ginjo: Just for a few minutes, Yukio.

Yukio: I said I don’t WANT to!

Riruka: Oh for heaven’s sake!

Riruka: You got a problem, dude!

Riruka: Your always glued to that stupid PSP!

Riruka: One time I’m pretty sure I saw you playing it in your sleep!

Yukio: That’s not uncommon in people who are really good.

Giriko: And you are very good, Yukio.

Giriko: But is that really the best use of your time?

Yukio: What should I be doing? Pretend to be everyone’s bartender while I yammer on about time?

Giriko: …

Giriko: That is hurtful.

Hitsugaya: You’re not a god, Yukio.

Yukio: Excuse me?

Hitsugaya: When I was in your chatroom, you said that you were a “god.”

Hitsugaya: Is that why you like video games? Because they make you feel in control?

Yukio: I like them because they’re FUN. Something I guess you probably don’t understand!

Hitsugaya: Do you like feeling in control because of what happened with your parents? Because you couldn’t make them love you?

Yukio: Make them - 

Yukio: I didn’t WANT them to love me!

Hitsugaya: Yes because that seems likely.

Yukio: SHUT UP

Riruka: I said it was a bad idea to invite the captain.

Chad: Yukio, we are simply concerned about  you.

Chad: You may get carpal tunnel syndrome and die.

Yukio: I feel like that friend of yours would probably heal me before I died.

Chad: She is very generous that way.

Jackie: We all have weird relationships with our powers, Yukio. We get it.

Jackie: Riruka is obsessed with cute things. Giriko can’t stop checking the time. Tsukishima probably sleeps on a bed made of books.

Shishigawara: Nah his bed is normal.

Jackie: My POINT is that even though we all understand, it’s also true that it’s not good to let your powers consume you.

Jackie: It’s not healthy.

Yukio: Look, guys, I “appreciate” you talking to me, but I think you’re a bit off track here.

Yukio: Who’s the guy in our group who actually has money? Me. Who has a successful business? Me. Who actually likes his powers? Me.

Yukio: I’m the most stable of the lot of you!

Hitsugaya: Who manipulated his parents into committing suicide? You.


Ginjo: This is harder than I thought it would be.

Tsukishima: I told you I should have just stabbed him.

Ginjo: We don’t stab our friends, Tsukishima!

Tsukishima: …since when?

Yukio: Now if you need me I will be in my room. Playing video games!

Ginjo: …

Ginjo: See? Simple plans never work.

smoofie-blog  asked:

could you suggest any good or cute movies? lovely blog ^^ <3

Hello! Hmm.. Half of the movies that I watch are Korean Movies/Dramas. Haha xD But.. I’ll share a few that I like = u =

  • Uptown Girls
  • Seducing Mr. Right
  • 365 days of Summer
  • Eun-gyo
  • The Proposal
  • A Moment to Remember
  • 200 pounds of beauty
  • 100 days with Mr. Arrogant
  • Norwegian Wood

You should try some Ghibli films too~ I specifically like Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service.

I’m not much of a movie person…. SO GUYS, IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE. LET ME KNOW LMAO.