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He stops mid-sentence and the breath that leaves his lungs may have sounded like a breathless ‘wow’. Next to his own desk stands the firmest, sexiest ass Stiles have ever seen. It’s enveloped in tight, green pants. It’s not just an ass, though. It’s long, firm legs, muscled back and broad, muscled shoulders and Stiles very much wants to get his hands (and lips and tongue and body) on that one. Deputy Sexy-Ass (Stiles recognizes a police uniform even if he only sees it from behind) turns and, oh god, looks directly at Stiles. 

A Pirate’s Life For Me by Hepzheba


These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then! 

BTS REACTS TO: Accidentally hurting their s/o’s feelings

Anon Asked: Hello!! Can I request for a bts reaction to accidentally hurting their gf’s feelings? Thank you lovely❤️

I’m taking the more unpopular route. This isn’t gonna be some angsty shit where their s/o is like… crying or whatever. I just think the dramatic “i hate you [y/n]” and [y/n] like… erupts into a depressive fit is so overplayed and it’s not at all relatable - or realistic for that matter. (no offense to other reaction blogs i love y’all. this is all T no shade)

ANYWAYS, I’m switching “gf” to “s/o” because I want this to be inclusive for everyone. Gender Neutrality is encouraged, guys. Please keep it as neutral as your request can possibly get. - Admin Dayna


What Happened

You finally cracked the login to your old Facebook account and thought it would be funny to show Jin your pre-glo up selfies. You know… the ones with the myspace edits. It was fun and all. Seokjin for the most part had trouble believing it was you in the pictures he was seeing. You’d cringe, but he was just floored with laughter - you couldn’t help but laugh with him, too. It was contagious. 

At some point, you scrolled onto a group picture of yourself and some friends. Jin - still having trouble putting the person in the pictures together with you - pointed at you specifcally in the group picture.

“[y/n]! You thought you looked bad back then? Look at this person!”

*insert your reaction here*

*insert Jin’s reaction here* “Is that you?!”

Your Reaction

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What Happened?

For the first time in a long while, Yoongi had enough free time on his hands to do something with you. Usually, the two of you stuck around at home and spent the little time with one another under a blanket drifting off during what was supposed to be a movie night. However, Yoongi was feeling a lot more upbeat than usual, and had suggested a night out. Restaurant reservations were made hours ahead of time. Yoongi was already dressed up, and you were putting the finishing touches to your look. 

At the time he was trying to be slick, making side comments about how long it was taking you to get dressed. You, for the most part, either ignored him completely, or made smartass clap backs when the occasion arises. 

However, when you were actually done getting dressed, Yoongi made a comment that got under your skin. 

“All this time, [y/n] and your hair isn’t even done.”

*insert your reaction here* 

”My hair was the first thing I did.”

“insert Yoongi’s reaction here*

Your Reaction

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BTS reaction to their S/O always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ ~ @sinerwhoisasin

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own BTS.

Unfortunately. Wish I owned them. So I would never walk alone. Bye.


Jin would be surprised every time it happened at first, but be completely cool with it later on. He is pretty confident over his looks, so if his girlfriend would touch his body too he would only get more confident about himself.

He wouldn’t really like it if you’d put your hand underneath his shirt in public, though. He’d probably quickly push your hands away and make up an excuse why you couldn’t do that. You would understand, though, and feel a little guilty since it was just a habit and you couldn’t really help yourself, either.

If you would up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that, though. And that is what you probably did most of the time. Especially if the two of you went shopping, at some random moment you’d up his sleeve and clung onto his arm, making him laugh out loud.

‘’Ah, Y/N. I don’t wear long sleeves for nothing! It’s cold like this,’’

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Wouldn’t mind it at all. Heck, he’d probably love it. Not exactly in a perverted way, though. He would just love it that you liked touching him, even if it was just a weird habit. It was cute in his eyes and there is no way he would ever tease you about it. Maybe in his head a little.

The two of you were just chilling on the couch as you both had a day off for the first time in forever, and you made sure you would spend it in the best way ever - exactly, do nothing. Nothing than just cuddling every now and then as you watched a movie, or a random episode from a random series, and so on.

An action movie was next thing on the list, and the both of you were so into it. All the explosions, gunshots, everything just got you two hooked. You’d snuggle closer against him, and the next thing Namjoon knew was having your hand underneath his shirt which caused him to frown.

‘’Ahh you could’ve just said so, Jagi.’’ He laughed as he pulled up his shirt so you could touch his skin better.

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Two things could happen - he could get incredibly shy, or confident. No in between. It would depend on the situation, though. When the other guys were around, he would react shy as the guys would be yelling stuff like: ‘’His abs will get their comeback someday, no need to check everyday.’’ or anything in that line. So he would just laugh it off a bit and try to distract the guys soon after.

However, when the two of you would be alone, it would probably ‘’awaken the beast inside of him’’. You had been bored for a while, but didn’t really want to disturb Jimin, who was reading through a notebook from one of the members which he needed for their next practice.

Yet, after half an hour, the boredom would really start killing you. You’d walk up to Jimin, wrap your arms around his waist and move your hands towards his front. Your hands would quickly make their way to Jimin’s ‘abs’, smiling a little. Jimin put the notebook down as he looked at you,

‘’Aish, Jagi. You know what that does to me, right?’’

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And then, there’s Taehyung. He would laugh it off and tease you a little bit, just being playful as heck. Of course he’d still be shy about the fact that you were touching his skin just like that, I mean you could also just touch his cheeks, so why either his arm or belly? Was it more special?

Anyhow, he would still think it was the cutest thing in the world since sometimes you didn’t even notice your habit was showing up and casually touched him like that. Yeah, it could really make this smol baby smile.

You were hanging out with Taehyung and the other guys, having a normal conversation. Nothing special, really. Until you’d suddenly up Taehyung’s sleeve and poke his arm, all focused on that, and that only. Taehyung would laugh and hug you tightly in front of the others.

‘’Ahh see how cute Y/N is? She can’t even take her hands off of me!’’

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Shook. End of story. Bye.

No, seriously. Jungkook would be really shook, and have no idea what to do or what to say. Push your hand away? Just smile it off? Say something about it, for example he didn’t like it or that he didn’t mind? That he’d prefer it if you were alone? No idea, he would simply have no idea and just stand there and wait until you’re finished.

So every time, once you were done touching either his arm or his abs, he’d just look at you with a slight grin on his face.

‘’Your habit was showing off again, Y/N. How did it even come to this?’’ he’d tease you a bit in the end, before pulling you into a tight hug.

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Okay, I think we all know that Hoseok wouldn’t mind this at all, either. He’d smile brightly and fanboy about you touching him all over just because you felt like it. It was a sign of affection to him, so no way that it would get Hoseok either shocked or surprised. He would really be happy about it.

After a new concept was released, he would take a look at it together with you. This time, instead of fangirling like you usually would, you took a good look at Hoseok’s photoshoot, then to Hoseok himself, his photoshoot and then him again; you decided that after seeing the photos you really just wanted to touch Hoseok’s beautiful skin.

A smile appeared on your face, and you knew that it was just a stupid habit of yours, but you went along with it anyway - Hoseok didn’t seem to mind it, after all. You sat closer to him and quickly slipped both of your hands under his shirt as you smiled brightly.

‘’Hehe, the real thing is the best, yes.’’ You’d saying jokingly.

‘’Jagi, why are you so adorable?’’ Hoseok responded, smooching your whole face affectionately.

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He didn’t exactly mind it, as long as you didn’t disturb him while he was resting/sleeping(no one would survive that). Yoongi wouldn’t really feel uncomfortable, but if you did it he would prefer you touched his arms instead of other parts of his body.

So sometimes you’d randomly up his sleeve and stroke his upper arm all the way down to the tip of his middle finger and back, probably smiling like an idiot since Yoongi had an incredibly soft and fair looking skin. Which is also how it felt like - soft.

‘’Y/N. That really tickles, you know? You’re really smiling like an idiot right now. This habit of yours is so weird… ‘’ Yoongi nodded his head a little, trying to hide a smile. ‘’That makes you… you, I guess.’’

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please allow these cute nerds to put a smile on your face, with bonus majestic Evie butt


Every year for Mother’s Day I give my wife a “faux-album” of Harper’s greatest songs from the previous year (she normally sings these songs in the bath and I write them all down). So here is Harper Grace’s 3rd studio (bathroom) album: “Who Moved the Ranch Sauce out of my Bedroom?”

Track List:

1. Rocket A**hole (She was instantly yelled at for this one)

2. You forgot that I never forget

3. Cabbage and Fire

4. You think I’m trouble… But I’m not so bad

5. You can blame me, but I never got some love

6. Thor Thor Thor, welcome to the kidnap store

7. Let’s get crazy enough to forget our language

8. Who moved the ranch sauce out of my bedroom?

9. Smoochely Smoochely Smooch!

10. I just can’t resist that stinky smell on your face

11. I stepped in sleeping pancakes yesterday! You said it’s gonna hurt me less some day

12. Airport cool farm

13. I love that I have to hate you

14. On a dark river with… nobody

15. I probably saw you on the radio

16. I was just put in prison for 50 years for falling in love with a stranger i hardly knew

17. Your brain turns me into a monster… a love monster

18. I’ll sell your apartment, I’ll make you all the money, I’ll make all your dreams come true

19. Magic Princess Aliens of the land of God and Earth

20. You make me want to throw myself away

21. I’m a girl with a brain and I like to save the day!

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I'm polyamorous and mentioned to my girlfriend that i was trying to find a nice pet name that I could use /just/ for her. She said that was a good idea, and has taken to using mothman as my term of endearment. It is fantastic and I thought you'd appreciate hearing about this

1.) I love happy, healthy polyamory, and this ask made me so happy. Smooch her face for me, and then tell her to smooch your face for me. This is seriously so cute.

2.) Poly Cryptid Nickname Girlfriends has the same number of syllables as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What you do with this information is entirely up to you.

kissing + dating hcs;

boss’ memo : ive never received so many headcanon reqs about loving and protecting one person,, so good !!! i’m so proud!!

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kissing hcs

  • maria isn’t really a early morning kissing type of person, despite being a morning person herself–what she really enjoys are late night kisses! sleepy smooches ! she likes to pepper your face with ‘em as she grows sleepier and sleepier (and gently hums at you when you giggle in response to her affection)
    • she’s really big on consent, so without fail, you’ll hear a soft, “kiss?” before she leans in,, either that, or “may i…?”
    • her favorite place to be is with her arms ‘round your waist, pressing you closer to her (from behind or from the front) and her mouth on your neck–she likes the way her lipstick looks on you,,
  • if you’re busy, she likes to clasp your non dominant hand in her own, turn it over, and kiss the back of it

w/ a s/o who tries to ensure her happiness | s/o who spoils her | when she’s jealous

  • she can’t think about you for too long, otherwise she may start crying–she’s unsure of what she could have ever done to deserve someone who cares about her so earnestly, loves her so deeply! she’s never known anyone like you before and you surprise her every single time you put her needs before your own,,
    • she’s not normally the type of person who cries, but she feels safe around you. plus, these are always happy tears
  • she’s very light-footed, but if it bothers you, she can purposefully make noise when she walks–but either way, she loves embracing you and showering you with soft “i love you”s (sometimes signed, sometimes spoken)
    • she doesn’t quite know what to do when you buy her things !! she’s always sure to thank you–she understands these are material things but she places an incredible amount of emotional significance for every thing you get for her
      • (it’s likely that one of her comfort objects is something you’ve gotten for her–especially if the object smells like you)
    • one of the most frequent things she says to you is “thank you for being kind”
    • if you’ve also had a rough past, she’s willing to listen if you ever want to talk. she wants to ensure you know she’s there for you just as much as you’re there for her
  • she doesn’t really like to involve herself in conflicts–not anymore, but despite this, she’s quite protective of you, and will do everything in her power to keep you safe and happy as well
    • she’s not used to receiving, so she always does her best to show you her gratitude
  • she does get jealous, but it’s more directed at herself rather than you. if she’s feeling jealous of the attention someone else is giving you / feeling unsure of your relationship in general, she’ll withdraw, she’ll be distant. maria needs assurance that you love her often–and she’s self aware of this.
    • just little things to remind her that you love her. maybe remembering something she likes, telling her you think she’s beautiful out of nowhere… that helps her lots !

rubberbangin  asked:

May I get some sweet egobang self esteem boost/ body worship like arins having a bad image day and dans there to help telling him how beautiful he is and kissing problem areas ?! Bless thank you

goddamn how’d you know that i’m a sucker for some good ol body positivity? 

in all seriousness, i adore arin’s body,, i love the broad body type and i wanna give him hugs

honestly i hope anyone with his body type knows how beautiful they are, i could admire arin handsome all day.

this includes some first kisses and it’s cheesy as all hell BUT i wanted to give our favorite animator some lovin

thanks for the prompt! hope you like it x


Danny was feeling particularly touchy-feely today.

He surprised even himself when he walked into the Gru//mp Space that morning and the first thing he did was plant a smooch on Arin’s forehead. The artist hadn’t even had the chance to say good morning, blinking up at Danny in quiet shock.

The blush sprinkled over his cheeks made it even sweeter, and the musician smiled fondly down at his adorable boyfriend. “Morning, baby. Did you miss me?”

Arin was very rarely at a loss for words, but his blush deepened as he struggled to reply. “Well, that was unexpected,” he managed, giggling a little.

Danny knew his behavior wasn’t what Arin was expecting. When the pair had first begun dating, Danny had been extremely paranoid and nervous to even hold hands. Arin had respected Danny’s hesitance and told him they could move one step at a time, and only with Danny’s permission.

Danny loved him for that.

Perhaps that’s why Danny was so nervous heading into the relationship–he’d had such strong feelings right away, and it’d scared him. He felt more and more secure with each passing day, however. Danny was usually a very affectionate person anyway, so now that his initial hesitance had faded, he wouldn’t let Arin have a moment’s peace.

He stood with his arms draped around Arin’s shoulders, pressing his face into Arin’s neck as the artist finished his work so they could go record. Danny was also more relaxed because the office was empty. (Although he did enjoy planting one on Arin’s cheek in front of Ross every now and then, just to make Ross roll his eyes and make retching noises.)

Arin reached up absentmindedly to ruffle Danny’s hair affectionately. “You’re in a good mood today.”

“Guess I just missed my snuggle man,” Danny teased, running Arin’s own locks through his long fingers. 

“I’m glad you’re…more comfortable,” Arin hummed, not wanting to embarrass the older man but letting him know he enjoyed the attention.

Soon after, Arin finished his work and they moved to the recording room. Immediately after the artist sat, Danny snuggled himself against his side, throwing an arm around Arin’s shoulders and pecking his cheek.

That delightful blush was back, and Danny thought to himself that he’d never get tired of making Arin blush. He looked so pretty like that. 

Then he leaned his head against Arin’s broad shoulder, placing his free arm across Arin’s torso. He watched contentedly as his boyfriend selected the game and entered the title screen.

“Welcome back, motherfuckers!” he yelled as soon as Arin had switched on the recording.

As Arin laughed and introduced the game, Danny kept up conversation but let his mind wander a bit as he rubbed circles into Arin’s shoulder. God, he simply adored Arin’s shoulders. Strong and built, just like his arms. His soft but powerful arms that looked like they could split a tree in half, but Arin was so gentle with them.

Danny’s eyes trailed down Arin’s arms to his tummy. A smile tugged on his face as he leaned more into the artist’s side. Arin’s sturdy frame and cuddle-able posture was an added bonus. He could stare at him all day.


As the recording session ended, Arin switched off the recording equipment, jotting down the time as he yawned. “Geez, that was a long one. You tired, babe?”

Danny inched forward until he was sitting on Arin’s lap, brushing the hair out of his boyfriend’s eyes and smiling softly. “Yeah. But I always enjoy spending time with you.”

Arin laughed, reaching up to lightly rest his hands on Danny’s waist. “Glad to hear it. Wouldn’t be much fun recording by myself.”

Danny decided then and there. He wanted to kiss him.

Well, he’d never been one to hate kissing, so he leaned forward, silently letting Arin know what he had in mind, to let Arin pull back if he wanted. 

But his eyes were warm and loving as he met Danny halfway, and they shared a very brief kiss where their lips touched curiously. Just enough so they could figure out each other, moving only slightly as they each pulled back.

Danny’s hands moved to Arin’s shoulders, and he squeezed. “Can we do that again?”

“I-Is that okay?” Arin asked, but his eyes were bright. Danny leaned forward again in response.

The second was longer than the first, still exploring and becoming attuned to the other’s taste. Arin tasted like cherry, probably from candy, and a little like toothpaste, but mostly just sweet.

Danny relaxed, pressing into the sturdy body beneath him. God, it was like he was floating. His hands roamed from Arin’s shoulders to his arms, and he squeezed slightly, loving the feel of the robust body under his hands.

Arin squeaked at the movement, and Danny’s heart beat a mile a minute at the sound. He really, really liked that noise.

They broke apart, both breathing slightly heavier than normal, and Danny admired the gorgeous sight of a flustered, red Arin. He rested his forehead against his boyfriend’s.

“I’m kinda relieved you actually wanted to kiss me,” Arin blurted, and his face grew hotter after the outburst. “I mean, um…”

Danny lifted his head, confused. “What do you mean?”

Arin wouldn’t meet his gaze, and Danny’s chest tightened with worry. “Arin? What’s wrong? Did I do something bad?”

“No, no! You didn’t do anything. I, uh…I just…it’s stupid, but…I thought maybe the reason you didn’t like touching me was…because I’m so fat. I, um, thought you didn’t like the way I looked.” This confession was stilted and came out quickly, as if Arin wanted to get it out of his system.

Danny felt his heart crack at Arin’s words. “Arin. Baby. Hey, look at me.”

“But I don’t want you to feel bad about it!” Arin yelped, still not meeting his eyes. “I, I want you to be comfortable with what we do. So, don’t blame yourself. I’m happy if you’re happy. I…just don’t…”


He finally looked at Danny, and the older man placed his hands firmly on Arin’s face. “I need to tell you something, and I want you to listen to me.”

Arin nodded.

Danny lightly smooched Arin’s forehead. “I adore your face. The way it turns pink when I kiss it, the silly expressions it makes during video games, the way your cheeks scrunch up when you’re smiling, the little lines next to your mouth that means you’re about to say something hilarious. I love it.”

Next, he kissed Arin’s left shoulder, trailing down his arm. “I’m obsessed with your arms. So strong and powerful, yet so soft and gentle. You could toss me over your shoulder without a second thought, but these arms have only ever hugged me with the affection of a lover.”

He picked up Arin’s hands and kissed his palms. “God, your hands. Look at them. Able to craft masterpieces on paper and still leave the feathery feeling of light touches on my face. Such talented hands, bigger than my own, and I cherish the way they feel tangled up with my own hand. I feel safe in these hands.”

Then he kissed Arin’s chest, running his fingers along Arin’s belly. “Your body. The perfect body to cuddle up to when it’s cold. It radiates warmth. I love the way it carries a powerful feeling, yet it’s like a teddy bear. I adore resting my head against it, feeling like I’m home. It’s all soft curves and pink sides, begging me to kiss it and love on it. Your body is perfect.”

Danny looked up at the sound of a sniffle, and Arin wiped his eyes. “Arin, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t adore every inch of your body. You’re so beautiful, baby. Trust me, it’s harder for me to keep my hands off of it.”

Arin giggled at that, reaching his arms out to envelope Danny in a hug. “Thank you, Dan. You always know what to say.”

“Only because it’s true,” Danny murmured, resting his head against Arin’s collarbone.

The pair sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, Danny tracing patterns into Arin’s arm and feeling his eyelids droop. It was rather late already, and they’d had a long day.

Arin tilted his head towards the clock. “Guess we should be getting back, huh?”

Danny’s grip tightened slightly as he moved his head to grin up at Arin. “Only if you give me another kiss before you go.”

Arin was all too happy to oblige.

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XD what. I’m not having negative thoughts. Not at the moment and omfg! Don’t smooch my face while my son is here! *blushes*

Shiro:…… imma tell Dad you’re cheating on him Mom…

Child oh god pls no it’s not what you think pls have mercy

Shiro: see yah Mom! *walks away*

I’m a bad influence….

Seventeen as Boyfriends

A/N: after a looooong time i have returned with yet another series! don’t forget that you can always send me requests!

I have a feeling that our dear Wonwoo would be that type of shy, romantic guy, where at first he would seem a little cold but then would surprise you with such a sweet, romantic date and show you his soft side. So, while other people may think that he is actually quite cold you would know that actually he was very caring and showered you with affection. It would take some time for him to warm up and you would have to put in some effort to get closer to him but it would totally be worth it. Because once he would have opened up to you, you would get to know so many wonderful things about him and he would make sure you would always know how much he loved you. You would be his most prized possession and he would make sure you’re always happy, because as long as you’re happy, he is happy. He would often surprise you with small gifts, such as a nice book or a cute necklace and would plan cute dates. I feel like doing such things would get him really excited since he just loved seeing your eyes light up when you see what he had prepared. But he would also really enjoy lazy dates, just laying on the couch with you or playing video games. But his signature date would probably be the coffee shop date and you two would have been to a big amount of coffee shops and of course would have a favorite. Wonwoo would be the type to go on long walks with you and hold your hand and kiss your temple and sit down somewhere on a bench and just talk with you about everything. He would be that reliable, somewhat quiet type of boyfriend.
In conclusion, Wonwoo would probably be a very ‘soft’ type of guy, where he would always be there for you to lean on and often surprise you with small gifts or cute dates, even though he might not seem like the romantic, cheesy type at first.


I think that Seokmin would be that really dorky, funny somewhat childish kind of boyfriend. He would always know just how to make you laugh and lighten up your mood. He’d often make stupid jokes which you would have to get along with because there simply would be no stopping him. He would often go a little overboard with his reactions, but honestly, that would make him only all the more lovable. But don’t be fooled by his first impression, because once you get past that layer of dorky cuteness, you’ll find out so much more about him. Because even such a bright person like him has his few dark sides not many people know about. But it would take quite some time to get him open up to you like that because, to you, he only wants to be the happy dork. He doesn’t want you to see him sad. But he wouldn’t be able to avoid that situation for long, since I feel like he is quite an emotional person. However, once he realizes that you actually want him to come to you when he has problems, he would definitely become more open. Like Wonwoo, I think Seokmin would also be a very romantic kind of guy and would actually be very into PDA. He would love cuddling, whether you’re at home or out and about, and would always have his arm around you or hold your hand. He would often kiss your temple or forehead and ruffle your hair a lot. You would just always be cute to him no matter what. So it might be a little bit of a challenge to make him realize that you actually are capable of doing things yourself. But he just wouldn’t be able to help himself, he would always want to protect you and it might get a little too much from time to time, but keep in mind that he really only wants the best for you.
So, I think Seokmin would be very dorky and adorable but also very reliable since he would never want to leave your side. And you can always anticipate romantic dates he had planned and shouldn’t have anything against PDA because believe me, there is going to be a lot of that.

I personally think that Mingyu would be a mix of Wonwoo and DK. He would be so so affectionate and wouldn’t need any time to ‘get used to’ having a girlfriend. It would just come to him naturally. And coming together with that boyfriend behaviour would be nicknames. Lots of them. And they’d get weirder and weirder with time. Of course not he was running out of ideas on what to call you, no. He was just ‘changing it up’ and ‘getting creative’. Another big thing in a relationship with him would intimacy and skinship. And I don’t only mean physical intimacy. You would have to be okay with Mingyu wanting to know what’s going through your head, so he would often ask you what you are thinking. I also see him being huge on PDA. He would want the whole world to know how cute you are and that you belong to him and only him. There would be lots of ‘aww’ and small smooches all over your face because you are just too cute. He would always want to hold your hand and be a gentleman and carry your bags. You would always be able to have a fun time with him. But he would also always be there for you to listen to whatever you have to say and he would be your shoulder to cry on. And he wouldn’t expect anything in return. Mingyu would also be very open about his feelings, telling you when he was upset or anything like that. And his main priority would be to put a big, bright smile onto your face. Because as long as you are happy, so is he. And he would go to lengths to achieve that. He would plan out secret dates and drag you there only to see your face light up.
Mingyu would be a ‘natural boyfriend’, whereas he would always know just what to do to make you happy. He would be very affectionate and also show that in public. His hands would always be on you somehow and he wouldn’t even think about letting you go.

I see him as someone who would actually get very protective while pretending not to care at the same time. He would probably be scared of coming off as weak when telling you that he was worried you might leave him, which could make him seem quite cold. But after you had reassured him nothing of that sort would ever happen, he would definitely open up more towards you. Still, it would be a little hard for him to express his feelings but he would definitely try. Though he would very often get embarrassed when surprising you with a date or something like that. But he would definitely try to learn how to be a better boyfriend and would even ask the other members for advice to make sure you were the happiest girl in the world. Because he really did care for you deeply, he was just unable to show it. He would probably get jealous quite easily and would always try to protect you from basically everything. He would have very high expectations for himself and would often be disappointed because he couldn’t live up to them. So you would often have to remind him just how amazing of a boyfriend he is. Even though he would try to act all cool and tough, you would be his biggest weakness and he would always get so incredibly happy whenever you kissed him or told him you loved him. He would try to spend every free second with you and cuddling would be his favourite thing to do. He would love having you fall asleep with your head on his chest and just admire you because you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.
Woozi would seem like a somewhat cold person at first. But only because he wouldn’t know just exactly how to tell you how much you mean to him. But he would try his best to make known to you just how much he loves you and it would just be the most heartwarming thing.

I see him as a very, very protective and also clingy type of guy. I can see him being pretty into PDA and he would often let everyone know just how much he loves you and just how wonderful you are. He would treat you so well and would always only want the best for you. But he would also be very clingy and would probably accompany you everywhere to make sure you are safe. He would always want to know where you are, but not really in an obsessive kind of way. More in a worried way if that makes sense. You would really have to sit him down and tell him that you are old enough to go places alone without being kidnapped or dismembered. Or even both. He would then really try to tone down his protectiveness as much as he could but later one you two would find a mix between him being protective but also letting you be independent. But you would never be able to turn off that protective part inside of him. He would also often try to be romantic and set up candles and whatnot to surprise you when you get back home. He then would probably get all flustered when you complimented him on how wonderfully he decorated everything and thanked him for all the effort he put in for you. He would always try to fulfil your dreams and keep you smiling. He would also be very open about his feelings and would want you to be the same way, telling him when something is wrong.
In conclusion, Seungcheol would be very protective and clingy to the point it would almost get annoying. But that’s just because you are so dear to him and he would definitely let you and everyone else know just how much he loves you.

We all know how extra Seungkwan can be. And I have feeling that wouldn’t change at all when he is in a relationship with you. He would constantly brag about you to the other members and wouldn’t care whether he would have told them just how beautiful you are ten times already. Even if you were around, or rather especially then, he would constantly talk to them about how gracefully you move and whatnot. He would often make you blush by constantly showering you with compliments and affection. And he wouldn’t even expect anything in return. He has such a big heart and you would take up almost all the space in it. You would always e his number one priority and he would always go out of his way to make sure you are happy. He would do anything to see you smile and hear you laugh. You would be everything to him and he would let you know so that you would never doubt his love for you. He would always be there for you if you needed a shoulder to cry on. If you were to surprise him by getting him a present or cancelling all your plans to spend some time with him, he would probably start crying. He would be very moved and would continue to tell you that you really didn’t have to do such a thing. He would always be very gentle with you and try to protect you from basically everything. There wouldn’t be a day spent without him showering you with kisses.
Seungkwan would be a very, very soft and gentle type of guy, your happiness being his first priority. He would always make time for you and continue on bragging about you to everyone he knows. He would show his love for you and wouldn’t be embarrassed about it by one bit.

I see Hoshi as being the kind of shy, cute type of boyfriend. He would often make silly little jokes to get you to laugh or make funny faces when you two were sitting opposite of each other. He would get shy when the other members would tease you two for kissing or sitting really really close to each other on the couch. In public, I feel like he would be pretty shy of showing his affection for you as well. He would never go farther than holding your hand or having his arm around you. But at home, he wouldn’t stop complimenting you and showering you with kisses. He would also be very playful, tickling you a lot and squishing your cheeks together and all that. Hoshi would try to teach you choreographies and ask you what you think of dance moves he came up with. He would often ask you for your opinion on basically anything. His outfit, hair and so on. He would always look for your approval and you would maybe even have to sitcom down and tell him that you think he’s amazing no matter what. He then would probably start crying because his feelings for you are just so overwhelming. I see him being a somewhat emotional person in general. Whenever something worried him, you would be the first one he’d ask for advice. But just how you are there for him, he would be there for you too.
Hoshi would be a very playful, sometimes shy kind of boyfriend. Your opinion would be very important to him and even though he wouldn’t show much affection outside, you wouldn’t be able to get him off you once you two were home. You would be able to tell him anything and everything and he would always try to get you to smile.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of boyfriend Jisoo is soft. He would be so so gentle with you and make sure he isn’t hurting you in any way. Once he had fallen for you, your safety would be the most important to him and he would always look out for you. If you easily got cold, he would always bring an extra pullover or if you were clumsy he would always carry bandaids with him. He would be able to read you like you were an open book and would always know when something was wrong. He would always listen to your problems, no matter how small they may be and he would continuously spoil you. He would cook breakfast and surprise you with small gifts every now and then. He would celebrate all of your successes and would kiss you whenever he would get the chance. He would be a little shy in public though and would rarely do more than just holding your hand. But people would still be able to see how much he loved you. When he was away, you would always wake up to morning texts from him and he would try to video call you at least once a day and would always hype up your selfies and just make you feel so so good about yourself.
In conclusion, Jisoo would be a very gentle and loving type of boyfriend. He would always make sure you are safe and happy and would mediately know when something was wrong. His love for you would be visible to other people as well and you would always feel beautiful around him.

In my opinion, Jun would almost be a little secretive about your relationship. He wouldn’t be someone to continuously boast about you to the other members or constantly be all over you. But he wouldn’t be shy either. It’s not like he wouldn’t deem your relationship important, he would just like to keep things a little more private. Though, every now and then, he would fall into bragging about you to the others. But when the two of you were alone, he would always be admiring you and give you loads of compliments. He would always play with your hair and literally be up for anything the minute you said you wanted to do something. He would always try to keep you smiling and spoil you to the max. You two would be that couple with incredibly good style and you would always wear at least one matching thing, even if it only were socks. Jun would be your trusty shopping companion and hype you up as if there was no tomorrow, telling you how you could rock anything and everything. Making you feel beautiful and confident would be his goals and he would always be able to achieve it. At night but also in the mornings, he would get really soft and practically be glued to your side.
Jun would be very supportive of you in every way though he would like to keep things a little more private and not have everyone knowing every single thing about your relationship. He would do just about anything with you and always make sure that you were feeling confident.

Since Vernon grew up in America, I feel like his ‘dating style’ would be very different from the others. In Korea, the general style of relationships is pretty cheese whereas in America it’s not as movie-like. At least most of the time. I feel like Vernon would be a little more naughty. He would definitely be very straightforward about basically anything. His type of PDA would also be a little different. As I said, he would be a little more naughty and would even grab your butt in public just for the fun of it. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be loving. He would always be spoiling you and brag about you to everyone. Buying you new clothes or a necklace or maybe even a promise ring. He would always be about making you feel like royalty. Vernon would also be incredibly protective. Someone would only need to look at you a little too long and he would already be getting into possessive boyfriend mode. You maybe would even need to take him to the side and tell him to tone it down a little. While outside he would be possessive, but at home he would be very cuddly and he wouldn’t care who else was around. He would just be very open about your relationship.
Since Vernon grew up in a different culture, his way of dating would be different but he would of course still be very loving. His protective side would come out every now and again but it would be nothing you wouldn’t be able to deal with. Spoiling you would be one of his favourite things to do since he wants to make you feel like the most important person on earth.

Despite his cute and puppy-like appearance, Minghao would be incredibly possessive and also protective. Not in an obsessive way, where he would always want to know what you were doing at all times. But, if he were with you, he would make sure everyone around you two knew that you were his one and only and he was not to be messed with. Though he would often only have his arm around your waist, everybody would just know that they shouldn’t be looking at you for too long. He would be a lot like Jun and want to keep the relationship between you two rather private than having the other members know every little detail. But every now and then he wouldn’t be able to stop himself and best about you and tell everyone around him how cute you were anyhow happy he was to be able to call you his. I see him as someone who would be quite clingy when you two were alone. He would love to cuddle and often kiss your forehead or temple. He would have one or two nicknames for you and call you by those every time. Only if there was something more serious to talk about, he would use your real name and that’s how you would know you were in trouble.
Minghao would be quite possessive over you and always make sure that you’re alright. Like Jun, he wouldn’t want everyone to know everything about your relationship with him but would boast about you from time to time.

Honestly, Jeonghan would constantly spoil you. But not only by buying you new things. He would spoil you by treating you unlike he treats anyone else. He would always be looking out for you and would carry you if it was raining and you didn’t want your shoes to get dirty. He would literally do anything, you only had to mention it. But he would sulk quite easily. Since you are the most important person to him, he would want your attention to be on him and him only. So if you ever ignore him, for whatever reason, he would almost immediately start sulking and it would take some time to get him to talk. But then there would be a bunch of kisses because he loves kissing you. And by loves I really mean loves. He would never get tired of kissing you. When you two were out, he would kiss your cheek ever so often and, when nobody was looking, he would also sneak in a short peck on the lips. He would be very open about your relationship in front of others and would openly cuddle with you while the other members were around. He just wouldn’t really care about them.
In conclusion, Jeonghan would do anything and everything you wanted in the blink of an eye. Though he would also want all your attention which may get a little tiring. But he would make up for it by spoiling you to the max.

Our beloved Chan would be a little awkward at first. He’s the youngest of the bunch and dare I say the most inexperienced. The first dates would always be a little awkward but he would for sure soon get the hang of that whole relationship thing and you wouldn’t be able to find someone sweeter than him. He would cherish you so much but would most likely have difficulties expressing his feelings. But that wouldn’t stop him. He would try to express his love for you through lots of kisses and small gestures. And since he wouldn’t want to mess anything up, he would be really caring and thoughtful and always try to look out for you. He might go a little overboard though, so you would have to remind to slow down a little on the whole protective boyfriend thing. He would be a little shy in public but that would change with time and he would get more ‘daring’, even kissing you while you two were out. Sound the other members, he would always be their little brother and they would treat him that way which could lead to him being incredibly embarrassed when they did it in front of you. His cheeks would be red a lot during the first few weeks of you two being together, but again, that would change over time.
You would be able to see Chan develop over the course of your relationship. He would become more ‘mature’ and wouldn’t be embarrassed as often. He would always try to take care of you and give you all his love and attention.

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If your box is open... could I get a reaction of the normally shy s/o of the US, UF, AND SF(UT if you don't take SF) papyrus who gives the skele a book full of really heartwarming compliments specifically for that skeles personality and past, and a box full of uplifting messages that's organized like a calendar on the skeles birthday?

Oh, that’s adorable, oml. ~ Mod Dari

Underswap! Papyrus

His soul swelled and a big, dopey grin lit up his face.

He proceeded to swing an arm around your waist and lifted you off your feet, planting a big smooch on you.

Then he continued to kiss you, watching your face flush as you bury your face in his hoodie.

He’d grin, cheekbones a bright orange.

He admired that despite your usual apprehension with affection, you’d do something like this for him.

thanks honey, you’re the sweetest.” He’d say before kissing your forehead.

Underfell! Papyrus

He’s not good with emotions or expressing how he feels.

But as he read over the genuine words, his scowl softened and his scars look a little less harsh.

His soul fluttered in his ribs and he shifted towards you, taking one of your hands.

He lifted it to his teeth and pressed them to the back of your hand, touch uncharacteristically gentle.

He’d let out a quiet chuckle at the blush on your face.

His voice would be softer, quieter as he leaned in and whispered, “Thank you darling.

Swapfell! Papyrus

He’s pretty sure his soul paused mid-beat, because he’s clutching his chest.

A low; “hhhhhhhhhhhhhh -” escaping his mouth.

You’re concerned but was surprised by him pulling you close and squeezing you in a tight hug.

He’s might cry, but its happy tears, peppering tiny kisses on you.

He’d then mutter while he nestled his face into the crook of your neck, “you’re amazing sugar.

7 Days of Heaven (Day 4 – Jackson)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-JinyoungDay 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Jackson Wang (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Overstimulation (like…. Lots of it), Dirty talk, Squirting, Masturbation, Fingering (I AM GOING TO HELL ASKASDOIGHSADKLGE)

Length:   3, 507 words

A/N:  So here’s the 4th installment of 7 Days of Heaven!  I hope you guys enjoy and please take the warnings seriously because I ain’t joking so please proceed with caution. edit: removed the bl word ;)

Also didn’t have a lot of time to proofread so my apologies about any errors.

“Jackson Wang, on the other hand…” You continued your disgraceful confession as Mark went back to the living room – making Jaebum stand up right away.

“So, you were saying, babe?” Mark reappears beside you and you’re now being sandwiched by him and Jinyoung.

“Don’t call me babe.”  You rolled your eyes at him and Jinyoung fixes your hair because it’s already blocking your face.  He grabs your ponytail from the table and ties your hair.

“So, yeah, when you went out I was about to talk about Jackson… That guy has the best arms in the group, I think?”  Jinyoung finished tying your hair and you threw your body against his.

“He would be so loud for sure – lots of dirty talking… and would be so into overstimulation!”  You let a small laugh and Jinyoung just sighed heavily; not knowing if they still wanted to continue asking you about your desires about them.

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Tim Drake Headcanons

Hello my lil wings! How are you doing?

So Anon requested:  Hey can I get headcanons for what tim drake x reader argue about when they’re dating and how they resolve things/make up afterwards? There isn’t enough tim stuff out there. Thank you!! 💕 

And they’re right! Timmy needs more love! So today with this headcanons and tomorrow with a new Timmy x reader fic I’ll give Timmy all the love he deserves! 


  •   We all know Timmy
  •   And he doesn’t take care of himself very well
  •   So after months of arguing, crying ect He confessed he was Red Robin
  • It took you by surprise
  •  But then the pieces clicked
  •  Why he looks so bruised
  •  Why he’s so sleep deprived
  •   Why his family now matches the batfamily
  •  Why Red Robin always flirts with you.
  •  Why he smelled the same as your boyfriend
  •   Why RR always yells “IM NOT TIM DRAKE!!” When you questioned his identity.
  •   Since then, you vowed to yourself you’ll take care of Timmy.
  •   Because he can’t do it properly
  •  Alfred is very happy
  •  Now someone controls Tim
  • He has taught you Tim’s favorite foods and (secretly) gave you his secret way of make him sleep.
  •   Valeriana
  •   Even though you have your own way
  •   ;)))
  •   You two argue mostly about how Tim often disappears for days.
  •   And when one of his brothers brings him to your home, with bloodshot eyes, still in costume and more than often, hurt.
  •   You always bring him to your bathroom where you clean and stich his wounds
  •  Then you help him get on his pajamas (because he has clothes in your home, he often sleeps there) and help him to your bed.
  • You bring him a cup of warm milk and lie down next to him.
  • In minutes the two of you are cuddling, asleep.
  •  The morning after you two quarrel about Tim’s poor health care when he is in one of his moods.
  •  More than often Timmy can be pretentious. He ends hurting you with his words.
  •   He regrets it immediately.
  •    Your hurt expression, your teary eyes, your twitching lips…
  •   He felt his heart drop
  •  You slap him in the face
  •   And he deserves it.
  •   You go to your room and lock it.
  •   He runs after you, apologizing.
  •  “(y/n), please! I’m sorry! Just-Just let me in!”
  •   “Go away to your dear computer!”
  •   He ends breaking your door
  •  It’s the 50 door he’s broken
  •  Good thing his dad’s rich
  •  Bruce is not amused
  • Srly Tim, stop breaking doors!
  •  Kissing you all over and whispering how sorry he is, how much he loves you.
  •  “Please-kiss-(Y/N)-bite-I Love-hickey-you-smooch-so much”
  •   “Oh, stop Timmy. You’re getting your drool all over my face! You’re worse than Titus” You push him away half-heartedly.
  •  “You wound me!” Tim jokes
  •  The morning is full of apologizing kisses that turned in playful kisses and in the end things got hot.
  •  “God, I love how you shout my name in your climax” Tim groans
  •   “And I love how your hair tickles me when we cuddle” You giggled
  •   You two sometimes argue about how you wanted to help him in his fights.
  •    He would refuse and refuse.
  •   He had died multiple times and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.
  •   And what would his enemies do to you…
  • God he was so afraid of telling you about this for that reason.
  •   Once, you dressed in your jogging pants, a spare Red Robin shirt and a mask.
  •  You appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a fight with Two Face.
  •   You got pretty hurt
  •    Nothing mortal
  •   But yeah, you’ll remember it for a week, minimum.
  •   Tim was furious when you two arrived home.
  •  He angrily argued about how irresponsible you had been, how scared he was, How childish of you it had been… While cleaning your wounds rather softly.
  •   When all was set he kissed all your wounds, the same way you would do it to him.
  •  “Don’t do this again. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have told you about my secret”
  •   “Of what are you so afraid?”
  •   “…” Tim stopped dead in his tracks
  •    “Timmy? Tell me” You caressed Tim’s face and he rests his face in your hands.
  •   “Of you dying”
  •   “Tim, where did you get that idea?”
  •  “I’ve died, everyone I love just dies or leaves me. I don’t want that for you”
  •   “You won’t lose me, Timothy Jackson Drake”
  •   “I won’t let you go, (y/n) (m/n) (l/n)”
  •   Then you two would cuddle in the couch, with a blanket around you, watching (f/m). Tim kissed your hairline softly after you feel asleep on his shoulder.
  •  Once his brothers caught you two on the act.
  • They don’t let Tim live it down
  •  Jason and Dick joked about it for weeks.
  •  Damian….
  •   Damian was Damian 
  •   “I’m surprised somebody wants you, Drake. I’m sure she’s replacing somebody with you, as you’ve been always a replacement” 
  •    All hell broke loose
  •   Chairs flied 
  •    Knifes too
  •    Your couch was broken
  •   Your TV, too
  •  “YOU DEMON SPAW” said Tim before kicking Damian. He flied and hit…
  •   Yeah, you guessed it
  •    Your door
  •   “MY DOOR :d ” 
  •   “THAT’S ENOUGH !!!” 
  •   Everyone freeze 
  •  Even your average mobster in the alley next to your house.
  •   You sat them and yelled at them to be more responsible, more mature.
  •  Then Batman appeared on the windows. 
  •   Looking at his children, the two older on the floor behind at the couch as protection against those knives buried on the couch. And the two younger being yelled at by his middle child’s girlfriend. 
  •   Then he looked at the state of the room
  •   “I’m going to have to pay for this, don’t I?” Bruce singhed
  •   That night Tim sleep in the counch 
  •  In the remains of the counch* 
  •   You two fight sometimes, but Tim’s love for you goes beyond any categories
  •  He loves you a lot, with your flaws and perfections. He loves your laugh, and seeing you every morning by his side is his favorite moment of all the day 
  •   The same goes for you, You love him even with his Know-it-all attitude and his anxieties, his hearty laugh makes your day and how his eyes twinkle when he has a clue or he has found something important has you falling in love all over again.
  •   When he has to stay up to many nights, you make his coffee and sit next to him. Trying to stay awake until you fell asleep on his shoulder.
  •   He finds it adorable.
  •  Sometimes he brings you to the bed, other times he indulges himself and lets your warmness calm him. 
  •   It makes him work harder
  •  So he can help to make a better world for you
  •  Overall the two of you are cuties who sometimes argue of your unhealthy habits.

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