smooches 4 all of u

my reply function has basically exploded so I’ll have to solve it like this for now.





thank you guys, you did make me feel a bit better (I mean even if it sucks that some of you suffer from the same illogical problem. HUGS ALL AROUND) <3


Thanks. Hah, I feel you though. I default to using /emotes when I run into tumblr people before running off and hoping I don’t appear like a snooty douche. It’s totally different if I’m in a group with the same (like a friend of a friend inviting me to a group or something??) I’m like Hello :D! But bumping into people on the fleet and whatnot makes me sweat. I think it’s because when you’re in a group you have like a goal and basically the social conduct is easier to read or whatnot IMO compared to running into people on the virtual street. idk if I’m making sense anymore but there u go