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come to sendak for kisses ( ˘ ³˘)❤ 3/3

    Everything feels too tight against his armor, the adrenaline still heaving his chest and drowning out most other noise via the blood rushing in his ears. The enemies are dead, both his hands drenched in a sticky royal blue, the stench of the blood heavy and humid. The thin pin of light in Sendak’s cybernetic flicks wildly from unmoving body to body, surveying them all and deeming then little but corpses, no signs of life to be picked up. If they’re not torn apart by his own hands, they’re run through with the edge of Haxus’ sword, the sword of the man standing not even ten feet away.

It’s almost poetic, the scenery beyond the dead. It’s hot and tropical, trees of green-yellow with leaves as big as his weapon-arm casting a canopy shadow across the clearing. Ankle-deep water flows from four waterfalls all in different directions; the one turquoise water tainted the same color as the blood they’re both covered in, the dye spreading out like spider webs. The rocks underneath their feet are engraved with patterns that might be natural, but they look like something more of a sacred nature to match the carvings in the walls; sacred for a sacred place now tainted by suffering enacted by the twisted Galran hand.

A pensive hum sounding more like a pleased purr rumbles in Sendak’s throat, and he wades through the water in his Second’s direction. Haxus’ eyes close, nostrils flaring in a way that Sendak assumes is either breathing in the “fresh” air or reveling in the victory, either way, he looks peaceful.

    “That went about as I thought it would,” the Commander comments, lifting a boot to push one of the bodies away, made easy by the gentle flow of the water that carries the weight.

              “All talk, no fight. Just what you’d expect from the religious types.” Haxus casts a disdainful look at the body he pushes away, sniffing once and then tilting his head up in his superior’s direction, the beginning of a grin spidering across his face. “Doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, though.”

A crude smirk lurches up one-half of his mouth, the only agreement he doesn’t need to speak. True, it wasn’t much of a fight. They had weapons, but they clearly barely knew how to use them— it wasn’t as if this wasn’t deserved. They threatened others into conforming to their rule much like the Empire, though without the legitimate strength to back the words. And they even gave them a chance, however brief, to submit, aptly worded in a brief message relayed by the Third Fleet: concede or be exterminated.

In response, they had said their god wouldn’t allow it. The visit they paid them was a cruel reminder. No political or religious figure means anything when you are faced with an order of the Empire. There is no god that matters other than the God of Death in the form of the Emperor of the Galra. Cruel and necessary.

Not that they two would have cared. What’s a little cruelty in this line of work, after all? Slaughter to make an example, be it a massacred or a beheaded child? Nothing.

    “Hmm,” the purr of sorts only grows in volume, and abruptly, the Kariian extends a hand, beckoning the Dreian to move closer, closer until the distance between them could be closed if only one of them leaned in. Sendak lifts his hand, still bloody, and curls his fingers in a familiar and comforting grasp to Haxus’ jawline, tilting his head upwards so their gazes may meet. Though Haxus is obedient to the ends of the universe, he dares to stir to coil a set of fingers around the Commander’s wrist. If anything, he meets it with a grin.

    “It seems,” he says so close their noses touch already, smearing a thumb across Haxus’ lower lip and down to his chin, watching the blue stain his dusky grey-purple fur, shimmering and reflecting so subtly, “that you have some blood on your face.”

     "Allow me to help with that.“

with the whole souls as currency thing i have to wonder how the frick frack do you transfer souls over to another person??? do they just…become a single soul sprite that holds a bunch of souls like the ones u find on corpses and such?

do people like patches have to take that lil soul bundle and pop it to absorb the souls? snrt

thats such an odd mechanic to think about

on the other hand what if its transferred like those dark wraiths and suck the souls out of ur mouth

u kissin everyone in dark souls u give souls to >:3c