smooch quest

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what about this: after youve unlocked all the endings for the game you unlock a mini game which is basically just like one of those renpy visual novels where you play mizu on a quest to smooch cupid

What a cute idea!! However, Mizu and Cupid don’t become a couple in the final game, but another girl has caught the eye of your favorite punk rocker… All will be revealed in the future. ♥



Jean (Still) Just Really Wants to Kiss His BF

Part 2 of Jean’s quest for smooches for Adorkable-and-Geeky! Will Jean ever get to kiss Marco without his friends cock-blocking him???? Find out tomorrow!!!!!
Part 1
Part 3


A Weird little stream of consciousness involving Cadence and Bailey, who were side characters in Smooch Quest. I said I wouldn’t use them again, but I guess that was not true. I wrote this on 24 hour comics day, but it was neither finished in 24 hours, not does it have 24 pages. Summer forever, pumpkin spices lattes forever, peace.