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Thank you so much! <333   I can FEEL THE HYPE.  x]  
Poor Red is pissssseedddd.

I know, right?!  
Time to smooch/cuddle/make-out with everyone.  

xD  I love that everyone’s screaming.
Red’ll be fine.  Things have gone from Bad to Worse with him, but it’ll get resolved.
Uh… eventually.


I’m so glad you enjoyed that!  xD  Yeah, he was always meant to be the first one.  I tried to lean it toward Red or Stretch being the first a few times to throw everyone off.  Thank you so much!  <333

“…if they found out I wanna fuck skeles”
Omg, I died at that part. xD  I know that feel.  That’s me around all of my coworkers and most of my family.  
I hope you didn’t see anything spoilerish before reading!  And I hope you enjoy the chapter, too!  <3

Time zones, man!  But I hope the chapter was worth staying up late for.  ;)

Don’t sob!  HT!Paps wouldn’t want you to be upset!  
But I know, right?  Gah, thinking of what he went through Underground makes me want to protect him, too.  
But hey, at least we’re going to get him out of the woods and into the town.  Eventually.  

Oh yeah, he’s pissed.  xD  He’s not going to be a good person to be around for a while.  
…. Neither are the rest of them, really.  

Pleeeeaaassseee do!  I wanna see what you draw!  =D  
Oh yes, we’re going to see what happens after!  The Lady has to figure out what that kiss meant–if there was any feelings behind it–and resolve things with Red.
And I’ll do POV bonuses for both sides, too!

Yessss.  x]  I do love it!  That kiss had all the hype I hoped it would have.  
Things are only going to get better from here.  <3

xD  That’s the beauty of self-inserts!  It was you that got kissed by Axe!  Gotta look at it on the bright side to bask in the glorious moment of that sweet smooch.  
Oh yesss, he’s definitely going to be gloating.  It was no coincidence that he pulled that move in front of all of them.


Beth has two moods:
And 2) “I’m actually not sad or angery™ today so yeah I’ll let you look in my general direction” Beth
Then there’s the limited third Beth (only for Alistair)
3) “Love me to death you wonderful human being I wanna hug you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever because I wub you more than I’ve wubbed anyone so please let me cuddle with you and smooch you, you perfect human” Beth

chibineko55  asked:

>:3 You know what I am gonna request. Fluffy poly relationship headcanons for Smokescreen and Bee (TFP) with human s/o. Hugs, smooches (you know the drill) and maybe some nsfw too? (if nsfw is too much, then leave it, I will request it later then :3 )

Ayyyyyy I’ll stick to just the fluff for now!! Love these boys 

Bumblebee/Smokescreen/Reader (TFP)

  • God these two are so affectionate it’s ridiculous!! Any available moment they have with you is turned into a cuddle session. Bee and Smokey snuggle up against each other and you get to curl up between them or in the crook of someone’s neck or elbow.
  • Smokescreen’s a total smooch hound and peppers both you and Bee with kisses constantly. Bee doesn’t initiate kisses as often, but if he gets smooched he makes the most adorable beeps and bwoops ever!!
  • Bee has his own unique beeps for you and Smokey, they’re the closest he can get to giving the two of you nicknames. Smokescreen can give the dumbest nicknames to you and Bee though. Sometimes he’ll try using more Earth based nicknames but not realise that they actually sound absolutely terrible in a relationship context. One time he called you “fruit of my loins”. 
  • Joy rides? Joy rides! Smokescreen is usually the one to take you on drives cause Bee’s technically still Raf’s bot, but sometimes when the kids are all playing video games or watching a movie the three of you can sneak out for a drive together. They squabble over who gets to drive you on those nights, but Bee usually wins.
  • They like it when you spend the night at the base, you can all snuggle up together at night. There’s almost always some bickering about who you’re sleeping on however, which is usually settled by you either choosing one of them yourself, or you make them play rock paper scissors for who gets to be your mattress for the night.

Don’t ever force yourself to write , draw or do any other of your hobbies if you’re not up for it! Take time off or slowly do your hobbies! Maybe find a new one till you feel better but never ever ever ever ever pressure yourself okay?


I love you all.

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


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i couldn’t wait to post this on his birthday.. so happy early birthday, my fav space dad! i can’t believe he’s turning 5! they grow up so fast,,..