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Breathing Dreams Like Air + CS Neverland One Shot

So here’s a little smutty thing that’s been prodding me for a loooooong time :] set in Neverland post 3x05 when Emma learns that Hook hears the cries of the Lost Boys at night just like she does. Basically Lagoon smut with some of that season three UST.

Rating: M
Word Count: 6K

The voices echoed in her head as she shot up, allowing the dream - or rather, nightmare - to pull her from what had been a very uneasy sleep. The night was dense around the camp, only the sound of distant crickets and rippling water from the nearby lagoon to soothe her dizzied brain. Taking a deep breath, Emma glanced around the open space to notice her parents still soundly slumbering near the fire while Regina had finally succumbed to exhaustion beneath a blanket they’d brought from Hook’s ship.

Hook, she wondered as her frantic mind finally settled. Wait, where was he?

The question was curious at best, though there was and probably always had been more to her so called ‘casual’ thoughts about him. Her trust regarding the innuendo accompanied pirate captain had always been slightly off balance, but she knew he wouldn’t leave them to their own less than knowledgeable devices on this island. He’d come back for them when he didn’t have to. He’d opted to face his own apparent fear of this place to assist them - to help her and save Henry. That surely meant something.

She just didn’t know what.

Emma knew if he’d been present at the moment she’d been ripped from her unpleasant rest, he would have made sure she was alright, given her a possible explanation for her bout of island insomnia, and flirtatiously offered to accompany her back to her makeshift bed - probably in that order. She rolled her eyes at the idea of how his smoldering smirk and those deep cobalt eyes would likely be able to make her mind wander if he’d propositioned her in such a manner.

Not that it wasn’t partially her fault for letting him finally get the best of her in the heat of this damn jungle.

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Bts shots of Katie, Supergirl using her perfect fine ass to promote SDCC, that smug ass smoldering smirk. Katie trending on Tumblr from a simple 5 second promo video. We’re about to be murdered this weekend and I feel like my life’s purpose has led to this moment. That’s my girl…you go on slaying my darling ❤❤❤

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my favorite things about Straight On For You
  • Bog moving with dramatic flair (”Oh no, not another princess!”)
  • Marianne’s feral yells as she charges into battle
  • Marianne growling + getting annoyed when Bog blocks her strikes
  • The girl is the one with the wicked sword and the guy is the one with the fancy staff
  • Bog mimicking Marianne’s gestures
  • “Look at you!” I mean seriously, how is this man not flirting in this second right now.
  • Bog showing off (”Now I know… How to play my hand…”)
  • Griselda doesn’t give a fuck that Bog is fighting this girl, and it doesn’t matter that she’s a damn fairy. They are GETTING. TOGETHER.
  • and of course, most importantly:

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I’ll miss the fairies. I’ll miss them so, so dearly.

I’ll miss them every time the sun beats down upon me, every time I glance at the stars, every time I see armor, every time it snows, every time it rains, every time I feel the wind in my hair.

I’ll miss them when I see kids playing, when I see drunk people laughing.

I’ll miss the people, the fairies, who never existed but existed all the same. I’ll miss the fairies who were far from perfect, but were so inherently good. I’ll miss the fairies who didn’t care about the rules, only about each other.

Their tears of sadness, of laughter, of pain, their dorky smiles, their smoldering smirks, their cheeky remarks, their lively eyes.

I’ll miss the magic that I’ll never get to use, to witness, to hold.

Most of all, I’ll miss their words of wisdom, all the times they made me feel like I could do something, be someone, someone like them.

These fairies are not physically real, but they exist. In my heart, in your heart, in every heart they’ve touched.

Forever, I will miss you.

Danger Days Hollywood Movie Script!

Hey Hollywood, if you ever feel like making a Danger Days movie, I’ve got some script excerpts all ready for you. I included all your favorite cliches and Hollywood-ified it as much as possible. If you like what you see, there’s a lot more where this came from if you slip a few million dollars into my Paypal account. (Email: Check it out!


[THE GIRL walks into a store. She picks up a can of POWER PUP, then puts it down again. She browses the shelves, glancing up when she notices that a few people are watching her. She shakes her head and turns back to the shelves. Eventually, she walks up to the counter with a few cans of food. Two TEENAGE BOYS are laughing and joking around near the counter. One wears GOGGLES, while the other wears SPIKED BOOTS.]

STORE OWNER: Will that be all?

THE GIRL: Yes. Just the food, please…

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How would Ethan be in a scenario where your on the phone with a parent and they just start teasing and marking your skin as you try to hold back the moans then they finger you and start fucking you. Idk why I just find this hot. I guess you could say it's similar to phone sex.

Ok omfg first of all I find this SOOOO hot ahshdbdkdn

You’d be sitting there on the phone to your mother whom you haven’t spoken to in days. Ethan would be at your side on the couch trying to entertain himself until you were done with your conversation. Of course he’d have trouble because, well you looked damn good today and he soon was finding it hard to keep his hands to himself. He slid his rough hand onto your thigh and squeezed lightly massaging the jean clad skin. Thinking nothing of it you turned your head to give him a quick peck and mouthing, “I’ll be done in like five minutes” Ethan groaned throwing his head back onto the soft leather couch clearly annoyed. Five minutes went by and you weren’t off the phone yet, in fact you were deeply emerged into another topic with your mom. You leaned your torso against the kitchen counter making your breast pop just a little. Ethan had had enough of waiting for you and now he was more frustrated than ever. He jumped off the couch and sauntered over to where you were standing grabbing your hips from behind. Again you just brushed his actions off considering he was always like this. Soon he began feathering kisses across your neck slightly biting you in the process. He nipped you in your sweet spot causing a squeal to leap from your shocked lips.

“Yeah I’m fine mom, just thought I saw a bug” you explained to your mom turning around to glare at Ethan. Your boyfriend gave you his legendary smoldering smirk, only to continue his attack on your soft skin. He got bored with the kissing and wanted a little more action. He picked you up by your waist placing you on the counter rubbing his hands up and down your thighs before unbuttoning your tight jeans and sliding them off your freshly shaven legs.once the pants were successfully removed he immediately went for your pink panties, wasting no time to start his assault on your clit. You attempted to hold back the moan that came from you but to no avail. Luckily your mom was too busy telling you about how unruly your younger sibling had been lately. Ethan was highly amused although he thought he should amp it up a little. So, he slid your underwear to the side toying with your slick pussy lips. He slowly pushed one finger in, watching your face contort from the pleasure. You managed to suppress the noises you so desperately wanted to let out. Soon Ethan stretched you enough for two fingers and then soon after that a third digit. You had been so caught up in the pleasure you had blanked on your mom.

“Y/n , are u still there hunny? Did you hear what I said?”

“Uh, um yeah mom” you gasped trying your best to sound normal, but she persisted. “Are you feeling well you sound flushed” and you were. You were being fingered by your sex god of a boyfriend all the while being on the phone with the woman who gave you life. You felt dirty and daring. It turned you on to think Ethan was hard this whole time and you didn’t even know. Ethan’s tongue interrupted your thoughts as he started to lick thick, wet stripes across your heat. You moaned a guttural moan and you didn’t even care this time.

You responded to your mom through labored breaths, “hey mom, I’m gonna call you back I’m feeling a little weird right now.” And with that you hung up, sliding your phone across the counter. Grabbing onto his hair you pulled Ethan up to look at you. He lifted his head showing you that he had your glistening juices running down his chin.

“What the hell was that,E?” He chuckled at your comment ,“ baby, I tried to tell you I was bored” and with that he went back to enjoy his early dessert.


OK IM SORRY I GOT CARRIED AWAY I HAD TO STOP SOMEWHERE!!!! Anywho plz request or send me blurb ideas or whateva !

When Will My Life Begin [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: somebody wanted a Tangled!AU! I LOVE IT

“I’ve hidden it. Somewhere you’ll never find it.” you say smugly, crossing your arms over your light purple dress, frying pan in hand.

The brunette peers around the tower, lips set in a thin line. “It’s in that pot over there.” he replies in a bored tone, pointing his finger; leather-clad wrist tied down to the armrest of the chair by your long locks. It must be magical, because he can’t phase-


There’s something wet in Barry’s ear. He moves his shoulder, shaking off the lime green chameleon from his suit, rubbing the wetness off. “Would you quit doing that…” he grumbles under his breath. When you shove the pan in front of his hazel eyes, he straightens his back, stretching the yellow emblem on his suit. “Look, chick-” he stops as you growl your name, shaking his head. “Whatever. Let me go.”

Walking around the chair, you pout at him, frying pan continuing to be aimed at him. Your bare feet pad against the floorboards; silky dress flowing at your ankles. “What do you want with my hair?” you ask, squinting at the handsome man, who squeaks. “To cut it?” you interrogate, tapping the side of his head with the metal, making him let out an ‘ow’. “Sell it?” you drawl, standing in front of him.

“What?! No! The only thing I want to do with your hair is get out of it.” the speedster defends, leaning forward, grass green eyes searching your intense ones. “Literally!” he adds, shaking the chair around to create emphasis.

Slowly, you lower your ‘weapon’, cocking your head to the side, as if to say ‘really?’. Barry sighs, messy chestnut locks swaying when he shakes his head. “Look, I found a tower, sped up it, end of story. Now, can I please, for the love of god, have my messenger bag back?” he explains, fluttering his eyelashes at you, trying his best to appear innocent. His gloved hands curl around the end of the armrests.

Standing up straighter, an idea pops into your brain. “Look this way!” you order, pulling the chair towards the wall. Ignoring the yelp Barry makes when he lands on his face (coil flapping on the back of his head), you yank the curtain. “See this?” you muse, gesturing to the floating lights you painted on the wall.

“The lantern thingy’s that they do for the lost princess?” Barry asks in a muffled voice, nose smushed sideways on the floor, thick eyebrows furrowed.

Lanterns! You knew they weren’t stars; you told Eobard! Shaking your head, you pout. “Well, every year, on my birthday, they release them. I want you to take me to see the lights.” you bargon, holding your chin up high.

With a grunt, the speedster manages to get the chair on its side. His chest heaves in his skintight suit. “Yeah… No can do, chick. The city and I aren’t very… ‘simpatico’ at the moment…” Barry does the air quotes, chuckling nervously.

A loud shout bubbles in his mouth when you yank the chair upright, jumping off the ledge. “You listen to me, Barry Allen,” you sneer, hands pulling your hair, bringing him closer to you ever so slowly. Barry watches; bright green eyes wide and bushy eyebrows rising to his forehead. “Call it what you want; something brought you here.” you pant, hearing the legs of the chair scrape the wood. “Fatedestiny-”

“Well, actually, it was my friends.” he interrupts, raising a finger, smiling nervously.

You grit your teeth, dress fanning along your legs. “But I am making a decision,” you pause, pulling again. “To trust you.”

“A horrible decision, really.” Barry interrupts again, shaking his head.

Rolling your eyes, you yank the tall man forward, so you’re barely a foot away from each other. “But trust me when I tell you,” you place your free hand on the back of the chair; eyes boring into his, nose centimeters from touching. “You can tear this tower brick by brick, but without my help, you will never find your precious messenger bag.” you seethe, breathing out a huff of air.

Barry bites his lip, legs vibrating as he gulps, staring in your eyes. “So, if I take you to see the lights, you’ll give me back my bag?” the speedster paraphrases. His white eyelids droop at your ‘I promise’.

“When I make a promise, I don’t break it.” you pout at Barry’s raised brow. “Ever.” you stress.

A sigh escapes the brunette while he shakes his head, wiggling his fingers in his scarlet gloves. “I didn’t wanna do this, chick, but you leave me no choice.” he sighs, “Here comes the smolder.” he warns, smirking up at you; you blink. “This has been an off day for me, yanno? This doesn’t- Okay, fine!” he breaks, tips of his red boots on the floor. “I’ll take you see the lanterns.” Barry huffs.

Squealing, you smile brightly at the handsome man. “Really?!” you squeak, letting go of the chair; hands curling to your chest. Barry screams, hitting the floor face first. “Oops!” you cringe, hearing a weak ‘ow’ from him.

Summary: CEO Jungkook au~ Jeon Jungkook, heir to a fortune, playboy of the city, wealthier than your wildest dreams and of all the millions of heartbeats the city encompasses he wants you

Genre:fluff,angst,smut in following chapters

Ahh I had so much fun writing this! Infinite thanks you to @jeonesque for your help with my first fic!

You had always loved the city. The forest of skyscrapers that glinted gold as they thrust themselves beyond the clouds had always enthralled you. The raw acidity of neon signs that flashed from every shop, illuminating the faces of the heaving crowds of humanity instilled you with a deep sense of longing. A longing to be one of them, to  live out lives of burning ambition and dizzying success. But you had swiftly learnt that the city was a temperamental mistress with a heart of stone. Much like time she waited for no-one. You fell behind, you got left behind. Admittedly the bare truth stung at the time souring the innocence and crushing the naivety of your youthful spirit. As the year swept you forward reality crept ever forward, despair setting its icy fingers into your bones, far more frigid than the bitter winters ever could be. Barely a year later you were working odd jobs at ungodly hours of the night to put food on the table and to pay for the minuscule flat with the broken heater and paper thin walls.

“Don’t beat yourself up about it Y/N you know how hard it is to get a stable job out here with all this competition!” your roommate Hani reassured you curling up onto the sofa like a cat gracefully tucking her legs underneath her. She pressed a cup of steaming coffee into your hand as you sipped listlessly the hot liquid numbing your tongue.

“You have work,” you pointed out swirling the remnants of your latte around your cup disinterestedly..

“After a god awful of four years of being broke and auditioning for every play and movie in this damn city,” Hani pointed out having recently secured a place as a lead actress in the nearby theater. Her brow furrowed slightly.

“What?” you questioned as she rummaged through her garish peacock blue handbag energetically. She thrust a thick cream envelope towards you.

“This came through the door today morning, recognized the logo.”  “You know that massive company that owns that skyscraper-Jeon Enterprises?”

You noddded dubiously. “But Hani-why would they be sending us mail of all people?”

Hani scowled playfully at you. “I’m making a name for myself thank you very much,” she said waving double cheese pizza at you accusingly. “I’m kidding, it’s your name on the envelope,” she pointed out.

You traced the blue and silver logo of the Jeon family with a timid reverance. Few people hadn’t heard of the Jungkooks, the richest family in the city and even fewer hadn’t heard of the young heir to the throne that was the multi-million dollar company. Articles  devoted to reporting his lavish lifestyle and wild ways were frequently splashed over the newspapers granting him a notorious reputation. But even fewer knew him when he a gangly boy, with gaps in his teeth and leaves decorating his midnight curls when his family used to reside in their stately home deep in the country. It was only natural you two being the only children in the household that you would play for hours put together racing through corn fields and swinging wildly through the trees, faces flushed with glee. The only difference was that you were the daughter of their gardener and he was heir to an empire.

When he was twelve and his family had deemed that their young prince needed to be equipped with an education more befitting his class they had whisked him away one grey morning to the far off city. You had never heard from him since, nor had you expected to. The pair of you mingled among incredibly different social circles now and the only time you saw his facewas when it  plastered over gossip magazines you swore you barely recognized the handsome charcoal eyed man.

“Open it then, you can’t expect to get mail like that and keep me waiting!” Hani said impatiently plucking the envelope from your hand and sliding a sheet out.

She danced around the sofa when you yelled and tied to wrestle the paper off her.

“Dear Y/N- Where have you been hiding so long?” Hani gasped breathlessly reading the letter whilst simultaneously dodging you by skirting around the kitchen table.

“If I had know you had been living in the city this past year i would have dropped everything I had in a heartbeat to see you-why didn’t you tell me?”

“I miss you.” “Meet me at The Dance on the 18th?” “From your one and only Jeon Jungkook!”

Hani’s voice rose in shock as she gazed at you with wide eyes lips parted in incredulity. She collapsed onto the faded cream sofa the pair of you shared and pulled your hands towards her earnestly.

“You know him? You know Jeon Jungkook?” she whispered her dark eyes sparkling.

You averted your gaze picking determinedly at the fraying sleeve of you jumper.

“Kinda I guess,” you murmured mind drifting to the boy of your childhood.

Hani rolled her eyes leaning forward expectantly.

“Kinda isn’t going to suffice. I need details, how do you know Mr playboy supreme?”

“I-we used to be friends when we were growing up in the country. My dad was the Jeon’s gardener, we were the only children for miles. We were practically joined at the hip,” you snorted the irony of it all now becoming apparent.

“I never thought he’d remember me,” you mused with a sigh.

“Well he does!″ Hani said excitedly shaking the piece of paper under your nose. “You need to go see him!”

You shook your head in agitation rubbing your forehead wearily.

“I don’t know, I need to fill in more applications tonight anyway and besides I’m sure he was just being polite I don’t-”.

“Y/N.” Hani cupped your face in her cool fingers her expression murderous.

“I don’t care what you have to do tonight, you are going to meet him. And him just being polite is a load of bull.”

She smirked eyes skimming over the letter once more.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say he likes you.”

You rolled your eyes collapsing back next to her. “Like i trust your taste you’re the one that set me up with whats-his face…you know that muscly sporty guy?” you recollected internally cringing as you remembered the horrific nature of that particular date.

“Jung Jaehyun!” Hottest guy in our theatre company who never goes on dates and what do you do huh? Bail out after fifteen minutes without even telling him!” Hani waving double cheese pizza at you accusingly.

“I-well-I mean I figured it would be easier than having to explain,” you muttered picking at you nails with undivided attention making certain not to meet Hanis livid gaze.

“You need to get out there and date someone before you die alone with twenty cats,” Hani persisted.

Dating was all very well providing you had the time, money and will and seeing as you were void of that particular trio it was not something you had considered much to Hani’s chagrin and dismay.

“Twenty cats sounds good, and plus cats don’t talk or set people up on dates so I’m up,” you replied with a placid smile ducking at Hani hurled a pillow over at you.

“But you are going to see him tonight,” she insisted her normally soft expression steely.

You stared at the two words at the end of the letter cupping your cheek with one hand as you gently ran your fingers over the words.

Jeon Jungkook huh? Long time no see

The night air flickered with the electricity that consumed the city once the glaring sun had faded leaving the shadows to come and play. The wind carried the scent of sharp alcohol and perfume as you gingerly stepped into the cusp of the most exclusive bar downtown. Girls with more diamonds than they could carry tittered clinging onto balding men in too tight suits and individuals with watchful eyes and curving smiles brushed against you with a whisper as you stumbled towards the bar.

“Can I help you?” a low voice behind you inquired as you whipped around to lock gazes with an icy blonde leaning coolly against the bar his sleeves rolled up.

“Ah-yes-I’ll just have an apple juice please,” you squeaked throat dry from anticipation.

“Just an apple juice?” Doesn’t a pretty girl like you deserve something a little more…luxurious?”

Stop flirting with her Jin can’t you tell she’s not the type.”

You recognized his familiar dulcet tone as if he had been singing to you in the old apple tree outside his window only yesterday. You whipped around to be met with a smoldering ebony gaze and a smirk.

“Jungkook,” you breathed.

“Long time no see Y/N,” Jungkook chuckled closing the gap between you instantly pulling you into the a bear hug, burying his face in your neck. You gasped for breath gently curving your hands around his back noting at the way his muscles rippled under his silken suit and realized that you now had to crane your neck up to gaze at him.

“You look exactly the same,” he said affectionately gently cupping your flushed cheek in a large palm.

You coughed at the intimate gesture and stepped back discreetly well aware that every aspect of Jeon Jungkooks was well documented to say the least.

He laughed and shook his head. “Don’t worry this place is private, they’ll have to answer to my father if they take any goddamn pictures of us here.”

“Right,” you nodded unsure of how to react. This confident, velvet toned man was miles away from the shy, sensitive figure of your youth.

“We’ll share a bottle of the finest red you have,” Jungkook ordered snapping his fingers at the bartender-Jin-who was watching the pair of you with intrigue.

“Oh-no-you don’t have to!” you insisted gently brushing your arm across Jungkook’s arm to stop him your face heating up as he followed your touch. His gaze trailed up to find yours and he leaned forwards to brush a strand of hair behind your ear, his fingers branding your skin burning hot.

“It’s fine,” he murmured. “It’s not like my bank account’s going to get any dents anytime soon and I wan’t to spoil you.”

“I know,” you huffed leaning back  heart thrumming like a hummingbird trapped in cage.

“That I want to spoil you?” he asked his smile growing his eyes deep with a foreign emotion you had never seen flit over his face before.

“No!” you gasped in a hurry to rectify yourself.

“ I-mean-about the bank account-everyone knows about-you know-you,” you trailed off weakly as his face hardened a fraction under the harsh blue light.

“Yeah-well it’s not like I’m any different from the other rich kids in the city,” he said with a shrug downing his glass in a swift motion. In his navy suit with the light angling across his visage he look positively ethereal, more akin to Michelangelo statue than a man.

“What’s up-you’re looking at me weird,” he said with a confused smirk as he nudged your glass towards you.

“Nothing,” you said sipping delicately on your own glass.”So how’s life been for you Mr Jeon?” you asked teasingly.

He rolled his eyes and ran a hand studded with rings through his gelled locks.

“Boring as hell without you,” he said peeping up at you lips curving in mirth.

“Uh-huh, I doubt that, who was that model you were stumbling out a club with last month again?” you said innocently laughing when his expression soured.

“Look-she was no-one, I’m still the same boy I was Y/N. Just-”

“-Richer and with looser morals,” you finished for him noting as his cheekbones dusted red.

“Whatever,” you said rolling you eyes shoving his broad shoulder gently. “I’m not here to judge you-why did you even call me here?”

He visibly brightened at that leaning forward his gaze surprisingly earnest.

“I have a proposition,” he muttered watching you react closely turning his body so you were shielded from any prying eyes.

“I know about your situation Y/N your father told me everything-wait here me out!” he exclaimed as you abruptly got to your feet and made to dart away swallowing tears back.

“I’m not a charity case Jungkook!”you hissed. “I may be poor but I don’t need you to give me work!”

“No-that’s not it, please hear me out?” Jungkook crooned rubbing a finger over your knuckles gently drawing you back to your seat.

“I’ve been looking for an assistant for a long time, everyone was too boring or incompetent or untrustworthy-I need someone who I can rely on with every fiber of my being. And when I heard you had moved here it naturally made sense what do you say?” Jungkook blurted out eyes wide as he laced his fingers with yours.

You regarded him closely for five seconds before realizing his look of distress was genuine. It was the closest he had acted to his prior self that whole evening you noted you heart thawing at his creased face.

“Alright,” you conceded releasing yourself from his hold. “We have to keep our relationship strictly professional from now on though, don’t be all over me like this again ok?” you ordered as he nodded eagerly. “I know, we’re friends but you know how easy it is for reporters to invent lies right?”

Jungkook paused at that  a furrow in his brows

“Yeah I mean we’ve only ever seen each other as friends right,” he said almost bitterly flicking his wrist to swallow more of the smooth scarlet liquid.

“Yeah, of course,” you replied with a confused grin.

He turned away before glancing back at you stretching out his palm.


“Deal,” you echoed musing over just what you were getting yourself into.

Seventeen : Colour My Emotions Part 4 - Wen Junhui - Curiosity

S.Coups // Lust

Jeonghan // Admiration

Joshua // Awe & Softness

Purple - deep purple, mysterious and binding, magical and wise, a true enigma; a muddled mix of warm and cool that ensnares the senses and catches the eye. Curious, a representative of wealth and royalty, a luxury combining calm and fierce that entices everyone - much like he entices you.

Wen Junhui, the epitome of perplexity, a lavender sky, a violet flower, so delicate yet strong and so open yet closed. From the first time you saw him you felt it, the growing inquisitiveness, the desire, or rather need, to know everything about him, his deep eyes that held within them a galaxy and shone like the stars, his lips that tingled with unspoken secrets and him, his being as a whole was so enticing. Talented, smart and handsome he had a certain elegance about him yet also a bold smolder, a gaze and a smirk that alone made you feel weak and a voice that took your breath away, he knew how to keep you on your toes, keep you guessing and he was so, so good at it as after years around him you knew so much yet so little, he kept drawing you in but revealing so little and to an extent it was irritating. But you rather enjoyed the curiosity that became part of your blood, flowing through you and exciting you like electricity. Constantly learning, even the littlest things felt like a victory as he showed himself, let you read him like a book, and whether he was on stage or off it his enigmatic presence allured and tempted everyone. Like a bewitching spell, like a magical being not quite belonging around humans like yourself he could very well be someone from a fairytale. Wen Junhui was your own violet mystery, and whilst every part of him still awoke your eager interest you loved just what a puzzle he was.

Crossing the Pond

It was just your average Tuesday for Sherlock Holmes. After spending most of Monday chasing around a band of idiotic criminals attempting to perpetrate a series of supposedly copy-cat murders, he had crashed on his bed and slept until most of Tuesday was long gone. 

Then, following a large meal courtesy of Angelo, Sherlock hailed himself a cab and headed toward his home away from home, perfectly content with his life.

Yes, it was just another average Tuesday for the great Consulting Detective.


Night had fallen by the time Sherlock burst into the hallway of St Bart’s lab division. Every room was dark apart from the one at the end of the hall. The door was propped open and two familiar voices drifted toward him. He slowed and hid against the wall outside, just out of sight. He leaned his ear toward the door.

‘-so honoured!’ Molly Hooper was gushing excitedly. ‘They really asked for me? I can’t believe this!’

‘Well, no one deserves it more than you,’ Mike Stamford chuckled. ‘They’re asking for a six-month commitment, though. Would you be amenable to that?’

‘That is a long time. But to be a part of it, from the start? I would never forgive myself if I said no!’ 

‘Well, I can’t say we won’t miss you! But your job here will be waiting for you when you get back. It’s only finding someone to fill in for you in the meantime that will be tough.’

Having heard enough, Sherlock angrily threw open the door and stormed into the room. 

‘Impossible,’ he barked, startling the doctors. Molly, having had her back to the door, jumped around and found herself face-to-face with a livid Consulting Detective. ‘No one can possibly replace Dr Hooper. I refuse to work with the remaining so-called doctors, or imbeciles, employed by this institution; as she is the only one capable of higher intelligence, it is imperative that she stay.’

‘You don’t even know where or why I’m leaving.’ Molly crossed her arms.

Sherlock’s nose twitched. ‘Irrelevant.’

Mike snorted and Molly raised her eyebrow. ‘They’re establishing a cold-weather Body Farm in the United States and they’ve asked me to be a part of the team overseeing its creation.’

Sherlock froze. 

Interesting. He dived into his Mind Palace for a quick review of Body Farms. Only seven in the world, eight including this new establishment. Dedicated to the study of the effects of atmospheric conditions to human bodies. And the original seven, all in the United States, were only focused on warm climate decomposition. 

But cold-weather decomposition… oh, this would be ground-breaking.

‘The Farm is an extension of a University in the north of Michigan and they anticipate a project start date within the first few weeks of the coming semester, so you’ll need to-’

Sherlock came out of his thoughts to find Mike and Molly had continued their discussion beside him. ‘Very well, I shall accompany you.’ 

Molly turned to him in surprise. ‘What? You’ll- what? Why?’

‘For one, studying the effects of cold weather on human decomposition without the constraints of a small refrigerator or Mrs Hudson’s sensibilities, would be a phenomenal opportunity.’

‘You wouldn’t be on the team, Sherlock,’ Molly said and narrowed her eyes, pointing her finger at him. ‘And I won’t be letting you in after hours.’

Sherlock turned his puppy dog eyes on her, but she didn’t back down. 

Damn her ethical resolve.

‘Fine,’ he bit out. ‘But I’m still accompanying you.’

‘Whatever for?’ She looked at him as if he’d lost his marbles. ‘There’s not a lot to do there, Sherlock. Aside from the occasional University and ski resort, northern Michigan is pretty sparse of both people and, thus, crime. You’d be bored out of your mind.’

‘I can solve most crimes by mobile. What’s a few thousand miles between myself and London when Graham can simply send me a photo and I can do his job for him.’

Molly gaped at him. ‘But why?’

Sherlock stared at her. She still didn’t understand. He supposed he was partially at fault for that, having become so adept at hiding his feelings behind a mask of, sometimes cruel, aloofness. 

Well, it was time to put an end to all of that. ‘Because I have already had to endure spending two entire years apart from you. I refuse to go through that again for another six months.’

Her eyes went wide. ‘R-really?’

‘Really.’ He smiled down at her and ignored Mike’s smug face behind her, the older man mouthing something that looked like ‘about time.’

Sherlock reached for her hand and cautiously laced their fingers together. ‘I… I would not like to be without you, Molly Hooper. And if I have to suffer six months in the wasteland of the colonies in order to be with you, it is a sacrifice I will make. Perhaps not joyously, but at least not begrudgingly.’

Molly laughed softly. ‘Well, at least you’re an honest tag-along.’

‘Does that mean I can come?’ He asked hopefully.

Shaking her head at him fondly, she acquiesced with a sigh, ‘If you insist.’

Grinning widely in triumph, Sherlock cupped her face and pulled her into a kiss that melted her legs. He broke away with a beaming smile and she staggered back, eyes wide and luminous, as he spun on his heel and hurried toward the door.

‘I’ll have Mycroft arrange all travel and lodging arrangements for a one bedroom, cat-friendly flat. Do come round Baker Street after your shift, Dr Hooper. I believe I have some details about our relationship to clarify before our trip which I think you will find… enlightening.’

Molly flushed bright red when he turned back and winked. With a smoldering gaze, he smirked and slipped out the door.

‘So, would that be a yes?’ Mike teased.

‘What?’ She turned to him in surprise. ‘Oh, yeah, I mean, yes. Definitely, yes.’ 

She couldn’t wipe the dazed grin from her face and Mike chuckled. ‘Go. I’ll cover the rest of your shift.’

‘No, I can’t let you do that,’ she insisted half-heartedly.

Go,’ he pushed her gently toward the door. ‘I’ve been waiting for that boy to get his head out of the sand almost as long as you have. Don’t wait another minute. Go!’

Grinning, Molly hugged him fiercely and then raced out the door. Her lab coat flapped behind her as she ran after Sherlock. Bursting out into the street, she saw him raising his hand for a cab and hurried to catch him.

‘Sherlock!’ She called out.

He turned around and let out a surprised grunt when she collided with him. Her arms went around his neck, pulling him down, and then she was kissing him again, with far more passionate than the one they shared in the lab. 

His hands slipped beneath her lab coat and gripped her waist, pulling her closer. She leaned up on her toes and gasped against his mouth when he bent slightly then lifted her up, her feet leaving the ground.

Breaking apart to breathe, Sherlock slowly lowered her back down. But though her feet touched the ground, Molly felt as though she could fly. His curls were tousled and unruly and his eyes were shining as he smiled softly down at her. ‘Is that clarification enough for you?’

Molly shook her head and pulled him back down. ‘Nope,’ she murmured and kissed him again.


AN: Yep, the Body Farm is actually happening at Northern Michigan University. Finally, our MI winters will be useful for something. ;)

Petition for J-Hope to be in a Sprite Commercial??!

Because he’s always talking about how that’s his favorite thing when he comes to America,and BOY JUST IMAGINE! It’s a hot, summer day. Hes hanging out with some friends outside. A song on the radio plays that he likes amd he tells them to turn it up (it could be a new upcoming song he is going to be doing with someone or himself) He does a little b-boy dance number, then opens a cold sprite and takes a long drink and flashes that smoldering smirk towards the camera after his “Ahhh” I think YES!

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The Fourth Musketeer

Note: I owe someone out there a Beth/Gideon fic and I was working on it rather diligently until my laptop decided to die and I lost a big chunk of it. It was 5,000 words and I only saved like 3,700 of them so I decided to take a break because I was so angry. During that break, I was talking to @welllpthisishappening​ (as par the course with me) and during a conversation, we somehow created a fourth Jones sibling for the Little Pirates ‘verse, which through a monkey wrench because I had all of their lives mapped out and now I have to redo a huge chunk to make up for this cutie that we came up with. (I’m really not mad, if anything more amused because I get to play around with this universe more.) Anyway, @welllpthisishappening​ is entirely to to blame for this monster right here, which I both love and hate her for.
Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with the Little Pirates ‘verse and wish to read more, here’s a link to my pseudo-master post: [LINK]. Please note: Anything under Ever After verse is a bit null and void at the moment because it doesn’t take into account Ned’s existence. 
Summary: After her horrendous pregnancy with her daughter, Emma Swan was pretty set on not having anymore kids…or so she thought.
Rated: T+
Word Count: 7,200+

It all started at Granny’s when they had to meet her parents and siblings for dinner. The joint Charming-Jones clan was big enough to warrant a second table being tacked onto their booth and the kids were banished to the secondary table while Emma sat between Killian and Henry. The kids, for once, were getting along and minding their own business. They all seemed to be focused on Emma’s younger sister Ruthie, watching as she began to draw on her placemat with more artistic skill at six years old than Emma had in her entire life. None of them seemed to notice anxious energy surrounding Snow and David, but Emma had picked it up almost as soon as she walked into the dinner. Her parents were looking at them with nervous smiles, their hands interlaced tightly on the table.

“So…we have news…” Snow started somewhat nervously.

“Very exciting but unexpected news,” David clarified giving Snow’s hand a squeeze in support.

“Okay…I will have to be the judge of that, but I can’t necessarily tell you if it’s exciting and unexpected if I don’t know what it is,” Emma replied, giving them both an impatient look that blatantly expressed her desire for them to just come out with it. She had never been very good at guessing games.

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Request: Hi! Can you do a one shot with Damon where reader is human and they have hot steam sex in a hotel bathroom, probably during the time when they were searching for Rose in Denver in the series? Thanks! Your blog is super cool!!!!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1843

Oh hot damn, indeed.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You threw yourself on the bed and sighed. “I’m tired.” You whined, closing your eyes. Damon chuckled, looking at your state. He walked towards the bed and laid on top of you. You opened your eyes to see his face directly above you. “You’re heavy.” You whined and pouted. He chuckled again. He leaned down and placed deep kisses on your lips.

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I get it, bottom hanzo is nice and all. You have that composed man get wrecked and break down from pleasure. It’s great, but hear me out: bottom McCree.

The man will get vocal and beg. Imagine him drooling on the pillow before he freaking screams; wiping his smolder/smirk off and turning it into a blissful mess.

Apartment 5108 // 11

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

A/N: This chapter contains semi-mature content. If you are under 18, I am not responsible for the imagery you will read. :)

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10


“Good morning, Ri.”

A pleasant contentment slips its way to the surface of my mouth while I hear Sehun’s early greeting. His gentle hand smoothes strands of hair behind my shoulder and I slowly awake to a person seemingly belonging up in the stars instead of here with me in this room. He is otherworldly–someone I thought could only be conjured in dreams but I’m not complaining. I drink in the way he welcomes me with the timbre of his voice fresh as morning dew. I drown in his effortless male beauty, holding his attention as if meeting him for the very first time. I bury myself in the way he speaks the one particular part of my name willing me to believe it is special because only he can make it so. There is a prickling desire to hear my full name resting along the rim of his lips but for now I am fulfilled with Ri. And I am satisfied with the person presented before me.


From past experiences, I have learned to never expect more than what is given to me because a constant outcome has always been disappointment. I don’t want to be greedy and ask for more–knowing the possibility could be a result I’m so tired of experiencing. Additional wants and needs could in turn let me down somehow so I stay stationary in my relationship with Sehun. I move at a pace in which can be described by using one word–safe.

I’m comfortable having Sehun every night and morning. Seeing him. Hearing him. Being with him. It is greater than what I imagined my life to be and I dwell in my heart surging from the limitless happiness of our simple moments together. There is nothing more or less than what I want and what I want is simple–to be with him.

“Good morning, Sehun.” I convey a delicate grin.

He draws over an arm and pulls me in, committing to memory how I feel within his hold. It’s a protective gesture almost and I sorely wonder if I will be the only person from this moment forward he will envelop in this manner. I mediate if it’s wrong to hope terribly so. “Breakfast?” His hand drifts lower and further down my waist, over my hip and waltzes with the loose band of my shorts. I believe his interpretation of breakfast greatly differs from my own definition.

“You’re not talking about food, are you?”

He mouths a voiceless no and sends me a smoldering smirk soaring with cruel intentions. A willowy laugh resonates from the depths of my heart and I shake my head at him. We descend into an eased silence, having muted conversations between the gazes of our eyes. He is the person I can speak nothing and everything to with veritable complacency. He understands when I need to hear words and when I need simple quietness.

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another smuttery mcSmutterson featuring the lovely Loki from MCU. One day I might actually write one featuring the Loki that I grew up with - the one from Scandinavian legends. Though I´m sure he will have sweet Hiddleston´s face…
pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: SMUT, sweet, sweet smut…

You were curled in the corner of the Stark Tower´s library with a book about (your favourite subject). Perfect moment, all was quiet (meaning no explosions from the lab, or shouting and thumping from anywhere…) Rare occasion, really. There was always something going on here. It could be fun and amazing, but also a pain when all you wanted was a calm moment to read.

You felt fidgety, though. It was some time now, since you saw Loki, with whom you had this mutual… understanding. Being a god he didn´t really care about the puny rules of modern humankind, and you had the wisdom to take him as he was. He could be the perfect lover and seemed to enjoy sharing your bed as much as you did. Perfect meaning not clingy, always ready for some fun and at times very surprising. And intelligent, witty and a perfect balance for your mouthiness.

Loki, where are you… Now would be the perfect time for some flirty conversation, leading up to some mind-blowing sex maybe.

Sigh. Quiet is nice, but really…

Tony peeked from the door, getting a sour look from you.
- Have you seen Reindeer Games, hon? Can´t find him anywhere.
- No… Though tell me too if you see him. I have… hm… something to tell him too.
- Yep. Sure you have. Tony´s lewd smile made you roll your eyes, though he was spot on.
- Sod off, Rustpot.
He went with an evil snigger.

You tried to concentrate on your book, but it was like your brain had something against all things intellectual today. Scumbag thoughts went back to imagining all manner of naughty things you wanted to do with Loki when he finally had the grace to appear. Bloody gods and their bloody unpredictable habits…

Struggle between you and your thoughts went on for some time and resulted in more fidgeting until you threw the book to the table with a groan. No use trying… You wanted Loki now! And if he was not around, then you simply had to do something yourself…

Your fingers moved like they had their own will, cupping your full breasts and tickling the perking nipples… Loki´s fingers were always almost cold, and it made his touch shockingly delicious. Mmmm… You closed your eyes and smiled to yourself as a new lively image of Loki wrapping his hand around his cock while looking at you touch yourself invaded your thoughts. Your hands and hips followed the image perfectly as you stretched out on the beanbag chair. These flashes you were having… were they coming from the outside rather than inside?

Damn it, Loki… You sneaky bastard of a god!

But you couldn´t stop the images, or the whims that suggested how to pleasure yourself. You really didn´t want to.

You actually started to add to these god-given (hah!) Daydreams some embellishments of your own. Like imagining how you could make Loki groan if you pleasured him with your mouth or kissed his very sensitive neck… And how wet his sounds of pleasure would make you…

Two could play this game too, my dear god of mischief.

Images started to get very steamy and a bit… shaken in your head. All of a sudden you felt Loki´s heavy breath on your neck and his cool fingers grabbed your arms from behind. You stretched your back to grind against his very much hardened trouser front, as he had materialized under you in the beanbag chair.

Mm… caught you, Loki!

- My dear (y/n)… he whispered and ghosted his blue-tinted lips over your earlobe. - Your willpower is remarkable for a mortal… I did quite… enjoy our little game there…
He snapped his fingers and you heard the library door lock itself. You knew no one would bother you for now and drew his hands wantonly to your breasts.
- Loki… you moaned. - That was a naughty thing to do… I was all but ready to finger myself here almost in public, you know…
- Yes I do know, and what a beautiful sight it would have been… I was so expecting to see you revel in desire orchestrated by me…
- Mmm… That can be arranged if you promise to make me cum… twice…
- Oh, certainly, my dear… Now strip for me. His voice was a husky purr, that made you feel even more flushed and wanton.

You stood up slowly and turned to face him with a knowing smile. He sat there head thrown back and hand lazily rubbing the bulge in his trousers. The sight of his smoldering smirk almost knocked you back off your feet.

You opened the buttons of your jeans one by one, slowly. You unzipped your hoodie, all the while slowly swirling your hips and looking him straight into the eye. Under the hoodie you wore nothing. Because. And under the jeans there had been pants, but all of a sudden you realised that they were there no more. The jeans were chaffing your swollen lower lips very deliciously. You drew a moaning breath and shuddered at the sensation, Loki´s hot gaze following your reactions with a slightly cruel smile.
- Just to remind you I can do anything I desire to you, my dear…

With a second snap of his fingers he was naked. You panted but couldn´t move a finger… He slowly stood up and dragged his long fingers down your neck very lightly. Your hoodie fell to the floor with a flick of his wrist and he circled your nipples with his fingers and then his lips, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. You moaned, but still his spell held you immobile and helpless…

He stepped back and narrowed those green eyes.
- Now, my dear… Kneel.

You dropped down willingly and took him into your mouth with a moan. You absolutely loved his cock, and couldn´t get enough of it. The spell was gone, this was all you worshipping his erect manhood… His groans and panting made you smirk and cup his testicles with a tender hand. You wanted to feel them draw up, which they did when he was on the edge of cumming… His shaking hands grabbed your hair and his slender fingers flexed rhythmically as you slid your mouth up and down his shaft.
- Stand… up… He gritted between clenched teeth and you obeyed like the good girl you so were not.

He held you at arm’s length and panted. You could see he was trying not to be too hasty, though it took some effort.

Now, that was a turn-on, if you needed one…

- Good mortal… You have earned your reward, Loki growled and slid his hands down your back, on your buttocks and down your thighs until you felt your jeans drop off. His hands went back to your bottom and he yanked you against his rock-hard body and held you there to grind and kiss you deeply. He swallowed your lusty whimper and walked you backwards to the wide, stony windowsill to lift you there. The height was perfect for him to kiss and bite your breasts and slid one cold, slender finger slowly between your thighs.
- Mmm… I see you are quite ready for me, my dear… Now, what on earth do I do with you, hm?

Second finger caressed your swollen lower lips and drew a gasp from you. Two fingers slipped inside you and pushed upwards, hitting your most sensitive spot.

You almost came there and then, but Loki slowed the movement of his fingers inside you and kissed you deeply. You curled and uncurled your toes and hanged on to him all helpless, shivering with a deep, deep desire.

- I promised you release, now didn´t I, he whispered against your neck and pinched your bundle of nerves between two fingers of his other hand while curling and uncurling the two fingers still inside you fast and repeatedly. You arched your back and moaned as your inner walls clenched around his caressing fingers.
- Lo…ki..! Please, I want you in me, you whimpered and wrapped your legs around him to draw him to you. He slowly drew his fingers from you and circled them around your nipples, licking at the moisture they left behind. You felt the quiver of anticipation and emptiness inside you and decided to beg next, if he didn´t take you now, and hard too!

You felt his lips quirk up to a wicked smile against your sensitive breasts.
- Do you think your have earned your release, my dear? His whisper tickled your ear and those slender, wonderful, cold hands cupped your neck, your buttocks, your breasts…
- Loki… I don´t care, a god or not, I´ll throw you to your back and straddle you if you don´t fuck me… Your voice was a whispery growl and your hands grabbed his perfectly shaped back, nails leaving long reddish marks to his bluish skin. Blueness intensified with your words, which was a mark of him getting too aroused to control the color. Good… That was very good, as when the Blueberry man came to visit, the results were uniformly mind blowing…

Loki narrowed his red-tinted eyes and dove for a deep kiss, lifting you from the windowsill. All of a sudden you straddled him on the beanbag and it only took a very small movement to skewer yourself with his sweet, hard cock. His growl mixed with your mewl, as the mere penetration almost pushed you over the edge to your second orgasm.

You rode him. Hard. His blue fingers squeezed your hips so wonderfully tightly… Your hips rolled and danced on him, your hands pushed against his heaving chest and as the second peak hit, you threw your head backwards to moan his name and grabbed his wrists. He grinded his pelvis against you and held you tight as your legs shook madly…

Loki´s breath came in laboured gasps. Yours in short whimpers and moans. You were spent, done, sweaty, almost hurting… You could take no more…
- Oh my god…… I´m… I can´t…
- Oh yes you can, my dear… I promised you twice, but I think you have been such a good girl you deserve more… His voice was breathless but still purring.

He flashed you back to the windowsill, still inside you and grabbed your ass to hammer into you madly. You held on to him with your dear life and tried to remember how to breath. His teeth grazed your neck and earlobe, and you realized you had clamped your teeth to his shoulder to silence your moaning.
- Now, my love… I want to hear that sweet mewling of yours…
Loki´s sure hands spread your legs further and he leaned down to ravish your mouth and neck.
- Now… don´t hold back… Loki growled into your ear and did something with his pelvis that tore a whimper after whimper from your lips. You wrapped your legs tightly around Loki´s waist and met his every thrust with a tilt of your hips.
- Louder, my dear!
Your voice raised to a high keening as the storm of sensations became too much once again… Your orgasm intensified and renewed as you heard and felt Loki reach his limit…

Time and world stopped. For a breathless moment you stared into his blood red eyes, quivering mouth against his dark blue lips. Then he moved very gently inside you, his hands whispering up and down your back and sides. You dropped your head wearily on his shoulder and held him very, very close.
- Oh my god… Loki… I… love you. The whisper escaped from your weary lips without any thought or consent from your brain. As soon as you realized what you had said, you tensed. Loki and you had this nice thing going on, without commitment or worries, and your stupid, stupid mouth had went and dragged out the truth that you had succeeded in hiding even from yourself! This could spoil it all… He would go and never come back! And you would miss him terribly, for other things than sex too, you realized.

Loki chuckled softly, tightening his grip of you.
- Was it truly so very difficult thing to say, my dear? He murmured, quirking his lip to a cocky smile.
- But I… I thought you… we… That you only wanted me for… That we just…
You sounded a bit breathless, but… hopeful. Loki´s slender fingers drew lazy patterns at your back as he held you near. His member had softened and slipped to rest on your thigh and you felt his hot seed still in you.
- Oh, do not worry, my dear… I think you are good for many things other than just to warm my bed… Though I have no complaints in that regard either… Maybe I shall call you my queen from now on… Now, come my dear, let us continue this very pleasant subject somewhere more comfortable. Do you prefer your bed, or perhaps mine, as it will be yours from now on?
Your mouth hanged open and you snapped it shut and blinked before answering.
- I´m… fine with either.
- Mine it is, then. Come, my queen… You need your rest, and I intend to make sure you know you belong to me yet again… Just to make sure, and perhaps for our mutual enjoyment too.

Kurtbastian one-shot - “Red Handed” (Rated PG13)

When Sebastian shows up late to coach one of his classes, everybody notices. What most people don’t notice is that Kurt shows up at the same time. The only person who does notice also figures out what the two of them have been doing behind everyone else’s back. (942 words)

Written for what will be the story “Outside Edge”. I know, I know - I’m writing all of these one-shots. Where’s the story? It’s coming, I promise. These were all ideas I had that would have come after the ending, so they couldn’t be included in the body of the story. Why am I putting these up first then? Because I wanna xD Also, I think I may have written something similar to this in another verse but, to be honest, I don’t give a f**k. It’s cute. xD

Read on AO3.

“Okay, okay! I’m here! I’m here! I’m whoo—shi—!” Sebastian slides three feet onto the ice, barreling on with his blockers still covering his blades. It’s been a while since he’s strapped on his figure skates, so his blockers weren’t even a thought in his mind when he raced onto the ice.

Though compared to what he’d just been doing, he can’t even remember when he laced up his boots.

Thanks to excellent reflexes, he manages to grab on to the swinging door of the penalty box and catches himself before he lays himself flat.

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Build a Boyfriend - Yugyeom

Originally posted by yugyeomsangel

Hey guys! It’s been awhile lol. Here’s the yugyeom build a boyfriend! Enjoy lovelies!

“Make him tall! No make him short! Brown hair! No red! Brown eyes! No-yes actually brown eyes will do!” Adjectives were strewn through the cafe which you worked at, which was luckily closed. Otherwise your group of friends would be on the receiving end of weird looks from customers. You sighed in both relief and frustration as your friends from the table you were leaning on. You huffed as your pushed off the table and began to wipe down the mess from customers hours before hand. You hummed quietly to yourself as the chatter from a few feet away began to fall on deaf ears. You quickly disposed of the mess and set out to sweep them floor. What were your friends talking about? Oh they were talking about this new app they found called build a boyfriend. To say the least they were 100% infatuated with so called app. Apparently it worked for a few of your friends. They even went to extremes to bring him in to your cafe and show him to you. You smiled and shook your head at your friends interesting techniques. Since it had worked for them, or so they say, they’ve decided it was your turn. And I quote, “what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t include you in on the fun?” You shook your head at the fond memory of just hours prior to now. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you were oh so NOT quietly called for. “Yah! Y/n! Hello? Earth to y/n!” You blinked a few times and turned to them expectantly. “Yeah? What did you say?” You questioned with a smile.
“We finished up most of it. But we need your opinion on the rest of it. After all this is for you, ya know.” You giggled and sighed frantically but nonetheless sauntered over to your friends and sat in the seat they had unoccupied for you. Your eyes scanned the page and you were quite shocked at the answers. “Wow. You guys put THAT?!” You asked stunned.

“Hey you would’ve totally put that in there and you know it!” Your friends countered. You mockingly raised your hand to stroke your chin. “Hmmm….. yeah you’re right.” You finally gave in causing laughter to erupt throughout the vacant cafe. “Okay hobbies, hobbies. Hmm. Um…soccer? No no that won’t do. Um basketball? Nah not my thing. Oh! Dance! Perfect!” You muttered to yourself as your fingers typed out the final answers.

“Alright done! Now get out of my cafe so I can close up and go home.” You muttered casing your friends to laugh. You finally got outside and locked up the cafe. “Okay and sent! Your boyfriend is being made right now, he will be delivered within a few days. Thank you for your participation!” You playfully rolled your eyes not fully believing in this app but nonetheless gave your friends the benefit of the doubt and going along with it. “Well thanks for this guys, but I’m gonna head home. See y'all later!” You waved lazily before heading down the street to your house.

A few days have passed and each day you became more and more doubtful of the app. You filled it out Monday night and Tuesday nothing, Wednesday nothing, Thursday nothing and finally Friday, today, still nothing. You sighed as you leaned against the counter and watched the clock tick barely past 3:37 pm. Five more hours to go and then freedom. Your fingers tapped a rhythm onto the counter as you scanned the sidewalk outside. It was quite peaceful. Well, until the cafe door was thrown open and in rushed your friend and a guy being held by the wrist. You blinked at her as she huffed, catching her breath.

“Good morning y/f/n. What can I get you and your boyfriend?” You asked eyeing her. “I’d like a peppermint mocha and he wants a- wait. Boyfriend? Him? No no girl you got it all wrong!” She exclaimed waving her arms about. You rolled your eyes for what seemed like the millionth time and she scoffed. “Excuse you! I’m just trying to be a good friend!” “Yeah? And how is that exactly?” You questioned softly writing down her order on a cup. She whined in frustration. “Omg y/n! This guy right here, take a good look at him!” She muttered frustrated. You complied and snapped your eyes to him and scanned him from the tops of his toes to his head. Brown hair with a tint of red, brown eyes, a lively smile with a smoldering smirk hiding just beneath and a lean, tall body. Your eyes finally locked onto his and you turned red in embarrassment as you had realized you had just shamelessly checked him out and he apparently had realized that too. “Your not so bad looking yourself.” The boy grinned with a voice like honey. Your eyes went wide as you turned realizing that he had heard what you were saying.

“Yah! Earth to y/n!” Your friend yelled exasperated. You turned to her avoiding eye contact with said smirking boy you had just checked out. “This boy isn’t my boyfriend, he’s yours!” If you had had a cup of coffee you would have done a spit take at what she said. “…what?” You whispered in awe.Holy shit. Holy shit. Wait your telling me that app actually worked??“ You asked her in complete awe. She nodded. “Yup! It sure did and as the great friend I am I brought him to you so you can survive this shift! Your welcome by the way.” She flipped her hair jokingly and grabbed her coffee and began to head out the door. “Wait! You can’t just leave me with him!” You shouted after her. “He’s your boyfriend not mine honey! Don’t worry he was made for you! Don’t stress it! Have fun Annyeong!” She shouted before darting down the sidewalk.

“Hey I’m not that bad. We didn’t exactly have the best frost introduction so I will start. Hello I’m Yugyeom your boyfriend it’s nice to meet you.” He flashed his award winning smile reaching out his large palm to you. You smiled shyly. “Hello I’m y/n and I made you. It’s nice to formally meet you Yugyeom. I hope you treat me well.” You grinned taking his hand and shaking it. Instead of releasing it, Yugyeom slowly brought your hand up to his lips and placed a loving kiss on the back and then gently tugged you forward into his surprisingly warm embrace. You let out a startled yelp as his arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed the crown of your hair swaying the two of you back and forth. You hummed as you felt the stress roll right off your shoulders and you closed your eyes with a hum. It felt like hours you stood in his embrace when it was only minutes. The little bell on the door chimed and you reluctantly stepped out of his embrace and once again returned behind the counter. You took the ajumma’s order as she smiled brilliantly at you and thanked you as you handed her her cup of tea. “You make a lovely couple.” She grinned before she too retreated into the bustling streets of Seoul. You waved at her and turned to Yugyeom as he smiled at you adoringly. Hours later you and Yugyeom had gotten to know one another quite well and before you knew it, your shift was finally over. ‘One thing was for sure’, you thought as Yugyeom held your palm in his warm one, your friend was 100% right after all.

(Side note if you guys want a part 2 of either the Kai or Sehun build a boyfriend please let me know by putting it into the request box and make sure to say admin Allie thanks lovelies!) ~Allie