okay but @z160 sent me this prompt and said “dude imagine sterek”

and now it’s all i can think about

“My dick is not having this, man.”

Stiles tugs at his crotch, which, okay he should be more polite and discreet. But, it’s just Scott. And Allison. So, he really can’t be bothered. 

What can bother him, however, is that he was dragged into Allison’s play, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the wardrobe was strictly tights.

Though, what kind of best friend would he be if he denied Allison, who was taking at her first go at producing and directing for her college career, his talented self as the role of Lysander. 

Allison had took a great spin on the play, changing it to the eventful romance of two men instead of the typical male/female dynamic. Most of the cast was gender-swapped, and the role of Hermia (or, Hermies, in this case) is played by a male.

Derek Hale.

Incredibly attractive, forever-smolder faced beauty, Derek Hale. 

“Stiles, if you rip the tights, we don’t have replacements!” Allison whines, touching up Scott’s face as she does.

Stile frumps, lets go of the fabric. “I feel so exposed. And naughty.”

“Since when do you ever have a problem with being naughty?” Scott scoffs, and Allison scolds him with a glare for moving. 

“Wow, I told you that one time when we were drunk! See if I ever go out drinking with you again.”

At that, the door to the dressing room swings open, and a parade of men in tights walk in, Jackson leading them with a smug grin. Next thing he knows, Jackson is tossing a rolled up ball of socks into his lap from where he’s sitting on the sofa. He tosses one to Scott, too.

“Suit up, assholes.”

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