This season is great and all, but no matter what happens, I will never get over the fact that Jeff has wasted so much potential.

Just to go through a few examples:

He tossed Kira away, a useful and powerful sweetheart who’s story wasn’t over yet…

And gave us an evil piece of trash cannibal teacher who’s only good quality is his looks.

We lost Isaac…

And got Liam…. (I mean no hate against Liam but… seriously?)

The McCall pack is not what it used to be. We had all of these amazing characters…

Plus Allison…

And Derek…

And now three nearly useless freshmen have all of his unnecessary screentime which takes away from the screentime of the people who are actually relevant.

We had two pairings who developed enough for viewers to love…

And that was all snatched away within an episode, and in return, Jeff Davis gave the viewers, well… y’know.

And do not even get me started on the fact that Jeff baited at Scisaac an Sterek for so long…

And instead of getting Scisaac and Sterek, we got Morey. And like okay, they’re kinda cute or whatever, but that’s not what was built up on and that’s not even close to being what viewers wanted.

We asked for the Sheriff and Melissa who could’ve been together since the series fucking started…

And instead we got Claudia, like are you fucking kidding me? (And yes I lowkey ship Melissa and Chris but potential down the drain on the Sheriff and Melissa. They were the pairing that everyone wanted to see together. It’s the last season, why are they not a thing yet?)

I’ll end here, but point is, wasted potential, always. And that’s why I’ll never be 100% satisfied with what Jeff has left to give, because all he does is throw away some of the best development.


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“I did a pregnancy test.“

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Peter frowned when you jumped, you were normaly good at picking up when he was around.

“No I’ve just been busy.” You gulped as his head cocked and he frowned.

“Is this about that night, I meant what I said.” Peter approached you slowly and you swallowed.

“I have to tell you something… I… did…” Your stuttering had him smiling. “I’ve been feeling ill?”

“Well that’s good to know… are you better?” He asked and edged towards you carefully.

You hesitated before letting out a long sigh. “I did a pregnancy test.” Instantly you shrank back and waited for him to say something.

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I lost a fic..... I remember that stiles was pathological liar and that the sheriff was called him out on it. But then, after the nogitsune he stop calling stiles out on his lies so Derek started doing it.

@winchester-stilinski says it’s this one!

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The Trouble With Reclining Your Body in a Horizontal Position by apocryphal

(1/1 I 6,546 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles doesn’t lie to hurt other people. He lies to hurt himself.

You Know Better - Part 15 - Bait

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: You make phone calls to Derek and Peter.

Warnings/Labels: Language, Sexual Tension?

Approx. Word Count: 1,500

A/N: So I hope this is okay. I feel like the reader goes from sad and questioning to turned on and all in way too quick… But it also felt kind of natural. I don’t know. Let me know if you think it’s too much.

Story Masterpost

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Shout Out to my Ex (Derek Hale One-Shot)

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Requested: Yes (11)

Warnings: Nopey Dopey

Word Count: 607

You barged through the Loft door, a scowl on your face. You stormed through the apartment, yelling at the top of your lungs. 

“Derek! Derek where are you! Derek Hale! If you don’t come down here I swear-!” The tall man appeared before you. He had his arms crossed over hi chest, and a look of annoyance on his face.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked, moving to take a seat on the staircase, You squinted your eyes at him, and took a seat across from him.

“My boyfriend called last night,” You began,  mirroring his scowling face. Derek shrugged.

“Good for you…?” He replied. You chuckled sourly, and stood to pace the space in front of him.

“He told me that he didn’t think we were working out, and that he thought that we should break up.” You say. Derek looks away, and you quirk an eyebrow, positive that you had hit a weak spot.  

“Did you do this, Derek? Did you tell him to break up with me?” You ask, your voice steady. He let out a deep breath, and stands to his feet.

“He was no good for you anyways.” He replied, heading into the kitchen. You felt a wave of anger rush through you as you followed, right on his heels.

“What do you mean he was no good for me? He was my boyfriend! I loved him and he loved-”

“No, he didn’t, Y/N. He really didn’t.” Derek yelled back, his voice cracking a bit. You stumbled back, and took a moment to look away.

“You’re lying,” You mutter, and he shakes his head. “ Try focusing more on your life, not mine!” You cried, trying your best to hold in tears. Derek looked at you, his facial expression never changing.

“Y/N…” “No, Derek! You just cost me my relationship! My whole world, you know that?”

“Her name was Gina,” He said suddenly. You stopped your angry rampage, to look at him. The name Gina sounded so familiar.

“He…” Derek began, looking you in the eye. “He was cheating on you with a girl named Gina.” And that’s when it hit you. Gina Loran, the receptionist at his work. You should have known! She was all over him the last time you stopped by. You thought it was just a misunderstanding, but you had been wrong.

You shook your head repeatedly. No. That couldn’t be true, could it? Derek never lied. But could he be lying now?

“I’m sorry you had to hear it from me. But I just wanted to protect you, and you didn’t deserve him. I wanted to keep you safe-” You threw any form of dignity that you had left out the window, and rushed towards Derek. You pulled him down to your height, and looked at his deep blue eyes, and asked him something you never even thought you would ask.

“Do you love me?” You questioned, your voice never faltering. His brows knitted together, and a quiet what was muttered.

“Do you, love me?” You asked, pausing between words. He was slow at first, but then nodded quickly.

“Y-yes, I do, Y/N.” He replied. You smirked, and let go of his collar.

“Good,” You said. “Then you’re going to help me get revenge on my ex boyfriend.” You walked over to the front door of the loft, and grabbed your jacket. You grabbed a nearby baseball bat, and swung it a few times, smiling devilishly over your shoulder.

“Let’s go give a shout out to my ex.” You muttered, throwing the door open.

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Teen Wolf imagine Pt 2

Prompt: Season 6 in general.

Summary of imagine: After Stiles’ disappearance, Y/N know’s that something is missing, and knows exactly who. After trying to get someone to believe her, her parents decide it’s time to go to Eichen House and see if the problem persist or goes away. While in there something changes her, something that can help the pack take on the shadow hunters and bring back the missing of  Beacon Hills.



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“I’d say you’re ready. Good luck, and call me if you need me.” she said as she hugged me. 

“Thank you for everything.” I said.
I walked out to my car ready for what today would hold. 

At school; 

As I started my way towards the school, I grew more, and more anxious. Did they find Stiles? Was this change for nothing? I knew Stiles would never like someone like me, but I would always like someone like him. I knew I wasn’t any Lydia Martin or Malia Tate.  

“Stop. Jess taught us better than that.” I growled to my inner demon.  

“Well do you blame me? Your ‘‘friends’ just left you like that, like you didn’t matter, well its time they learned what they’re missing.” she grinned. 

“She taught us that we weren’t suppose to use our powers for evil.” 

“Let’s just see how today goes.” As I looked up, the Beacon Hills High School sign came into my site. I pulled in and into a parking spot. I shut the car off, and sat there for a few minutes, gathering my thoughts, and thinking about the past month, I then opened my door, and step out. As soon as I shut the door, all heads turned my way, and the whispering started. ‘Is that Y/N, what happened to the psycho?’, ‘Wow, look at her, she’s so pretty now, I wonder what happened?’, ‘I heard she went to the plastic surgeon, so people would forget her mental break down.’. I smirked and walked into the school. I saw the pack all together at Scott’s locker, as they all stared from a distance in awe. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” I heard a voice call. I turned to meet the face of Mr. Douglas. “What happened? You..look amazing.” he let out. 

“Thank you.” I said as I turned flipped my hair and walked away. 

“Y/N, wait up.” I heard Scott say as I walked by them. “You know we only left you in there so you could get better. As your friends, we’re concerned.” he pleaded. 

“Scott, none of us are friends anymore. Friends don’t let friends rot in a room in a mental institution. Now if you don’t mind, I have better things to do now.” I sighed, and walked. 

“But Y/N, we need your help. There are these shadow hunters. They keep taking people. People including Stiles.” he finished. I stopped dead in my tracks. They remembered. So does this mean they believe me? I turned to face my ex-pack. 

“Just because you suddenly remember him, doesn’t mean I forgive you for everything. You remembered him, but forgot me? Why didn’t you all bail me out as soon as you did. Still didn’t believe me? Well, I’m not falling for that again. Bye.” I waved and strut away. I can’t believe they’d want me to forgive them. 


The first day of school was what you could say a success. My GPA is still where I left it, and I now ruled the school. Not that, that was a good thing. Everyone only liked me now because I was ‘pretty’. I did make friends with someone. He actually was gone for a while, but now he’s back, Peter.  Being that he was going through the same thing I was, I found his presence comforting. More than usual. I guess, I was just attracted to the attention I was getting. 

“What is it with you teenagers these days? Leaving things everywhere. Oh here-” he said as he tossed my book back to me. “This was on my bed.” 

“Where’d you get it?” I asked. 

“I borrowed it a few months ago. I meant to return it, but your psychotic self came out. Per usual.” he said sarcastically.

“Can you not be sarcastic? Or is that your only defense too?” I grinned. 

“Can you two not be in my loft?” Derek came in and set a bag down. “Y/N, you need to go to the pack, and get your friends back, because hanging out with Peter is not helping your case.” he sighed. 

“Well, would you like it, if I left your ass in a quiet in closed room, with other supernatural creatures, trying to kill you, no, so shut it.” I growled. 

“They left you in there, because they wanted to see if they could figure out what was going on, before they could help you. Jesus, what is it with you teenagers being so dramatic.” he rolled his eyes. 

“You guys are seriously relate.” I yelled. 

“Y/N, would you seriously ju-” he stopped mid sentence, with that look like something is wrong. 

“Derek? What?” I asked concerned. 

“It’s Scott. Their in trouble.” he said, eyes glowing. 


When the three of us showed up, the entire pack was fighting off shadow hunters, and a Nazi wolf. 

“Y/N, the powers you have, use them.” Derek yelled running to help. I turned to look at Peter. 

“What does he mean? I haven’t had enough training, and I don’t know-” I was cut off by Peter shaking me. 

“Y/N, you’ve got this. crouch down, lift your head up, and scream as loud as you possibly can.” he yelled. 

“Scream? I’m not Lydia. I’m a demon, not a banshee.” 

“Yes I know, but you’re the kind of demon, that can open can cause mass mayhem. If you use them, it will take away all the destruction in life. It will bring back the good. You’re not a bad demon, you’re Y/N.” 

He was right. I was me, just because I had a demon within me, doesn’t mean I had to let the bad take over. I turned around and crouched down, I controlled everything. I yelled. I heard Peter, yell I needed to be louder. I focused, then I heard it, I heard Scott howl out in pain. Everything went in slow motion, I lifted my head, eyes blacker than the night, the ground rumbled, as everyone looked at me, I screamed. Once I stopped I hit the ground. I felt lightheaded, dizzy, sweaty, and relieved. Then everything went crazy, the shadow hunters disappeared, and everyone that had gone, had come back. When everyone ran towards the school, and I finally saw the face that had me going crazy looking for running towards me, I fallen asleep. 

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PART 3? Maybe tomorrow, depends on what you guys think? 


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Hey! This is literally driving me insane, but im looking for a fic where Stiles is sent away to live with Derek (post Nogitsune) and he's really quite and shy. There was this specific part where Stiles sorta sleepwalks back to the Nemeton and Derek follows him? Ugh I hope you guys put me out of my misery!!! ILYSM ^^

@winchester-stilinski strikes again and says it’s this one.

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Big Empty by Heather_Night

(1/1 I 15,257 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek is taking a break from Beacon Hills when Deaton asks him for a favor–to shelter Stiles for a while. Derek, bored with the pace of life, agrees and things will never be the same again. Not for Derek, Stiles nor Beacon Hills.

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Requested by the Anon whose request didn’t show up in my askbox. I’m really sorry that some of your requests aren’t showing, but I’m pretty sure they’re there, the counter shows way more messages than the displayed ones.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the request (:

“Why does it have to be me accompanying you? Couldn’t you have picked someone else?” Stiles whined while you held his upper arm with excitement for tonight’s basketball game.

“Oh, shush!” You squeezed his upper arm slightly, your eyes looking up at him with a scowl. “Just because you love lacrosse doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other sports too. Besides, we’re here to cheer for Derek. It’s been tough for him lately, and basketball seems to make him feel better.” You finally entered the gym, spotting the rest of the pack with two saved stands for you and Stiles. “Oh, and I did invite the rest of the pack.”

You greeted your friends when you sat in your seat and looked at the time on your phone, the game should start in a couple of minutes. Derek was with his team on the court, giving you a small smile that made your hear flutter and your cheeks become rosy. You turned to Stiles and sighed nervously. “I know I said we’re here for Der, but I have no idea how basketball works.”

Stiles stared at you blankly for a moment, before raising his right eyebrow and lowering just as quickly. “Okay, it’s quite simple: you take the ball and try to make a basket.” Your forehead wrinkled at his words, but then he explained it better. “The game begins with one player from either team at center court. A referee will toss the ball up between the two. The player that gets his hands on the ball will tip it to a teammate. This is called a tip-off.”

Derek was preparing with his team to start the game and stood at center court, ready to tip-off, but his gaze turned to you talking with Stiles. You were feeling hot with your jacket on and you hair down, so you removed it while Stiles was still explaining the rules of the game, Derek’s cheeks heating up as he saw you wearing a tight tank top.

“Focus, Hale!” Yelled his coach when he noticed his best player being distracted.

“Okay, so Derek is a center.” You said while pulling back your hair and tying it tightly in a high ponytail, feeling relieved that fresh air was cooling the skin around your neck.

“What the hell, Hale?!” The coach yelled again, angrily, when Derek didn’t tip-off the ball first.

The way your fingers were combing through your locks, pulling up loose strands and the ponytail swaying to the sides… These simple movement gave Derek goosebumps, his eyes entirely captivated by you, making him feel as if everything around him was in slow-motion, but it wasn’t, and he snapped out of his trance when he head his coach whistle at him, shouting for him to start playing instead of slacking off on the court.

Scott smirked and turned to you. “Guess, you make him nervous.”

“What- What do you mean?” You questioned, only to turn your head to Derek and him quickly moving to play the game, but his eyes would find you from time to time.

His team would win this game, and Derek was going to win for you.

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World Unfolding

Sequel to Doors Unlocked and Open.

The Nemeton is closed, the Dread Doctors long gone and Stiles and Derek’s relationship is shiny, new and exciting. On the surface everything seems great. Underneath however, something is brewing, and not just deep in the Preserve. Can Stiles get a handle on it while juggling his love life, school work, frustrating magic lessons with Morrell and a best friend who’s downward-spiraling fast?

Chapter 3 /?  is up! 

Fic is complete. Chapters will be posted several times a week.