Welp I just finished re-reading book 5 so I figured, Sandwings, why not.

I always struggled with Sandwings the most out of all the tribes; the face shape always threw me off, and I could never figure out how their sails should be. But after this exercise I think I’m getting a bit better at them. I really like my designs for Burn and Six-Claws, they sort of remind me of like a dinosaur or something. I didn’t aim for that but it looks cool ahah

I like Smolder a lot as a character, I always imagined him to be a rather handsome looking dragon, I tried to get that across here.

Poor Sunny really sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all these pure Sandwings haha  Oh well

@ahorriblecaseofwanderlust – Finished!  (BTW, I decided to start naming the buyer in my signature, to make it more personal and unique.  This will only be available for the person who ordered the commission.  Regular prints will have the personal note removed, so your print will be one of a kind!)

Anyway, hope you like it!  =)


Rapunzel: “Here comes the smolder” by Zen