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Sıralama yok.Hepsi sevdiğim ve güzel bloglardır.Hepsi candır bana göre💕💕

goreseph’s follow forever!

twenty one pilots blogs:

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Top 10 TSC blogs? I really need some blog recs. Thanks!

Oooh okay
These are the amazing people you’ve probably heard of :
@tiberiusblacktorn (she starts a lot of trends lol)

These are a few I recommend:


@hermionejohannalightwood @justafangirlwithideas @alexandraherondaleblackthorn

@tiberius-herondale @gracieblackthorn @perfectblackthorns @princekierz @rachel-elizabeth-truth @will-smolace @a-fangirl-like-no-other @

So these aren’t 10, but who needs numbers anyway?! I wanted to provide you with the quality blogs and I must’ve forgotten a few blogs, so I’ll keep adding more!

they’re just girls breaking hearts.

hey! i’m caerys and this is my introduction post, 3.0. yeah, we’re doing this again, fun, isn’t it?

i used to be called @effxvescience, but now i am @aphxdite. i was on a posting spree for a few weeks, finally getting settled into the brand new world of high school, so i decided to re-do my whole blog and make it have a more gentle, loving, art-sy feel to it. 

some facts about me:

location: new york

age: fourteen

pronouns: she/he/they

religion: muslim

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

  • i am genderfluid, so that means that i fluctuate through many genders, however, this doesn’t mean that i will wake up one day and go from girl to boy to a horse, i usually fluctuate between female, male, agender, and demi-girl. some days, i will feel more feminine than other days, other days, i may feel more masculine, or not feel either.
  • i am panromantic, meaning that  i am attracted to many genders, but if i were to put it into a pie chart-like diagram, i would be attracted more to females than any other gender and not attracted to males, probably just a 0.01% at the very most, but just like my gender, my romantic orientation fluctuates. as for sexual orientation, i am asexual, i just don’t have those hormones, i guess?
  • i love music, music is honestly one of the many gifts this world has to give. i do play some instruments such as the xylophone, electric keyboard, and drums. i am currently learning how to play the guitar. most of the music i listen to happens to be within the genres of indie rock, metal, punk, classical music, and musical numbers from musicals such as fiddler on the roof, hamilton, ordinary days, heathers: the musical, dear evan hansen, in the heights, be more chill, and many others. i am in love with broadway and even though it is my dream to be a part of a broadway production, i want to grow up and become a forensics scientist. sometimes, i will catch myself listening to halsey, alessia cara, ed sheeran and/or shawn mendes. i am absolutely in love with korean pop music, k-pop, and some of my favourite bands include BTS, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, GOT7, Seventeen, Stray Kids, and well, i have many more that i can’t name off the top of my head.
  • I am a writer, yes, but it gets hard sometimes, especially since i have dyslexia. wow, right? however, due to my tendency to procrastinate, i end up not getting many chapters done before moving onto another idea. i love reading, and most of my inspiration comes from other books, fanfictions, and plays. if i were to list out my favourites, i would probably go on for millions of years but here are some of my all time favourite books and/or series: the harry potter series, the percy jackson and the olympians/the heroes of olympus series, willful machines, the hunger games series, any book written by alexandre dumas, like, ever, war and peace, dracula, and well, many others.
  • don’t get me started about t.v. shows, i will have many, many, many references from shows such as ncis, sherlock, criminal minds, doctor who, supernatural, downton abby, et cetera, et cetera. and k-dramas/j-dramas are literally my life.

some stuff about this blog:

date created: august 2017

url: @aphxdite 

tracking: #lookcae

  • this blog is going to be a mix of a studyblr and an aesthetics blog. since this also doubles as my main, there will be many posts on mental health, stuff i believe is right, and the occasional meme.
  • i am a minor, if there is any inappopriate/nasty content on your blog, i will block you. so please keep that in mind before you follow me or try to message me.
  • i am open to asks, messages, etc, etc. i will listen to you or lend a helping hand regardless on whether we are mutuals or not. but please, forgive me, i am awkward. like, really awkwaaaaard.
  • the url is based off of greek goddess, aphrodite, who happens to be the goddess of love and beauty. she also happens to be my second favourite goddess, right after titaness asteria.

here are some lovely mutuals/friends that i talk to sometimes and love with all my heart: @ahsteria​, @ethostuff​, @affectionary​, @ysabellastudies​, @whenstudyblooms​, @melodramastud-e​, @agendershruggie​, @rose-grangerweasleyisbae​, and finally, although we just started talking like five minutes ago, i love their content so much: @will-smolace​.

and of course, some people who gave me inspiration: @ahsteria, @whenstudyblooms, @rose-grangerweasleyisbae, @studyquill, @will-smolace, @agendershruggie, @studywithinspo, and of course, @ysabellastudies

also, shoutout to @ahsteria for helping me come up with this username and with the gif below.

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@odunbey @cislikan @tanricanincamdantaci @begumisgod @rockerteensisinmyworld @alkolikediler @geceeninbesi @mozartinsesi @mazosistqueenx @konspiracyjny @breezeblock-j @jezu @deoxy-rybosis @buctoria @satanum @155k @saturndehalka @angelofmoney @estetycznysmrod @ahududuluvodka @mavimsi-gunes @bominti @labirenttekithomas @zombilerledans @wekartu @daddysorgasm @afroditinsigarasi @tanrininasasi @igly-narkomana @marsinyabancisiolanmarsli @toteleionarkotiko @kafalarkanalizasyon @hahaha-kill-me @uga-bugaa @substancje-smolace @eutanazol @hz-kedi @hzned @hz-barbie @lindorm @papatyadanumutlar @benimkararlarim @kanyuzugu @ateistindirenhatim @arson-soul @h0me0fsatan666 @cigarettesafterpoem @cigarettessafterrsexx @kiymaliruj @goregiirl @detevlin @kurt–cocaine @alotofshittypeople @cennettekivadi @cennettekimaymun @birdssetfree @wysir @naive-personality @interrogado @idk-c-babe @icimdekipapatyalar @hogwartstanmezun @cattiesblog @catblogs @godslittledick @dreamseksuel @vangoghs-wife @yan-masaldaki-kiz

Sıralama yok hepsi sevdiğim bloglar.Onlar benim canlarım💕💕😂😂

I just love this chill day on the fandom. I mean everyone’s just being silly and weird. The Shadowhunter TV discourse isn’t getting to us. We’re just being super cool mutuals and I love that. I also love everyone who’s being real sweet, answering asks, and getting involved. My mutuals are the real MVPs.

@will-smolace (stop being so cool Tam. Save a little for the rest of us😉)

@mostawesomepineapple (although we’re not mutuals, you’re being really great)

@blackthorn-twins (you’re just FUN)

@ali-fairchild (we’re not mutuals but you have lovely content)

@notyourmomsnephilim (HELLO KATIE! we will both die for Kitty and I love that)

@thepurplewarlock (Becks, I love you and you should love yourself because if you aren’t… you’re missing out)

They’re only a few people I noticed being cool. If you’re not tagged, send me an ask and I might add you to this list.