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when ur watchin tv w/ ur gf and she falls asleep on ur lap and it makes u all comfy and then YOU get sleepy and u just….. 💤

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Is Louis an adult or do you think he's an actual three year old get a grip

How can I get a grip when Louis Tomlinson is out there being an actual three year old?

first of all, hes just a cute little munchkin:

His body is literally enveloped in this towel

Look at him with his little hands up in the air and the big smile across his face. He even fucking has his hood on. You can’t get more adorable when riding a rollercoaster.

Okay but look how smol and happy he looks, clapping his hands together like a three year old would when theyre excited about something. Not to mention the sweatpants hes wearing making him look so soft..




My tiny child also has fucking sweater paws because he is a fucking three year old:



Then there is the fact that he draws penises on every surface imaginable:

A cut out of their fucking interviewers face

On the cut out of whoever this guy is from 1dday

FUcking Liam was trying to hide the fact that Louis was drawing penises on the table at their book signing

And poor fucking Liam has been the victim also

There’s also the fact that hes a little shit to his body guards but hes literally a three year old so they all think hes fucking adorable (which he is) so they fucking fond over him.

Poor Paul.

but like… hes so fond

He even lets him jump on his back for a piggyback ride

Even Preston will give him piggyback rides. HE IS THREE YEARS OLD!

Hes pocket sized, light as a feather lets be real

I dont know about you but when I was little my mom was always telling me to wear shoes when I go outside but I wouldnt… neither will Louis because hes still three years old:

Strolling inside with his socks on

Hes fucking barefoot

And hes fucking carrying his shoes instead of fucking wearing them

Again with the not wearing socks, does he know that there could be glass on the ground? He better not hurt his little feeties.

And then theres just the fact that hes a little shit:

Poor Liam, now my three year old son is trying to injure your feet too, Im sorry

Louis how many times have I told you not to put your fingers in the icing of a cake?

Water fights…

Water guns…

Nerf guns…

Moral of the story is that Louis is a three year old and no harm should ever come to him

Louis Tomlinson is an actual three year old. #confirmed

Prompt: Can i get headcanon of Aizawa, Mic and Toshinori (separate) when their s/o is short and like wear their shirt and be picked up in their arms please?            

Requester: Smol Anon

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○ Never says anything about it an keeps a straight face so it would be easy to think that he doesn’t care

○ Actually loves seeing s/o in his shirts though. He thinks it’s the cutest thing and his heart always melts a little when he sees it

○ ‘You could just buy shirts in my size, you know.’ Don’t. He’s teasing please keep wearing his shirts

○ Seeing s/o sleeping in one of his shirts is the cutest thin Aizawa’s seen in a long time like he really thinks it’s adorable

○ Starts to leave s/o’s favourite shirts of his out if they live together, or might ‘forget’ one in their apartment if they don’t

○ Not super handsy so his s/o doesn’t get picked up all the time honestly. He’ll do it on the odd occasion, but s/o will probably learn to treasure those moments

○ Now, if they’re in private and Aizawa is in the right mood, s/o might get a surprise by being lifted from behind. He says he only does this because s/o likes it but he thinks their reactions are cute too

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○ Let me tell you this man’s dreams have all just come true

○ He will actually squeal the first time his s/o wears one of his shirts. This squeal will be followed by compliments galore.

○ Leaves his shirts around on purpose hoping s/o will wear them. Picks the ones he thinks they’d look hottest in

○ Starts buying shirts with s/o in mind. Actually gets a few too many just thining about how cute s/o would look in them

○ Picks up his s/o all the time once he realizes they like it. It’s how he greets them when he gets home (if he’s not too tired and he usually isn’t)

○ Will sometimes pick s/o up an spin them around without warning because he’s sudden;y overwhelmed by how cute she is

○ Likes to give piggyback rides to s/o a lot

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○ Almost dies when he first sees s/o in one of his shirts. Literally. He spurts way too much blood out of his mouth

○ Immediately apologizing and explaining that he just wasn’t expecting it and oh god but they look really good! Foot’s kinda in his mouth because he’s distracted by how simultaneously adorable and hot s/o is in his clothes but he managed to tell them that he likes it

○ Will totally go into his large/All Might form for just a few seconds in all his clothes to make sure they’re as stretched as possible, because the bigger his clothes the cuter s/o looks in them

○ Totally pink the first few times he walks into see s/o in just one of his shirts. Poor bean can’t deal

○ A little embarrassed but very proud if his s/o wears his clothes in public; especially if they’re visiting him at work.

○ Secretly enjoys being able to pick them up in order to help them reach high-up places or objects (well he thinks it’s a secret but it’s pretty obvious)

○ So proud when he carries them like his heart is swollen but pounding and he’s got an aura of flowers all around him but he’s also bright red. He’s a little calmer in private though

Blood drips down his temple, matted in his hair, dark strands glued tight to his scalp. There’s a throbbing pain in his head, like he can feel his heartbeat where the skin splits open.

Ow, he thinks. Then, is it over?

If he squints, Magnus can see smoke in the distance, swirling from cars set aflame and a heap of dead demons burning merrily, wayward magic still spreading scarlet into the night sky. There’s a harsh ringing in his ears that means he can’t hear the pop and snap of fire, but he can feel the way the cracked cement under his cheek trembles, a rumble that grows stronger with each passing second. Maybe the earth is waiting to split and swallow him whole, to take him back to the place his blood claims as home.

The reverberation coalesces into combat boots, stained with dirt and ichor still dripping from the laces, pounding against the ground as they draw closer. Magnus pushes himself to his elbows, but he shuts his eyes and falls back to his stomach at the stab that lances through his skull and a new pain in his leg, just as a spray of pebbles knock against his chest. He blinks to see someone kneeling in front of him, to feel hands gripping his shoulders, and — oh.

“Alexander,” he says. “Are you okay?”

Alec’s face hovers just inches from his, his brows threading together, that plush mouth pressed into a frown. Magnus feels himself being turned until he’s facing upward, back against Alec’s hard thighs while his neck is cradled in those gentle archer’s hands.

Alec’s fingers flutter over the laceration. Magnus, his lips say. Magnus wishes he could hear it, but all his ears register is a vicious ringing as Alec pulls his phone out of his pocket, one arm still wrapped around Magnus while the other dials frantically. The sickly white-blue light from the screen illuminates a thin cut across his jaw, red drying raggedly on his skin.

“You’re hurt,” Magnus says faintly, trying to reach his hand up to heal it. It flops to his stomach instead.

Alec is talking, lips moving rapidly, maybe whispering, maybe shouting, though all Magnus can hear is that pulsing screech. When Alec drops his phone to the ground moments later, his hand curls back into Magnus’ hair just at the edge of his wound, eyes wide and glittering beautifully while his callous-rough thumb brushes Magnus’ cheekbone.

“I’m fine,” Magnus wants to say, but his tongue is glued to the roof of his mouth, vocal chords twisting next to the searing pain in his head. All he can do is concentrate on Alec’s eyes and the words on his lips, distress painted in every line on his face.

Shit, you’re going… okay, Alec maybe says, body curving around Magnus’, shielding him from whatever else is out there. Cat… Magnus, baby, keep… open.

Something under his ribcage stutters and warms like a balm in his bloodstream. He struggles to sit up, wondering. “What did you say? I can’t hear you,” Magnus tries to say as the ringing fades for an instant.

“Don’t move…” he hears Alec say clearly, before the tinny sound starts up again. His lips move frantically: it’ll be okay, baby, it’ll be okay, where is she… blood…

In the distance, Magnus sees the crackle of portal magic sputtering to life, bright light interspersed with numerous black dots that twinkle like stars.

“Eyes open, Magnus,” he hears. “Please…Cat is here, please… awake, babe, come on.”

“What did you call me?” he tries to ask, but then the edges of his vision go dark, until all that’s left is a pinprick of hazel, and…




Magnus wakes to a cool cloth on his forehead, the taste of steel on his tongue, and a pointed glare from Catarina.

“No more of these near death experiences,” she murmurs, brushing his hair back as she gives him some water. “No more saving Nephilim ass and massacring demon hordes. My blood pressure can’t take it, and I don’t think he’ll survive another episode like this.” She nods her head to the side, and for the first time Magnus notices Alec, head pillowed on the edge of the mattress, hands burrowed under the blankets where they hold Magnus’ own.

“Oh.” Magnus sighs, eyes tracing the exhaustion on Alexander’s face, the way his bottom lip is worried red like a wine stain. He turns back to Cat and shrugs as best as he can. “I can’t not be there for him,” he says simply.

She nods in understanding.

“Just be careful and rest. You had a grade three concussion and a broken leg,” she says, before kissing his cheek and walking out the room, spelling the door quietly shut.

At the snicket of the latch, Alec exhales, nose twitching a little as his grip simultaneously tights on Magnus’ hands. His eyes open blearily.

“Hello, love,” Magnus says.

“Mm – Magnus,” Alec says, clearing his throat, gaze wide and darting clinically across Magnus’s face, his shoulders, his feet poking out from the blankets, seeking confirmation that Magnus is whole. It’s terribly Alec, and terribly sweet.

“I’m okay,” he says, pulling Alec’s hand to his lips and kissing his knuckles. “Thank you for calling Cat, and for staying.” He pats the empty side of the bed, and Alec wordlessly maneuvers under the sheets, head tucked under Magnus’ chin while his arm slides carefully over Magnus’ waist, soft over still-tender ribs and sensitive skin.

“Where else could I possibly be?” Alec mumbles into Magnus’ chest. “Especially after you took out enough demons to keep New York clear for a month and then collapsed and went delirious.”

“Delirious, was I?” Magnus asks, remembering and smiling. Part of him doesn’t want to ask, if it means Alec will get embarrassed, yet his curiosity is begging. 

“Alexander, did you call me baby?”

Alec flinches. “No,” he answers too quickly. “Absolutely not.’

Magnus chuckles and settles his cheek on Alec’s thick hair. “A shame, really. I quite liked it. No one’s ever really called me that before.”

Alec sits up abruptly, twisting around to face Magnus, bewilderment in his eyes and his mouth hanging open.

“What? No one ever?”

Magnus shakes his head, then winces at the throbbing sensation. “Ah, no. Not romantically or with serious intention, at least. I’ll have you know that the term wasn’t popular for that purpose until the twentieth century, and well. There wasn’t really anybody to call me that, except you now. Though you say you didn’t call me that at all, so I suppose –”

“Baby,” Alec interrupts, crowding closer to Magnus, breath warm against his jaw.

Magnus freezes, then sighs happily, sinking further back into the pillows and relishing the warmth of Alec at his side, in his heart. “Say it again.”

“Babe,” he hears Alec whisper, feathering a kiss over his eyelids. “If I promise I’ll call you that again, will you sleep for a little longer? I can go make you a cup of tea if it’ll help?”

“Fine,” Magnus says. “Valerian root, maybe?”

“Okay,” Alec says as he crawls off the bed, smiling back at Magnus as he turns to go.

Magnus turn onto his side, curling his arms around Alec’s pillow and sighing heavily. He thinks he smells the faint herbal scent of tea a little later, bitter and fragrant as it wafts through their bedroom, thinks he hears the sound of footsteps padding to the other side of the bed. He’s sure the mattress dips and a hand runs over his hip, and sure that familiar lips whisper a secret into the knobs of his spine, but all Magnus does is smile as his breath evens out into sleep.

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Iiiakskjssj Shuichi flirting with Ouma and it actually working?

im sry, but how do you even flirt with kokichi im??????  😂😂😂

its confusing so ,,,,, have mercy uwu

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can I have a hug and maybe some fluffy darkstache hcs? it's been a rough few days (smol)

i’m sorry smol. (hugs gently) i hope things get better for you soon hun.

  • wil loves listening to dark play the piano. he doesn’t do it often, but when they’re alone in the house together, dark plays while wil sits on the edge and hums along to the notes. if it’s a piece wil knows he’ll sit next to dark and play with him, laughing when he plays a wrong note and dark nudges his side playfully.
  • dark gets very sleepy on rainy days; his sinuses act up and all he wants to do is lie around and nap. wil walks into the living room and sees him lying on the couch with a book over his face; he’ll take the book off, making sure to mark dark’s place, and then lift his legs up so he can sit down with them on his lap.
  • wil loves warm sunny days where they can go out and get icecream. it’s too cold for dark’s sensitive teeth but he minds it less when wil offers him a bite and kisses him afterwards to get some of the flavor. they love to eat in the shade somewhere quiet.
  • both of them enjoy the beach; dark loves the ocean and will spend hours in the water until wil has to lift him up and carry him out because of how late it’s getting. and wil loves the water too, he likes to do swim races with dark, but also enjoys sitting on the shore with dark and letting the tide wash over them.
Double Team

Heya Ginny! I made this and I hope its ggod! =) (I gave myself a name because I probaably will subit more baha)


Keith sprinted around the corner, into the control room. Allura turned around and saw the out of breath boy.

“Keith? Are you alright?” She asked, confused. Keith was about to speak, when they heard a voice from the hallway.

“Keeeeeeith~ Come out!” Shiro’s teasing voice bounced off the walls and Keith hid behind the control panel. He could hear walking coming closer.

“We won’t hurt you!” Keith winced at Lance’s words. The pair were coming after him, and although he knew they wouldn’t hurt him, this might be worse. Allura stared at him, and Keith shook his head. He placed a finger on his lips as the door opened.

“Allura, darling. Where’s Keith?” Lance asked. Allura shrugged, and Lance smirked. He had seen Keith run in, and knew he was in here. Keith was so focused on Lance, he didn’t notice Shiro sneaking around the back. He heard a sudden click, and he turned, seeing Shiro running towards him.

“NO!” Keith yelled, standing up and sprinting for the door. Lance jumped in front and he veered off course, running around the room. There was a short chase, until Shiro managed to grabb Keith’s arm, pulling him down. He immediantly sat on Keiths butt, pinning him. Lance pinned Keith’s hands beneath his knee’s, leaning over his boyfriend.

“No, No! This isn’t funny. You guys need to- Ehehe!” Keith giggled. Shiro smirked and squeezed Keith’s waist again. Making eyecontact with Lance, they both attacked. Shiro dug his hands vigorously into Keith’s stomach and sides. Lance got his underarms and ribs. Keith was in hysterics.

“NOHOHOHO! STOHOHOP, STOHOHOP! ALUHUHURA HEHELP!” Keith screeched with laughter, thrashing wildly. Allura watched as they merclissly tickled their friend. Hunk walked in and saw the scene. He snorted, and without warning, joined in, pinching and squeezing Keith’s knees and legs.

“NAHAHAHAHA! PLEHEHEHEASE STOHOHOP! LEHEHET ME GOHOHO! PLEHEHEHEASE!” Keith was begging now, crying with laughter. His loud laughter echoed theough the room, and Allura looked a little worried for him. He was sobbing and laughing at the same time.
“Aww, Keith’s not having fun?” Shiro teased. Keith shook his head. This was hell. He could feel his tired lungs heaving as laughter was ripped from them.

“NOOOO!” Keith cried out, before falling into silent laughter. 
Keith breathed heavily as he was finally released. His face was wet with tears, and his whole body was sore. He was too tired to move, so he lay on the cold floor. It had gotten worse when Allura had joined in on his feet. His eyes were closed and he was still giggling. Eventually he opened hs eyes, able to speak.

“Shiro, Lance, Hunk and Allura. I hate all of you with every fibre of my being. I hope you burn.” Keith hissed. He stood up and stalked out of the room wobbily, leaving his friends in silence. They all looked at each other, and started laughing.

Note to author: This is super cute I love it!! I get unhealthily excited when lees are chased down first before they get it haha especially by multiple lers and omg lee Keith is what I’m living for (and I’m sooo glad you involved Shiro). THANK YOU smol anon, gimme more! 

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can I ask for fluffy darkstache headcannons and some hugs? I've had a really crappy day (smol)

i’m so sorry smol (hugs) here have some fluffy headcanons then:

  • when dark can’t sleep, he loves to watch wil sleep instead. he knows it’s kinda creepy, but there’s something relaxing about watching his lover, knowing he’s safe and next to him. and sometimes wil mumbles things in his sleep. one time it was ‘no, dark, don’t take my pancakes’ and he almost woke wil up by laughing.
  • wil usually wakes up before dark to make breakfast and coffee. and totally not because he loves seeing barely-awake dark walk out in nothing but wil’s shirt and his briefs.
  • before each meeting they usually get ready together. dark helps wil straighten his bow tie and wil checks dark’s suit for any lint and wrinkles. he’ll help tidy up dark’s makeup too if he lets him.
  • they read each other’s mind all the time and will actually finish each other’s sentences.
  • dark is SUPER ticklish and wil takes advantage of it when he can, without getting punched in the dick (usually).
  • wil loves it when dark pets his hair and often lays on his lap when he’s stressed or tired just for that reason.

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[11:26 am] you had been close with your senior, Jaehyun lately and you felt like you two had a thing; with the heart emojis he sent and words that makes your heart flutter and face turning pink. one night, you typed him a lengthy confession while your hands shook nervously. an hour, you heard your phone buzz. swiping his contact to reveal his reply, you choked out tears as he replied with a short "I'm sorry y/n...". you told him that it's okay, while your loud sobs wracked your body -smol anon