Adventure Time: Rainbow

Lupelycan asked for a bedtime story sooo

Fionna x Flame Princess


“Ow ow ow ow ow”

“Aw man I’m sorry FP! I forgot to check the weather today….go figure the first time I don’t check huh?” Fionna forces out a fake laugh, hoping her stupidity would lighten the mood. 

“Just our luck…” the Flame Princess huffed, clutching the girl’s shoulders for dear life. It was worse than a downpour of rain today, it was a soft drizzle. Almost a mist of water gently falling from the sky, just light enough to be taken away by the wind. The umbrella did little to shield her from the tiny pricks of water. Her skin hissed at the contact. 

Fionna picked up the pace, holding the princess tight in her arms while balancing a small umbrella in her grasp. A cave was in sight, hopefully a dry one. 

“OUCH!” she suddenly yelped, a large drop of collected water from the umbrella fell on her shoulder. The princess whimpered lightly, holding tight and burying her face in the heroines neck,“Huurrrryyyy”

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Adventure Time: Fionna the Badass

Fionna x Flame Princess

Because Devi is losing her shit so I wanted to join. 

I don’t even know how this happened, it was suppose to be a cute little fluffmance but…


“Your highness!”

The Flame Queen spun around, her eyes burned furiously at the messenger, “This better be good minion…” she growled, popping one last bit of coal in the tiny fire kittens mouth. 

Those who sought out the Queen in her own little sanctuary either had a death wish or a great emergency. 

Luckily for the messenger, it was the latter, though that didn’t stop him from  quivering in fear.

“Sh-she has returned” he sputtered out. 

He blinked once. 

And the Queen vanished in a puff of fiery smoke. 

Letting out a sigh of relief, he ran off to the throne room where he was sure she would be meeting the returning heroine. 

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