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I just realized something crucial about Steven Universe’s personality. Gems are made to a purpose, and without it need to learn to have free will. Since Steven is part gem, this is why he gets so anxious and stressed about why his mom wanted him to be born, about his destiny. For so long he was convinced that he had a purpose and a destiny, and this seems to be what divides him from much of humanity


Steven Universe Valentine’s Day Cards Part 2!

Unlike last year’s cards, I decided to make cards for the newer gems we’ve met over the year rather than fusions since we had only met two new fusions and I really wanted to make more!

As always, these are free to use for you to send to the one’s you love! 💕


hiya!! I’m taking requests rn bc I’ve not been feeling too good for the past few days and I want something to cheer me up

I’m open to drawing any of the gems (preferably an existing gem, I’m a little tired)

It’ll be along the calibur of this:

thank u!!💖

“Hold on, baby; you’re losing it
The water’s high, you’re jumping into it
And letting go, and no one knows
That you cry; but you don’t tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone”

The amount of genuinely memorable moments in this show has dropped massively. The most memorably moment in the recent episode was definitely Topaz speaking to Steven and Lars. (129) I’d say that Zircon’s speech towards the Diamonds was memorable too, but honestly it just wasn’t as climactic as it could’ve been because it just added 800 new layers of bullshit to the Rose story, and ended quite abruptly with no real build up.

Before that, the last memorable moment of the show was… the Famethyst in That Will Be All? (118) Just them as a concept. I’d include Storm In The Room too, but now that I’ve realised how shit Steven is in general, and I’ve lost all of my shits to give about Rose Quartz, I just don’t care about that speech any more.

Before that it was probably Earthlings, when Smoky Quartz showed up. (101) Or possible Back To The Moon when the Pink Diamond shattering was first revealed. (102)

But just look at how spaced out these moments are. Now I’ll go back through the show and list all my memorable moments, so you can see how they slowly space out as they get more recent.

The Red Eye (2), meeting Connie (7), the mural (8), meeting Lion (10), meeting Opal (12), the gems getting upset because Steven might die of old age (13), “I didn’t even get to know my mom!” (14), Pearl’s fight and regenration (16), Steven and Connie working as a team for the first time (17), meeting Lapis, and the fight against Lapis (25 and 26), Rose’s video (35)(genuinely used to make me cry so much), meeting Peridot (36), meeting Stevonnie (37), the gems talking about Steven when they think he can’t hear them (38), the entire episode of On The Run (40), re-encountering Peridot (44), “I think you’re pretty great” (45) (although Pearl was an ass in that scene, it’s still very very memorable), Greg’s flashback (48) THE RETURN AND JAILBREAK, THE ENTIRE TWO EPISODES ARE PACKED WITH MOMENTS (51, 52), 
“WHY WONT YOU JUST LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU, ROSE!” (58)(again, Pearl was an ass, but it was memorable), finding the Cluster Prototypes (60), Greg’s serious talk with Rose (61), Malachite again (62), meeting Sardonyx (63), Ruby and Sapphire again (64), Connie standing up to her mother (68), Peridot being caught (70), Peridot discovering rain (71), “I AM A PEARL!” (72), Peridot’s apology to Amethyst (73), THE ANSWER (74), It Could’ve Been Great! (76), Peridot’s rebellion against Yellow Diamond (77),
Malachite vs Alexandrite (79), Peridot talking to Lapis (82), The Rubies (83), It’s Over Isn’t It? (86), Centipeetle almost being healed (92), Bismuth (98/99)(for all the wrong reasons of course), Smoky Quartz (101), Pink Diamond (102),
Just a Thought (107), Famethyst (118), Topaz (129)(which is arguable, honestly.)

Let me know if I missed any obvious ones.

TL;DR: Here’s how many memorable episodes there are per season (at least imo)
21 in Season 1
14 in Season 2
7 in Season 3
3 in Season 4

and that.. is really telling…

Jasper Defeated

Can we just talk about how Jasper was finally defeated by being poofed?  It wasn’t Garnet who beat her.

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It wasn’ Lapis who defeated Jasper.

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Heck, not even Smoky Quartz defeated Jasper!

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But instead it was none other than Peridot

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Peridot, loveable character, Certified Kindergartener, and Jasper slayer!