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I just realized something crucial about Steven Universe’s personality. Gems are made to a purpose, and without it need to learn to have free will. Since Steven is part gem, this is why he gets so anxious and stressed about why his mom wanted him to be born, about his destiny. For so long he was convinced that he had a purpose and a destiny, and this seems to be what divides him from much of humanity


Steven Universe Valentine’s Day Cards Part 2!

Unlike last year’s cards, I decided to make cards for the newer gems we’ve met over the year rather than fusions since we had only met two new fusions and I really wanted to make more!

As always, these are free to use for you to send to the one’s you love! 💕

“Hold on, baby; you’re losing it
The water’s high, you’re jumping into it
And letting go, and no one knows
That you cry; but you don’t tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone”

How far can a fusion go?

So 2 gems can fuse. 5 gems can fuse. 3 gems can fuse with one of them being a fusion already. A Gem can fuse with a corrupted Gem. Steven, the human/Gem can fuse with Gems and humans.
Just how far can it go? Fusions fusing? 3 fusions, one non fusion, fusing together? How many Gems can go into one fusion? Can the Diamonds fuse? If so with who, other Diamonds?

One reason I think Homeworld hates fusion

Remember when Ruby (in “The Answer”) said that fusion felt like “me, but bigger”? So it’s safe to say that “acceptable” fusion is when the same gems fuse and just become bigger.

But what have the Crystal gems done? They’ve fused with other gems. And when we see Garnet’s beginnings, we see a very likely reason that Homeworld hates fusion between gems. To use Peridot’s words, first she didn’t exist. And then she did.

With fusion, the Diamonds are no longer the only ones who can create new entities. Any two gems could fuse and create life without the Diamond’s power or permission.

Aesthetic comparison meme~

or peony? lip balm or lip gloss? highlight or contour? strawberries or cherries? red lipstick or nude lipstick? velvet or silk? gold or rose gold? rose quartz or amethyst? bathrobes or towels? diamond or pearl? lavender or rosemary? sunrise or sunset? electronic books or paper copies? fiction or nonfiction?

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[Stickers pt 1]

Other SU stickers I made!
And since now all the revealed gems and fusions are complete, I made a pattern with them ~
And they’re all available on my Redbubble!

Fusion pack 2 || Stevenbomb gems || Diamond + Pearls

Fusion pattern || Gem pattern

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