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Theory and alchemy

We were playing a homebrew campaign, and my character was a mage. He always wanted to have a mobile alchemy-box, which contains the basic tools for alchemy. So after several adventures, he managed to gather enough gold to buy one. Though, he had to wait, until the party arrived into a big city.

So what you gonna do fellas?
Mage (me) (OOC):
Finally! I. MUST. HAVE. An alchemy box!
Allright my friend, I’ll go with you to avoid thieves.
*Note: My character always failed perception checks against pickpocketers, somewhat the warlock were quite effective…mostly.
I’ll go too, just in case.

In short: The trio found a shopkeeper, who not only sales alchemy-box, but a quite valuable one, for a reasonable price. With the help of the rogue (good charisma rolls), his dreams came true. The shopkeeper also gave him a manual.

You’re welcome.
So heading for the inn? I hope the others managed the book a room or two for us.
Indeed! Let’s not waste the time!

Some time later, the party decided to go shopping and looking for a quest/job, but my character was too excited. He decided to read the manual, and try his alchemy skills. Few hour later the party returned to the street, where the inn located.
Of course, the Dm asked me to roll a lot of skill-check. I did not fail, but there was a lot of “almost” success.

Allright, Perception check for everyone!
*Everyone rolled good.*
In short, you see some smoke comes out from the window of the room, you just booked.
*In the voice of disbelief*
Is that…our room? The window… of the room… we booked?
*With somewhat proud and sly voice.*
Ah! It seems our mage just discovered the fine little details between the theory and the practice in the Alchemy.
*From the window.*
HURRAY! *coughing* SUCCESS!
If my clothes got smoky, I’m gonna break his legs! 

When You Call Them Hot/Beautiful/Cute Out Loud{BTS Reaction}

Kim Seokjin

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You and Seokjin had become friends a month ago when Jimin and you had hung out at his dorm for the first time. Now here you were at the music video shoot for Spring Day watching as Seokjin shot his solo part. He looked up into the camera while bringing his hands up to his face. Interested in seeing what it looked like you got up and watched it back with the rest of the crew.

You knew Seokjin was handsome, but you never knew that his looks could be this devastating. As the camera got in tighter you realized that you just might have a crush on him. You had been feeling things for him, but it wasn’t until this moment you knew you were in deep. Whispering to yourself you just said hot not realizing that Seokjin was standing close enough to hear you.

Y/N: “Hot.”

Seokjin: “I think you are quite a hot-tea as well Y/N.”

Y/N: *you whip around to see him holding a mug of tea*

Y/N: “I-I didn’t mean- I mean I did, but-”

Seokjin: “Want to go on a date when we have a free day?”

Min Yoongi

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Having nothing to do you decided you would go to the studio with Yoongi. Not wanting to distract him you brought a book along and quietly flipped through it as you lounged on the couch next to his desk. The sound of the pages scraping against each other and Yoongi’s pencil scratching out lyrics drifting through the otherwise silent room. After a couple of hours you were growing bored and hungry so you closed your book on your finger and looked to Yoongi.

There he sat head down, shoulders hunched, and what had to be the hottest expression you had seen on him thus far. His eyebrows were scrunched up and his tongue peeking out of his mouth as he worked on his rap. Before you could stop yourself you let out a small gasp and thought that he really was beautiful. You realized seconds later that what you intended to keep inside had slipped out before any conscious thought could stop you.

Yoongi: *Lifts up his head to look at you*

Yoongi: “Of course I am.”

Y/N: “Stop being an ass Yoongi.”

Yoongi: *Chuckles at you*

Jung Hoseok

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Male idols doing aegyo is on the “Top Ten Best Things Ever” list that you keep in your head. One moment their on stage all dark clothes and smoky looks. The next they’re talking in high pitched voices and pulling the most adorable faces they can manage. No matter how many times you see them repeat the same aegyo you smile widely.

Being an interviewer you get to see it often as groups pour in to promote their comebacks. Today was Bangtan with their newest song Spring Day which they were currently giving a small performance of. It was a pretty run of the mill thing until Hoseok ended it by going up to the camera and pulling a peace sign.

Y/N: “That was so cute!”

Hoseok: *sits down and gives you hand hearts while pulling his signature pout*

Kim Namjoon

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You had been holding off on watching the Spring Day music video waiting to watch it with Namjoon when he had free time. Finally a week after release you both sat down in the dorm living room laptop on the coffee table with the video pulled up. As soon as Namjoon returned with his drink you pressed play leaning in so you didn’t miss anything.

The video started with Taehyung laying his head down on train tracks and instantly you were pulled in. Barely even into the video and you thought it was visually amazing. As it switched to Jungkook and Jimin you started commenting on the visuals. When Namjoon appeared on screen your breath hitched and you stopped talking midsentence. Noticing this Namjoon pressed pause to check up on you.

Namjoon: “Are you okay Y/N?”

Y/N: “You are just so beautiful. I mean look at that skin tone, those eyes, and that purple hair. Damn Joonie.”

Namjoon: “Yeah they really did do a good job with the video.”

Y/N: “Yeah but without those visuals it would be nothing.”

Park Jimin

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You were in the process of editing Run BTS! episode twelve when you found a glaring error. Two minutes and fourty six seconds into the new episode was a mistake that you couldn’t fix, because it wasn’t a matter of video quality. It was a problem with what the boys themselves were saying about Jimin. After Hoseok’s failed attempt Jimin decided to give being cute a try. Taehyung backed him up claiming his crime was being cute. This is where you found error with their words, because to you Jimin wasn’t cute. At least that wasn’t his worst offense against you in your opinion. You voiced this opinion to yourself at the same moment Jimin came in looking for you.

Y/N: “Cute my ass. Clearly being beautiful is his crime against everyone.”

Jimin: “Y/N I wanted to ask if you could edit something into the episode…”

*Both of you look at each other for a few moments before a smile breaks out on his face*

Jimin: “I’m glad you think so Y/N-ah!”

Kim Taehyung

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Sitting by at the side of the room you watched all or Bangtan,actually just Taehyung, as they signed things. As Jungkook signed Taehyung sat next to him looking around absentmindedly as he waited for the girl to come to him next. It’s clear he wasn’t really paying attention to anything much as he blankly stared.

He came back to his sense as a girl in the crowd yelled his name and caught his attention. He still wasn’t paying complete attention though as he picked up his microphone and attempted to speak into the wrong end. After a double take he realized his error and flipped the microphone around playing it off like nothing happened. You, with your eyes laser focused on him, weren’t going to let him off so easily.

Y/N: “Yah! Kim Taehyung that was the wrong end you fool!”

Taehyung: *Blushes and laughs it off*

Y/N: “Don’t worry it was cute!!”

Jeon Jungkook

{Gif Credit To: @kookies-for-taehyung}

Being the photographer for Bangtan you had seen every side to them from their cute sides to their sexy ones. By now you were used to it all and were no longer phased by their looks…most of their looks. Jeon Jungkook’s strikingly good appearance got you every time and you found yourself frequently hiding your blush behind the camera.

Now here you were in Dubai shooting in the desert with the amber light of the sunset bouncing of the golden sun. It was stunning scenery you thought as you looked through your camera and snapped a candid shot of the boys playing in the sand. Absorbed in your task you didn’t notice Jungkook standing near you until you turned to take a shot of the sunset for yourself. Instead of oranges and pinks you snapped a picture of him. Brown hair mussed, tan sweater, and skin glowing he stood in all his glory. Blinded by it you muttered out words that you hoped he hadn’t caught, but of course he had.

Y/N: “God you are hot.”

Jungkook: *flushes in an instant*

Jungkook: “You’re Welcome!”

Jungkook: *Realizes what he’s said and runs away*

Mental Break

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Featuring: Namjoon/Rap Monster (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

A/N: This took almost my entire life to write lol I apologize. Warnings for smoking, so if you’re not about that, don’t click!

‘You know what you need?’ you began. ‘You just need something to take your mind off of everything.’

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She blinks, steadily fixated on the plume of crystalline air that wafts from her lips. A forest once gushing with verdant exoticism settles into a blanket of rust, preparing for months bereft of life. Lush grasses wither in the wind and green leaves shed their color, decaying in rapid succession. It’s sublime how nature works so efficiently —– like a clock. Tick, tick, tick. 

Even the little critters scuttle back to their dens, heeding the silence that ensues. A full, hefty silence, one that bellows with indignation; one that befalls everyone and everything, and one that burrows uncomfortably into ears that refuse to listen. It’s not an obligation of hers to LISTEN anymore. 

Seeking solace in the shelter of a fir, Willow disregards her current task of hunting dinner and sinks to her knees. There she crafts a tiara of pine needles and twigs, deftly embellished with the piercing crimson of a rose. It sits regally atop of a neglected head of hair. 

     ‘ Heh. ‘ 

Nostalgia brews where it shouldn’t. No, not nostalgia —– yearning. Empty eyes stare at dirt-caked palms, abstracted in their reverie. What an icky feeling. Memories unearth themselves regardless of her volition; they spill into her head and congest her train of thought. Girl-scouts. Sleepless nights in the woods, nifty crafts and patches. There survival skills were cultivated, and now they are being put to use. Would her troop leader be proud? 

She can’t quite remember if she had friends. Pursing her lips, she decides that yes, she did; a fragmented recollection of laughs and quips and tears supplants the former, and her heart is filled with warmth. She has friends here —– Wilson. Oh, Wilson. He doesn’t quite fit the role of ‘friend’, not with the way he looks at her. Wendy. Her tortured, pale-haired little girl. They play together sometimes, although her childlike affections unsurprisingly lie with others. Willow was never motherly. 

She kneads at her crown of leaves, just as much a fixture of the forest floor as the trees. They quiver mawkishly as evening sets in. 

Vacancies fill the place of her mother and father, and her shoulders become taut with resolve. A grown woman did not garner the need of —– of parents, not now. She’s gotten along simply fine without them, and them without her. The thought taints her tongue with bitterness and her thoughts with causticity. 

She had a home with her troop. With her J.C.C., despite her lack of spirituality. Willow cricks her head to the side and smiles in remembrance, feeling the warmth on her cheeks as images of tall candles replace the emptiness. They always let her light the candles. 

Unconsciously she fidgets with the lighter by her side, her thumb veering dangerously close to its flame. It’s only a matter of seconds before she burns herself. 

     ‘ Shoot —– ugh. ‘ 

Realization finally grasps her. No dinner tonight. 

Camping (Draco x Reader)

Description: Saw you’re asking for Draco/Reader prompts so here’s one! Reader takes him camping and he’s so sure he’s going to hate it but he ends up loving it so much cos cuddles around the fire and curling up together in the tent to keep warm :)  - anon

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: ?

“I’m not going to enjoy this…"Draco humphs and I roll my eyes.

"How do you know?"I ask excitedly as we walk towards the apparation point.

"It’s camping (y/n), Sleeping on the ground in a bag,"He grunts and I sigh loudly.

"If you don’t like it we wont do it again,"I assure him before shoving on my rucksack and clipping the straps together. I slip Draco’s hand into mine and give him a reassuring glance before we apparate.

When we reach our camp spot the sun is shining brightly for the middle of October. I undo my rucksack and dump it on the dry grass before skipping lightly towards Draco.

"Look, it’s so sunny!"I beam and Draco makes a grunting sound.

"C'mon then, lets the tents up,"I sigh, starting to think the whole trip will be a disaster.

Putting the tent up consists of both ,Draco and I getting completely stressed before falling into a fit of laughter.

"Merlin!"He laughs "How do muggles do it?”

I laugh and shake my head.

“God knows,"I giggle, poking his arm with a tent peg and he just smiles at me.

It’s  getting dark by the time the tent goes up and I decided to start the fire. After the tent fiasco I see it fit to use a little magic to start the fire.

"Isn’t that cheating?"Draco teases and I blush sheepishly.


He laughs at my face and wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me closer into him.

The fire is sparking and the flames sway gently  in cool breeze that tickles the back of my neck.

“Oh!"I stand up quickly and rush to our tent.

"What did you get?"Draco asks when I come out.

"Marshmallows!” I giggle childishly and he looks at me with a confused face.

“What for?"he asks and I gasp.

"To put over the fire!"He frowns again.

"Ugh, I’ll show you,"I sigh and I take a skewer and a marshmallow before pulling it over the fire.

It slowly begins to go a golden colour and I take it from the flames.

I wave it around to cool it before I press it gently to Draco’s lips.

"Eat it,"I say and hesitantly he eats it and I see his face light up.

"Mother of Merlin, that’s good,”

I laugh at his face before I start getting another marshmallow and heating it over the fire.

Once the packet of marshmallows is finished I curl up with my head on his shoulder, taking in the smell of smoky cloth.

“Did you just smell me?"Draco teases and I smile.

"You smell like smoke,”

“We are next to a fire you spoon,"He laugh and I cross my arms and huff.

"I just though you should know that you stink,"I say and he laughs before pulling me onto his lap so our faces are just centimeters away from each others and placing a soft kiss on my nose.

"I am enjoying myself , (Y/N). Thank you for bringing me,"He smiles and kisses my cheek.

"You are welcome, thanks for coming with me,"I say and he smiles.

I put my hand on the back of his neck and pull him into a hug. Nothing exists except from our embrace and the crackling of the fire in the back ground. Nothing can disturb our moment.

"I love you,"I whisper .

"I love you too,”

That night in the tent I realise just how cold it is without the fire and Draco with his hands around me. I shiver.

“Draco?"I whisper and he turns round in his own sleeping back so he’s facing me.


“Can I share your sleeping bag?"I ask hopefully. A silence before he answers with a mumbled ‘okay’.

I craw over towards him before struggling into his sleeping bag. It’s not exactly spacey  and I’m pressed up against his chest. I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and I sigh sweetly before I feel his arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer than its should be possible.

I smile and close my eyes, drifting into a gentle sleep in the arms of the boy I love.

Are You On Something?

Continuation of I Was in the Neighborhood.

Oliver stood in the doorway to his bedroom, looking at Connor.  The younger man was curled up, surrounded by pillows and swaddled in Oliver’s comforter.  His face was pinched and he was restless, but Oliver was just thankful to have calmed him down enough for him to sleep.  When Connor had shown up on his doorstep that morning, haggard and manic, Oliver had been ready to slam the door in his face, but hesitated when he saw Connor’s lips twist into, what he imagined, was supposed to be a smile.  It was a mockery of the beautiful smiles and flirtatious smirks that usually adorned the mans face, but it was real.  Connor looked glad to see him, even in his distressed state; such a profound relief that it hit Oliver square in the chest.  Connor had looked at him in awe.

Oliver shook his head, clearing it of the memory of that smile.  After he had been able to get Connor into his apartment and calmed down, he took him to the bathroom and made him shower.  His soiled, smoky clothes were currently soaking in the washing machine with every detergent Oliver could think of.  When he returned to the bathroom, Connor was leaning against the wall just letting the water pour over him.  When he noticed Oliver was back, he rushed to finish up, washing his hair and scrubbing his skin.  As Connor stepped out of the shower, Oliver held open a large, fluffy towel that the other man immediately stepped into.  Once he was wrapped up as tightly as a grown man can be, he just stared up at Oliver, who was rubbing his hands up and down Connor’s arms.  Connor looked so young, so vulnerable.  During their acquaintance, Connor had always had a guard up, a barrier that kept anything and everyone from getting too close.  Now, though, he looked wide open and in desperate need of something to latch onto.  Looking down at the younger man, a wave of protectiveness rose up inside of Oliver, and he put his arm around Connor, leading him to his bedroom.

He had gotten Connor some sweats to wear and tucked him into his bed. Once settled, he told Connor to rest, saying he’d be back after calling in sick to work and making some coffee.  Connor swallowed thickly, but nodded and burrowed further into the blankets.  When Oliver returned to his bedroom, coffee in hand, he paused at the door and just watched Connor.  He never thought he would see this again – Connor Walsh in his bed, warm and bundled.  After the bottom fell out of their whatever it was, Oliver had adamantly tried to get over Connor.  He had thought he was doing a pretty okay job of it, too.  Just seeing Connor again, though, and looking into eyes that were so profoundly relieved to see him, overcome even, brought all of his affection for the man rushing back to the surface.

On the bed, Connor grew restless, murmuring and whimpering.  Oliver set his coffee down on the nightstand and crawled into bed beside him.  When he made contact with him, Connor’s eyes immediately snapped open, wild and afraid, until they settled on Oliver’s concerned face.  Noticeable relief radiated from Connor as he went directly into Oliver’s open arms, winding his own tightly around him.  Oliver rubbed his back soothingly and carded his fingers through slightly damp hair.  Connor sighed, burying his face in Oliver’s neck and pressing his body in closely.  Beneath his fingers, the tension from his nightmare seeped out of Connor until he was soft and pliant in Oliver’s arms. 

Connor didn’t say much, just whispered Oliver’s and Ollie’s, until he fell back to sleep.  With Connor in his arms, Oliver could do nothing but acknowledge how much he had missed this, missed him.  Against all reason and logic, Oliver decided that he would take whatever he could get, for as long as he could get it, even if it was just today.  After the last time, he knew better than to put expectations on Connor, but after being apart for two months, Oliver knew that he’d rather have Connor in his life than not.  It was warm, here.

                                        and what costume shall the poor girl wear

                                        to all tomorrow’s parties ?                                

The voice of the forest falls flat, its fickle timbre hushed and concealed within a chamber of leafless twigs; every tree sinks low to the ground, contiguous to nothing but an ocean of white. It is limpid yet convoluted in itself. 

                                         a hand me-down-dress from who knows where

                                         to all tomorrow’s parties 

Suchness demands awe —– reverence she can produce but only unconsciously. Otherwise she’ll become ironic, and irony is a fool’s vice. To revel in crystals rather than behold their destruction, how horrific. 

                                         and what shall she do and where will she go 

                                         when midnight comes around ?

The impetus of nature does not heed her, however, nor does it yield its bitter endeavors. Acquiescence remains in the face of winter; her fire is useless here, and her lighter hangs limp and neglected within stiff hands. 

                                           she’ll turn once more to sunday’s clown

                                           and cry behind the door

@ourstartingpoints requested Kurt invites Jane on a dinner he’ll cook, and this is what happened. Enjoy! I’m off to bed ;)

The drive to her safe house had been torturous. He drove like a mad man. The twenty minute drive taking him only ten because the phone call he’d gotten had been anything but comforting. Agent Weller, Sir, there’s a fire. The asset is still inside. The fire department are on their way.

All possible scenarios had played over in his mind, none of them comforting. He stopped his car in the middle of the road and ran towards the house, swerving around cops and firemen. And he finally breathed a sigh of relief when he found her standing outside, wrapped in a blanket.

He rushed to her, startling her as he grabbed her shoulders and studied her all over. “Are you ok?” he said, scanning her over, again and again.

She nodded, “yes, yes, I’m fine. Kurt, I’m fine,” she insisted when he looked her over one more time.

“What happened?” he looked up at her, studying her face, her skin covered in greys and blacks.

She bit her lip and blushed, her cheeks turning a bright red under the soot. “It was an accident,” she replied. He shook his head as he waited for further explanation. “I’m so tired of take out… I thought I’d try and cook something.”

He dropped his head and smiled, a heavy chuckle escaping his throat. “You burned down the place trying to cook? I’m gonna regret this…” he said, looking back at her, “What did you cook?”

She tightened her lips and shut her eyes, embarrassed as she replied, “Pasta.”

Kurt laughed. “You burned pasta? Is that even possible?”

She shrugged, “apparently it is.” He laughed again and playfully shoved his shoulder, “stop it! it’s not funny!”

“It’s very funny, Jane,” he answered her. He looked at her again, seeing how embarrassed she was, he stopped laughing. He brought his hands to her cheeks, gently wiping away the dirt that covered her face. “Come on, let’s go,” he said.

“Where are we going?” she asked him.

“Cooking lessons,” he smiled and took her hand in his.

“What?” she laughed, letting him lead the way to his car.

“You need to learn how to cook, it seems, and I suppose you still haven’t had dinner,” he replied, “Sarah and Sawyer are visiting dad. And I haven’t had dinner yet, either. So it’s a win win situation.”

Back at his place, he convinced her to clean up and change out of her smoky clothes and suggested she get something from Sarah’s room. She had other ideas. Heading into his room, she grabbed an old worn out college shirt of his. It was a little too big, her arms drowning in the length of its sleeves, but it was warm and smelled of him. And after the evening she’d had, it was just what she needed.

She met him in the kitchen, where he had two glasses of wine ready, and was standing at the stove, something that smelled fantastic already cooking. She grabbed one and took a sip. She placed it back on the counter and watched him work, the muscles in his back tight and visible through the shirt he wore. Like everything else he did, he was focused, concentrated, as he worked between the stove and the cutting board to his side. She walked up to him, stood right behind him, breathing him in as she wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her cheek between his shoulder blades. He stopped working. Tilting his head towards her slightly, a smile splayed across his lips. He snuck a hand through the loose sleeve and took hers in his. He lifted it up to his lips and she sighed.

“How am I supposed to learn how to cook if you start without me?” she said.

He dropped the spoon from his hand and turned around, his arms wrapping around her waist and he smiled looking at her, eyes warm, tender, “I thought after the evening you’ve had we can postpone the first lesson,” he said, “and even then, why bother learn to cook when your amazing boyfriend doesn’t mind doing every time?”

She lifted her head up and planted quick kiss against his chin. “Well you’ve got one thing absolutely right,” she smiled.

“That your boyfriend is amazing?” he replied playfully, dropping his head to steal a quick kiss.

“Hmmm… that there’s no need for me to learn if you’re willing to do it,” she teased, rising up on her tips toes to meet his kiss.

He chuckled lightly before kissing her back.

Fifteen minutes later, with her seated on the kitchen counter, and him between her legs, hands on each side of her, whatever had been cooking on the stove was long forgotten.

She pulled back, catching her breath, her palms on his chest, as it rose and fell rapidly. “This doesn’t look much like cooking,” she teased.

“No, it doesn’t,” he replied. His lips found her jaw, kissing her softly, he whispered, “what do you think about take out?”