smoky air

Negativity banishing spell

This gets a little specific because Saskatoon is blanketed in smoke filled air (our air quality is at 16 and anything past 10 is basically “stop breathing you’re going to die!!!”) and I have some broken glass. So if you don’t have smoke filled air outside, make some with a candle as incense will not work for this.

You will need:
A jar
A smaller jar that fits inside the larger jar that you can turn around
Regular stones from gravel or the street or wherever you can find them
A little bit of unlit incense
Broken glass
Three matches

Fill the smaller jar with some of the smoky air (I swished mine around outside and looked like a complete jackass) and close it off.
Fill the larger jar with your water and say or think “cleanse with this water”
Add the matches and say or think “cleanse with this fire”
Add incense and say “cleanse with this air”
Add the stones and say or think “cleanse with this earth”

Take the smaller jar and submerge it in the larger one, so that the air will have to go through the water to get away. Empty the smaller jar.

Add the broken glass pieces (carefully!) and say or think “as the air clears up, soften the blow of these sharp words” and the. Close the jar. Shake it up once it’s tight and imagine all the sharp words and thoughts being trapped somewhere they are not going to hurt anyone and imagine the air clearing of the negativity.

If so inclined, bury the jar somewhere by your house and add more glass when you find yourself getting sensitive to others sharp words.

Note, while doing this spell, don’t think of other people. This is to protect you from negativity in your life, not to stop other people from being negative. If that’s their deal, let them. This is also good if you have well meaning people in your life who often say the wrong thing. It should help you be able to ignore what they say or give you the strength to ignore it.

Also, you could use sand in the jar and shake it when you find there is too much negativity going around. If it’s so bad you get smooth glass, well, at least you get smooth glass?


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tillandsia + smoky citrine quartz point decor by auramore

auramore’s natural, bohemian home decor creations combine earthiness and botanicals into one shimmering piece, like this air plant-and-quartz display. the low-maintenance care makes it the ideal botanical something-something for plant killas such as myself … ;)

magnus wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but what he did know was that they were both still panting, their breathing heavy and shaky as they drove down winding roads, headlights lighting up lines of pine trees. it was still flooding his mind in strange flashes, the way the hounds had spilled into the parking lot, little blotches of black. they had been a swarm, their red eyes a strange sea, all flooded together, so many snapping jaws. they were smaller than the hellhounds magnus was used to but big enough that he didn’t want any of them taking a chunk out of his arm.

it had been such a flash then, alec’s swearing, magnus blasting a few of them with a shotgun, people screaming, the hellhounds targeting them, struggling with the doors of the car and finally getting in.  then the hellhounds had hit their black mustang, a deafening crash of snapping jaws and black bodies. magnus hadn’t waited to see what they would do. he slammed his foot on the gas pedal and they were out of there as fast as he could get them. they were tearing down the street as hellhound howls echoed through the city, car alarms going of, honking and tires screeching as other vehicles got out of their way.

magnus could still hear their pounding feet, could still hear their snapping jaws, he could still hear everything that had been happening even though they were now so far out of the city he didn’t recognize where he was at all. all he could see were the stands of trees, all he could hear were the tires on the road, the soft pattering of rain against the top of the car. there was so much flooding through his mind, he felt both calmer and more addled at this point.

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The signs as The Great Gatsby quotes

Aries: ‘there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smouldering. She smiled slowly and, walking through her husband as if he were a ghost, shook hands with Tom, looking him flush in the eye.’ 

Taurus: ‘only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, undespairingly, toward that lost voice across the room.’

Gemini: ‘Her laughter, her gestures, her assertions became more violently affected moment by moment, and as she expanded the room grew smaller around her, until she seemed to be revolving on a noisy, creaking pivot through the smoky air.’ 

Cancer: ‘I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others - poor young clerks who loitered in front of windows waiting until it was time for a solitary restaurant dinner - young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.’

Leo: ‘”Her voice is full of money,” he said suddenly. That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money - that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbal’s song of it… High in a white palace the king’s daughter, the golden girl…’

Virgo: ‘He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.’

Libra: ‘[Daisy] began to ask me questions in her low, thrilling voice. It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again.’

Scorpio: ‘She was incurably dishonest. She wasn’t able to endure being at a disadvantage and, given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard, jaunty body.’

Sagittarius: ‘He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about…’ 

Capricorn: ‘Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further… And one fine morning - So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.’

Aquarius: ‘He had thrown himself into [the dream] with a creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man can store up in his ghostly heart.’

Pisces: ‘For a while these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy’s wing.’ 

Nathan Prescott x Fem!Reader ~ Colors

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The smoke lingers in the air only for a short moment before the wind blows the grey cloud away. Absently you wipe away the ash, which is falling on your knee from the cigarette that dangles dangerously between your lips.

A loud noise brings you back into the reality. One of the new kids probably lost a bet and had to activate the fire alarm. It happens quite often.  

The burning end of your cigarette lights once more as you inhale the smoke. You are not even thinking about leaving your favorite spot. The stairs in front of the back door of the school is a lonely place. Not even Samuel comes back here very often. It’s your time to be alone for a bit… until yet.

The door gets pushed open roughly. You are not fast enough to make space for the hurried visitor. The person bumps into you. “Hey!”, you exclaim extremely pissed, but your next words get stuck in your throat.  

Just a few inches away lies a gun on the stairs. A real weapon on the campus. Without a word the boy picks up the gun to shove it back into the safety of his red jacket. Clear blue eyes meet your [E/C] ones. You notice no color in them. Not a sign that these orbs are actually alive. Not a single feeling in them except for pure panic. Just dead blue eyes.

Neither of you says a word, but both of you know you saw the gun. “Want to take a puff?”, you break the ice cold silence, while you hold out your cigarette for the boy to grab. Nathan clenches his hands even tighter into fists. His knuckles are completely white by now.

“Cat got your tongue? … Or is the infamous Nathan Prescott afraid of smoking?”, a slight smirk appears on your lips matching to your mocking tone. “I don’t even know you!”, his mind is still racing, which results in being unable to form more than a single stupid sentence.

Your challenging pose triggers his arrogance. Nathan takes the cigarette with his free hand. Like you a few moments ago he releases a cold grey cloud. The two of you stare at each other through the smoky air, which makes the situation a bit mysterious. You are still waiting for a warning or his usual “I will sue you”-line, but after his first puff he seems more relaxed.

At least that’s what his dead blue eyes tell you. “That’s not a cigarette”, Nathan states after another moment. You give him a slight shrug, “I never said it’s one.” He doesn’t make attempts to give you back your Mary Jane.  

“You know you are chilled more fun, Prescott”, you are ready to continue with your probably shitty day. Nate grabs your arm to stop you from walking away, “If you say a word about what you saw I …” Bored you roll your eyes and interrupt him, “You’ll sue me and my family. Get yourself a few new lines, Prescott.” Matching to your sarcasm you take back your “cigarette”. It finds its old spot between your lips as you make your way back to your dorm.  

Of course you can feel his blue eyes on you. It’s probably the first time someone spoke back to him like you just did. To be honest you never saw such lifeless eyes. Somehow you want to fill them with colors and emotions. Even if you are not sure Nathan makes it to the day he gets twenty years old with this dangerous lifestyle of his. Such a shame for those beautiful but dead blue eyes…

Nathan grabs the strap of his camera tighter. Since three people saw him with a gun his mind is racing nonstop. He almost feels the pressure on his shoulders. It’s like a weight that drags him down into the darkness.

Suddenly Nathan stops mid-step as something or better said someone catches his full attention. You are lying on the grass with your own camera in your hands. The light shines on your [H/C] hair in a certain way that lures him in. Nate never payed attention to colors and light in pictures, but right now he feels inspired. There is a need to freeze time with help of a photo. Not his usual black white ones. A picture that lives because of the colors.

Without noticing Nathan comes closer until you notice his presence. “Prescott”, you greet him still focused on your camera. “[L/N]”, he responses in the same tone. Not even a bit surprised you raise your head to see what he wants. The sunlight blinds you for a second so you shield your eyes with your hands to get a better look at him.

It might be the light but he seems more alive for a second. “You did your research. Good but not necessary. I didn’t say a word to anyone about your… toy”, you get back to your work taking more pictures. For a brief moment anger washes over Nathan. Why does his reputation keep haunting him? He is way more than this … at least he was once more than his reputation, but that’s a long time ago.

Insecure Nate wipes his sweaty hands on his jeans. His head doesn’t work the way it used to do. Not a single word comes over his lips. “You are still here, Prescott…”, you comment his stand by modus amused. Only one glimpse at his face tells you to keep your sarcasm low.

Nathan, who rules the whole Blackwell Academy and half of Arcadia Bay, stands in front of you like a lost puppy. And that’s pretty close to how he feels.  

“Make yourself comfortable. Take a puff. You know, chilled more fun”, you give him your Mary Jane, while you release a last grey cloud of smoke. Uncertain about his decision Nate sits down an arm length away from you. “I don’t bite, Prescott”, he places his camera between you and him to reduce the distance. It’s just a little move and still he feels a bit closer to you.

Neither of you disturbs the beautiful silence with lame small talk. The sounds of the nature mixed with the clicks of your camera is exactly what he needs right now. Nothing bothers him. Not even a single bad thought tortures him. His reputation stays away. His family stays away. Everything is perfect even if it’s just a beautiful illusion for a few moments.

Like you two have done this before you hold out your hand towards him and Nate gives you back the Mary Jane. Out of the corner of his eyes he watches your movements closely. The cigarette dangles between your lips. The smoke that dances around your face in a perfect way. There is nothing you do differently and still your grey cloud of smoke seems more alive than his whole body.

“So, Marijuana”, Nate states before he could hold himself back. “Yup, keeps my sick mind sane. Sometimes I feel like an overflowing sink, but with drugs I’m just a colorful sunrise”, you explain as you lay aside your camera. It’s an unusual explanation, but Nate understands every word you say. Your Marijuana reminds him of his blue pills he takes sometimes to turn off his mind.

Adrenaline rushes through his veins by now. All the time he wished for someone who understands what he is going through. A person who looks behind his reputation and his bad poker face. Excited Nathan points at your camera, “I saw a few of your pictures. They are not bad.” And as soon as his self-esteem got pushed it’s beaten down again.

You literally can see how Nathan realizes what he said a second ago. There is this pure panic in his eyes again. At least you know what he tried to say, “Well, thank you. Yours are not bad either… Just a bit colorless. Don’t get me wrong. I love black and white pictures, but the world is already grey enough. The most people can’t see the colors around them anymore.”  

Nathan’s relieved next words get stuck in his throat as snow starts to fall. “Oh my god! Is that really happening?”, you hold out your hand to catch one of the snowflakes. It’s still pretty warm so why is it snowing? “Let’s take a selfie together to prove what we just saw!”, you exclaim excited like a child, while you grab your camera.  

You press your shoulder against his to get both of you onto one picture. Nathan isn’t even near to being ready for a selfie. Your energy and spontaneous way overwhelms him a bit … but in a good way. The picture shows you smiling and Nate being confused.  

“Wow, handsome”, you tease him smirking, which makes him blush for a brief moment. “You know; you are not even close to the things people say about you. The most people just don’t you know yet. Hell, you are quite nice … for a Prescott”, you say honestly as you take more pictures of the snowfall.

Nathan’s heart skips a beat just to continue to beat as twice as fast than before. He always was a book with a big unbreakable lock, but you are tearing through his pages and his ink without trouble and fear of what you might find between the lines. You don’t care about the things he has done or the status of his family. A day ago you saw him with an effing gun and still say he’s quite nice. How is that even possible?

Nate opens his mouth to reply also something hopefully nice as someone calls his name. Victoria waves her arm to tell him they have places to be. And the sad reality caught him again in its darkness. A quiet sigh comes over his lips, while he turns his head to face you once more.  

In the meantime, you got your bag and make your way towards the girl dorms. Against your sake you throw a last glance over your shoulder just to find Nathan already looking at you. The lifeless cloud lures him in so you give him your best smile.  

“Stay strong, Prescott.” It won’t be easy to bring him back on track, but he is worth the try…

“You are hanging out with [Y/N]?”, Victoria states the obvious surprised. “Yeah, got a problem with that?”, Nathan replies not as rough as he wished for. “Actually yes”, another voice behind them joins the conversation without their permission.  

David Madson crosses his arms as the two students turn around to face the security guard. “I don’t care about your opinion”, Nate is still high on the colors you spread in your near. Everything inside of him screams for inner peace and silence.  

“Oh, you will, boy. You are not going to lay a single finger on [Y/N]. She is a lovely girl with the power to do great things in her future, while your presence is just like poison. Killing everything nice in a person. You are toxic and not good for her”, David states fuming. You remind him of Chloe and he will do everything it costs to keep you safe from people like Nathan.

Victoria looks at said boy waiting for him to defend himself. There is nothing. It scares Nate how true David’s words are. He only is going to dull your sparkle and wash away your colors. “You are crazy, old man. Let’s go, Nate”, Victoria just drags him with her towards the halls of Blackwell. “I will keep an eye on you, Prescott”, David yells after them.

His words keep playing in Nathan’s head over and over again. They ignite his doubts and those bad thoughts to torture him again. “What’s wrong with you? Are you scared of this wannabe security guard? Your father will sue him and his whole family until there is nothing left of them!”  

Nathan doesn’t even listen to Victoria anymore. He needs to stay away from you, but how will he manage that?

Matching to the grey sky a few raindrops fall to the ground. The whole scenery is just as depressing as the fact that Kate tries to take her life. “No! Kate!”, you exclaim on the brink of tears. Your heart clenches painfully at the sight of your long-term friend.

She stands on the edge of the rooftop of the Prescott Dormitory. Her arms stretched out ready to jump into the emptiness. Fear paralyzes you completely. Not a single fiber of your body moves to safe Kate from her destiny.  

“Do a backflip!”, one of the students yell through the thick tension you can almost grab with your hands. It snaps you out of your helplessness. Tears run down your cheeks as you hit Victoria’s cellphone out of her hand. The anger wells in you like a volcano. “Are you fucking delirious? That’s a brand new…”, she starts to rant about your action.

“Are you even human?! There is a girl wanting to taker her life because of all of you!”, no one can feel the pain in your chest. Neither the fear to lose someone you are really close to. It tears Nathan apart to see you like this.

A crying mess and still perfect in every way fighting for the things you believe in. Victoria keeps arguing about her phone, while your eyes are glued to the rooftop. There is still hope for a miracle. No one got your back. No one keeps you company as you go through hell right now.

Nathan gives himself a mentally push to stand by your side. That’s his fault. All of this chaos came alive through his hands. Kate attempting a suicide. You crying your eyes out. David was right all along. His presence is like poison. His touch is toxic. It kills everything around him. He is no good. Especially for you…

Nathan takes your hand softly in his to let you know you are not alone. Everyone can see what he just did, but he doesn’t care anymore. Even Victoria stops her hate parade. You give his surprisingly warm hand a slight squeeze. It’s more than a lame “I appreciate that”. You don’t want to admit it, but you need him right here, right now.

Little do you know he needs you as much as you need him. You keep the bad thoughts and his doubts away. Nathan really tried to avoid you, but something keeps pulling him towards you over and over again. He’s like a moth drawn to the flame. You two smoked now and then together the last few days. It’s not really hanging out together, but he wished it would be more than that.

You snap Nate out of his thoughts as you let go of his hand. Relieved but still crying you bury your face in his shirt. Max talked Kate out of taking her life. It doesn’t matter it wasn’t you, her best and probably only friend. Kate’s alive … for now.

Nathan wraps you up tightly in his arms. “It’s okay. It’s over”, he isn’t the best at comforting, but at least he tries. And suddenly Nate is the colorful one of you two. The optimist hanging onto life. “Prescott! Into my office”, Principle Wells disturbs your little moment. Nathan’s blue eyes meet your concerned [E/C] ones.  

“You are in trouble, right?”, you can see it clearly in them. His doubts, his panic, his bad conscious. He releases you to follow Well’s order, “I’m never in trouble.” Oh, he is. And now you are pulled apart at the seams. Do you want your old life, which is Kate coming down from the roof, or your new life, which is Nathan who transformed from the villain to your shining knight in armor.

Your heart is torn so badly. Kate said all along he isn’t good for you. But what are you supposed to do?!

Sighing you inhale the smoke like your life depends on it and somehow it does right now. You let fill up your lungs with the grey cloud, while your mind gets knocked out by the drug. You are not allowed to smoke in the dorms, but who cares?  

A light knock catches you off guard. For a second you hope it’s Kate even if a part of you know it can’t be your friend. She is in a hospital hopefully getting better so she can leave soon. As you make your way towards the door you give the still white canvas a kick. Of course your creativity and inspiration leave you on your own when you need them most to distract your sick mind. That’s it. Your own personal chaos.  

“Prescott”, you exclaim surprised. “Hey… uh… I just wanted to check on you”, he gives you a slight smile you have never seen before on him. You can tell it’s honest. Nathan cares about you probably more he wants to admit.  

“Okay, I guess. Thanks for asking”, you step aside so he can come in. Nate accepts your offer and looks around taking in every little detail that tells him more about you. “Are you in trouble?”, you won’t beat around the bushes anymore. You want answers. Now. Nathan shrugs as he steps over the canvas that still lies untouched on the floor. “Tell me the truth”, you grab his hand to get his full attention, “I can see it in your eyes.”

Nathan escapes your grip roughly, “Do not analyze me! … Please.” He starts yelling, but ends up whispering the last word in a plead. An ice cold silence appears for a few moments. You pushed him to the limit what the people around him always do. It shows you how close to the edge he is.

“Is Kate … alright?”, he tries desperately to keep going the conversation. Nathan wants to make sure he didn’t destroy everything between you two. “Uh… I don’t know. She didn’t want to see me, but she is alive. That matters, right?”, you can’t fool him with your faked smile. Nathan already can tell the difference between them. Both of you know Kate rejected you because of him.  

The pure sadness in your eyes kills him inside. That’s more torturing than his doubts screaming at him in his head in this moment.  

You are no good for her. You are poison. You kill everything around you. Your touch is toxic. You will drag her with you into the darkness. You know that…

Nathan wraps you up in his arms as a single tear escapes your eye. You cling onto him for your dear life. To hold you in his arms feels so wrong and right at the same time. These unknown feelings you trigger in his chest are addictive. He doesn’t want to live without them anymore and still…

You lied. You lied all of your life and you dragging an innocent person with you. You will go down with your mask of lies. First suspended, then jail and death will be your last station. You can’t hide this side of yours forever. [Y/N] will find it and leave you because you are truly a monster.

“Nathan?”, you snap him out of his pretty dark thoughts again. The way your [E/C] eyes look into his soul makes him feel vulnerable. It’s almost like you can see into his soul. To your surprise he leans forwards to press a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry”, Nate means every word. “There is no need to apologize”, you reply slightly smiling. Oh, there is. You just don’t know it yet.

Nathan presses his lips into a thin line as you turn around to get your cigarette from the ashtray. It’s for sure he can’t go on like this forever. One day he is going to explode and spill every single secret he keeps. But for now he just wants to enjoy the time you two have left.

“I haven’t eaten in a while. Want to go the Two Wales Diner?”, you suggest wanting to get out of the dormitory for a bit. Your room seems like a prison cell showing every single memory you want to forget right now. “Yes… Uh… Here”, Nate puts his red jacket over your shoulders. You mumble a shy “Thank you” as he takes your hand in his like it always belonged there.

A few of the students stop for a second and stare at you two walking through the hallways holding hands. Nathan isn’t really the person of showing his feelings openly, but with you it’s different. He wants you to be part of his life and he wants everyone to know that. Your presence by his side pushes his self-esteem so extremely. Nate never felt that perfectly fine before without taking his meds.  

“What a beautiful sight! Mrs. [L/N] and Mr. Prescott together”, both of you stop immediately. Of course you recognize the voice of your teacher Mr. Jefferson. Nathan’s whole body stiffens and he gives your hand almost a painfully squeeze.  

“I need to speak with you, Mr. Prescott. Your last work was … not what I expected of you”, Jefferson doesn’t wait for an answer and walks a few steps away. There is an unspoken order Nathan should follow him. “Go to your dorm and stay in there”, he avoids to look into your eyes. You would see sheer panic in them. You don’t question his plead because of his shaking voice. Something is up and he doesn’t want to involve you.

Without looking back over his shoulder Nathan catches up to Mr. Jefferson. His happiness turned into a cold fist of panic clenching his heart together in its iron grip. “So, [Y/N]. I never thought of her to be our next guest in the Dark Room”, Mark takes his glasses of to clean them.  

“No! Please!”, Nate exclaims a bit too loud for Jefferson’s taste. The boy can feel how he traps himself in the net of his teacher. “Oh, you like her. That’s surprising me now”, Mark enjoys the fear in his widened blue eyes. Another mistake on Nathan’s list. “The Vortex Club plans a party. I want to see both of you there. You know the routine”, Jefferson orders without a trace of mercy and usually he gets what he want.  

“Have a good day, Nathan”, Mr. Jefferson leaves pleased with the outcome of this conversation. Nate feels how his mind completely shuts down as he realizes what he has done to you. He made the only person that genuinely cares for him to Mark’s prey. You are in serious danger.

That’s your fault. You are no good for her.

Tears start to pool in his eyes as he runs his fingers through his hair. No matter how he hard he thinks there is only one way to keep you safe. It’s going to rip him apart. It will turn his heart to stone, but it needs to be done.

“I’m sorry”, a single tear runs over his cheek.

It costs all your courage to raise your shaking arm. The light knock on the door keeps repeating in your head. There is an uneasy feeling in your stomach. Panic? Maybe. You haven’t heard from Nathan for hours since he sent you back to your dorm. And by now your heart tries to break through your ribcage to be free for the first time.

After an eternity Nate opens the door finally to reveal the mess he has become. His room is completely dark. All the blinds are closed, while the air is smoky. “[Y/N] …”, there is so much desire in his tired voice, but his once more dead blue eyes say something different. His mind is made up, but his body declines his decision. Now he wages a fight behind his mask.

“Is… everything okay? I was waiting for you and … I’m concerned. No, that’s not true. I’m scared”, you stumble over your own words. Nathan almost takes a step forward to wrap you up in his arms, but only releases a loud sigh.  

“Okay, there is something I need to tell you. I was only playing with you. Hayden and me had a bet running. I couldn’t know you would fall for me and clinging on me like your life depends on it. I have a reputation to keep so could you just stay away from me? It’s like one of your stupid colorful pictures. I was red. You are blue. Together we are purple. And know what? I hate fucking purple”, every word he says rips your heart slowly apart. Piece by piece.  

Against your sake tears escape your eyes. You don’t want to cry in front of him like a lovesick fool, but your body betrays you. “Nathan”, between the rushed breaths you manage to say his name hoping to change his mind. “Don’t make a scene now, [L/N]”, you can’t see how he clenches his hands into fists. Oh, how lovely it would be to punch himself right now.

“Nathan”, you try your luck again not knowing how close you are to tearing through his walls. “Leave. It’s better for you”, with that Nate closes the door. The wood isn’t thick enough so he can hear you crying for a few moments. That’s probably the most heartbreaking sound he has ever heard.  

Nathan rests his forehead against the cold door. Why can’t he do one single thing in his life right? With you he had everything and now he is on his own again. His only partner by his side is his bad conscious. He hurt himself with hurting you so badly.

“Nathan? You forgot your jacket on the ground”, Hayden knocks for a moment, but gives up easily as Nate doesn’t answer. You left it behind like he did it with you. He doesn’t want to get his jacket back, which has your scent on it probably. Suddenly all his walls break and Nathan curls up in a ball on the floor to cry his eyes out.  

Behind the blinds occurs the eclipse telling about the danger that comes towards Arcadia Bay.

“I’m so ready for the End of the World Party tonight. I can’t even decide what I should wear”, Victoria exclaims excited as she texts someone else at the same time. Nathan only nods his head hoping it would be enough answer for her. It’s no secret how heartbroken he is. The last few days he just hid himself in his room.

He is tired of keeping up his mask of lies. The sadness he bears in his heart drags him down. Even farther he ever was before. “Come on, Nate. You are no fun at all”, Vic notices his lack of attention. He wants to reply something as his mind shuts completely down.

There you are chasing down a blue butterfly with your camera in your hands. A slight smile appears on his lips taking in every move you make. He notices that you are not as colorful as usual. A cloud of sadness floats around you. It’s clearly to see you are heartbroken too.

“Can you believe it? [Y/N] almost begged that she can come to the Vortex party without being a member. So pathetic”, Victoria rolls her eyes confidently. Nathan’s smile fades away immediately, “What?! When?!” He grabs Vic’s arm desperate for the information.

“Chill down, Nate. She asked me yesterday, but I said no. Who does [Y/N] think she is?”, she replies escaping his iron grip. “But you are in, right?” The world around him starts to spin. His mind races and is blank at the same time. You are still in danger even if he stays away from you. Jefferson took a liking in you. He will do everything it takes to get what he wants.

“[Y/N] is not allowed on this party, okay? Tell everyone so she really has no chance to come. I don’t want to see her there”, panic rushes through his veins. Finally, Victoria lays her phone aside to look at him, “I know you two had something for a very short time – just to mention, but isn’t that a bit too dramatic? … Oh man, she really broke your heart.”

Nathan gets up from his spot on one of the picnic tables to pace around like a wild animal. “No, I fucked up this time. It’s my fault.” Vic furrows her eyebrows confused. He never admitted one of his mistakes so why now?  

“You are acting really weird, Nathan”, she says, but doesn’t get a reaction from him. “I need to sort a few things out. I’m back for the party”, Nathan runs towards his car without a goodbye. Victoria crosses her arms fuming he cares more about you than for her. She is still his best friend after the two went through together.  

“Hey, [L/N]! Still want to go to the Vortex party?”

“God, I’m so sorry”, Nathan whispers to himself, while running his fingers through his hair nonstop. He tried everything he can think of to keep Jefferson away from you. He begged, offered money from his parents, threaten to go to the police. Nothing worked.  

“Everybody hates me. Everybody … even [Y/N]”, he made a lot of mistakes but pushing you away was the worst of them. Somehow Nate always managed to keep his broken world up, but now it’s crashing into thousand tiny pieces, which are burying him underneath them.  

You are worthless. Are you finally accepting it? Took you long enough, Prescott.  

“Shut up! Shut up! … I know, don’t rub salt in my wounds. My life is hell”, Nathan tries to block out the voices in his head, but they keep screaming at him. This will never end. He is a prisoner of his own mind. The other guests of the Diner don’t even pay attention to the broken boy. Exactly like his whole life was.  

“She is better off without me”, is he trying to convince himself or the voices in his head? Nate closes his eyes wishing himself far away from his problems. “Nathan! You are out of your mind again!”, Victoria snaps him out of his thoughts as she sits down on the other side of the table. “The party is in half an hour. You have to be fit for that!”  

For a second he stares at her with his blue eyes, “For getting high I don’t need to be fit. Could you leave me alone?” He buries his face in his hands. “But the Vortex Club got a special guest! You don’t want to have a tripping mind in front of [Y/N]?”

Nathan lowers his hands in slow motion to look at Victoria, “What did you just say?” Maybe his mind plays a prank on him. Maybe all of this is just a super twisted dream. “You are going to clear things out with [Y/N]. Maybe after one or two drinks”, Vic explains her plan to bring you two back together. It’s not her intention to see Nate or you happy.  

“No! She is not coming! I told you!”, anger washes over him as he slams his fist on the table. Victoria isn’t frightened of him anymore when he does this. “Calm down. She probably is not going to show up anyway. That little brat had a nice conversation with Mr. Jefferson. He is worried about her and then they took a walk together”, Nate can see the jealousy in Vic’s eyes. Little does she know what monster Jefferson is. A monster on its hunt.

Without a further word Nathan runs out of the Diner directly towards his car. He plants himself behind the steering wheel as he searches through his pockets for his phone. Just in case he got your number if something like this happens.

A mixture of panic, adrenaline and energy rushes through his veins. It keeps his hands from shaking too much. “[Y/N] here. I can’t answer right now. Leave a message or try it again later. Thanks!” Mumbling a ton of curse words Nate throws his phone on the passengers seat.  

The car’s engine comes a live with a roar. Not caring about the traffic rules Nathan drives like a maniac back to the Blackwell Academy. A lot of students make their way towards the swimming hall where the party is located. He snaps his phone in case you call back before he gets out of his car to look for you. “Nate! The party started already!”, Taylor informs him smiling.  

What if Jefferson got her already?!

Nathan pushes himself to run as fast as possible to the hall. His heart stops for a second. How is he supposed to find you in the chaos of the party?! It’s too full of people and too dark to recognize a single familiar face in a rushed manner.

Nate boxes his way through the crowd as someone puts his hand on his shoulder. “Nathan! Good you are here!”, Hayden yells over the loud music. “Have you seen [Y/N]?!”, his panic grows every second he doesn’t know if you are safe. The already high boy shakes his head.  

On the limit he runs his fingers through his hair. Maybe someone else saw you. But the most people are way too wasted to recognize even their own parents. Suddenly a light beam shows Jefferson in the crowd of celebrating teenagers.  

Nathan knows he’s after him since he declined to drug you for the Dark Room. But as long he is on the party you are still out of his reach. Now it’s a game on time. Who finds you first?

Nate turns back to run to the Prescott Dormitory. You might be there safe in your room, where Jefferson never can’t get you. He’s angry at himself for putting you in such great danger. Breathless he sprints over the campus. Nathan pushes open the doors to the dormitory just to see Max, Chloe and Warren coming directly towards him.

There is not time to deal with them. With his head down Nate tries to get past them. Since he beat Warren up on the parking lot, the boy craves his revenge. “Care to explain, Nathan?”, Max holds out something. “I got no time for that yet”, he replies already caring on with his plan, “Wait! Where you in my room?!”

Before Nathan can take a step closer, Warren headbutts him roughly. Nate tries to grab his gun to scare them way. Unfortunately, Warren is faster than him and kicks the gun out of his hand. “You like hurting people, huh? Like Max! Like Kate! Like me! Like [Y/N]!”, Warren kicks and beats Nathan nonstop.  

“Stop! Please!”, he doesn’t beg for him. Nate thinks he deserves the pain for all the mistakes he has done, but your time is running out. Your life on the edge of danger and it lies in his hands to safe you from Jefferson.  

“No!”, the voice sounds familiar, but through the curtain of pain he can’t connect it to a face. The beating stops finally. A hand strokes his bruised cheek softly as he opens his eyes slowly. “Nathan”, you wipe the blood from his nose away with the sleeve of your shirt, “Oh my god! Are you alright?”

A single tear drops from your eye on his cheek, while he takes your hand in his. “Yes, now is everything alright”, relief washes over him that you are safe … for a while at least. “Come on, we are going to take care of your face. That must hurt”, with your help Nathan gets up from the ground. The pain hits him hard, but it’s not priority yet.  

Nate leans against the wall to take in how much you still care for him even after what he did to you. “We have no time for this. There is so much I have to tell you, but first of all… I love you, [Y/N]. I truly love you and I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I will explain you everything  when we get away from here. It’s not safe. I know you probably hate me, but do you trust me?”, his thumb strokes your knuckles softly.  

Without hesitating you wrap him up in your arms, “I never could hate you, Nathan. I love and trust you, but you have to tell me what’s going on.” Before he can say a word, the doors of the Prescott Dormitory gets pushed open once again.  

“We had a plan, Prescott”, Jefferson shakes his head disappointed. Nate takes your hand in his to drag you along the hallway. “Nathan! You know, you can’t run. I will find you!”, Mark yells after you two preparing his syringe. He will hunt both of you down if it’s necessary.

“Keep running no matter what happens!”, of course you are confused, but you trust him without a doubt. You remember the way you two run. It’s the way directly to the back door of Blackwell. He pushes you firstly out of the door, while he throws a glance over his shoulder. No trace of Jefferson yet, but he won’t give up easily.  

Now you drag Nathan with you towards the parking lot, where both of your cars wait. “There is no way out of this!”, Mark appears out of nowhere and is already too close for your taste. You close the door of your old truck right in time. Jefferson hits his fist against the glass of your window as you start the engine with shaking hands.  

And with that you two are out of his reach. Your heart keeps beating hard against your ribcage. You don’t know where you are driving as long as it far away from Mark Jefferson. Breathlessly Nathan puts his hand on yours. In what fucking chaos you just rushed into?

“We can’t go back, right? So where are we going?”, you break the uncomfortable silence, but your eyes are glued to the street. “A motel for now, I guess. Then we will think about our next steps. I … I have to warn Max. She was onto me and Jefferson. She is probably in danger”, Nate takes out his phone.

“Max, it’s Nathan. I just want to say I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt Kate or Rachel or … I didn’t want to hurt anybody … Everybody used me! Mr. Jefferson was coming for me. I hope all of this shit is over soon…. Watch out, Max. He wants to hurt you next so hurry… Sorry, I’m so sorry”, Nathan tears up between his confession and still you feel the same for him.

You give his hand a slight squeeze to show him he hasn’t to go through this on his own. The rest of the drive you two sit in silence trying to process this hell of a day. You don’t stop at the first motel in the case Jefferson is still hunting the two of you.  

The rain cools down your racing mind as you get out of your old truck. “Do we have even money to pay for a room?”, Nathan grabs your hand softly. It’s like he needs to make sure you are not going to leave him. “I’ve got a credit card. Don’t worry”, he gets out his wallet, while you two make your way towards the motel.  

“Oh, what brings two young people like you out here?”, the old granny behind the check in wants to know. She doesn’t wear glasses so you guess she can’t see Nate’s beaten up face clearly.  

Nathan puts his credit card on the table, “One room… please.” She furrows her eyebrows due to her unanswered question. “We are on a road trip”, you lie to hide the fact you two are on the run and go from your past.

“Oh, in Arcadia Bay is a terrible storm right now. Good, you are here now”, the granny searches for the key for your room. Nathan and you exchange a quick glance. “Have a good night, sweeties!” You follow Nate closely to fall into his arms after you closed the door behind you. Suddenly your mind realizes what the last few hours happened and what consequences are waiting.

“Okay, I want the truth. I don’t care how terrible it is. I want to hear every detail, Nathan”, you mumble into his shirt close to cry your eyes out. He sits down on the big bed and pats the place next to him. “It’s a long story…”

He tells you the whole story of how this chaos started. He spills all of his secrets. All of his mistakes. All of the trouble he caused. He lines up every flaw of his. He can be honest for the first time in forever.

“I fucked everything up what I can fuck up. I’m a monster. I’m sorry, [Y/N]”, for a monster he apologizes a lot. You run your fingers through his hair, while his tears wet your jeans. Nathan is curled up as a ball on your lap tearing up now and then during his story.  

“Nathan, you are ripped at the edges like a lot of people, but you are still a masterpiece. For me you are perfect and not even close to a monster”, you comfort him. Nate sits up to face you properly with his red and puffy eyes, “But you can’t forgive me, right? I can understand. I also hate myself like the rest of the world does.”

You take his face in your hands softly so you wouldn’t hurt him, “I forgive you, but you have to forgive yourself. Yes, I hate what you have done, but I could never hate you. You would have needed more support.” With your thumb you wipe a single tear from his cheek.

Nathan closes the gap between you two to press his lips on yours. A whole firework of emotions gets triggered in your chest as you start to kiss him back. He leans his forehead against yours after you two break apart. “Why didn’t I find you earlier? Everything could have been different…”

Without a word you pull him with you to lie down on the bed. It was a hell of a day and both of you deserve some sleep. Nate buries his face in the crook of your neck, while his arm is draped over your waist to keep you as close as possible. The fear of losing you will never leave him alone. The white ceiling stares back at you as you draw circles on Nathan’s arm. It takes a long time for him to relax and then to fall asleep finally. It’s over for now. You allow yourself to close your eyes.

Sad Ending

You open your eyes as you release a grey cloud of smoke. Absently you wipe away the ash, which is falling on your knee from the cigarette that dangles dangerously between your lips.  

A loud noise bring you back into the reality. It sounded just like a gun shot, but you are not quite sure. Could also be firecrackers in the bathroom once again. Nathan Prescott is famous for this old and really annoying prank.  

Beautiful silence wraps you up in its calmness, while your thoughts dance around in your head. The Marijuana keeps the bad ones low. Time seems to stop for a while as the sun starts to hide itself behind the trees.  

Suddenly your buzzing phone snaps you out of your daydream. A bit pissed that you got disturbed once again you answer the phone without looking who calls you. “[Y/N], reporting for duty”, is the first thing that comes to your bedazzled mind from the Marijuana. “[Y/N]! Didn’t you hear the sirens?! Come to the front door!”, Kate exclaims without a greeting.

Sighing you make your way to the said spot in front of the Blackwell Academy. The burning end of your cigarette lights once more as you take a deep inhale of smoke. A crowd formed in front of the doors, which surprised you a bit. What did you miss?

“Nathan shot someone in the girls bathroom”, you hear the teenagers whisper around you as you push your way towards Kate. “I knew something like that would happen one day.” - “He’s a bad one.” - “Now his father can’t help him anymore.” - “Poor little rich kid getting what he deserves.”

The mumbling dies down immediately when the doors get pushed open. Two police officer form a path in the crowd for the third officer who escorts a handcuffed Nathan Prescott. On the top of the stairs stands Principle Wells observing the scene with a sad expression on his face.  

Kate takes your hand in hers as she hides her face in your shoulder. She seems relieved that he got arrested. The bullying is going to stop now probably. Softly you rub circles on her back to comfort her and let her know she isn’t alone.  

Nathan’s head hangs low and his shoulders slump forward. It’s like the weight of the entire earth is lying on them. He probably needs also some comfort like Kate, but no one is going to do that. Nate is on his own once again.

He raises his head only for a few seconds. Your [E/C] eyes meet his clear blue but dead ones. There is no trace that these orbs are actually alive. No color. No feelings. Apparently Nate accepted his fate already. He surrendered to the demons around him. Everything inside of him died.

Your orbs are alive and full of color. But that’s not what hypnotizes Nathan. He can see sympathy in them. No disgust, no arrogance, no amusement. Honest and true sympathy for him. Nate could get lost in them, but he will never get a chance.  

In a crowd of people who hate him, he finds you. Way too late.

The officer pushes his forward so he walks a bit faster to the police car. All the people who pointed their fingers at Kate for this terrible video of her, are now doing the same thing with him. You don’t know a lot of his backstory, but he doesn’t deserve this. Being pushed by others destroys a person piece by piece. It’s a terrible slow death.

You feel bad for him even after all the thing he has done. Nathan will never know colors.

He will die with those dead blue eyes…

“Happy” Ending

A few soft kisses wake you up from your almost comatose and dreamless sleep. “I know you are awake”, Nathan comments your attempts to get five more minutes of sleep amused. In surrender you open your eyes to see him looking down at you, while a slight smirk rests on his lips. His alive and colorful blue eyes are beautiful compared to his dead ones when you two met.  

You two have nothing left except for the clothes you are wearing and his father’s credit card, whish isn’t unlimited. There is no place you have to be. No plan to follow. Nathan is completely free for the first time in his life. To be with a person who loves him unconditionally is all what he needed to feel alive again.  

“You… You are beautiful”, Nate presses a kiss onto your forehead matching to his lovely words. You notice how close you two are. He held you tight through the entire night. Maybe he was afraid to wake up without you by his side like this is just a beautiful but limited dream.

“Sweeties! I made breakfast”, the old granny informs you through the still closed door. Nate gets up from the bed you two share mumbling something about taming his hair. You roll over to lie on his warm side. Your whole life got turned over, but you couldn’t be happier right now.  

“Wow, handsome”, you compliment his wet brown hair that clings onto his forehead. How did both of you get so lucky? Nathan leans down to capture your lips into a kiss full of desire. “You are dripping”, you push him softly away from you, “I don’t need a shower yet.”

Smiling he grabs your hand in his hand to pull you out of the bed. You get his hint and follow his wish. “I’m starving. I hope the old granny can cook”, Nate pulls you as close as possible towards him. “Let’s find out”, you literally can feel his excitement of his new life. What will bring you the new day?

“Sweeties! I’m so happy you two are here. The storm in Arcadia Bay was terrible. It destroyed half of the town and even killed a few people”, the granny greets you as she puts two plates with scrambled eggs down on an empty table.

“Thanks”, you mumble suddenly not so happy anymore. People died. Maybe friends of you and you weren’t there. Your hometown destroyed. You should call your parents, but what are you going to say to them? You run away with a murderer and don’t plan to come back?!  

“We need to think of a plan”, you place your hand on Nathan’s to get his full attention. “Do we? Can’t we just drive until we have enough?”, he replies stuffing the eggs into his mouth. For a second you think about his suggestion. “I were never outside of Arcadia Bay”, you just never had time or money to travel.

“Then let this be our plan … if you want”, Nathan loves his new freedom, but he loves you more so he would give it up for you. If it’s your wish to go back, Nate will follow you without a doubt. And you know that, but it’s actually not what your heart desires.

“Okay, we are going on an adventure”, you agree enjoying his rare smile. “Slept well, sweeties?”, granny joins the conversation with two cups of coffer right in time. “Have never slept better in my life”, you admit. Nate raises just a thumbs up, because he’s busy eating.

That’s your new life. He is your new life. The clearly broken Nathan Joshua Prescott with the former dead blue eyes.  

“I truly love you, [Y/N].”  


In bringing this collection to a close, I decided to take it back to the start.

You can also find this fic here:


The first time she kissed him, he tasted like butterbeer and something distinctly James. The combination made her head swim, her heart pound, and her body crave him, his mouth, his body, his skin against hers.

It was a crisp October afternoon, the first Hogsmeade weekend of their seventh year, and Lily had finally said yes, enthusiastically yes, to James’ Hogsmeade proposal. He’d been stunned at first, thought she was having him on, made worse by the fact that instead of answering his desperate enquiry of “Are you serious?!” she’d said, “No, but your brother is,” winked at the tall, wavy haired man next to him, and walked off. She never could resist a Sirius joke. Neither, she knew, could Sirius, and his barking laughter followed her down the corridor. James, unwilling to leave things on such unsure footing, chased her down the corridor and took her hand. “You’re actually saying yes?” He’d said, the words quiet and deep and fast, his eyes searching her face and when Lily broke into a smile he looked like he’d been stunned. “Yes, James. I’m actually saying yes.”

He’d dragged her down to Hogsmeade as soon as they’d finished breakfast that morning, though ‘finished’ is perhaps not quite the right word. James had practically inhaled an entire bowl of porridge, his knee bouncing incessantly under the table, and Lily had barely had time to grab a few pieces of toast before his hand was in hers and he was hauling her away from the table.

She was shouting indignantly and shoving bites of toast into her mouth as he pulled her into the brisk morning air, but his hand was warm in hers and the electricity shooting through her veins kept her from protesting too fiercely against the disruption of her breakfast. Instead, she gripped his hand more firmly in her own, bumped her hip against his playfully - “You better feed me today, Potter, or you’re dead.” His eyes were sparkling with amusement when he smiled back at her, “On my honour, Evans.”

When they got to the gates, James had stopped them, moving to stand in front of her, his eyes moving over her face, and Lily’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at him because he was just too damn beautiful to be real and how had she never realised it before? She wanted to grab him right there and kiss him, but they hadn’t even had their date yet and she knew how long he’d been waiting for this, so she ran her tongue along the back of her teeth and bit the corner of her lip in an attempt to control herself. But he was still looking at her like that, like she was everything, the only thing in the world, and the air was crackling with so much electricity that she could taste it on her tongue when she pulled in a deep breath. He blinked and smiled an embarrassed smile before reaching up and taking his scarf from around his neck. “Here,” he said, grinning at her, “You look cold.”

His fingers burned trails across her skin as he tied the scarf securely around her, and she swallowed the desperate reply that was bubbling up in her, opting to thank him quietly instead. It was the exact opposite of everything she normally would have done and she knew James had noticed because he’d cocked an amused eyebrow at her as they began walking again, but she couldn’t trust her mouth because it was begging her to either taste every centimetre of his skin or tell him how she thought she might actually, desperately, be falling in love with him and neither of those were options while they were making their way to the high street on their first official date.

The morning was a whirlwind of sound and colour - they went into all her favourite shops, he detailed everything he’d ever planned for all those rejected dates, her cheeks flushed with a bit more than the cold when she told him that she was glad he’d finally earned her attention. She tried to remember all the details, commit it all to memory, because she knew this was something she’d want to remember, that it was one of those rare moments you realise, as it’s happening, that you need to set it down, to carve it into your memory, because this moment, this day is going to be one that changes the rest of your life. But no matter how hard she tried to step back, to catalogue the details, she couldn’t. He was overwhelming, he was, and she couldn’t focus on anything but the rush in her stomach that was slowly burning a hole through her when she looked at him.

They ducked into The Three Broomsticks for lunch, he cracked jokes and she tossed chips at his head. They drank bottles of butterbeer and she pretended not to notice the stunned look on his face when she brushed her foot against his calf under the table. His eyes welled up when he talked about his parents, she took his hand and talked about her sister, they talked about the future. It was easy to talk to him and they talked about everything.

They fought, of course, over who would pay the bill when it came and, though James won, she grumbled about it while they waited for Rosmerta to return with his change. James pocketed a handful of coins as he stood, laughing as Lily said, “I can pay for myself, James, bloody hell,” and took her hand. They walked out of the pub and the cold air was a shock after the warm, smoky air of the pub. “You can pay next time,” James said, grinning down at her and Lily cocked her eyebrow, “Who said there’s going to be a next time?”

He stopped in the middle of the high street, turning to face her and raising his eyebrows - he studied her before he smirked and moved his hands to her hips. “Now Evans,” he said, his fingers brushing along the hem of her jumper, “I know you don’t mean that.”

The retort was on the tip of her tongue, but, recognising the opportunity, she grinned instead. “No, I don’t,” and she reached up, wound her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck, and pulled his mouth to hers.

She would, over time, run her tongue along all the lines of his skin, tracing him, finding every sensitive part of his body and memorising it and the way it felt against her lips, the way the salt and spice of his skin lingered on her tongue. But now, right now, with his mouth on hers, his fingers sliding along the exposed skin at her waist, all she could think was more. She needed him, every part of him, and she knew then that she would never, ever get enough.

She didn’t care that people were probably gawking at them, that they could see just how desperately she was pressing her body against his. The taste of him was driving her mad and she shouldn’t be held responsible for any acts of public indecency she might be in the process of committing. She bit down lightly on his bottom lip, smiling at the groan that escaped him, before he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to hers. His eyes were shining with want and mischief and she could tell just how much effort it was taking for him to control himself. It mirrored, but probably didn’t quite match, the restraint she was exercising over herself.

“You can’t be doing that to me in public, Evans. We’re supposed to be setting an example. What kind of Heads are we?” Lily grinned and pressed her hips against his, “Maybe we should go back up to the castle then, if you’re going to be such a stickler for the rules.”

He smiled so broadly she thought his face might crack with the effort and she couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her when he was looking at her like that, grinning stupidly at her in the middle of the high street like he’d just won the bloody lottery. She knew how he felt though, her lips were still tingling, her skin still humming, and she completely understood, now, what it felt like to have your entire body come alive, burst into flame, when you’re with someone. She craved it, never wanted it to end - James had ignited a fire in her gut that she hoped, no, knew, would never burn out.

She stepped away from him, grabbed his hand firmly in her own, and turned towards the castle.

Seasons Change | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Jason’s girlfriend, the elemental hero known as Season, seems to love him even if the weather and the world are changing.

Words: 3997

Notes: For those of us who aren’t really Jason or Damian fans, I’m sorry about the constant flow of them but I lot of people have requested our favorite bad-boys lately! But I think after I finish all of the requests I have we’re going to switch it up and there’s going to be a lot of Tim and Dick (possibly Bruce…?). For now, enjoy this! =DDDD I also may have distanced from the original request a little, so I hope it’s what you wanted!

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic


You often hated winter simply because your powers built up and pressured uncomfortably against your skin. So under the thick layers of your winter jacket, your arms were protected by a thin layer of frost. Every few minutes you would roll up your sleeves and brush it off, but it would manifest again and again, regardless of how many times you brushed it away. The only thing that would change your water—and ice—bending abilities was the temperature around you, so being forced out of the warmth of your guest bedroom at Wayne Manor absolutely sucked. This was one of the few times you disliked your powers of elemental manipulation. Any other time you would be flouncing about and using your powers for good as the hero known as Season, spreading hope and cheer and occasionally snow days for the unlucky students at school.

“Jason, it’s the middle of the night.” You said for the second time. Wayne Manor’s garden was peacefully silent even with all of the movement around you. Snow delicately floated down from a blurry and gray midnight sky, blanketing the earth with a coat of ivory. The tree’s branches, when not covered by the silent but constant pelt of solidified water, looked like they had been dipped in liquid glass. The icicles were beautiful but also the perfect weapon. A weapon you would definitely be using against Jason; the man woke you up at 2:07 AM. What kind of torture is this?!

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SHAPE OF YOU (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Hi!! Could you write a Bellamy x Reader imagine based on Ed Sheeran’s song ‘shape of you’? It can be smut or whatever you feel like writing. I frankly don’t know why but every time I hear this song, he pops up in my head. I would loooove if you’d put your amazing imagination into this:). Thank you♥️x


The music coming from the speakers fills the smoky air of MacLaren’s pub and Bellamy listens to it over the sounds of his friends speaking. It entices him, the sounds of the melodic piano tune against the rhythmic beat. He’s drank so much that the song almost makes him fall asleep right there at the booth.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” Finn shakes his shoulders, making him snap up with a lazy smile, “Let’s go!” He laughs. Bellamy’s not sure where they’re going but he stands up and follows anyways.

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midnight talk // finn shelby & reader

· Hey I’d like to request an Imagine in which the reader is grace child and as a teenager she meets Tommy and is falling for Finn If you could make it -> thank you so much💕 

· 23 and 50 would be really cute with finn!!

23 - “we have to be quiet.”

50 - “people are staring.”

You had travelled from the alive, electric city of New York, America to the smoky, deadened city of Birmingham, England with your mother. And though you had made your detest of the idea known to her, she had dragged you alongside her despite your requests to stay in New York. She’d spoke wildly of the last time she was here (you’d been to young the first time she came over and stayed in Ireland), attempting to make the city seem just as unforgettable as New York, but you and her both knew: it wasn’t the city that was unforgettable, it was the people.

The carriage buckled slightly as it sped over the cobbled streets of Small Heath, your heart jolted and your hand grasped onto the seat beside you for support if it was needed. Your mother chuckled slightly beside you, apparently she was used to this kind of reckless driving. You simply rolled your eyes and turned your head to the carriage window. Smoky air clouded the city, billowing past the cart in cosmic waves. Everything you laid your eyes on seemed blackened with ash and dirt: the cars, the buildings, even the people seemed to have skin smudged with the substance. You turned back to your mother, a pleading look present on your features. But she only smiled sweetly. And you couldn’t say a thing.

The carriage came to a rocky stop adjacent to an emerald green pub, it’s still shining paint seeming rather out-of-place among the crumbling bricks it was surrounded by. You stepped out as your mother paid; the stench of smoke overpowering your senses. As the cab drove off in a gush of fumes, you were left behind; you couldn’t help but overlook the street, a sigh emitting from your parted lips.

“[y/n], come!” Your mother waved you over with a smile, one hand pressed against the door of The Garrison, which she’d partly opened. With a slight run, you met her at the entrance, where her arm slipped around your own as the two of you entered side by side.

“Grace!” Came a muffled shout from the almost empty bar, a well-dressed man you’d never met before came to greet you, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, “lovely to see you again.”

“You too, Thomas.” They kissed briefly on the cheek before your mother turned to you, “this is my daughter, [y/n].” He nodded his head to you, slightly tipping the peak of his cap.

“Same age as Finn?” He turned to Grace with his query. With a slight furrow of her eyebrows she replied promptly.

“I believe so.”

“Finn, c’mere!” Thomas shouted, to which a door swung open and a young boy (about the same age as you) came to his side.

“Yeah, Tommy?” The boy inquired. 

“This is [y/n],” Thomas held his hand towards you with a drag of his cigarette and smile to Finn, whose eyes trailed over you as his older brother spoke, “[y/n] this is Finn. He will be showing you around Small Heath for the day.” Your eyebrows raised in unison with Finn’s.

“I am?”

“He is?”

“Yes, now go on.” Tommy practically pushed the two of you out the doors of The Garrison himself, until you were both stood on the street outside in a somewhat awkward silence. You shuffled on your feet and smoothed out the skirt of your dress as the two of you stared down at the floor. Finn cleared his throat loudly.

“Err… So, I’ll guess we’ll start with my street, then…?” 

“Sounds… good.”

Before the two of you had even realised, the sun had set over Small Heath, and while the dark night only enhanced the tarnished state of the streets; the city had grown on you since your arrival. And, perhaps even more surprisingly, the two of you had became almost like best friends in the mere hours you’d spent together upon Tommy’s orders. You had spoke freely to him about living in Ireland and New York, and how initially you practically begged for your mother to not bring you here. To you, it was as though you had found someone you could speak to without worry of repercussions or judgement. And Finn reciprocated those feelings. He was the youngest of his siblings; a Peaky boy. Most of the children his age were told to avoid him in case of run-ins with his elder brothers, and yet he felt like he couldn’t speak openly to them without a hearty laugh from every sentance he spoke.

It was nearing midnight when the two of you had finally reached the Shelby family home again. You’re mother wasn’t worried; with all her knowledge, she knew you would be safe with a Shelby lad. Finn’s hand was wrapped tightly around your own as he guided you through the kitchen, which was only lit by the reflection of the moon through the panelled glass.

We have to be quiet.” He spoke in whispers as he showed you up the stairs, his hand now framing your lower back. “Polly will be asleep.” Slowly, he opened the door to his room, allowing you to enter first. The two of you sat down on the bed beside each other, your head lazily rolling against Finn’s shoulder as your eyes drooped. Yet, you still had so much to speak about. And you continued to speak until your eyes shut completely.

You woke the next morning laid atop Finn’s bed, your hand flung over the side to meet his near where he was curled upon a bed of pillows and blankets on the floor, still dressed smartly in the same suit he wore the day before. You smiled graciously at the sleeping boy before noticing the open door, complete with a hazy figure standing in the doorway. 

“Wake Finn up, would you [y/n]?” Tommy asked as he blew smoke from his full lips, of which were formed in a smirk. “Breakfast is in five.” He left and shut the door behind him, leaving you to lightly chuckle to yourself before reaching down and disturbing Finn from his slumber with a gentle shake.

The two of you made your way downstairs in a quick fashion, still dressed head-to-toe in your outfits from the previous day. Finn opened the door, stepping aside to allow you to slip in before him. Met with smirks and stares from the Shelby family, as well as your mother, who was sat with raised eyebrows as she sipped on a small teacup, Finn’s eyebrows furrowed. He lent down slightly to your height until his lips were close to your ear.

People are staring.” You couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at his observation, looking up at the sweet boy you’d grown to like in more than just one way.

“Nothing for you to worry about, Finn. Toast?”

Three For One Deal// Stilinski Triplets - Part 3

WARNINGS: Drug use???

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Stuart Stilinski, Thomas Stilinski, Noah Stilinski, Reader.

“No way!” You grin. “Jimmy?”

He gives you a lopsided smile and opens his arms.

You hug him and he picks you up off of your feet, Thomas, Stiles, and Stuart all rolling their eyes.

“Where have you been?” You smack his arm as he puts you down.

“You really wanna know?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Yes, I wanna know.”

“Ahhh…let’s see…” He looks up, counting on his fingers. “Dad sent me away and then I snuck out. I got arrested, went back to the school where dad sent me and then I got arrested about a year or two later. Here I am, freshly out of Juvie.” He shrugs.

Jimmy was the fourth of the boys. Everyone just called them the triplets because no one ever saw Jimmy. He was never home growing up, always getting into trouble. He lashed out after his mom died, partly because of losing her, and partly to get on Noah’s nerves. He did everything in his power to be above the law. He knew his dad hated it. When you were growing up Jimmy always had a bit of a crush on you, he told you when you were seven he was going to marry you. Noah sent him away when he was twelve. He was selling weed, he was out partying with God knows who. It was all too much for him, he already had four boys to take care of on his own, Jimmy was just too much. He sent him to a reform school, hoping to get a boy back much more like Thomas. He got arrested on possession not long after he’d snuck out. He calmed down for a couple of years, only to be thrown into Juvie for possession, intention to sell, and vandalization.

“Yeah. And he’s back with no warning.” Stiles crosses his arms.

“Dad’s going to be so pissed.” Thomas shakes his head.

“Well, I’m glad you’re back.” You whisper and he smiles.

“Stu, how’d things go last night?” You smile at the boy with glasses. He waves you to the other room, the three boys continuing to fight.

“I told her.”

“And…?” You raise an eyebrow.

“She said she feels the same way.” He smiles, his vulnerability is refreshing.

“Aww, I’m so happy for you.” You smile.

“I’ve never felt like this about anyone…I just..she means so much to me.” He gushes.

You smile and pat his arm, “Good for you guys.”

“Hey, are you going to come see me? It’s been almost four years.” Jimmy pokes his head in.

“I’m coming.” You smile and follow him out.

You examine his arms, small tattoos covering them. They look like stick and poke tattoos, most likely ones he received in Juvie. “What?” He catches your eyes on his arms.

“Nothing.“” You smile and sit on the couch.

He sits down beside you, “So, what’s Miss Y/L/N been up to since I left?”

“Same as always.” You shrug.

“No boyfriend?” He raises an eyebrow.

“As of now, I’m single.”

“As of now? So that could change?” He smirks.

“It could.” You wiggle your eyebrows playfully and grab the remote.

“Are we going to finish our movie?” You look at Thomas and Stiles and the jump onto the couch with you and Jimmy.

Just at that time Noah stormed through the door, glaring at Jimmy. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?”

Jimmy glances up at his angry father, “You knew when my sentence was up.”

“How’d you even get here?” Noah presses. You exchange looks with Thomas and Stiles.

“I hitchhiked.” Jimmy doesn’t look at him.

“James…” He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

You lean over to Stiles, “I’m going to head home. Call me later.” You jump up and head out the door. You didn’t hear a word from any of the Stilinski’s until you hear a light tapping on your window. You slid it open, Stiles standing outside.

“What are you doing?” You laugh.

“Dad is pissed. He kicked us all out of the house on account of Jimmy, so here I am.”

“Where’s Stu and Tommy?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Stu and Thomas are both with Isaac and Scott.” He shrugs.

“Well, why didn’t you go with them?”

“I wanted to see you.” He smiles.

You open the window wider, “Get in here then.”

He climbs inside, landing on your bed. He kicks his shoes off and unzips his jacket.

“Where’d Jimmy go?” You sit down beside him.

“God only knows.” He sighs. “I thought he was supposed to be transferred to an adult prison when he turned eighteen. Dad didn’t tell us he was getting out already.”

“Aren’t you glad he’s back, though?” You hand Stiles a blanket so he doesn’t mess up your covers.

“Yeah, it’s always nice to see him, he just makes dad so tense. Everyone always fights when he’s around.” Stiles covers his lower half.

“Well, he seems different. A little rougher, but he seems tame.” You shrug.

“Yeah, I hope he stays that way.” He purses his lips.

“So, how are things with you? We haven’t talked just me and you in awhile.” You turn on your side and face him.

“Good. I finally got my B up to an A in Econ.”

“I was worried coach would leave you at a B for the rest of the year.” You shake your head and he chuckles.

“It helps that I may or may not have saved his ass a couple of times.”

You laugh, “Are you staying the night?”

“If it’s possible?” He gives you an innocent look.

“It’s very possible. I think you have clothes in the guest room.” You smile.

He showers and changes and gets back into your bed. “Can I sleep with you tonight? Will we get in trouble?”

You shake your head, “We’ll be fine.”

You spend all night talking, both of you getting out of bed around noon. “Jesus, how late were we up?” Stiles sits up.

“The sun came up. I don’t know what time it was.” You laugh as you stretch.

“It’s probably safe to go back home…do you wanna come?” Stiles stands up and checks his phone.

“Yeah, just let me get changed. Let’s grab pancakes on the way.”

“You read my mind.” He grins.

The two of you head out, riding in Stiles’ Jeep. When you get to his house no one’s in the driveway. You walk inside, the air filled with smoke.

“Jesus Christ…” Stiles sighs, locking the door behind him. “Jimmy, you can’t smoke pot in the house!” Stiles storms up to his brother’s room. The door’s wide open.

“Hey!” Jimmy coughs, waving the smoky air away from his face.

“Come on, man…seriously?” Stiles sighs.

“It’ll all be cleared out before dad gets home.” Jimmy ashes his blunt on the plate full of leftover pizza crust.

“Want one?” He holds up a joint, raising an eyebrow at you and Stiles.

“No I don’t want your God forsaken joint. James, don’t you get it? You’re back home, you’re supposed to be better!” Stiles sounds extremely frustrated.

“You sound like dad.” He flicks his eyes up to Stiles.

“Jimmy.” You step forward, his eyes catching yours. There’s a deep understanding, the two of you having a silent conversation.

“Fine. I’m sorry.” He puts the blunt out and sits in on his plate. “I’ll smoke outside.”

“I’m not trying to discipline you, J..I just don’t want dad to send you away again.” Stiles explains.

Jimmy stands up, rolling up his sleeves. “No, I get it.” He walks past the two of you.

“Jimmy, don’t be mad.” Stiles shouts.

“I’m not mad.” He says calmly before walking down the stairs.

You look at Stiles and say nothing, his face a collage of emotions.

“What’s wrong with Jimmy?” Thomas pops his head in. “Were you two smoking?” He motions to the clouded room.

“No, Jimmy was.” You respond, Stiles looking like he’s thinking. “Stiles? You okay?” You wave your hand in front of his face.

“Yeah. Fine.” He walks out of the room.

“I heard your dad kicked you out?” You tease.

“Yeah. Jimmy really just…pushes his buttons, y'know? I get it, raising four boys on your own is hard…but every time Jimmy is home we all get the worst of it.”

“Well, my place is always welcome to be a sanctuary for you four.” You smile.

“I know. I really appreciate that.” He nods.

Thomas was the quietest out of the four. He never was one to smart off like Stiles and Stuart were. He never strayed like Jimmy did. He was his own person. He was never exceptional in school, but he didn’t fail. He was very level-headed. He was the one all of the girls fell for, though he’s never had a girlfriend. After Claudia died he spent a lot of time with you. He really took comfort in the fact that he had a second family. He always would come and sleep on your floor, the two of you setting up a fort for him to sleep in. He slept over 4 out 7 days of the week all the way up until you started high school.

“I’m going to go find Stiles.” You smile before skipping down the stairs.

“Hey, Sti-” You start, stopping dead in your tracks when you spot his lips attached to Lydia. You say nothing, you just turn on your heel and return to Thomas.

“You look weird, what happened?” He turns and looks at you.

“Stiles is making out with Lydia downstairs.”

“What?” He looks shocked. He smiles softly, coming to a realization. “Good for him.” He says simply. Something seems off.

You sit on his bed, “I thought he was over her.”

“Me too.” He shrugs, the way his hair hung in his face made him look different from the others. It was easier to tell which one he was. He never styled it, he just let his hair do its own thing.

“Hey.” He sits in the gaming chair in the corner of his room.

“Yeah?” You look at the posters hanging from the wall.

“Go to homecoming with me.”

“What?” You turn your attention to him.

“ friends of course.” He says quickly.

“Okay.” You smile. “As friends.” You repeat. “Can I ask you something?”

“What’s that?” He rocks back and forth in the chair.

“Why choose me to go as friends when you could have any girl as an actual date?”

“You’re the only one I care about…” He says without thinking. “I mean, I really only know you. I’m not interested in any of the girls I know. You’re just…you’re my best friend.” He clarifies.

“I’m your best friend?” You grin, the boy expressing his feelings was something new to you.

“Yeah, of course. We’ve been through everything together.”

“Well, Thomas Stilinski, you’re my best friend too.”

He smiles, the look was as if he wanted to squeal. He looked overjoyed. But you didn’t see that, you just saw Thomas smiling.

“Uh, why are Stiles and Lydia making out on the couch?” Stuart looks disgusted.

“Gross.” Thomas gets up and pushes Stuart out of his room, pulling the door closed.

“So, homecoming date, I bet you can’t beat me.” He holds up your favorite video game.

“Oh, you’re on!” You laugh, grabbing a controller.

title Up
summary Wishful thinking gets you nowhere.
pairing Itasaku, Tobisaku
rating hide the children

Part i | Part ii | Part iii (here) | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi

If there was anything she wished she had known before this life, it was to get used to strange ceilings. Sakura couldn’t even begin to count the number of times she had squinted up, not recognizing the water stains. 

But this time, as her eyes opened, she recognized the crystal chandelier. The eggshell ceilings. She remembered specifying to the designer that she hadn’t wanted white. The walls of her mother’s apartment had been painted too white. It was probably to make the run-down place look cleaner somehow. But the harsh color seemed to repel life. Repel them. 

As she blinked, she saw a wisp of smoke rise up toward that not-white ceiling. 

“…wei…” she said. There was a pause. And then she heard a sigh.

“Shit. I forgot.”

The mattress dipped. She heard him roll out of bed. The door to the balcony opened. Cool air gusted in for a second before the door closed. Sakura sat up in time to see a very naked Tobirama puffing on his cigarette outside. He sucked in a few breaths before he flicked the lit cigarette over the edge of the balcony. Down onto the city below. 

Their eyes met when he slipped back into the room. He waved the rest of the smoky air out behind him as he shut the door.

“I forgot,” Tobirama said again, “My bad.”

Sakura rubbed the heel of her hand against her temple. 

Diu,” she cursed. And then she looked toward the window again. The waters of Victoria Harbor were black, same as the sky. “Did I sleep at all?”

“Maybe half an hour. Thought I’d finally screwed you unconscious like I promised,” he sighed, almost sounding wistful. Sakura laughed, rolling onto her stomach. She liked this side of him- a little arrogant, just a little crass. 

“Dumbass,” she muttered under her breath. She reached for her phone on the nightstand. There were a few missed calls. A text from Tenten letting her know that the night market was okay. Which made her remember something.

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Promises written in blood and burning, this is a season of smoky air and new poetry.
Of grief and growing.
There’s rain in the distance,
I can smell it in the air.
A storm’s been building slowly.

These are all silent sentences, written in loud whispers.
Scream them soft and slow.
S l o w e r.

The sadness of torches flickering in the darkness.
Memory is a choice we make.
Teach me to love myself.
Show me the meaning of trust.
Show me how to scrape the rust off the gears of this aching machine.
Show me how to atone.
Wash my soul clean.

—  giraffevader - Writing in loud whispers
let go // michael gray & reader

14,44,48 with Michael would be a dream come true omg

14 - “you’re never going to let that go, are you?”                                      44 - “i still remember the way you taste.”                                                  48 - “you make me want things i can’t have.”

Cool, light breezes of the smoky Birmingham air filled your lungs as you strolled through the busying streets in attempts to take your mind away from thoughts of that one person. Though, that didn’t really work when your mind recognised one of the faces in the crowds as that one person. Michael fucking Gray. You stopped in your step, not knowing what to do or where to go; irritated grumbles from the men walking around you sounded promptly at your sudden pause. Once noticing you there, Michael stopped too; you saw his lips move into the shape of your name as people moved around him. You quickly turned and began to walk with those surrounding you.

“[y/n]!” You heard him call from behind you. It seemed he’d now abandoned his previous plans simply to talk to you. A hand grasped your own, pulling you back and causing you to turn. “[y/n]… please.” Michael pleaded with you, his arm outstretched and hand not leaving your own. You sighed deeply with a mumbled agreement. Though you had tugged your hand from his own, Michael continued to lead you to his home.

Shutting the door behind you, Michael almost instantly raised his hands in defence and tried to explain himself for what must have been the millionth time in the last two weeks.

“Michael… don’t,” you spoke over him, “we’ve already discussed this–”

“But you didn’t listen!” His voice began to raise now as you continued to dismiss him.

“You kissed her, Michael! You kissed another girl while we were together!”

 "You’re never going to let that go, are you? I’ve told you: she kissed me!“ Shouts of anger, guilt, and sadness encompassed the room. Tears began to prick your eyes like they’d done so many times before during this exact same argument.

"But you didn’t push her off!” Your scream silenced him. “You didn’t do anything!” Your cheeks were now streamed with tears as you recalled the memory of the dark haired girl pushed against Michael, her lips on his. You remembered standing there in the centre of the pub as you mumbled his name; all eyes turning you. You remembered feeling betrayed.

“I… I can’t get you out of my mind.” His fingers curled in frustration either side of his head as he admitted after a moment of silence between the both of you. “It’s like every minute, every second,” he breathed out, closing his eyes, “all I can think about… is you.”

Michael opened his eyes and stared into your own, taking steps towards you so that, now, his arm had snaked around your waist as he stood inches away from you. Trying not to give into his touch that you loved so dearly, you turned your head to the floor; though he only brought it back up to face him with two fingers.

“I still remember everything. I remember the way you taste, the way you say my name, the way you shake your hand against your thigh when you’re nervous…” he looked down slightly and chuckled, “like your doing right now.” Your eyes were wide and lips were parted in slight shock; you couldn’t say a thing.

"When I see you in the street, or sat at The Garrison, or even in my fucking mind… it makes me want things that I can’t have. You make me want things I can’t have.” Michaels forehead rolled against your own. Your breathing became heavy and you could feel your heart racing beneath your ribs. “I fucking love you, [y/n]. Please, can we just sort this out… please–”

His begging was cut off as the door swung open and Michael’s mother, Polly, stormed in. She stopped prematurely when she saw the two of you together, instantly stepping away from each other as Michael coughed awkwardly.

“[y/n]! I haven’t seen you around here in a while. How are you?

 "Great, thank you Polly.” You lied. Michael looked over at you, guilt dripping through his glance.

“Oh, sorry! Was I disturbing something–” Polly began, starting to make her exit from the room.

“No, Polly, it’s fine. I was just leaving.” You grabbed your bag from the table you’d thrown it on earlier and advanced towards the door.

“[y/n], please.” Michael implored, his hand holding tightly onto yours as you gripped the door handle.

“Michael…” you didn’t know how to finish. With a small smile, you pulled your hand from his grasp and opened the door, stepping out once more into the cool Birmingham day in attempt to clear your thoughts of that one person. But it didn’t work. Michael fucking Gray was not leaving your mind; not now, not ever.

The first time [Maul] had seen his reflection, he had been startled, because he had thought he was seeing another person. For all he knew, his reflection was another person, another boy who looked like him and echoed his every movement. A boy who was semitransparent, suspended in the smoky air outside the room. A boy who was free to roam the planet’s volcanic surface without fear of injury, who could leave Mustafar and go anywhere he wanted. A boy who could help Maul escape.

Maul wished he were that boy.

The Wrath of Darth Maul by Ryder Windham

someone please help tiny 3-year-old maul


Introducing Jaal & Reyes, the first fragrances by Siren Song Elixirs inspired by Mass Effect!

Jaal Ama Dara

Fragrance: The delicate fragrance of water lilies blooming in the mist of a tropical waterfall is a heavenly escape, accented with notes of sensual
orchids & lily, pink amber, sugary dark fruits ripened by the sun that burst in your mouth, and the lightest kiss of sweet red grapefruit.

Key notes: Water lily, Tropical Waterfalls, Sugary Dark fruit, Orchid, Pink Amber, Grapefruit, Lily


Fragrance: The sweet allure of toasted marshmallow cream, tempting enough to make your close your eyes and breathe it in, mixed with the notes of black coconut creates a scent tempting enough to eat. But middle notes of black suede, divine to touch and smell, and smoky gunpowder lend an air of danger to this sweet temptation and the promise of a bad boy and good times. 

Key notes: Toasted Marshmallow cream, Back coconut. Black Suede, Gunpowder