What a strange breed, the pipe smoker. Modern stereotypes create some pretty spectacular imagery. I must admit, I can be as guilty of it as the next guy. It’s quite easy for me to picture a gentlemen sitting in his weathered evening chair, pipe clenched in mouth, scotch in hand, contemplating his next sentence with great care as plumes of smoke roll around his face, almost as if the pipe and man were one. As I think on this image, I feel a certain level of dismay. I hold my breath, waiting for the wisdom of the man’s next words which are about to be bestowed upon me. The suspense is nearly unbearable. But then I quickly remember this man doesn’t really exist. He’s a figment of my imagination. Not all pipe smokers are great philosophical men of character with limitless patience and wisdom. Some of us are still working to achieve such honorable attributes. However, all of us have a responsibility to uphold that spirit.

You see, it has taken generations of pipe smokers’ deliberate contemplation regarding every word they ever spoke in order to create such imagery. It has taken generations of pipe smokers filling their minds and hearts with knowledge and life lessons to be able to own such wisdom. It has taken generations of pipe smokers living lives of honor to give the pipe smoker such a respect in society. That being said, remember pipe smokers, we have a responsibility to not destroy that which was built on the backs of those before us.


Brandon Bellegarde

Had a serious covet of Sillyoldbears bamboo pipe tamp. So….went to and got a little carried away. The box elder wooden tamp is my favorite but will not leave the house. Will be breaking in the old bamboo tonight.

I love the emperor N. but his great coat is the biggest obstacle to a good tamp, but he was bought out of adoration not practicality, the pipe and Emperor pre-date my goody box by the way.


When you see “Barone” in the title of an Il Duca Pipe, it means that the exterior is sandblasted, and Massimiliano Rimensi never comes up short in that department, nor any other area I have observed for that matter. On that note, the pictured Shield (top), Billiard (middle), and Nosewarmer are just three of four “Barone” pipes featured on today’s update (7/31).