Kissing on my neck like I’m the only one

But it’s no fun if we’re both nuns, on a dope run

In my head it’s me and you sleeping and smoking

On something long enough to hang your coke and on

- Terror Jr.

It was already afternoon when I woke up, taking a long time to get used to the dim light coming through the curtains, the soft bed and the warm body holding mine in place. Jerome’s lips were pressed against the back of my neck, little puffs of his breath sending me chills. I turned to him, trying not to wake him, and a genuine smile took my face in seconds.
We were finally sleeping together, after so long, since Arkham, what for him could mean just sex, but for me meant intimacy. Looking at him now, almost peaceful, the only topic that filled my thoughts was our escape. We decided that before tonight’s mission we would leave Theo and his collars behind.
Last night we found, on the bedrooms’ corridor, a white door, that was camouflaged with the walls. Inside that room, we found golden columns, expensive paintings, and an exit.
Jerome sighed, opening one green-blue eye and then other. I could not resist in kiss his pink swollen parted lips slowly. He half laughed, half answered the kiss, his hands searching for mine.
-Morning, gorgeous.
-It’s probably 2 p.m. already.
He tried to reach my lips again but failed insofar as I turned to light up a cigarette.
-Missed breakfast then.
-Same- I dragged and passed the fag to him, who sat with the back against the cold wall, the bed sheets covering his lower body- We can eat something.
-I could eat, surely.
I rolled my eyes, my lips’ corner lifting a little. I light up another cigarette and leaned against his strong and scarred chest. Outside the room, Tabitha’s voice filled all the empty rooms. She and Jerome were going to visit his father in less than one hour. Theo fought with Tabs the day before to make clear he would not let I and Jerome make the job together and alone, he was afraid we could escape. And we would.
-Right then?
-What’s right?
-You being with me after we run away?- I kissed him on the spot where the shoulder meets the neck, thinking about the proposal. My answer would always be yes, he knew this, he was just giving me the chance to ask what I really wanted.
-I believe that’s it. However, I don’t really know what you will do for me- He laughed low, placing his chin on my head- I mean, I can imagine somewhere we can be like now. But that’s all we want?
-Not what I want, not just this- He said, throwing his finished cigarette near the bathroom door.
I could almost hear his mind thinking, thinking, thinking… In one move, I sat in his lap, my lips moving up his neck. He caught the cigarette from my fingers, so I had how to touch him. I waited for him to finish dragging the fag and then we laid our very naked and cold bodies on the mattress.
-This too?
-Absolutely, doll- He groaned, putting my hips against his, searching for my lips.
While we kissed, I could hear Tabitha walk down the corridor, her so annoying high heels clacking on the wooden floor.
-Hurry up, Jerome. We gotta be there in thirty minutes.
He paused the kiss, sending his middle finger to the closed door, while I lowered to his chest.
-Hurry up, Jerome- I mimicked Tabitha while passing my wet lips over his abdomen, a smile turning the corner of them.
-I’m not going anywhere before breakfast- His fingers tangled in my already ruined braid, guiding me to go down on him- (Y/N), watch your teeth- His voice shaking with ecstasy. Rolling my eyes, I bit hard his thigh, near his groin, ripping out a mocked “bitch”.
The door was open five minutes after, Jerome squirming on the mattress, as I licked come in his abdomen. I looked over his body and found a furious Tabitha.
-I give you five minutes, dammit. You two can’t keep yourselves dressed, for God’s sake.
The brunette waived any apologies and left without closing the door. I laid over Jerome’s chest, his salty flavor in my tongue. He would leave on the edge, but I knew that it worth the wait.
-Protection- I listened to a low and hoarse tone.
-Protection is what I can provide you when we leave- And then I understood and stood up from his body to see his, now green, eyes- I’m not leaving Gotham, neither you- I nodded- Then, protection. It’s gold in this city.
-Indeed- He smiled, waiting for me to confirm the deal- Well, yeah, right. That will be me, you and protection.
Jerome gets up from the bed, dressing quickly, and lighted up a new cigarette, kissing me hard on the lips before he follows Tabitha’s path, out the room.
I lead against the cold wall and a confident smiled consumed my entire face. I and my very hot boyfriend were going to leave tonight, all he had to do was kill Bruce Wayne.

You know what’s great? Having money. It’s probably
the biggest plus side to Mac having to live with his
father. You know what isn’t so great? His father.

There he was, minding his own business, hitting on
some girl in the street, only to get assaulted by Steroid
Sam and his band of Coke Fiends because, apparently
Maximillian had gone ahead and ruined another marriage
by using his charm and his dick.

Of course, it probably doesn’t help that Mac had ended
up hitting on Steroid Sam’s girlfriend, but he’s overlooking
that. Instead he’s drowning his sorrows in chain smoking
on a wall.