Headcanon #56

Zenyatta is McCree’s buddy to go to when he wants to smoke some of his secret pot stash with a friend. Though Zenyatta doesn’t get high, he’s good guy to chat with McCree’s all doped up. Though that’s not to say Zenyatta had his own fun with messing with McCree’s head when he’s high as a college student’s debt. He’ll say things like:

Zenyatta: “Why is it called a building if it’s already built? If you’re waiting for the waiter, does that not make you the waiter? If you punch yourself, and it hurts, does that make you weak or strong?”

McCree was no longer allowed to smoke weed with Zenyatta again after he started to screaming like a mad man with an existential crisis.

alex rolled his eyes, taking a long drag from the cigarette that was nestled in between his fingers. he blew carefully blew the smoke out, allowing it to escape in small puffs. “if you’re here to lecture me about the negative health effects of smoking, just keep your mouth shut,” he started. after taking another drag he continued, “if you’re here for a different reason though, i’m all ears.”

Dolans ~N.M.~

Summary: your bestfriends, the Dolan twins, get back from tour

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I was super excited today. I was getting ready because tonight my bestfriends Ethan and Grayson Dolan are coming back from tour. I’ve missed them so much. We all grew up together. Im actually only a few weeks older than them. I’m almost always with them when they stay in LA.

I also wanted my boyfriend, Nate Maloley, to meet them.

“Babe are you ready yet?” I say yelling from the bathroom. I was just finishing my hair up.

“Uh yeah. Am I allowed to smoke before we go?” He says from our bed. I giggle because I didn’t need to yell.

“If you want but please don’t get too high.” I say walking towards our closet where I picked my outfit out. Most people think it’s weird that I’m only 16 and I live with Nate but we’ve been together for a little more than a year.

I take off one of Nates shirts that I was wearing to do my makeup and slipped on my high waisted light wash jeans on. I put on a white halter top and my white high top converse.

I grab a small purse and throw my keys, lipstick, mascara and phone in there.

I look at Nate and see he’s in the edge of the bed with half a blunt left.

“Aright. That is enough” I say as I take it from his hands and take a puff before putting it in the ashtray.

We walk out and get in the car. I was so excited I was texting Grayson when we arrived at the McDonald’s we were meeting at.

I walked inside and saw the twins and Alex in the little kids area. I swung the door open and screamed their names. They turned around and ran towards me.

They picked me up at the same time. I hugged them and then hugged Alex. I went back to Nate who was just standing there.

“Guys. This is my amazing boyfriend Nate.” I say placing my hand on chest. They shook hands and we went to go grab food.

We were sitting down all talking. Everyone seemed to be getting along.

“Y/N your hair looks really good.” Grayson says smiling at me.

“Thanks. You guys all look way better than when you left for tour.” I say eating a French fry.

“Oh yeah? We’ve always been good looking” Ethan say fake flipping his hair.

I laugh and shake my head at him.

“You right fam” I say eating my burger.

“You guys seem really close” Nate whispers into my ear. He sounds annoyed. I smirk to myself. Nates jealous. He’s always jealous.

“Yeah. Hey Alex you got any new cover coming soon. You’re one dance mash up was amazing.” I say looking at Alex. I’ve never been that close with Alex but we were still pretty good friends.

“Yeah. I actually have a couple. Lots more Spanish.”

“I love it when you sing in Spanish. It’s really soothing.”

“Oh my god. Y/N I forgot Swazz wanted me in the studio tonight to work on the song with you in it and Hayes wanted to film the other part of the video with you. So we have to go. But I’m sure you can hangout with the boys another time. It was nice meeting you three. Y/n has my number so you can get form her and text me if you need anything. Okay bye” Nate says packing up our food and grabbing my hand.

I said bye to the boys and promised to hang out with them another time and to text me.

I sat in the car and looked over at Nate.

“Hayes wants to film the video with me in it. Really?”

“He actually does.” He says looking at me before turning back straight and starting the car “just not tonight” he whispers but I heard him.

“ you’re so jealous Nate” I say laughing as I grab his hand.

“Yeah I am. They look amazing. They’re super fit and they’re jaw lines and are sharper as a knife. They’re funny and they’re your age babe. I just scared that you’re intimidated by me and you’ll leave me for someone your age.” Nate says looking at me with sad eyes.

I kiss his hand and put it on my thigh.

“Nathan. I love you. I don’t care how old we are. They’re my friends but they’ll never replace you and you’ll never replace them. I want you to know that I’m never leaving you. Plus you look amazing. Ecpecially with all your tattoos.” I say winking at him. “ you’re extremely funny and trust me your V line is as sharp as a knife. I love your squishy cheeks. They make you’re dopey smile so much cuter. And you’re dimples. Don’t get me started. They were carved by the most heavenly angels just for you’re amazing face. I love you Skathan Montgomery Maloley. Never forget that.” I say as we pull into our driveway. I lean over and kiss Nate.

“Thanks babygirl. You’re perfect too. I would go into detail but I don’t wanna steal the spotlight from the amazing speech you just made” he says smiling and kissing me.

God I have the best boyfriend in the world.

the russian born, russian trained dancer was JET LAGGED to start with. having landed in london less than an hour ago, after a nearly four hour flight which sleep was not allowed and he was forced REQUIRED to watch over and over again the way that the piece was preformed, he was rushed straight to the royal ballet. he hadn’t even been allowed to SMOKE before being hurried in and was grouchy because of it. 

watching the woman who was to duet with finish her private lessons in front of him. at least she could dance. his teacher from Bolshoi stood besides him, stern and serious and unbending in her strictness to the level that bucky was almost scared of her; she knew his grandmother as well which didn’t help. then she finished and they stepped in from before the one way mirror.   james, ”  he introduced himself as his teacher moved away, accent thick in that single word and his hand offered out to her.

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Herb Salt: Your Newest Obsession
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 Written by Lauren Nixon

Sage is a magical herb.  I have a personal practice that involves burning white sage every Sunday after I clean the entire house, allowing the smoke to waft into every nook and cranny of my space.  It’s easy to forget, however, that enjoying culinary sage in your home cooking practice can be equally nourishing.  

Creating an herbal salt on your own, from harvest to table, is quite a rewarding experience.  I foraged my mint in Virginia and bundled it, watching as the leaves hardened and curled and shriveled up to half their original size.  I was gifted the sage from my friend’s home garden in Maryland.  I bundled it once again, watching it dry to a crisp in a week or so.  I sat on my front porch, removing the leaves from the stems of each herb as the sun rose one morning.  I purchased chunky Celtic salt from my local food co-op, scooping it out of a large barrel, pulsing it in my blender until it was fine.  I wanted this process to be involved.  I wanted to work on the Great Mother’s timeline.  

This sage and mint herb salt is smoky, deep, and refreshing at the same time.  This salt should be used sparingly, mostly to finish or accent meals.  Use this salt on gently cooked fish (a swirl of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and a sprinkle of herb salt would be lovely), on home cooked popcorn, in stews and soups, in salad dressings, and in grain salads.  Alternately, a few generous scoops of this salt would work well for a relaxing herbal bath!

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Sage and Mint Herb Salt

Ingredients and supplies:

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  • 1 cup grey, pink, or black sea salt (I used a grey Celtic salt)
  • 1 cup dried sage leaves (any culinary sage variety will do)
  • ½ cup dried mint leaves (any mint variety will do)
  • Blender, food processor, or a large mortar and pestle


1. Secure a large handful of fresh culinary sage and mint at the stems with a rubber band or  string.  

2. Hang your herb bundles by the stems, leaves facing down, in a cool area out of direct sunlight until herbs are devoid of all moisture.  

3. When your herbs are dry, remove the rubber band and separate the leaves from the stems.  Feel free to compost the stems or add them to a bath.  

Store your herbs in a lidded glass jar in a cool, dry place.  For your next batch, feel free to substitute mint for other interesting herbs such as rosemary, thyme, tarragon, oregano, or parsley.  

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      safe to say, nate didn’t think he’d find himself standing in front of this exact door. he laughed at the idea of ever trying to talk to kalani again. the blond continued denying every single accusation he got thrown at him regarding his ‘feelings’ towards the girl, even after all these months. he refused to believe it was more than just a flirtationship. sure, he’d proposed to her and compared every single girl to her but it didn’t mean anything. admittedly, nathan couldn’t forget about her even though he knew he didn’t deserve her. nate takes another long drag from his cigarette, allowing the smoke to pool deep in his lowest part of his blackened lungs before he knocks on the door.

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A bluejay lands in the night, a girl dances beneath a sky full of stars, a boy allows smoke to fall past his lips as he huddles inside his ratty black shirt / It was a story someone started but never could be bothered to finish, it was an infinite song of void black souls, it was treacherous and deep and secretive, and it was every part as thrilling as you can imagine, but no one could end it. -Inciting Riots

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suits: season 6, episode 1, review

time slot:  Wedsday, 9PM, ET
broadcast date:  July 13, 2016

ratings results:  unknown
review written by:  redorkulous

review:   Mike iz in prison.   every partner and employee at the firm iz gone.   then, Jessica iz served with a class-action suit – $100-million dollars for every case Mike Ross ever touched.   at first, Jessica doesn’t know if she has the strength to salvage the firm?   Harvey almost walks away.   and Louis iz wound tighter than a corset on a drag queen.   at the same time, Mike starts to bond with his cellmate Frank Gallow.

later, Harvey, Jessica and Louis get high smoking weed which allows Harvey and Louis to finally bury the hatchet ((for now)).   then Benjamin ((IT guy)) tells the name partners that the former partners are notifying their clients of bifurcation.   and for the cliffhanger, Mike’s new cellmate was pumping him for information to get revenge against Harvey Specter.   i knew Frank Gallow was too good to be true.