I bought weed from a congressman. I smoked blunts with the congressman. He said he would read the wiki page for communism when he got home. He said my poetry made him ache. He told me he goes to bed every night disillusioned by and in fear of the system he took part of. He ate the roach that congressman.

Lol I posted the wrong video. Here I am again. 😝😝

@youprobablyneverheardof tagged me back to stop drop and take a hit! Convinced my boyfriend and cousin to cfome pokemon hunting while we smoked😊😊 I wanna see @the-rascal-queen @weedweirdo @kawaiidabber @ladyabigale @solitarywitchery @astriferous-sky @dabgoddesss @psychedelic-freak-out @heavenly-hashish @therestlessstoner @bongtokingprincess @babelinc0ln toke it up!! 😙😙

Henny (Freestyle)
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Byron Graffiti || Henny (Freestyle)

1-22-16 I broke up with my ex of 7 years. After our final argument I took two Xanax, smoked a blunt, and drank some Henny I found in my crib. Faded out my fucking mind I did 12 freestyles that night. Not even knowing what the hell I was saying, this song captures that night for me. If you fuck with it cool, if not that’s cool too.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who goes out and smokes a blunt and sips on ten year brandy you stole from your dad’s cabinet and gives you blow jobs and keeps our friendship a “friends with benefits” kind of thing.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who dresses up with all that contour on my face, heels and tight clothing and the smell of sex drenched on my neck and making that look that’s desperate to be laid straight tonight.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who comes over and smokes with you and drinks bottles of gin and wears your clothes that reeks of cigarette smoke and does “Netflix & Chill” with you.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who sneaks out and parties with people I don’t know and attend BYOB parties and get drunk off my ass and have sex with strangers and pray in the mornings I don’t get morning sickness.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who’s the popular girl who goes from one guy to another but no one finds it a shameful act because she’s a twelve on the scale and everyone’s fucked her at least once.

I’m sorry I’m not THAT kind of girl who some what known but you only know me because the only time we talk is when I’m having daddy issues and we’re horny and I’m wearing lingerie and we are too high and drunk to consider our actions.

But I’m NOT sorry for being the kind of girl who keeps my distance from people who act up the second I realize a red flag. I’m NOT sorry for being that girl who yes, on an occasion will flash a little lingerie and lace to your face, but your touch will never land on my skin because I’m not wanting my regrets to be about the feel of your hands but the way you played with my emotions like a gambling night with your friends. I’m NOT sorry for being a girl who’s more about the inside of you than your looks and how you pleasure me, I’m in love with your personality than your tease game. I’m NOT sorry for being a girl who’s a little on the armature side when it comes to dating, I’d rather be ready when I am, not when society expects me to be. Most of all; I’m NOT sorry for being me, I wish deeply I could be like some of the others but their attention isn’t worth getting, I will get the proper attention for someone like me, don’t look me in the eye and tell me I’m just like the others because I will assure you; I’m far from them all, I’m lost and confused but I’m confident and prepared for my future of success and not who I need to be married with.