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Vongola + Byakuran reactions to overhearing their crush saying they like them? For instance they were walking around and happen to hear s/o who's teased by her friends and she admits to liking them? What they do afterwards is up to you ;)

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Tsuna:“Ciaossu, Y/N.” Tsuna watched you jump, looking down at the ground where Reborn stood at your feet. Tsuna, himself was far too shy to approach you, so Reborn had taken it upon himself to go talk to you. You leaned down and picked up the infant, a tiny blush on your cheeks. “Hello, Reborn,” you greeted. The glint in Reborn’s beady eyes sent a shiver down Tsuna’s spine from where he hid around a corner. Oh, no…”You like Dame-Tsuna, don’t you? You want to be with him?” Tsuna felt his whole brain shut down. Damn, Reborn… The squeak that left your lips as you dropped the infant in surprise and backed up a few steps had him tuning in once more. “I- what- n-no! You- ugh!” Your head fell in defeat and Reborn smirked, victorious. “Am I that obvious?” You asked, putting your hands behind your back as you leaned against the wall. “Yep. The only one that hasn’t noticed is Tsuna himself, but Tsuna’s an idiot. He won’t find out unless he somehow managed to hear this conversation.” You paled, not liking the look on the kid’s face. Reborn smirked some more, and walked away, leaving you there in mortification. He came around the corner to see Tsuna glaring- actually glaring at him. “Now’s your chance, Tsuna! Show ‘em who’s Boss and Plant one on ‘em!” With a swift kick in the rump, Tsuna came stumbling out from his hiding spot, and instantly, he was trapped by your eyes. Your pale face became red, and so did his, but he straightened and walked towards you anyways. How was he going to say this? What words should he use? He’d pictured this moment for a long time but now that the time was here, nothing came to mind. When he stood in front of you, he tucked his hands into his pockets and ducked his head. “Y/N…” He paused and bit his lip. “Tsuna?” You whispered, it was the sound of your voice, the quiet, breathy tone you used, that brought him to his course of action. He grabbed you, one hand on your hip, the other at the base of your neck, and pulled you into a heated kiss. From his vantage point, Reborn smirked, watching your hands come up to clutch at Tsuna’s shirt desperately. “Good job, Dame-Tsuna. You did something right.”

Gokudera: “Oh, wow, it’s Gokudera-kun! He’s so cool!” “So tough!” “Dreamy!” Gokudera grumbled as he heard girls from school fawning over him, as usual. They weren’t even at school, and still, he couldn’t escape them. He didn’t care about how many girls liked him, he didn’t exactly like them back, and he wasn’t ever afraid to show it. It didn’t stop them from practically stalking him as he made his way to the small cafe in downtown Namimori. The bell above the door announced his arrival, and his eye twitched in annoyance as it rang again, much louder, as his “fanclub” entered as well. You stood behind the counter, hair messy under your cap, and your apron tied around your waist. You weren’t working the front like you usually were, and that sent disappointment shooting down Gokudera’s spine. In your place was your manager, a woman about Bianchi’s age with dark eyes and lips that curved in a smirk as soon as she saw him. “Yo, Gokudera,” she greeted, crossing her arms and leaning on the counter, “I assume you’re here for your usual?” “Yeah, yeah, just hurry it up, woman,” Gokudera grumbled, trailing his eyes back to you. “You got it. Hey, Y/N! Your boyfriend is here for his coffee!” Gokudera felt his face heat up, and watched you freeze in shock before whipping around to face your manager. “He’s not my boyfriend!” “Ah, I thought he was, given how much you undress him with your eyes. My mistake.” “Why, you-” you made a grab for your manager, but she was too fast, dancing out of range like a trained fighter. Sighing in defeat, you looked up at Gokudera, who was looking at you like he’d never seen you before. “So…” You dragged the word out awkwardly. “Coffee and a biscotti, right?” Gokudera blinked, snapping out of his trance, and smirked. “Yeah. A coffee, a biscotti, and your number would be great.” Your mouth dropped open in surprise, before matching his smirk with one of your own. “Smooth, Gokudera. Very smooth.” You turned around to prepare his order, and Gokudera was happy to see your phone number written on his coffee cup as he walked out the door. He didn’t even care when his fanclub stalked after him.

Hibari: Aloud slam echoed through the halls of Namimori Middle. You and your friend both looked up to see Hibari Kyoya’s tonfa in the wall beside the head of a well-known troublemaker in the school. Your friend scoffed, flicking her hair over her shoulder, as Hibari hissed a threat and stalked off. She turned to you, face annoyed. “Honestly, Y/N, I don’t know why you have such a big crush on Hibari. He’s a thug.” “No,” you murmured, blushing, “he’s not a thug.” “Right. He’s just ‘misunderstood,’ I forgot. I still don’t get it. He doesn’t even give you the time of day.” You huffed and opened your mouth to retort, when a body stepped in front of you. “Y/full/N.” Hibari stood there. He cut your friend a harsh look, but when he looked at you they softened into being blank. You couldn’t read him, never could, and that made you nervous. “You’ll meet me on the roof at lunch.” Your eyes widened. “O-Okay.” He looked again at your friend before stalking off once again. Your friend turned to you, eyes worried. “I think I may have gotten you in trouble.” You shook your head, biting your lip. “I’m sure it’s fine.” When lunch came around, you climbed the stairs to the roof, tapping your fingers against your bento nervously. Hibari lay on the roof, eyes closed. When you opened the door, he opened one eye to look at you. “Sit,” he ordered. It was all he said for the entire lunch break. When the bell rang to signal it was time to return to class, he looked at you expectantly. “Hibari, why did you ask me up here if you weren’t going to say anything?” “It’s 12:30, herbivore. Get to class.” It wasn’t until you were sitting next to your friend and she was interrogating you about what Hibari had wanted when you realized exactly what had happened. Hibari, stoic beyond belief, and with a reputation to uphold, had just wanted to spend the lunch period in your presence. Turning to your friend with a smile and a blush, you replied, “He was giving me the time of day.”

Ryohei: “Sasagawa!” A shout echoed through the Boxing Club room. Ryohei looked over at the door, seeing the Karate Club Captain standing with a hand wrapped tightly around your elbow. Ryohei took one look at the grimace on your face and knew you’d been forcefully dragged there from your class. “We’re going to fight for this club space! Y/N L/N is here to ensure you actually fight! Because you love Y/N and Y/N loves you!” Ryohei blinked, then focused his attention solely on you. “Sorry you got dragged into this mess, Y/N. You alright?” As you were tugged closer to the ring, you could feel the color rushing to your cheeks. Ryohei hadn’t denied liking you, hadn’t even acknowledged the Karate Club captain at all. Your lips broke into a hopeful smile, and you nodded. Ryohei nodded back. “Good. I’ll beat this guy extremely fast, so don’t worry.” The captain of the Karate Club scoffed and shoved you into his lackeys. “Don’t underestimate me, Sasagawa!” Ryohei, of course, hadn’t underestimated his opponent, but overestimated him; one jab(that almost missed) had knocked the other boy out. Ryohei grinned, and turned to you as the Karate Club goons released you in favor of fleeing. “So, Y/N, you love me, huh?” “S-Shut up, you love me too!”

Lambo: “Alala! You’re pretty!” “Thank you?” You were holding up an infant, who, just seconds beforehand, had been your crush and lab-partner, Lambo. The two of you had just been walking to find a place to work on your project, when Lambo had disappeared in a puff of smoke and this crying toddler in a cow suit came running out and collided with your legs. You’s crouched to comfort him, and immediately his green eyes had widened with wonder and his tears had vanished, replaced with a blush. “Lambo-san’s gonna marry you one day, lady!” “L-Lambo-san is?” “Yep!” The kid shined a big, toothy grin up at you, “I’m gonna love you forever.” You blinked. So this kid was actually Lambo…somehow. “Well, in that case, don’t tell, but I really like Lambo-san too, and if Lambo-san were to ask me out, well, I wouldn’t say no.” “Yay!” The kid cheered. There was another poof, and there was Lambo, the appropriate age, looking at the ground with a blush and hand rubbing the back of his neck. You looked at him expectantly for a moment, then called, “Lambo-san~” His eyes snapped to yours, wide, “You’re supposed to ask me out.” “Y-Y/N!” “Come on, Lambo, we’ve got a project to finish, and then you can take me out to dinner.”

Mukuro: “Ahahahaha!” “For God’s sake will you shut up!” You couldn’t take Ken’s laughing anymore. “Y/N,” Chikusa sighed, “Mukuro doesn’t usually like people like that.” “I know,” you pouted, sitting on the couch next to Ken, who was still laughing more quietly, now. “I can’t help liking him, Chikusa!” “I get it,” Ken said suddenly, sitting up straight, a goofy grin on his lips. “It’s because of how he treats us different from all the others, right?” You blushed and nodded, hanging your head. Mukuro had always treated you and these two boys with a degree of kindness that he never showed to anyone else. Ken bumped you with his shoulder, prompting you to rest your head on his arm. “It’ll be alright, Y/N,” he assured in an unexpectedly soft voice, “Mukuro won’t notice, but eventually you’ll get over this little crush of yours.” There was a clearing of the throat from the doorway, and the three of you looked up, and paled. There was Mukuro, standing there, his eyes narrowed almost dangerously. “Ken, Chikusa, leave.” Chikusa slid out of the room immediately, but Ken stayed next to you, wide eyed. “Mukuro-” “Out, now.” Ken took your hand and squeezed it, before reluctantly standing and leaving as well. Mukuro watched to make sure Ken and Chikusa were completely out of sight before coming to sit next to you on the couch. He crossed his ankle over his knee, threw his arm onto the back of the couch behind you, and smirked. If you had been standing, your knees would have gone right out from under you. That being said you sank even further into the couch. “Mukuro, I-” He cut you off by leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours. When he pulled away he had to smile at your deer-in-headlights look. “Ken and Chikusa usually know what they’re talking about, but not this time.”

Byakuran: The shouting of Vongola’s Storm and second most powerful Rain reached Byakuran’s cell with no issues. You and Gokudera had been at it for hours and Byakuran was getting a little irritated with the Storm for snapping at you the way he was. Byakuran realized, of course, that somewhere in the midst of battle, he’d fallen in love you (or, at least, your past self), with no hope of his feelings being returned. With the Tsunayoshi of this time still in hiding, you, as his younger sister, manned the helm of the ship that was the Vongola and your current order of business was, well, Byakuran and you wanted to keep him alive. Gokudera let out a roar that snapped Byakuran out of his thoughts. “Just because you like him doesn’t mean he’s not still a danger!” Byakuran’s eyebrow rose, and a pleased smirk curled on his lips. “No,” you raged back, “The fucking flame suppressant device Sanner and Giannini made is what makes him not a danger, you prick! Stop arguing with me because he could be important!” “But Juudaime-” “He isn’t here, Hayato,” your voice was pained, and Byakuran felt a twinge of guilt as he realized that it was his fault, technically, that Tsunayoshi was gone. You continued, “Tsuna’s not here, and he left me in charge. I’ve had almost 10 years to figure out how to handle this, Shoichi and I have gone over it a million times, we’ve tested it hundreds more. This will work, so please, have a little faith in me.” Finally, finally, Gokudera’s voice lowered to normal, “I trust you, Undecimo.” The next few words were too quiet for Byakuran’s ears to hear, but he did pick up the sound of footsteps coming towards him, quick and light. You appeared outside his sell, still flushed from your shouting, face still stern. Your cocked one hip and placed your hands upon them. He gave you a grin, “Tell me more about how important I am, my love, I’m sure they didn’t hear you in Italy.” “Shut the fuck up.” “Yes, Undecimo.” “Fucker.”