smoking should not be attractive

robindaspoopy  asked:

42 and 53 maybe?

42. do you take any medications daily?

not anymore, but i used to take medicine for my joints a few years back.

53. opinion on smoking?

it’s cancer inducing and expensive and there’s literally NO reason a person should start smoking and i DEFINITIVELY shouldn’t think it looks cool and attractive when someone around me smokes.

tigerboydean  asked:

Dean/Cas - 1950s au.

He watches him from a distance, as he leans over the large car, gazing under her hood. He can’t help but bite his lower lip, as his eyes trail down over his back in that thin, white shirt, to his ass, that’s clad in tight, black jeans. His blue gaze stays there longer than he realises is appropriate, and he clears his throat as he tears his eyes away from the greaser, looking back over to the cafe where his friends are. 

It’s embarrassing to admit that the only reason he stopped in was to see him, because his father’s car wasn’t going to be fixed for another two days, and he knew that. But still… with Dean Winchester, the bad-boy of their high school, he didn’t really care if he looked like a total idiot. 

He didn’t stand a single chance anyway. 

‘Man, you okay?’ Fingers are snapping in front of his face, and when he blinks, he comes face to face with Dean, who’s standing in front of him with a concerned look on his face. 

'Uh… yes. Thanks.' 

'You sure?’ He murmurs with a smirk on his lips, as he reaches into his pocket and pulls his packet of cigarettes out. He takes one from the box and raises it to his lips, before he starts patting his legs, apparently looking for something. 

Before Castiel can ask what’s wrong or what he’s looking for, Dean is already asking, ‘You got a light, man?’ 

Cas thanks the lord that his mother always made him carry around a book of matches, and he digs into his pocket and pulls them out. He goes to hand them to Dean, who merely grins and shakes his head, and after only a small moment, Cas realises just what he’s to do. 

He breaks one match off before striking it and once it’s lit, he raises it to Dean’s cigarette, hoping and praying that his hands don’t start shaking because they’re so close to Dean Winchester’s face and lips. 

When he shakes the flame out after lighting his cigarette, Cas bites his lip and goes to turn away, but then Dean’s hand is on his arm, and Cas turns back to him with a frown. 

Dean takes the cigarette out of his mouth, blowing the smoke out with a small puff and Castiel thinks that should not be attractive, except it totally is. 

'Want to do dinner sometime?’ Dean asks with a grin, and if Castiel were the type, he’d totally have fainted. 

wow… this ended up much longer than i intended!!! turns out i have a lot of love for deancas in the 50s!!!

thank you!! <33

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