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femalefromthebin  asked:

have any nurse headcanons? if you already posted some, could you link them to me?

havent doen the nurse yet! or any adult characters so heres a first!

  • Is related to Mai in one way or another
  • Despite bubbly outward appearance she’s really deadpan and monotone 
  • Carries a clipboard around, never really needs it but uses it to make herself look busy
  • Hates giving shots because of how some kids will cry
  • is single and ready 2 mingle 
  • Has dreams of owning a motorcycle to ride to work but all she has is a broken down car 
  • When something goes wrong in the school she just kinda sighs and distances herself away from it all
  • Watches those cheesy skinemax shows and cheap low budget exploitation movies from the 80s 
  • Lives in a small apartment with loud neighbours and owns a goldfish called Chitose 
  • Even though shes the nurse and health supervisor, she sometimes sneaks out back for a quick smoke, also on bad days adds a small shot of vodka to her coffee in a twist of irony

I really like the nurse… im glad she at least has a new model now after being kinda ignored for ages