smoking in the control room

Trailer - 'The Crawl'

0:00 - 0:04

Blackness. Slow, laboured breathing extends into a death rattle.

V/O, female: ‘We lost the world.’


0:05 - 0:09

Series of fixed-camera shots of cities destroyed and deserted. The images intersperse with close-ups of wounds and dead flesh.

V/O: 'To the dead.’


0:10 - 0:13

An overgrown yard crowded with shambling, rotting corpses.

At the farthest corner of the lot, something hidden in the undergrowth snatches a zombie out of sight.


0:14 - 0:16

Young man (Y) runs through the charred remains of an art gallery. A mob of bloody dead run after him.



Blackness. Sound of wet explosion.


Y has turned, is staring at a swamp of decaying blood, all that is left of his pursuers.

V/O: 'We’re all prey to something.’


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Broken Only

No one dared to breathe.

Only the faint, piteous whines of the portal and the clunk of combat boots cut the silence. As though catching on to the tension in the air, the portal’s crackles faded into a damped and pulsing beat. It meshed into the background hum of gears and cranks, until all the machinery melded into the buzz of white noise.

The man bent to pick up his first journal. His fingers matched to the cover, but his yellow, cracked, splintered nails hardly resembled the immaculate gold. He tucked it into the inside pocket of his heavy, sodden cloak. The motion sent out a wafting gust of air that stunk of sweat and mold and death. It drifted off him. It spiked the air. His whole body was infected with the smell.

The boots kept on, defiant to the tense silence they shattered. The clunks came heavy and purposeful, until they stopped all together. The man raised a filthy hand to his face and shed himself of his hood and goggles, bringing into view his scruffy jaw, his matted hair.  Grime nested deep in the cracks of his face. His thick hair had grown mangy, his cheeks hollow and eyes sunken, though they stared out with sharp intent.

Who’s that?”

“The author of the journals…my brother.”

“…What? The actual—the actual author? He’s your—He’s…our

Stan smoothed his fez back onto his head, straightening it and tucking his loose hair behind his ears. He stood slowly. The visible shaking in his body kept him from finding his balance immediately.

“Stanley…” he whispered.

At this, the man shot forward. The sharp eyes glowed with a sudden understanding, a sudden ferocity. His filthy hands grabbed Stan Pines by the collar and pulled him close. His voice was a growl, scratchy from disuse.

“What did you do?”

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I Think I’m In Love With This Twenty Year-Old Named Halsey 

Beautiful Eyes

Wicked Blue Hair

She Also Happens To Be A Music Superstar

Oneshot: Smoke

Could u rewrite the scene of the fire at the mayor’s office.. Emma still saved Regina but Regina ends up more hurt than just a sprained ankle.. Regina got trapped a little longer n she suffers from smoke inhalation.. - mysterio-lady

Thanks for the prompt. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or its characters. TW for references to child abuse. Hope you enjoy :)

Regina’s eyes widen in terror as the flames lick their way up the stairs. She’s trapped. When she pulled the door open she was blown back by the explosion and a damn ladder landed on her leg. Red hot pain sears through her leg as she frantically tries to scramble up the steps but to no avail. She can’t move.

She panics.

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anonymous asked:

I don't smoke weed, and I think it's kinda gross, but I try not to judge. But for the life of me, I've tried asking and looking, and nobody can provide an actual, credible source for the whole "weed smoke is bad for your pets" thing. It's wicked stupid and scummy, but I really can't find actual study or evidence for it being harmful for their health. I've known many potheads with dogs that are very healthy(vets words, not mine or the owners) and live into their teens. Can I just get some data!?

its scummy and disgusting, and it’s fucking toxic to cats and dogs. don’t fucking blow smoke in your pets face. don’t smoke with them in the room. show some self control. i don’t care if you smoke weed but for fucks sake don’t get your animals, the creatures you’re supposed to TAKE CARE OF, involved in your habits.

must i go on? its NOT GOOD FOR THEM and you’re a shit person if you blow smoke in your pets face, hands down.