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A lost, star gazing boy and his red paladin~~

Here’s the second, more cover-like artwork I did for my Sheith Big Bang entry, because guess who loves watercoloring galaxies and stars and crying over fictional ships and their BB writers’ perfection and stuff.

AO3 link to the fic: “Remember What Drives You”

writers: @leonineheroes and @paladinpuppypile

from the directors that liked Harold and Kumar way too much comes a NEW teen comedy… *jump cuts to aerial view of high school, the footage of the camera moving towards it is sped up until it reaches a certain point, at which it starts scrolling at about normal speed* (guitar strumming and clapping music in the bg) dude did you hear about the party? teen2: no, i don’t usually attend parties because i’m not popular. teen 1: that’s ok but consider this: the girl named “Jessica Cotch” will be attending ths party (while this line is being uttered footage of an actress who is obviously about 25 years old is playing a high school student and it’s a shot of her walking down the hallway with DOF blur on teen boys checking her out behind her making an OOOOUUU face actually everyone is 25) 

teen2: oh wow! she is the hottest girl in our most beloved high school and coincidentally the one that i have lustful feelings for. it is truly amazing that i will never be able to attend this party and to get my penis involved with some lurid debauchery. sex sex sex alcohol cock cock cock. (music stops so you can hear him say “fuck dude” after smoking weed)


Peter Cushing as Captain Clive Judd in Cone of Silence (1960).


WENDY: So how’s school been?
WENDY: This isn’t part of the interview, by the way.
CRAIG: Been alright. Just busy.
WENDY: Ugh, I feel it.
WENDY: I have a packed schedule, like, every day. I was amazed I ended up with the time to take this trip.
WENDY: And that’s only because I begged my sociology professor for an extension.
CRAIG: Cool.
CRAIG: Mind if I smoke, or.
WENDY: No, that’s okay.

WENDY: My paper is about growing up gay in a conservative home, by the way.
WENDY: So if you don’t want to answer any of the questions you don’t have to.
CRAIG: What if I don’t want to answer all of them, at all.
WENDY: Then, I guess I’ll have to find someone else to interview.
WENDY: But I really looked forward to your answers. I feel like they would be a little more honest.
CRAIG: How so.
WENDY: Well, the other people I asked, what they told me felt so… guarded?
WENDY: I thought your responses would just be forthright, in your it-is-how-it-is way.
CRAIG: About that.
CRAIG: I’m not gonna be like, any help with your paper, I don’t think.
WENDY: Why? Are you going to refuse all my questions?
CRAIG: No. I’m just not gay.

CRAIG: At least I don’t think I am. Not anymore.
CRAIG: It’s not just about who’s got a dick and who doesn’t. I probably won’t fuck anyone for a long time, anyway.
CRAIG: It’s who I think can stand spending time with me.
CRAIG: But I never… didn’t, like girls.
CRAIG: And I feel so stupid freaking my parents out over nothing.
WENDY: Craig, that’s okay! My interview has nothing to do with that.
WENDY: If you don’t want to answer any of the questions, that’s fine.
CRAIG: It is?
WENDY: Of course. But I’m completely willing to talk to you about all of this off the record if you want.
CRAIG: Sure. Whatever.