smoking devices


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- Throne Of Glass
- Queen Of The Tearling
- A Court Of Thorns And Roses
- Falling Kingdoms
- Lux Series
- Girl Of Fire And Thorns
- The Mortal Instruments
- The Infernal Devices
- The Grisha Trilogy
- The Young Elites
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Holy shit, I guess people on tumblr like my bong. It’s been reblogged a couple times already. Here she was before ever used! Notice the indents in it! (there are three of them) It’s so you can take ice hits! This was the pic that I sent out to most of my friends when I finally got it. I was so damn excited! For good reason too! She hits like a champ!

columbinecutie asked:

You can also make a lung to smoke out of if you cut the bottom straight off a 2 liter or 20 oz plastic bottle and duct tape an empty bread bag around it so it hangs down, and get a makeshift metal bowl like a female plumbing joint (really cheap at hardware stores and you don't need a screen) and bore a hole in the cap to shove that into. Then you just stuff the bag into the bottle, screw the cap on, light it as you pull the bag out, and then take the cap off and you'll have a ton of smoke.

It’s funny that you brought this up, because my friends have been using this device (we call it a parachute) for the past week or so, although we used a simple grocery bag instead of a bread bag (just make sure there’s no holes in it!!). It works so well! And the smoke condenses and looks really cool.