smoking cessation program

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   i didn’t ask for your input on my smoking habits, old woman. 

  jotaro was far from pleased by the thieving of his cigarette, especially because he was being lectured about smoking it in the first place. he refused to look her direction as she spoke, but he did roll his eyes. smoking cessation programs? how much of a child did she think he was? what a pain in the ass. kujo leaned against the balcony’s edge, pulling his hat down to shadow his eyes.

  “ so what? i like the smell of smoke, and i’m still alive. it’s not like i’m new to this shit. i’ve been smoking one, maybe two years, and i’m perfectly fine. so is that bi- …holly. he wouldn’t have changed his mind, if a previous reaction from jona hadn’t made him decide better of insulting his mother in her presence. why the hell are you suddenly concerned, anyways? especially since you’re taking a damn drag as we speak.