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Tam Bir Başyapıt Olan 72 Film Önerisi

1- The Shawshank Redemption - Esaretin Bedeli(1994)

2- The Intouchables - Can Dostum(2011)

3- Black(2005)


5- Mr. Nobody - Bay Hiçkimse(2009)

6- Forrest Gump(1994)

7-Saving Private Ryan - Saving Private Ryan(1998)

8-The Green Mile - Yeşil Yol(1999)

9- 3 idiots - 3 Aptal(2009)

10- Pi (1998)

11- Fight Club - Dövüş Kulübü(1999)

12- Leon: The Professional - Sevginin Gücü(1994)

13-Shutter Island - Zindan Adası (2010)

14- Life of Pi, Pi'nin Yaşamı(2012)

15- Catch Me If You Can - Sıkıysa Yakala(2002)

16-Barfi: Aşkın Dile İhtiyacı Yoktur(2012)

17-A Beautiful Mind - Akıl Oyunları(2001)

18 - My Name Is Khan - Benim Adım Khan(2010)

19-Taare Zameen Par - Her Çocuk Özeldir(2007)

20- Schindler’s List - Schindler'in Listesi(1993)

21- The Godfather - Baba (1972)

22- Pulp Fiction - Ucuz Roman(1994)

23- The Notebook - Not Defteri(2004)

24- Big Fish - Büyük Balık(2003)

25 - Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - Ateşten Kalbe, Akıldan DumanaLock(1998)

26- Trainspotting(1996)

27- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Sil Baştan(2004)

28 - Good Will Hunting - Can Dostum(1997)

29- Django Unchained - Zincirsiz(2012)

30- Inglourious Basterds - Soysuzlar Çetesi(2009)

31- Oldboy - İhtiyar Delikanlı(2009)

32- Se7en - Yedi(1995)

33- Pride & Prejudice - Aşk ve Gurur(2005)

34- Scent of a Woman - Kadın Kokusu(1992)

35-Requiem For A Dream - Bir Rüya İçin Ağıt(2000)

36- Kal Ho Naa Ho(2003)

37- Sin City - Günah Şehri(2005)

38- Snatch - Kapışma(2000)

39- 12 Angry Men - 12 Kızgın Adam(1957)

40- Silver Linings Playbook - Umut Işığım(2012)

41- Hannibal(2001)

42- The Pursuit of Happyness - Umudunu Kaybetme(2007)

43- Rang De Basanti- Onu Sarıya Boya(2006)

44- American History X - Geçmişin Gölgesinde(1998)

45- Das Boot(1982)

46- Do Your Thing - Dil Chahta Hai(2001)

47- Blue Is the Warmest Color - La vie d'Adèle - Mavi En Sıcak Renktir(2013)

48- Despicable Me - Çılgın Hırsız (2010)

49- The Butterfly Effect - Kelebek Etkisi(2004)

50- Donnie Darko - Karanlık Yolculuk(2001)

51- Rain Man - Yağmur Adam(1998)

52- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Sende Rabbimi Gördüm(2008)

53- Incendies - İçimdeki Yangın(2010)

54- Truman Show(1998)

55- The Usual Suspects - Olağan Şüpheciler(1995)

56- Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Koku: Bir Katilin Hikayesi(2007)

57- Ted - Ayı Teddy(2012)

58- Dead Poets Society - Ölü Ozanlar Derneği(1989)

59- Shame - Utanç(2011)

60- Downfall - Çöküş(2004)

61- The Man from Earth - Dünyalı(2007)

62- My Sassy Girl - Hırçın Sevgilim(2001)

63 - Warrior - Savaşcı(2011)

64- Green Street Hooligans - Yeşil Sokak Holiganları(2005)

65- Reservoir Dogs - Rezervuar Köpekleri(1992)

66- Life Is Beautiful - Hayat Güzeldir(1997)

67 - A Separation - Bir Ayrılık (2011)

68 - Up - Yukarı Bak(2009)

69- Apocalypto - Apokalipto(2007)

70- Edward Scissorhands - Edward Makaseller(1990)

71- Love Actually - Aşk Her Yerde(2003)

72- Cinderella Man(2005)

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The King Arthur movie was so good! Definitely made him a rogue! There actually quite a few rogues in this one. Well worth a watch~ Much better than what critics say, and any movie wouldn't make much money compeleting with Gaurdians of the Galaxy :\

(This is about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.)

Good is subjective, though, innit?

Personally, I love Guy Ritchie for Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and for Snatch, but not for anything he’s done after that. YMMV. :)

Got7 trying *but kinda failing* at Valentine's Day

Group(s) & Members(s): Got7

Genre: fluff 

Warnings: none

A/N: Surprise I’m finally here with something! sorry i’ve been gone, life is crazy yall. The order in which they appear are Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Yugyeom & Bambam. please ignore any typos or errors im too lazy to edit this rn i’ll get around to it eventually. 


Jackson is THE MOST about Valentines. He’s all about the ~romance~ and all about getting alllll the cliche gifts like chocolates and roses, despite you telling him that you didn’t really care about those sorts of things. You walk into your apartment to find the biggest teddy bear you’ve ever seen and you know Jackson is behind it when you hear his suppressed giggles. “Isn’t this great Y/N!” and tbh he seems more excited about it than you are so you get the feeling that he mainly bought it for himself. After dinner he takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom, stopping only to tell you to cover your eyes. “Wait right here while I go get your present” and you feel like you’re waiting forever and after the 5 minute mark you get worried so you call out to him. He doesn’t respond and instead all you hear are some suppressed grunts. Finally you give in and head to where the noise was coming from. You burst into immediate laughter when you find him, shirtless with his arms tangled up in black and red lace. His eyes go wide when he sees you, “GIRLS ALWAYS GET TO WEAR LINGERIE SO I THOUGHT I WOULD TRY IT TO BE SEXY FOR YOU BUT I’M STUCK”. After laughing for a good 10 minutes at him you finally grab some scissors and free him. 

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I need a cocky smirking McCree x reader; I'll do anything

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“you come to see the show, darlin’?”

mccree’s voice is a honey-coated drawl, slick and certain. he always sounds so sure of himself, but there’s something about his voice that takes it a step further: a kind of self-assuredness that borders on … well, cocky. around you, at least.

you roll your eyes in exaggerated disinterest, keeping your eyes down on the task at hand. the weaponry at base was woefully ill-prepared for battle - seven years out of commission had left most of the guns and armor as little more than scrap metal. you had dedicated yourself to fixing them up as best you could, but hours locked in a closed room, with nothing but polish and gunpowder fumes, had made your head spin beyond belief. it had been a pain in the ass to haul most of your equipment outside, but at least you had fresh air. 

and, as it turned out, some company.

mccree strolled up ( really, there was no other way to describe it ) to where a heap of pistols lay, reaching in with nonchalance to inspect this one and that. more than once, his hand nearly - nearly - grazed your knee, but neither of you commented on it. you wondered if he was doing it on purpose, but it seemed like quite a lot of work to just try and rile you up ( if that was in fact what he was trying to do ).

“now this is a mighty fine piece!” you lifted your head to see mccree holding a sturdy pistol in his hand. the metalwork was done in solid silver - really, it was a little old-fashioned to your taste, but you had to admire the way mccree handled the weapon. he turned it over in his hands, running his fingers gently over the framework, and finally, flipped it neatly over, so that it was resting securely in his grip. “oh, yeah. a real thing of beauty.”

“it’s gotta be rusted all over by now,” you protested, forgetting your polishing. “and it probably can’t even shoot! i don’t even know how it got in the pile, to be honest.”

“well, now, i’m … pretty good at getting things to come about when i want them to.” and you swore the look he gave you was a smirk, but before you could confirm it, mccree had turned on his heel, facing the ramshackle targets that tracer had set up earlier for target practice.

you snorted, to indicate your derision, but you couldn’t help but keep your eyes on mccree nonetheless. he adapted a stance with both arms up, fingers curved around the handle, his profile facing you. standing completely still, eyes on the target, it looked like he was simply measuring the distance - but you couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was posing for you. with your attention fully on him, mccree suddenly pulled back on the trigger, and a series of deafening shots exploded across the field.

it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he had hit every one.

mccree paused; raising the pistol to his lips, he blew away the thin trail of smoke rising from the barrel, before strolling back to where you sat, stunned. spinning the gun in hand, he proffered the barrel to you; as you reached up to take it, he suddenly slid his grip up, so that his fingers were brushing yours.

“let me know if you’d ever like a repeat performance,” he said, lightly, and that damned smirk of his slipped across his lips as he took in your expression. tipping his hat to you, he ambled away, whistling a tune on his lips that, hidden from you, had broken into a wide, self-satisfied grin.

.Bast aesthetic. My favourite  faery, who is a cutie, but I’m pretty sure is quite more evil/scary than we think.

Maple. Maypole.
Catch and carry.
Ash and Ember.

Fallow farrow.
Ash and oak.
Bide and borrow.
Chimney smoke.

Barrel. Barley.
Stone and stave.
Wind and water.

“And I swear by the night sky and the ever-moving moon: if you lead my master to despair, I will slit you open and splash around like a child in a muddy puddle. I’ll string a fiddle with your guts and make you play it while I dance. You are an educated man. You know there are no such things as demons. There is only my kind. You are not wise enough to fear me as I should be feared. You do not know the first note of the music that moves me. “

-By Patrick Rothfuss, Name of the Wind.

@meldy-arts (I heard a request. Hope you like it!)

Hera heard the shot. It was so close to her ear. Ezra falls to the floor.

Thrawn held the blaster, the barrel smoking. Red seeps into the white of the troopers armor.

“EZRA!” She yells, but is held back by other troopers.

“You were unwise to think I wouldn’t have noticed. Take them to the cells.”

The troopers force Hera to drag Ezra along, down the hallway. His body isn’t completely limp, but she tries to be gentle.

The cell door locks behind them.

Tears form in Heras eyes. “I’m so sorry Ezra…I’m so sorry.”

He smiles weakly, “Don’t be.”

She hates herself. All of this was for a stupid Kalakori. It wasn’t worth the life of her son. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

“Don’t talk.” Hera whispers, pulling off her bandanna, pressing to his wound, wrapping it with a piece of cloth torn from her pants. “You’ll be alright. Stay with me.”

Troopers escorted them out. Ezra supported by two of them.

“Be careful, he’s lost a lot of blood.” She says.

She’s ignored.

The trade doesn’t go smoothly. As expected, the rebels fight back.

Hera keeps Ezra safe until Zeb comes along. He hands her his borifle. “Keep your eye down the center, keep your arm up, elbow in, pull the trigger.” It’s all he says before he picks up Ezra.

The Borifle is heavy, and unnatural, different entirely from a blaster. Hera still manages to take out a couple of the troopers.

She sets her sights on a different target.

Hera spots Thrawn firing toward Rex and Sabine. Her family.

She runs for cover, the borifle getting heavy in her arms. Hera rolls to the side, avoiding a mine.

From behind a tipped over At-At, she aims Zebs gun and fires.

Thrawn right between the crosshairs.

The shot hits his abdomen. Not fatal…unfortuanlty.

Kanan yells, “Hera! Let’s go.”

She stands, and retreats. Thrawn would pay a different day.

Ezra gets patched up decently, and lies sleeping.

It’s just her and Kanan. “I made a mistake Love.”

“We all do.”

“I never should have tried-”

“Hera,” Kanan interrupts. “you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t. If there’s anything I’ve learned…you always try.”

He wraps his arms around her. “Ezra will be fine, no one blames you.”

Hera accepts the hug. It’s been a long day. “Thanks love.”

That night she started to carve her own Kalakori. For her family.