smoking and drinking the whole day

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Ok but opinions on beans and bbq? Also corn on the cob? How sweet should tea be? Also sheet cake- u know the type. From scratch.

baked beans are okay, i’m not a huge fan, I’d rather eat them with hot dogs. but I do love getting butter beans (/lima beans) with bbq! with some bits of smoked ham and the pepper relish (to this day I can’t remember what that stuff is? everyone in alabama had it on the table at restaurants to put on butter beans, it was some sort of pickled peppers, really vinegar-y)

corn on the cob is good but again i’m weird about eating food like that, which is just my own neurosis. 

sweet tea should be very sweet. very sweet. so sweet that, as an adult, I think “I really shouldn’t be drinking a whole glass of this.” The sweetness level shouldn’t cover up the taste of tea though, which is when you know it’s too sweet, because it just tastes like syrup. the sugar should always be mixed in while the tea is hot. the other option if, like me, you’re trying to not drink 4 cups of granulated sugar a day - make simple syrup! 

I just made hibiscus simple syrup and a big pitcher of sweet tea, but I only did half the amount of sugar in the tea. I keep a little jar of the syrup in the fridge and just add it as needed and I find that I’m definitely using less sugar than I would have and it still tastes like sweet tea (albeit hibiscus sweet tea - but you can make just regular simple syrup)

I’m indifferent about the sheet cake - i know, i know. but I’ve always been a pie gal

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Could you tell your uneducated followers, such as myself, some more about Ramadan? You're allowed to eat between sunset and sunrise, just not during the day? Are there rules about working during Ramadan if you have a job? Obviously some people can't take time off, but is it preferable to stay home with family? Do some countries, that you know of, recognize it as a holiday and give time off to Muslim citizens? Do you really fast everyday for the whole month!?

Sure. :)

From sunrise and sunset we can’t eat, drink, smoke or have sex. Obviously, if you live in a country with extremely long hours of sunlight it is a little different. 

You are allowed to go about your day as normal as possible. It is advisable to spend time with family and you should be focusing on strengthening your faith. 

Fasting is for those who are abled. 

If you are sick such as having the flu, have a health condition such a diabetes, old age, mental illness, being forced to do it against your will -‘compulsion’, experiencing intense hunger and/or thirst, you are travelling or you would face prosecution or experience fear due to fasting you may be exempt. People don’t fast while they are on their period (well, for good reason since that be incredibly uncomfortable), pregnant/breastfeeding (up to their discretion) and children are not required to fast (Some children do want try it out. I remember as a child I would get in the habit of fasting until midday as practice. Obviously it was not forced on me and I wanted to do it. Of course, parents need to be very watchful of their kids.)  

You can either make up the fasting days or if you have a long-term condition donate to charity. 

It is a festive time. We like to go out for special dinners, prepare special food and do more community activities. But most importantly the month is centred around helping the less fortunate. This is the time of year where we pay our yearly zakkat to the poor. A required amount of donations from your total earnings to someone in need. 

Fasting is suppose to teach patience, steadfastness and remind you of those who go hungry and thirsty. It is about controlling your desires. We do it the whole month- 29 or 30 days depending on the moon. 

Fasting shouldn’t be a distressing experience. For most people, fasting is relatively easy or just mildly uncomfortable. Most people report to feeling better during ramadan as it is good for the digestive system and lots of people actually gain weight surprisingly enough because they tend to have feasts at dinner. We eat two meals know as Suhoor in the morning and Iftaar at night. Water and dates are ‘sunnah’- Optional but a good habit- to have at both times as that is what the Prophet Muhammad (SA) use to do. 

Islam teaches that you must have a good breakfast before sunrise and that you break your fast as soon as it is sunset- it is forbidden to delay breaking your fast. It is not required to starve yourself at all. Healthy, abled people fast without any difficulties. It shouldn’t be at the cost of your health.

You are to prioritise your health and well-being. 

I live in Australia and nothing changes for me. I am not bothered by it because for me my life goes on as normal as fasting is not a difficulty. I went to a religious school for Primary School and High School so we had shorter days during ramadan. 

I am not aware of how it is practiced in Muslim countries. 

Thanks for your ask. Have a great day anon! 

You’re Perfect to Me

Jax Teller x Plus-size!Reader

Word Count: 1,096

Warnings: Croweaters being bitches, self-consciousness, body shame, self-loathing

Requested by @mamapeterson:  Hi babe! Could I possibly request a plus!size reader X Jax one shot. Reader is self conscious, but she usually puts on a good front. And then one day, she overhears a group of women talking about her. She’s upset, of course, but to Jax, she’s perfect. I LOVE YOU!

A/N: I did my best on this my love!! I hope you love it!!! Feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope the rest of you enjoy this as well! :D 

A/N#2: Also tagging my other Jax babes… @impalaimagining@thevioletthourr@abaddonwithyall, and @demondean-for-kingofhell

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I’m gonna go on a rant for a second.

Sure, Isak and Even are horny teenage boys who drink, have sex and smoke…but in this scene there is total purity.

Media over-sexualizes gay relationships saying “oh well, they’re horny teenagers” No.

This scene shows how it is to be in love. It shows what it’s like to be content with being close to someone in a nonsexual way without even talking. It shows how love can be so pure and soft. And this goes for gay and straight relationships.

It shows how someone can be so caught up in love that they would spend a whole day lounging around doing nothing with someone they care about.

And when they do talk, they show complete trust in each other by talking about what goes on in their head.
Sons of Lawrence #6

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Crowley. Mentioned: Ash, Bobby Singer, Garth
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,596
Warnings: Language, angst 
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?
 Italics are flashbacks.

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It was during a meeting the next day, one that Y/N was sitting in on, that an unexpected visitor dropped by.

He waltzed in without even knocking. “Hello, boys,” he rasped, cigarette-tainted voice gruff cutting through the smoke-filled room like a knife.

John stood tall, anger coursing through him. “Crowley,” he greeted the new arrival with a firm handshake. “We weren’t expecting you.”

The shorter man shrugged and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his black jacket. “Heard what happened to Sam,” he stated simply, eyes scanning the room until they landed on the youngest Winchester. “How you doin’, Moose?”

Sam bristled at the nickname no one had been able to convince Crowley to stop using. “Right as rain,” Sam ground out.

“Glad to hear it,” he lied as he started walking deeper into the room.

“What do you want, Crowley?” John demanded. He was still pissed at his sons for going behind his back, but the fact was that one of Crowley’s men shot his son.

“What?” Crowley feigned offense. “Can’t I drop in on my old friend?”

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Project Partners - Taeyong

I know this isn’t superrrr great but I tried hard. I hope you like it, have a great day - Em x

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Requests: Can you do a scenario teacher put you in a group with Taeyong who you have never talked before. You think he is a typical badboy but after being partners you see him in a new light? Thank you :)

 Genre: Fluff

 Word Count: 1836

“Everyone stand at the back instead of taking a seat. Today I’m setting a project and after last time there is no way you get to pick your own partners.” Your teacher said. Everyone groaned but you knew it was true. Half of last terms projects were laughable. You were still a bit disgruntled though, one of your best friends was in this class and you could have had so much fun together. You just hoped you got partnered with someone vaguely decent.

Your teacher began to list names of your classmates. She had managed to partner everyone with someone they barely knew.

“y/b/f and Yuta,” The teacher said handing them a project pack. “y/n and Taeyong,” she called out next. If you had been cheekier you would have protested at this. Taeyong was just some badboy in your year who chased after a different girl each week and didn’t bother with anything. That’s what everyone said.

Your friend shot you a sympathetic look before turning around and grinning at Yuta. She had had a crush on him for ages, he was nice and cute so she was lucky to have him for a partner.

You sat down at a desk next to Taeyong and gave him a quick, fake smile. The teacher walked up to the board and wrote the deadline, a week from now, in big letters.

“We have done many projects in the past but I thought we would do something a bit more interesting for you this time,” she announced. “In your pair, each of you will have to present about the other person and something you have learned from each other this week. This is another reason you can’t go with your friends. You may have the rest of the lesson to discuss with your partner.”

Your teacher pulled out her laptop and put headphones in. Your social science class wasn’t always the most educational fo your classes.

You turned to Taeyong.

“Um… hey so I’m y/n,” You said to him smiling as best you could. Taeyong raised his eyebrows and grinned.

“You’re a pretty girl,” He said to you with a wink. “I’m lucky in that regard,” You internally groaned. Was it humanly possible to work with him? This was one of the many questions you had. But you ignored him.

“What days are you free?” You asked him politely. But he didn’t reply he had gotten out his phone and was texting someone. You didn’t mind faking happiness but he could at least pay attention.

“Hey, Taeyong!” You said tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up at you, seemingly amused that you were still trying to work.

“I asked you what days you were free to work, that is if you’re not too busy beating people up or chasing after poor girls or whatever you do in your free time. I don’t really feel like doing the whole project myself but I mean with you has a partner what should have I expected.”

He looked surprised by your small outburst, it wasn’t immediately obvious but you could have sworn a flash of hurt ran across his face before his smirk regained its usual place. He was about to speak but the bell rang.

“Look you can do whatever, but if you want to help meet me in the library tomorrow after school,” you told him getting up. “But don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to show.”

The next day after the last bell rang you walked down to the library with your best friend.

“Yuta is so kind and he is really good at this project, I’m having so much fun,” she gushed her cheeks blushing red when she saw Yuta waiting for her in the library. Your eyes scanned the room but there was absolutely no sign of Taeyong. 

If he was gonna show there was no way he would be early. But then you felt a tap on your own shoulder. You looked around to see Taeyong grinning at you as he sat down.

“I’m here to work y/n,” he said saluting you. He was funny, you would give him that.

“Great,” you replied, smiling earnestly this time. “So then tell me about yourself, Taeyong Lee,”

“There isn’t much to say really, I’m seventeen and I like to have a good time,” He grinned, you did the opposite and frowned.

“Taeyong seriously?” you questioned. “My part of the report can’t be ‘yeah this is Taeyong and he likes to party,’ we would get an F, you idiot,”

Taeyong shrugged.

“Not everyone is what you want them to be. I’m an out of control badboy who gets into fights, drinks, smokes and chases after helpless girls. That’s what people say right.” He told you looking down at his desk.

You looked at him sceptically. You had a feeling that this wasn’t a whole truth. Just by showing up he had shown he was different to what people said. But that didn’t really say much. It wasn’t proof of character enough.

“Fine,” you said relenting. “I will tell you first. I’m y/n and one day I hope to achieve something that shows I can be great. I want to do well and make and impression on people,”

He interrupted you, “Babe you made an impression on me with just one glance,” You cracked a small smile.

“How do you get girls with such terrible lines, gosh Taeyong, is your secret you’re a wizard?” You asked him.

“Oh, yes y/n you see I’m the Asian harry potter,” he flicked his pencil forward at you as if casting a spell. “Makeus this girlus fallus in loveus with meus!” he shouted. The whole library turned around at his sudden cry. The librarian cast you both a look that would kill.

It was all so funny, Taeyong being so childish and the shocked looks of others you couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Already you’re proving everyone wrong about the badboy. You are such an idiot Taeyong. Wait…,” you stopped. “Is the humour how you reel the girls in?” you asked curiously. Because if it was it was working.

“Nope. That would ruin my image. The humour is just for you baby girl,” He wiggled his eyebrows. “The other girls can’t avoid being taken in by my beautiful face because my face is beautiful. But not as beautiful as yours.” Taeyong said with his classic smirk back.

“Why are you trying to reel me in then, if the other girls like you more easily?” You questioned.

Taeyong blushed slightly pink. You thought your eyes were playing tricks.

“Because those girls only want one thing from me, and me from them. But that’s not what I want from you. Well, not all I want anyway. I won’t tell a lie. You intrigue me y/n, which is why I think you should go on a date with me.” He said. He sounded confident but you could just about tell the nervousness in his voice.

“Tell you what Taeyong, if we get an A on the project we can go on a date, but that means you have to tell me about the actual Taeyong. You are more than a badboy I can see it,” You answered.

“Fair deal,” he agreed. “Well then… I’m Taeyong and I don’t enjoy getting into fights, I just can’t help it. I have a slightly short temper. I feel pressured to hold up a reputation I don’t even like and I don’t know why. I sleep with lots of girls because the one I always liked from afar can’t see through my façade and I never have the guts to talk to her which in turn makes me angrier and I beat up more people. I want to be a good person, I don’t even like drinking that much. In fact, my favourite thing to do is to sing.” He dropped his face into his hands.

“Ah I can’t do this y/n, I seem so dumb,”

“Nah that was the best thing that you have ever said,” you said happily.

“Can I hear you sing?” you asked later as you were walking home with him.

“Absolutely not. No way. Never gonna happen.” He said walking faster to get away from you.

You ran to catch up and grabbed his arm lightly, just enough to stop him.

“Please,” You asked grinning, “I will do anything if you sing. Just two lines that’s it. Please Taeyong?” you asked. Both of you had just spent two hours writing up one of the bets social science reports of all time.

“Anything?” he asked eyes widening. You nodded.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“Okayyyy fine.” He said and stopped walking. “This is so awkward, here goes nothing…

It’s too much, your red lips

Un Bel Viso, all of you

Makes me imagine an image of an angel

Only mine, you got to be mine

 His voice was so beautiful. He turned around shy.

“Omg Tae that was so great, if I could sing like you I would never stop singing!” you praised him.

He smiled brightly.

“Glad you liked it baby girl. But now you have to do that one thing for me.” He said. You nodded wondering what he would say.

“y/n,” he said seriously. “I want you to kiss me,” and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You took a step towards him. He eyes flickered briefly between your eyes and lips but almost as quickly they pressed together. Your lips caressing each other softly but passionately. It lit a fire inside you.

He pulled away after a few seconds and leant his forehead against yours.

“I really hoped I proved I was different. Because I realised it doesn’t matter if other don’t know who I am. But it does matter that you do.”

“Don’t worry, I think I have a clear idea. And I like this new Taeyong a lot.”

He was beyond sweet from that point on. That weekend you went on an ice cream date and fed ducks at the park. He was the opposite of your preconceptions.

So, the next week in class when it was your turn you felt confident. Taeyong started off with a nice little talk about how people were sweet and we needed to take chances to get to know them like he did with you.

“To conclude, before this I thought I knew who Taeyong was. But people aren’t always the way they present themselves or the way people say. Sometimes it’s just easier to act a certain way. Taeyong is one of the best people I have ever met and I only know that because he had to prove it to me. We should try and see beyond people’s outward attitudes.”

Taeyong gave you a hug and a warm smile.

“Lovely.” The teacher said calling up the next pair. In the end, she gave everyone an A but you knew it wasn’t a waste of time as you walked into lunch to sit next to your boyfriend Taeyong.

The Ides of March

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13 (language)
Summary:  The product of multiple Stella/Hank requests combined into one.

When he was in college, surrounded by pretentious fucks who thought they were being funny, ‘beware the Ides of March,’ was how they told him ‘happy birthday.’  Very original.  Secretly, he was quite proud of the connotations associated with the day of his birth.  This year, like every year, he had certain expectations.  Number one, a morning blow job to wake him up.  Number two, a call from Becca.  Number three, dinner out with Stella.  Number four, Stella for dessert.

Well, he didn’t get his wakeup blow job, but that was because Stella god called into work at the ungodly hour of five a.m. when only garbage men and vampires should be awake.  He had rolled over and stuffed his head under the pillow as she hurried through her morning routine.

When he roused at the more decent hour of ten a.m. the house was quiet, save for the light tap of rain against the window.  It stayed dark and foggy the rest of the morning into early afternoon.  He wrote some.  He read the paper; the murder of an American student was on the front page, which must’ve been why Stella was called in so early.  And, he waited for the call from Becca.

His phone rang at seven, but by that point, he’d already abandoned all hope of dinner out.  Stella hadn’t been in contact all day, which meant she would be coming home exhausted, if she came home at all.  Which also meant dessert was most likely off the table.

“How you holding up, Sherlock?” Hank asked in greeting.

“Seven o’clock and all’s well, Watson.”

“Is it?”

“Could you possibly run to the wine shop and pick up a bottle of Sangiovese?  I believe we only have Merlot in the house and I would really appreciate a glass of Sangiovese right now.”

“That kind of day?”

“Well, it’s over now.  But, I should be home at half past.”

“Sure, I’ll run out.  Should I get anything else?  Run you a bath?”

“Just the wine.  We can order delivery when I get home.”

“See you soon.”

Stella hung up first, as usual.  He checked his phone just in case he missed a call or text while they were speaking, but it was clear.  The rain had stopped hours ago, but the streets were still damp.  He turned the collar up on his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked to the wine shop.

The whole trip took less than fifteen minutes, but it was long enough for Hank to fall into a melancholic slump.  He also didn’t care whether his birthday was celebrated or not, but to go a full day without it even being acknowledged, made him feel lonely.  Times like these he used to fix himself a strong drink, find something to snort or smoke, and top it off with a woman willing to share a few hours with him, whether he had to pay for it or not.

He knew, though, that he would come home and Stella would be there soon and he would kiss her, make love to her if she was agreeable, if the day hadn’t sucked all the energy from her, and he would remember that she was better than all the vices he used to use to not feel so lonely that never worked in the first place.

He was surprised, when he came home, to find Stella already there.  She was standing in the kitchen with a smile on her face.  Still had on her cream colored blouse and chocolate pencil skirt which told him she’d only arrived a few minutes ago otherwise she’d be in her robe.  Her heels were off though and she glided across the floor in her stockings to greet him.

“Close your eyes,” she said, putting her hand up and across his face.  She took the bag with the wine from his hand and twisted her hips out of his grasp when he tried to hold her.  “Keep them closed.”

He heard her set the bottle down on the counter and then there was shuffling and squeaking.  He squinted and fought the urge to open at least one eye to see what she was doing.  If he was lucky, he thought maybe he might open them to find her in the lingerie he’d given her for Valentine’s Day.  Or something new he’d never seen before.

“All right, you can open them,” she said.

It was the last thing he expected, but maybe the best present he’d ever received.  “Becca!?” he murmured in surprise.

“Happy birthday,” Stella said, giving Becca’s arm a light squeeze before she stepped away as Hank bent to hug his daughter.

He knew she hated when he did it, but he lifted Becca off the floor with his embrace and squeezed her tight.  She groaned, but she also laughed, which was his favorite sound in the world.

“Put me down!” she said.

“Never,” he said, even as he put her back on her feet.  “How did you manage to pull this off?”

Becca glanced at Stella.  “She thought we should surprise you,” she said.

“You did this?” Hank asked, turning his cheek to the top of Becca’s head so he could look at Stella.

“I had the idea.  It just worked out.”

Becca pulled away from Hank.  “Stella was just going to show me the guest room.  There’s something in my bag for you.”

“Sure, sure,” Hank said.

“Come.”  Stella held her arm out to Becca and led her over to the stairs.

Hank smiled to himself as he shrugged off his jacket and draped it over one of the chairs at the counter.  Becca liked Greek and there was a Greek place that delivered around the block.  He searched the drawer where they kept the delivery menus.  Stella came back downstairs alone.

“She wanted to call Karen,” Stella said.  “Let her know she got in okay.”

Hank grabbed Stella at the hips and drew her in to kiss her.  He backed her up against the counter and lifted her up.  She smiled against his mouth and held his head, finally pushing him away when he began to lay her back.

“Mm mm mm,” she murmured, a hand on his chest and the other in his hair.  “Your daughter will be down in a minute.”

“I thought you’d forgotten,” he said.

“Of course not.”  She draped her arms over his shoulders and laced her fingers together at the back of his neck.  “I’d even set my alarm fifteen minutes early to make sure you got your favorite wake up call.”

“You planned a birthday blow job for me?  I think I might cry.”

“I sincerely apologize.  I was not expecting to be called in this morning.”

“Can I still collect a belated birthday blow job?”

“There’s a fairly good chance for that.”

“Mmm.”  Hank growled softly and kissed her again.  Stella sank her teeth into his bottom lip and held it in a soft bite as he pulled away.

“Happy birthday,” she said, letting him go.

“Best birthday ever,” he whispered, laying his forehead against hers.

“Even without the blow job?”

“I didn’t say perfect, I said best.”

Stella laughed.

The End

@agentas Don’t be sorry! That’s a really neat idea! I love magic, and this could lead to some real shenanigans. I changed it so that the S/o does end up passing out in Tracer’s and Reaper’s, I hope that’s okay! And, Reaper’s ended up being a bit sad, whoops.


• Is weary at first.
• What if something goes wrong and she can’t blink anymore?
• Has butterflies throughout the process of the spell.
• Can’t sit still either.
• After it’s all said and done they both take off her Crono-accelerator; but, Tracer’s hands are shaky.
• Once it’s fully off, her S/o tries to calm her down before encouraging her to try blinking.
• And she does.
• She squeals in delight and thanks her S/o a thousand times through a bone crushing hug.
• For years, the only times Lena took off her chest piece was to change her clothes, so being without it for so long was wild and freeing.
• There’s so many new kinds of outfits she can wear!!?? She can sleep on her back now??!!
• She’s extremely cuddly now that she doesn’t have a big clunky piece of metal on her chest.
• For a few days she doesn’t tell Winston; she was so grateful to him for basically saving her life and didn’t wanted him to feel like, in the end, his work was for nothing.
• It takes about three weeks for her to notice that her S/o is becoming sluggish.
• It takes one week more for her S/o pass out from exhaustion.
• Tracer FLIPS OUT.
• S/o wakes up a few hours later, feeling better, but still slightly tired.
• Since then, she outright refuses any attempts that her S/o makes to do it again.
• Tracer has always been the kind of person to be grateful for the cards she’s been dealt, and though she misses the freedom sometimes, being able to do what she can do with someone she loves, is enough for her.

• He doesn’t believe his S/o at first.
• It’s not that he doesn’t trust in their abilities; it’s just that, he thinks he’s too far gone to be brought back.
• He goes along anyway, thinking that nothing will happen.
• After S/o performs the spell, the first thing he feels, is uncomfortable.
• He feels how hot his suit really is. He feels thirsty for the first time since he became Reaper.
• S/o quickly picks up a pocket mirror, and Reaper takes off his mask.
• He sees the face of a man who had been dead to him for years.
• He touches his face, forgetting to remove his talons, and he bleeds.
• He bleeds real blood.
• It’s all too overwhelming.
• His body starts to disperse, but he catches himself before completely becoming smoke.
• Once he’s back together, he gags, then throws up.
• They go back to his room, shed his uncomfortable coat and leather, and he rests.
• He rests for a whole day.
• His S/o brings him food and water, apologizing profusely.
• Taking the food and drink greedily, he doesn’t speak.
• They do end up talking, but it’s hours later.
• He confesses that he doesn’t know how to feel being this, about being Gabriel again.
• S/o sleeps in his room that night.
• When he wakes up in the morning, he feels chilly, yet, his skin was still warm to the touch.
• Going to the bathroom again was something that he never thought would feel foreign.
• After his first shower in literal years, he spends an hour just inspecting himself in the mirror.
• He didn’t look like a grotesque monster, he didn’t look dead. He looked and felt soft, alive. He felt like a person.
• He wasn’t a monster, he wasn’t in a state of constant death; he was normal, and that, in itself, was enough to make him emotional.
• Gabriel cried, like a real person, like he used to before he was Reaper; and when his S/o found him, he didn’t shoo them away.
• After that, he decided that he was willing to try to be human again.
• For two weeks, S/o tried to reintroduce Gabriel to living again, and all that it initials.
• Shortly after those two weeks, S/o collapsed while they were taking a walk around the base.
• And, just like that, Gabriel stopped feeling.
• It takes two days for S/o to wake up again, and when they do, they’re in an empty room.
• They sit up and sort their thoughts.
• They call for Gabriel, and he appears, within a minute, fully clothed in his combat gear.
• He hugs them, softly.
• S/o is near tears, telling how sorry they were that they didn’t tell him, that they couldn’t hold on for longer.
• He didn’t speak, he just holds them tighter.
• He knew that in the end, he was meant to be this way. That he was meant to be Reaper, not Gabriel Reyes.

• When they told him that that was something that they could do, he believed them wholly.
• Their magic was some kind of celestial spirit magic, similar to his, so he had full faith in it.
• The first thing he was told to do was put on some clothes (since he technically is naked), then, after, to met them in their spell room.
• He felt giddy and nervous.
• What would he look like? He was fairly young when he “died,” so what would he look like as a man? It was hard to tell due to the scars and metal plating he had now.
• So, there he sat, eyes closed (per request), in his old Blackwatch uniform.
• He felt a tingle, then old, corse fabric all around him.
• Genji opened his eyes and looked at his hands.
• Skin! There was skin!
• He felt his face, it was smooth, soft.
• S/o makes a joke about how good looking he is, and he lets out a deep, hardy laugh, still in a bit of disbelief.
• He runs to the nearest bathroom, and looks in the large mirror.
• He laughs again.
• He looks just like his old man did!
• When his S/o comes in he hugs them tightly, spinning them.
• It was then when he realized that 1) He wasn’t wearing underwear 2) He didn’t own any underwear 3) He really should of washed his uniform before wearing it again.
• There were so many people he wanted to show himself to.
• He made a whole day of it.
• Zenyatta found it to be exciting, Angela found it to be a near miracle, and McCree didn’t even recognize him at first.
• But, there was one person that Genji would not dare show, and that was Hanzo.
• He knew that that encounter would most likely end poorly, so he avoided him as best he could.
• Training was awkward at first; he didn’t really have a place to hold all of his weapons and he didn’t want to make the new Overwatch buy him some.
• It would be a week before Hanzo and Genji had their first meeting with his body like this.
• It was shocking to both of them.
• Hanzo did think that Genji was their father at first glance.
• No words were spoken between them, and Hanzo was the first to turn around and leave.
• Genji immediately felt guilty.
• He went to his S/o asking them to change him back.
• He had excepted himself as a cyborg and had no real problem with going back.
• Genji noticed how much trouble they were having staying awake, and felt even more guilty, thinking their exhaustion was his fault.
• They reassure him that they did Tia of their own accord, and that he shouldn’t feel that way.
• When he’s back to the way he was, the first thing he does is demand that his S/o goes to sleep.


I had fun writing that one! It’s always cool to think about this stuff!

“Oh man, I really love dancing. I think it’s a great way to let go and bounce around. Dancing was a great way to really get back on top of things in those days (‘97). The most difficult thing about quitting drugs is becoming 'normal’ again. Your mind and body are so used to the stuff that, when you are clean, you feel you are a boring, superficial and useless person. There was a period of nine months in which I had the feeling that I couldn’t express myself in a way that was really John Frusciante. The only way in which I could express myself was dancing. I had a pretty big living room and the whole day I was dancing to music that I liked, whether it was Black Sabbath, The Cure or something else, no dance music in any case. I almost literary translated the music and lyrics into visual things in a way that made sense to me. For about three months dancing was my main activity. And at the end of that period I was myself again. Then I was ready to quit everything: even smoking pot and drinking wine, 'cause I had started doing a lot of that again. I felt ready to try my best at leading a normal life.”

- John Frusciante

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How do 2ps spend their day when they are sick?

2P America: watches old movies like Heathers and The Breakfast Club

2P England: knits or sews while watching Sherlock

2P China: denies the fact that he is very clearly sick and goes about his day as normal

2P Russia: same as Zao

2P France: tries to go about his day as normal (smoking, drinking, and flipping through tv channels), but is forced to cut back on the first two by Oliver

2P Canada: he does literally nothing and he hates it

2P Italy: tries to go about everything as normal, but fails and whines about how useless he feels

2P Germany: he gives zero fucks and naps the whole day

2P Japan: fuckin pushes through it like a boss. He’s a busy man and has shit to do

2P Romano: is an over dramatic crybaby and insists that he is dying

2P Prussia: takes some medicine and goes back to bed

Keys and a wallet are thrown in the exact same spot they’ll be found every morning, and a slammed door muffles the street noise. She smells like a cigarette that was never hers to smoke, but now a burning candle replaces the ash. Black boots hit the foot of her bed and an oversized watch is peeled off. Potted plants are watered from a glass bottle, which once held alcohol she hadn’t wanted to drink. She’s wearing pyjamas she couldn’t be seen in outside of her room. She’s spent her whole day being a person she wasn’t, and now that the door is closed and the sun is set, she can be whoever she wants.
—  the importance of your space

After a LOT of people asking me to do a part 2 of THIS ANGST i did, we all deserve a happy ending lol


Please feel free to send me a feedback. Any mistakes, report to me 


  • Yoosung doesn’t eat, he doesn’t even want to breathe
  • Why? Because the reason of his life was gone.
  • You were gone.
  • He’s not playing anymore, why he doesn’t do that when you were here?
  • Things would be so different.
  • But not after 2 years after you left, he has no hopes anymore, he has no hopes on you coming back, and no hopes about smiling again.
  • Was rare the times he got off home, this day was one of those rare days.
  • When he got out, he saw a cat, every time that cat comes to his house, he gives the cat some food, he tried to take care of the cat, but looks like that cat doesn’t want to be adopted.
  • But he needs to give food to that cat, so he went inside his house again to pick some bowl, one with food and the other with water.
  • And then he got out again, but some woman was petting that cat, this was weird, that cat was an angry one, the only person he was a little calm was with MC…
  • No…It can’t be…That hair…
  • “M-M-MC…?” He called you name with a broken voice, and you turned around to look at him, seeing that bowl on his hands “Oh, hi Yoosung, you came to feed her? You can’t even feed yourself” You said that remembering why you leave him.
  • He starts to cry “I’m so sorry MC…..I’m so sorry…!”
  • “Don’t be…” You stood up “I’m sorry, for not being as good as Rika. I just came back from my trip, i came to see how she was ” You smiled to the cat and after that, you looked to Yoosung with a serious face “I didn’t think i was going to find you, i thought this time you would be playing games, not going out”.
  • You didn’t know he wasn’t playing anymore, he wasn’t eating so much anymore, you noticed he was a little skinny from what you remember.
  • When you began to walk away, Yoosung put those bowls on the ground, running to you and hugging you from the behind, crying on your back.
  • When he hugged you everything made sense, he was so skinny, so vulnerable, he isn’t eating properly, he was slowly killing himself.
  • A little bit of blame fall into you, you still love him, and looks like he still loves you too, so you turn around again looking at his eyes “Let’s go to my apartment ok? We can talk there.”
  • He nods as fast as he can, locking his house to go with you to your apartment.
  • There you two talked about a lot of things, about all those years.
  • The coincidence was funny: You were gone because of one discussion that started with food, and you’re back because you got worried about him eating properly again.
  • The world is funny.
  • After some time, you two were back again.
  • The love never changed, was as strong as before.
  • He wasn’t alone anymore, he needed you.
  • And you were back.
  • This time he’ll do this right, he’ll be a good boyfriend.
  • After all this time without you and without LOLOL he realizes that he without LOLOL is still himself.
  • But without you, he’s nothing.


  • It’s been 5 years since you were gone…He was going downhill…
  • He’s drinking and smoking, but he’s taking care of his appearance, but when you come back…He has hope.
  • He said that he was going to find another girl in one minute after while you were going away.
  • After 5 years he didn’t even get interested in somebody, he wants you and he needs you.
  • Of course, some women already tried to be with him, he refuses them all.
  • He knew if he keeps doing all this, he would be old, sick, ugly, and alone at any time.
  • Every time he sees one couple he gets angry and tries to run to the nearest bathroom, to cry.
  • Why he can’t forget you? Why he can’t move on like you did? Why he can’t make things right?
  • He was in one play, singing looking at the audience, it was a love song, he was holding the mic so tightly, crying not to cry while singing.
  • It was a happy song, he can’t mess that up.
  • While he was singing and looking at the audience, he spots you sitting there, watching.
  • He thought he was crazy and then he kept looking just to make sure you were real, his voice began to sound so broke while he was singing, he was with tears in his eyes.
  • And then he stopped singing, dropping the mic on the ground “MC…Is that you?!” He yelled everybody in the audience looked at you.
  • You just stood up and began to walk away.
  • Zen cannot let you go away, not again, he began to run, the director was yelling at him.
  • But he doesn’t care, he has a chance to make things right.
  • While you were walking, you felt a hand on your shoulder, stopping you from walking away.
  • You turned around, it was Zen “Of…Zen? You rehearsal so much…Why aren’t in the play?Go back there so you can drown in cigarettes and alcohol” He just froze with tears falling from his eyes “Or maybe you can fuck some girl that’ll be so easy to find” You smiled, hitting him with his own words, after that, you turned to walk away again.
  • He runs to you again, stopping in front of you, putting his hands on your cheeks looking directly at your eyes “MC…Can’t you see what you mean to me?After 5 years,5 fucking years, i walked away from an important play just to don’t let the woman of my life walk away again…” You were about to talk again when he starts to talk again, crying so much that his voice only makes you feel one emotion from him: suffering. 
  • “Yeah MC, i love you after those 5 years, no, i never moved on, i never touched a simple woman in all those years, only you crossed my mind…I wanted to destroy myself…But i just kept taking care of my appearance for you to come back and i can be pretty to you again!MC…I can stop drinking,i can stop smoking, but only if you are by my side, i tried to forget that i missed you MC…But nothing can numb this pain…”
  • You kept looking at him, and then you sigh “I love you too Zen…But if—” He cut you with a kiss, a kiss that showed you how much he missed you, when you two stop kissing wanting some air, he kept giving you little kisses, he doesn’t want to stop “…Nothing will go wrong this time princess…I knew you would come back…!And i’ll never let you go away again…I’ll be the knight, the prince you deserve, you’ll see!”
  • And then he stopped drinking and smoking, he began to stop rehearsing so much to not be stressed, everything was good now.
  • Those 5 years that you two were apart from each other was going to be nothing compared the whole life you two would be together.


  • She lost another important person in her life, but she still takes care of that cafe.
  • She wanted to close the cafe because it was your cafe too, she can’t manage it without you!
  • Why did she realize that now? Why did she say that to you?
  • You were going to be away for 3 days, and she says that you don’t need to come back.
  • Now it has been 4 years, and she cried and prayed everything since you were gone.
  • There are so many things she likes to say to you, but you aren’t there.
  • For the first two years she could fake a smile to the customers, but right now she can’t.
  • The customers know she’s sad, and every day they try to cheer her up, but nobody ever could make her smile.
  • She’s a mess right now.
  • She wants to go back in time, but all she can do is cry.
  • This is not easy, but nobody said it was easy.
  • But this is too hard.
  • While she was thinking about all of this like she does all the day, some customer ringed the table bell.
  • She sighs and looked to the customer, and then she froze, it was you?
  • Her prayers worked? Some light guide you to her?
  • “Jaehee?” Your voice, it’s just like an angel singing to her “Looks like you’re doing the same thing for the past 4 years…Well i want some cappuccino please, you look tired, are you’re overworking again? Oh, sorry to bother you, i knew that was no need to me to come back, but i wanted to drink something,oh..and long time no see…friend…” You smiled.
  • Friend…It was what she said to you, to you guys just be friends…But she doesn’t want that, she loves you.
  • She fell to her knees, closing her eyes beginning to thank god for all this, you were here again, it feels like home now.
  • You overheard other costumers talking about that must be you the woman that Jaehee was waiting all those years and the motive behind the reason that Jaehee wanted to close the cafe.
  • You realize how much she regretted what she said to you and you felt bad for letting her alone for all those years.
  • While you were lost on your on thoughts Jaehee hugged you, closing her eyes with tears streaming down her face, she feels like flying right now.
  • After that you two have a conversation about everything, she said how sorry she was and that she never wanted to be only your friend.
  • You can’t help feeling the same.
  • You two are a couple again, and now you two are managing the cafe.
  • Jaehee smiled again in years.
  • And it’s all because of you.
  • Now this place really feels like home.


  • After you left, every morning he woke up, he died a little.
  • His body is aching, he works so much.
  • He tries to fill this empty hole you made on his heart working.
  • But nothing, nothing can fill it.
  • You’re the person he loved and you were gone.
  • The “robot” is missing you until today, 3 years after you left.
  • Tears were his best friend, it was always with him.
  • Why was he so stubborn with you? Why he made that mistake?
  • You were beautiful that night, and yet he made a mistake with you.
  • But he believed that you were going back, nobody believes in it, they say he was going crazy.
  • Maybe because he never gives up on finding you.
  • Jumin Han was not defeated yet.
  • You made a grown man cry.
  • You made Jumin Han cry.
  • Jumin Han can take anything, but he needs you by his side.
  • In the past, he was a king.
  • And now he looks at his father’s eyes to ask if he found you.
  • When you came, everybody was looking at you, and then you discovered…After 3 years he still puts ads on the television, journals, magazines.
  • So you decided to go to his penthouse, to make him take off those things.
  • “Sir…Someone is here to see you” Jumin looks to the guard and sigh “I don’t want to talk to anyone right now”
  • “Uh…Sir…It’s MC” He looks to the guard, surprise “Let her in… Go, go!”
  • He stood up ready to see your face after so many years when you get in, he looks at you, he can’t help but smile.
  • You’re so lovely.
  • But for you, Jumin doesn’t look the same.
  • Even when he was in his penthouse he was formal, and now he looks like a complete mess…
  • “Oh, hi, Jumin…I came here to talk about those things you put to find me, i don’t want to know your reasons, but if it’s because you still want to yell at me because of that dress, forget it" 
  • Those words make him remember that night, and this hurts so much.
  • “Oh, i’m sorry, i entered your penthouse without a dress you want me to wear…Oh, did you find another pet?”
  • He was falling apart “Take off this ad Jumin, now bye”
  • You start to walk away, but he grabs your hand strongly, almost hurting you.
  • When you looked at him, he was crying, wanting to speak, but words did not get off of his mouth.
  • He always said that he was never going to fall in love, he saw his father have his heart broken too many times,  but he couldn’t keep his promise with you.
  • Without you, Jumin Han is lost.
  • You saw him like that, he’s not talking, but you can read his eyes…
  • His eyes show how much he suffered and cries when you’re gone.
  • His eyes tell you that was nothing he wouldn’t do to make you come back to him.
  • No word was needed.
  • You hug him, he hugs you back, so tightly, crying so much on your shoulder.
  • A warm hug, filled with love and suffering.
  • He was crying all this pain out, you felt something on your leg it was Elizabeth, she missed you too.
  • When Jumin was better, he looked scared, scared that you might go away again.
  • You’re still his wife, after all, those years, none of you ask for a divorce.
  • You two are back together, this is the happiest day of his life.
  • He needed you more than anything.
  • Forever’s was going to start tonight.


  • It was 7 years since you were gone.
  • Funny right? He’s been crying for 7 years.
  • He has a notebook filled with jokes to tell you when you’re back!
  • Saeran doesn’t stop his brother, but he looks sad every time he sees Saeyoung sitting on the couch looking at the door, waiting for you.
  • Sometimes he sees tears streaming down Saeyoung’s face, even when he was smiling, looking at the door.
  • Seven’s wishes never came true, until today.
  • You were back, and you thought it would be a good idea go there, especially to say hi to Saeran, it wasn’t his fault.
  • So you go there and just knock the door, probably it’ll ask you to say Arabic things, while you were picking one Arabic dictionary that you brought 7 years ago, Saeran was checking the security cameras.
  • They always waited for you and searched for you, when Saeran deactivated the security process, so nothing asked you to talk in Arabic.
  • You found it strange that nothing was saying to you anything, so you knock the door one more time.
  • This time Seven’s heard it.
  • He runs to the door like it was the last day of his life.
  • Maybe someone was on the door ready to shoot him, but then it would do him a favor.
  • When he opened the door and look into your eyes, you looked to him, you can’t see his eyes because of the glasses, but he looks serious.
  • “Hi, Saeyoung…I came to see Saeran, you know, after that night i didn’t even say a goodbye…Oh, i’m sorry, you were fucking someone and i interrupt you?” He’s still serious, “You wanted me gone, i did…” When you were about to say more things you saw tears coming out beneath his glasses.
  • He was crying.
  • And you were surprised by that.
  • You take off his glasses, he’s crying so much, he seems so sad.
  • You don’t understand this, why he’s so sad?
  • “Mc…I lied…I never cheated on you…I never wanted you to be gone…”
  • What? You began to cry a little too.
  • And then you two hug each other.
  • After some while, you two were on the couch while he was saying to you the jokes he was keeping all those years.
  • You and Saeran were laughing about this.
  • After a while, Seven’s began to cry, because he was realizing the wish that he wanted for the past 7 years.
  • Seven finally understands that you accept all of him.
  • And now you were going to stay in his arms…
  • For the rest of your life.


  • It was 1 year since you were gone.
  • He wanted to kill himself.
  • He was one step to kill himself.
  • V sometimes listen to one song that reminds you two…“Because  you loved me”
  • He did the surgery because he wanted to see your face when you come back.
  • But he’s already lost his hopes.
  • You can’t be replaced.
  • Without you, he’s broken.
  • He can’t sleep, the tears don’t let him to that.
  • So he makes his mind, he can’t live without you.
  • When Seven’s could make contact with you, he told you to run to V’s place, that he was not good.
  • He was broken into two.
  • You felt something was wrong, so you run to his place the faster you could.
  • When you arrived that, he was on a chair, putting a rope around his neck, with that music playing.
  • He couldn’t  live without you.
  • “V!” You yelled, he looked at you, with his vision blurred, but this time, because of his tears “MC…”
  • You ran to him hugging his legs “…Please V…Get out of there” He listened to you, he took the rope of his neck and get down of that chair and you hug him, so tightly and he did the same.
  • He doesn’t believe that he was going to kill himself..!
  • You two talked about all the things that happened the day you were gone.
  • He told you how he was feeling, and how he wanted to scream your name.
  • How he loved you and nobody else.
  • And you felt the same.
  • He doesn’t mind spending the rest of his life with you.
  • This time, he’ll be happy, with you.


  • You never returned again since the day you were gone, after 3 years you’re still in his heart.
  • He locked himself, his cry was the only thing filling the quiet place.
  • He has broken your heart, he deserved it.
  • Deserve to think about you with another person, better for him.
  • The wasted the chance that the world given to him.
  • Every day he would stand in front of the door, waiting for you with open arms.
  • He was there for one hour now, he turned around, crying knowing be there was useless…You were never coming back.
  • You were his light, now he’s in complete darkness…
  • He heard the door open, he turned around to see you.
  • Is he…Dreaming?
  • Is that really you?
  • You’re only seeing his silhouette because of the darkness of that house.
  • “Your brother told me to come here Saeran…What do you want?Insult me again?” You laugh at him, angry “Say all those things again?What?Didn’t you say enough?Do you want me to cry again? Because if is–” Saeran hugged you.
  • You were surprised, but all you could hear was he crying on your shoulder, while he holds you like he doesn’t want you to go away again.
  • He said all those things…Why is he acting like that?
  • “I’m sorry for that MC…I know you must have a family right now…Was 3 years ago when you left, but  i still love you…” He said almost as a whisper, those words were something he needed to tell you “I can’t move on like you did MC…”
  • “Who said that i moved on?” He looked at you, and you just smiled, he smiled too, crying even more.
  • He said that he wanted to see you all this time, and you said that you were afraid of showing up and he makes you go away again.
  • He thought he was a hard pill for you to swallow, but your life never was the same without him.
  • So…Just be here, forever.
  • He’s not in the darkness with you.
  • Your eyes where the light that guided him…
  • To a happy ending.

i. The whole world ends in a flashfire and there’s nothing she can do but run. Memories clog up her lungs like ash; tears prick at her eyes and she tells herself it’s just the smoke that rises from the home of the first girl she ever kissed, the first bar she ever stole a drink from. The splintering crack of a collapsing structure doesn’t sound much different than the nose she broke on that day her sister ran home in tears – the first of many threats involving tell-tales and templars, the first of many bloody-knuckled fights from a time when she pretended a templar would fall back as fast as any schoolyard bully. Her home is on fire and she’s fixing her hair, laughing at the fear on her little brother’s face because, oh, it’s just a horde of darkspawn, and don’t they look a little bit like you anyway, Carver? There is too much of her own blood pulsing in the veins of these hollow-eyed survivors to allow herself a second to grieve. The oldest of four children knows how to scrap like an alleycat and cauterize her wounds when the others would ask for kisses. She’s had this nightmare too many times to count, she knows it like a stage performance, like second nature, she’ll keep taking hits and taking hits like a city charlatan can, like it’s all been written down. As Lothering dips low beneath the smoking horizon, Liara Hawke marches forth like a soldier on a battlefield she knows is already doomed. Her little brother sees Ostagar every time his eyes fall shut.

She doesn’t notice.

ii. His home is swallowed by a cloud of ash, a tremendous sea of blood and flame and it’s red, red, red and gone. The eldest son told himself he’d fight for King Cailan and make his mother proud, and what better a time to run off to war than now, when death is eating up the corners of his vision and descending on his hometown like a sickness, like a shadow? The war caught up to him before he made his choice; fear laps at his ankles and weighs down his shoulders like the memories burning up around him, a childhood up in smoke. Lothering burnslike a letter tossed in the fire: fast, fragile, forgotten. With nowhere else to run except away at any cost, he pledges his sword without ceremony to his family, knowing all along he would have killed or died or disappeared if they needed him to. So let the city burn, let the ashes settle in his lungs and let the fire scorch his eyes to hollows. Not a single other part of him matters if his mother doesn’t make it out alive with two sets of twins, scorched, but safe.

Safety has become a stale joke told too many times for laughter.

iii. The eldest twins survive but they are not spared. On the rightmost side of the clearing, two brothers stand ready against the oncoming horde that bare their teeth and bash their shields, human in the most feral kind of way, human in a way that doesn’t forgive. To the left of the chaos, a couple hold tight to each other and fill their heads with promises that fizzle away with every second – but they fight with a strength that people sing songs about, and in the electric heat of a battle that crashes on without end, that is more than enough. In the centre of the clearing stands a barrier made from two sisters hand-in-hand, a shield between their mother and a beast. The moment doesn’t last. The first casualty of this battle is the heat of hands held as Bethany pulls forward into battle. A brilliant flash of her magic, like a glimpse of sunshine, sparks out much too soon. Without a single word of glory or goodbye, her skulls is smashed against the rocks and she falls without a sound. There is nothing in the world except three siblings and fury, there is nothing in the world but this: a storm of lightning bolts and fire raining down on the empty-eyed creature, two blades unsheathed in unison hacking mercilessly against bruise-black flesh, and the final thud of another dead darkspawn that comes with no relief, no reassurance, nothing more than a few seconds to waste on ceremony and send-offs for a girl who shouldn’t be gone.

“You promised to take care of her, you promised me. How could you let my little girl die?”

Let’s face it, 2016 was a shitty year for most of us.. HOWEVER, it’s almost 2017, which means we all get a new, fresh start! I’ve already made my plan, and thought I’d share it with you as it might help some people! 

Write down a list with your goals
You’ve probably heard this a lot, but it seriously works. By visualizing your goals, they become way more serious, and you’re much more likely to actually succeed! Most people tend to set goals that are too difficult, leaving them unmotivated. But to improve your life a lot, these goals really don’t have to be that big! Here are some examples of really good goals, that are totally doable:
- Drink 1 glass of water more each day
- Replace most of the white products with the brown version, such as whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread
- Get off the bus 1 stop earlier than normal, so you have to walk some extra kilometers! If you only travel by car, just go for a quick walk in your neighborhood after coming home. As they say, sitting is the new smoking!
- Start stretching 2 times a week, and build it up. It might suck at the beginning, but you improve incredibly fast! 

Make a new music playlist
Music is very important and has a big impact on your mood. Start with a new fresh playlist and make new memories with these songs! 

Do something new
Basically: get out of your comfortzone! I can’t even describe how important it is to get new experiences which you always thought were nothing you’d ever do. Join a new gym, become part of a club for something you enjoy doing, travel on your own, go to the cinema on your own, stuff like that. You will be incredibly proud of yourself after doing it, feel much more comfortable in any situation, and your self-esteem will improve like crazy.

Plan many things you like to do in January
It might just be for me, but January is probably the worst month of the year.. It’s still cold outside, but the nice Christmasy feeling is gone, and it’s so long until summer.. But you can change that EASILY! Hang out with your friends, go to many museums, bake a lot, and so on :)

Think about what went wrong in 2016
What is the first negative thing that pops in your mind? Would you like to work out more? Focus more on school? Write them down, and make a visual plan on how to do it better this year! Really do it and take some time to think about it, it’s worth it!

s2sooh  asked:

Requests are open? If they are, all I want is the first time Iruka saw Kakashi without the mask, please! Love your fics <3

Sure are! And thank you! 😊

I was actually in the middle of writing this theme in another short story but this one is special for you.

Kakashi’s Mask, Continued

Iruka hummed happily.

Drinks after dinner had been a good idea. He’d spent all day avoiding stupid pranks from his students. One had tried to super-glue him to his chair, another used a transformation jutsu on a smoke bomb, turning it into an apple, along with the usual drawings on the board and erasers in the doorway. He really was just sick of it. He couldn’t wait until the next genin exams were over.

He snuggled into the warm body in his bed, content and happy.

Kakashi hadn’t ever spent the whole night with him. Just a lack of places to sit and be comfortable in his place lead to sitting in his bed, and then cuddling in his bed, well their version of it “because of the limited space” if ever they needed an excuse.

They both enjoyed quiet relaxation so it wasn’t surprising that this was where they found themselves after most date nights. Though Kakashi’s bed was more accommodating to two people, putting space between them.

Kakashi wasn’t always keen to being so close. Any form of touch wasn’t to be taken lightly. 

Which is why Iruka tried not to pressure him into a real kiss. Through his mask was good enough because he realized after the first few times just how rarely Kakashi acted on desires, if he had them at all.

“I see Drunk Iruka is a clingy Iruka,” Kakashi said with a little humor in his voice.

“I’m not clingy,” Iruka argued moving as far back as space would allow, realizing he might of pushed things a little. “And I’m not drunk.”

“Oh, good,” Kakashi seemed to smile, it was in his voice, “because I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile.”

Iruka felt his face getting warm when Kakashi’s hand left his side. “Doing what?”

He saw his hand going for the edge of his mask and quickly threw his hand over his own eyes, his face getting darker. “Kakashi! You don’t have to-”

“I know.” 

Iruka shook his head, not sure if he was ready for this level of intimacy.

His past relationships had been so- easy compared to what he had with Kakashi. This was different, quiet, reserved. The last thing he wanted was to make Kakashi think he was expecting him to be like the others. Slow was fine with Iruka.

But his mind was quickly changing with the feeling of lips to his. His hand still covering his eyes moving hesitantly from one face to the other.

He didn’t know what he would see when they drifted apart, his fingers still touching warm skin. Kakashi hadn’t put the mask back, silently telling him he wanted Iruka to see. So with a swarm of butterflies in his gut he let his eyes open.

Kakashi’s face was blank, stoic, his single open eye watching Iruka look at him. He tried not to stare at any one place, getting a cursory glance and then meeting the soft stare. 

It was just a face. Kind of plain, kind of beautiful, all in one moment.

But it wasn’t just a face. It was Kakashi’s. One he guarded so carefully and so meticulously. It wasn’t by some whim that Iruka was seeing it now.

“Thank you,” he said quietly, closing his eyes again and shifting closer, slipping his hand into silver hair.


empty bed

a/n: shitty title, but honestly had no idea what to title it. oh and btw I’M FUCKING ALIVE. sorry for being so slow with the posts lately. I love you all.

Groaning as I woke up I reached down and grabbed John’s arm that was wrapped around my waist and removed myself from his hold and slipped out of the bed. Looking around for my clothes I find them and put them back on. Turning and looking at John who was still sleeping, I slipped out of his room and out the front door, muttering a quick ‘see ya’ to the guys lounging around on the couch with a blunt.


John and I had a different type of relationship. We were best friends, and nothing more. Trying to fight any feelings, and denying to the fans that we were a ‘thing’ we just always seemed to end up in bed together after a night out of drinking.

We said there weren’t any feelings. Skate would always ask me ‘so, when you gonna tell John boy how you feel’ and I would always laugh it off, trying to hide the fact that deep down, I did have feelings for him, I would just never admit it.

I guess I was afraid. We were just best friends. We’ve known each other for years. I didn’t wanna mess up our friendship by telling him ‘i like you’ and he shrug it off. Or have it ruin what we already had. I mean, basically a friends with benefits type thing, but I still got jealous. And I hated myself for it. I shouldn’t care if he’s at the studio and has girls all over him. We’re not together. And he obviously doesn’t care. He’s not that invested in this. It’s just sex after all. 


After another long day at work I headed home, picking up some pizza on the way. Walking in, I tossed my keys to the side on the table I had by the door. Walking down to the kitchen, I set the pizza down and turned on some music, it blasting from all around due to the speakers I had everywhere in my place.

I sat at the kitchen island and ate my pizza while I responded to the group message.

from Skathan: party tonight at mine and John’s
from Wilk: (y/n) bring some hot friends
from Swazz: make sure they got a nice ass and tits.

that kinda hurt. here I was, trying to fight my feelings I had for John, when he’s thinking of a girl with a nice pair and a big ass. Awesome. Life’s great.

to ‘fam’: I might just stay in tonight
from Skathan: I’ll be damned. I’ll come and drag your ass here.
from Wilk: I’ll come get you babygirl (; Pick you up at 8
from Swazz: I can get her.
to ‘fam’: it’s okay, I’ll just get a ride with Sammy.
from Swazz: don’t be ridiculous.
to ‘fam’: I’m not. No need for you to leave the party to come get me.

I checked the time and saw that it was 5:30, so that gave me plenty of time to shower and get ready.

After a soothing shower, I dried off and decided on a simple outfit to wear. I decided I’d pair it with black converse. I did my hair in big beach waves. And then did my makeup. Nothing much. Just winged eyeliner, mascara and some foundation.

When I was finally all ready it was almost 8, so I did a few more things, like fix my hair a bit, touch up some makeup and added some earrings.

Sammy texted me telling me he was here, so I locked up my house and walked out to find him leaning up against the side of his car, opening the door for me when I approached.

“such a gentleman” I laughed as I got in.

“I just did it to get a good view of your ass in those shorts” he winked.

Sammy and I always joked around like this. We got very touchy feely and flirty, but not like John and I. John and I were more sensual and seductive with our flirting, whereas Sammy and I were more playful.

Arriving at the guys’ place Sammy and I walked in, his arm around my waist as I smiled up at him, laughing at something he said. To anyone else, we would have looked like a regular couple, but our friends new better.

Walking into the kitchen, we were met with Nate, John, the Jacks and Derek, and of course girls surrounding the boys. I rolled my eyes as I got myself a drink and made one for Sammy.

Walking back to him he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him a little tighter. We ended up having our own conversation half the time. Nate said something, causing Sammy and I to stop our conversation and look over towards him and I wish I wouldn’t have. 

Because beside Nate was John who was literally all over some random girl. It hurt, a lot, but I didn’t have a right to say anything, as him and I weren’t dating, or anything for that matter.

Quickly downing the rest of my drink I excused myself and slipped outside where I lit a cigarette. I only smoked when I was stressed or upset, not very often, but I felt as if tonight I could go through the whole entire pack.

“those things will kill you ya know?” I smooth voice came up next to me. I scoffed and looked to see G standing there next to me.

“we all die eventually, so what if I’m just speeding up the process.” I spit, taking another hit.

“damn.” he chuckled.

“sorry. just, rough day.” I sighed, tossing the bud down on the ground and stepping on it.

“I can tell.”

“I honestly don’t even wanna be here.”

“then why did you come?”

“the boys told me I didn’t really have a choice.”

“well, I’m sure if you stay you’ll have another great night.” he joked, referring to when I passed him on my way out this morning.

“nah, he seems pretty content with blowjob barbie in there.” I spoke. And it was true. I knew exactly who the girl was, her name was Avery, and she had quite the reputation, so it’s not that I was being judgmental, just stating a fact.

“damn (y/n). You’re out for blood tonight aren’t you” he joked.

“No, I’m over it honestly. I’m probably just gonna go home.”

“alright, I’ll probably hit you up tomorrow if you aren’t doing anything. Jack and I might wanna go to the beach or something.”

“alright sounds cool. See ya G.” I spoke, hugging him and kissing his cheek before heading inside to say bye to everyone. Or almost everyone.

I walked up to Nate and told him I was leaving after having a small conversation, skipped John, who didn’t even seem to notice I was there, and made my way over to Johnson.

I talked to him a bit, and decided tomorrow that me him and G would go to the beach and I promised him I’d buy him lunch for his birthday.

“alright I’ll see you tomorrow.” I laughed, hugging Johnson, kissing his cheek as well. It was just something I did to all my friends.

I walked up to Sammy who was talking to G, and stood there for a moment for them to finish whatever they were talking about.

“what’s up?” Sammy asked after G answered a phone call real quick.

“I’m gonna head home.” 

“what. Why?”

“I’m just tired.” I spoke as Sammy rested a hand on my hip and pulled me closer to him, so we were nearly chest to chest.

“well let me drive you home.” he spoke, taking another sip of his drink.

“no it’s fine Sammy, I’ll just call an uber or I can walk, it’s not that far.”

“don’t be ridiculous, I’m not letting you walk the streets dressed like that this late.”

“I just don’t wanna be any trouble.”

“(y/n) chill. Lemme just go say bye to Nate.”

I stood in my spot while Sammy went over to Nate and spoke in his ear, and Nate nodded at me while Sammy made his way back over to me. Throwing his arm around my waist, we made our way out to his car.

The ride home was short, or it should have been, but Sammy took the longest way possible. And when he turned the radio down I knew why.

“so why’d you wanna leave so early?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I told you, I was tired.”



“I know you (y/n), you’re not tired.”

“just don’t worry about it.”

“just tell me?”

“Sammy it’s complicated.”

“well, I like to think I can comprehend most things.”

“you wouldn’t get it.”

“let me guess.”

“okay” I laughed. There was no way he’d get it.

“so you and John always end up having sex after a night out. Almost always. You take that ‘walk of shame’ with pride” he laughed.

“okay yeah. so what.”

“you always leave before he wakes up.”

“your point?”

“why don’t you stay?”

“that’s not really how the whole ‘hook up’ thing works.”

“that’s not the real reason.”

“no? then what is?” I asked, looking at him sideways, since he seemed to know more about me than I did.

“I think you leave before he wakes up because you don’t wanna stay and have to see him in the morning cause it’ll only make you like him more than you already do.”

I was speechless. I mean, I didn’t expect him to get that much information out of it. I never talked about the whole situation with anyone.

“I don’t like him.” I replied. It being my only defense I could hang onto. If I could convince other people I didn’t like him, maybe I could convince myself.

“that’s such bullshit.”

“Sammy, I don’t. This has nothing to deal with why I wanted to leave early anyway.”

“it has everything to do with why you wanted to leave early.”

“no i-” I started, but he cut me off.

“Seeing Swazz and Avery all up on one another drove you up a wall.”

“no, I was tired. I don’t care what Swazz does, or who he does.”

“stop lying to yourself (y/n). You weren’t tired. You were literally there for an hour maybe. Seeing Swazz with someone that wasn’t you was killing you.”

“no it didn’t Sammy.”

luckily he didn’t get to reply before we pulled up to my place and I was hopping out of the car before he was even stopped all the way.

“thanks for the ride Sammy. I’ll see ya later.”

“no problem.”

“be safe tonight” I spoke, before he nodded and I closed the door and made my way into my place.


I woke up the next morning and checked my phone, as always. I had a few messages, from one of my friends, asking to hang out today, and knowing she’s got a thing for Johnson, I invited her out with us. 

Then I checked snapchat, cause I always do. From being around the boys so much, people started to recognize who I am, and I started getting ‘fame’ just from being around them. So I always had people looking at mine, so I would always post stuff too, but I went and checked the boys, just to see how the party ended and stuff.

Regret. That’s all I felt as I watched the stories. Half of them were of Swazz and Avery basically fucking each other. They were all over each other all night, and I wanted to throw up. And then there was more. Sammy had one of him talking on snapchat, to his fans obviously, and then he must have opened a door, and you could hear a manly moan, and then Sammy said “Swazz is having a good night’ and chuckling after it. 

And then Skate’s snap, had a picture of Swazz and Avery in bed together this morning, passed out. Swazz was shirtless, as the sheet was half off him. He always got hot during the night, so he barely could sleep with any covers.

I locked my phone and got out of bed, deciding to take a shower. But with John on my mind, I decided a drink was much needed. So I got a glass of vodka and orange juice, that was a lot stronger than it should have been, and then decided to just take a bath. I played music from my phone and then suddenly the ‘fam’ group message was blowing up.

from Skathan: Avery looked so pissed leaving this morning.
from Sammy: why? John didn’t show her a good enough time?
from Skathan: I guess not. Musta found out he’s got a small dick
from Swazz: fuck off. It ain’t small

maybe it was the fact that I was pissed. I know for a fact it was the fact that I was pissed, but I decided to text back something I shouldn’t have.

to ‘fam’: It ain’t that big.
from Skathan: shots fired.
from Sammy: (y/n) back at it again
from Skathan: I gotta believe her, she been with the dude how many times?
from Swazz: if it ‘ain’t that big’ why you always tryna hop on.
from Sammy: oh shit.
to ‘fam’: I ain’t always tryna ‘hop on’ please realize the only time I sleep with you is when I’m drunk. Keep that in mind.
from Sammy: oh shit.
from Skathan: don’t fuck with (y/n) today. holy shit.

I didn’t text back. I was so annoyed with today already. I finished the rest of my vodka with a shot of orange juice basically, and decided to get out of the bath. Slipping on some high waisted jean shorts and a little black crop top, getting ready for the day with the Jacks, but my phone went off.

from Swazz: what the fuck
to Swazz: what?
from Swazz: what was the fucking group chat?
to Swazz: nothing.
from Swazz: bullshit. what the fucks your problem?
to Swazz: I don’t have a problem. 
from Swazz: clearly somethings up.
to Swazz: nope. I’m good.
from Swazz: obviously not.
to Swazz: don’t worry about me. I think you should be worrying about Avery. the boys said she was pissed this morning. Might wanna check up on her.
from Swazz: seriously? you’re pissed about that?
to Swazz: I’m not pissed.
from Swazz: good.
to Swazz: good?
from Swazz: yeah, you have no right to be really, especially after you and Sammy were all over each other all damn night.
to Swazz: are you kidding me?
from Swazz: no? you were literally all over him from the second you got there.
to Swazz: that’s rich. Considering I left after a half hour, and got away from Sammy after 5 minutes. I spent most of the night outside actually. But you wouldn’t know that considering you were so far up Avery’s ass all night.
from Swazz: you left early? 
to Swazz: yeah. 
from Swazz: why didn’t you say bye?
to Swazz: I did to everyone else.
from Swazz: but not me?
to Swazz: yeah. you were a little busy copping a feel on Avery’s ass.
from Swazz: what the fuck’s your problem with her?
to Swazz: my problem with blowjob barbie?
from Swazz: I mean, why does it matter that I was hanging out with her.
to Swazz: you clearly did a little more than just ‘hang out’
from Swazz: what are you talking about?
to Swazz: I saw everyone’s snaps John. Clearly you two had a great night.
from Swazz: I swear it’s not what it looks like.
to Swazz: really? cause it looks like you two were all over each other all night, had sex, and then she left after this morning.
from Swazz: at least she stayed till I woke up.
to Swazz: your point?
from Swazz: you never stay. you’re always gone before I wake up.
to Swazz: so what!? It doesn’t matter John.
from Swazz: I still don’t get why you’re so upset about her staying?
to Swazz: are you kidding me? It killed me knowing you woke up next to someone else John.
from Swazz: Why? you never stay for me to wake up anyway…
to Swazz: I can’t.
from Swazz: why not? 
to Swazz: why’s it matter?
from Swazz: cause it fucking kills me knowing I fall asleep next to you and wake up to find the side of the bed empty.
to Swazz: I didn’t know you cared.
from Swazz: I do. A lot more than I should.
to Swazz: That’s not a bad thing.
from Swazz: it is when I wake up feeling so empty after a night with you…Can I please come over?
to Swazz: sure.

a/n: a cliff hanger ending?

Like I said, younger Rev went straight from the hospital into a bar (and, more often than not, the streets) after the whole mafia boss shotgun incident.

It was around this time that Rev met Albatross (the gun-bunny who is at this point more gun than bunny (seriously WHO NEEDS 4 GUNS AND 600 ROUNDS OF AMMO) that Bree is playing) and the two vaguely bonded as drinking buddies at one of the lowest points in either of their lives.

Nowadays Rev’s mostly got the drinking back under control.  Mostly.  Honestly the smoking is more of a problem though.

If DreamWorks ever gets a theme park:

Instead if studying and writing my papers, this is what I came up with:

  • Dragon riding roller coasters (both kiddie ride and adult ride because I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t want to ride a dragon). car choices: Gronkle, Zippelback, Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, and Nightfury.
  • Santa would have a roller coaster (coaster will be painted like a sleigh with painted reindeer in the front. Seat belts would be there despite what north and bunny say.
  • Bunny would have a “Warren” and it would be a relaxing area with maps of the park, trashcans, lots of grass and flowers.
  • Perhaps a “Haunted House” for Pitch Black?
  • Sandman’s kiddie ride (kids climb into an airplane,sting ray, etc. the ride lifts them in the air and gently spins them around).
  • Jack frost roller coaster! Coaster would have snow and snowflakes painted on it. As soon as the coaster finished its climb,the audio would go “Now that! That was fun! Hey wind! Take me home!” and the coaster would drop; thus, continuing the ride.
  • Megamind roller coaster! good or evil? pick a side and enjoy the ride!
  • Kung fu panda bumper cars? cars being a choice of tigress, crane, monkey, po , shi fu. Viper and Mantis would probably be too small so they can be on a screen telling people how to work the cars. Or they can be car sized.
  • Around Halloween time Pitch Black and the other DreamWorks antagonists would take over the park for the day/night.
  • Guests can collect teeth to win a special prize at the end of the day. Teeth being plastic.
  • Mead hall/great hall Guests could eat like a viking! house specials would include chicken, icelandic cod, and a whole smoked eel! (I don’t care for Eel much either.)Guests could see their favorite HTTYD characters there too.
  • ROTG feast! It could serve eggnog, fruitcake, hot chocolate, snow cones, ice cream, and have golden table clothes and toothbrush center pieces.

They could sell a drink called “Plasma Blast!” Ice cream, blackberries….and blueberries?

“Stormfly’s fire” could be a combination of orange and mango smoothie?

“Hookfang’s Flames” could be a combination of blackberries, strawberries, cherries, and chocolate smoothie? 

“Gronkle’s Gut”? I have no idea what I would want served for the gronkle but something containing rocky road ice cream.

Zippelbacks? I have no idea.

* Character! Who doesn’t want to see their favorite characters and take a picture? Characters costume fabrics would vary depending on the weather outside.

Santa’s gift shoppe! You could buy your own:

guardian plushies, viking hats, Belt (Guy’s pet) plushies, croods plushies, Elf/Yeti plushies, Sherman’s glasses and Peabody’s bow ties, Costumes?,

Every good theme park must have a water park….I have no ideas on this you guys?

Why have you not done this DreamWorks? I would spend so much time and money here. Are these bad ideas?

oh, what a nice trip, i’ve been drinking everyday so far, smoked more cigarettes than in my whole life and actually started talking with people. i long for physical contact, i suppose. but the fire is warm enough. it have been nice days.