smoking a blunt with jesus

Chibs Telford - Baby Girl


Getting high with Chibs.

“[Name] baby!”

Chibs said with a cheeky grin upon his lips as he passed you the blunt. You laughed and shook your head. Jesus Chibs was stoned right now.

“What Chibby?”

You asked taking what little was left and taking a long drag, your eyes feeling heavy.

“When are we ever gonna get tagether?”

He questioned making you look at him oddly.

“We’re together right now smoking this blunt? Jesus Chibs, how stoned are you?”

You asked blowing the smoke out and handing it back to him. He took it but put it in the bowl in front of the two of you. You gave him a questionable look before you noticed his face moving toward yours.

“Nah, I mean puttin’ ma cock inside ya. Tha’s what I mean, baby.”

Thoughts: Derek Luh Imagine (Part Four)

Derek’s POV

After Skate and I had finished performing our songs, I went to go find Y/N. I had no idea where she could be and I really wanted to tell her the news. I just hope she won’t be too upset with me and that she would understand the predicament that I’m in.

Walking around the corner, I noticed Y/N up against the wall, looking sickly.

“Are you okay, babygirl?” Y/N looked at me and scowled.

“Who’s is it Derek?” I began to worry. This is the moment I had dreaded since I ever found out about this mess. But, as soon as I was about to tell her, my son grabbed her hand.

“You’re pretty!” He exclaimed. Y/N began to laugh and smile.

“What’s your name?” He looked at her and smiled back.

“Noah. My mommy is dead.” Y/N’s eyes softened.

“Hey.” I said, my voice coming out more huskier than I imagined. Let’s go outside; we need to talk.“


"Who was she?” Y/N asks.

“Her name was Tina. And we were together before you and I became a thing. Tina fucking played me. Then she kept my son for years. That bitch had to die before I actually knew.”

“One night, Tina and I were so happy. Jesus, we had smoked a blunt, went to a club, and came back. She was feelin’ me, vice versa. One thing led to another, and she was leaving ya boy. I could never figure out why. But Noah is probably the answer.” Y/N sat there, a stoic look on her face.

“Bring him home with us. He’s cute. And I love kids, if you didn’t know.” My face lit up.

“Seriously?” I smiled. Y/N stood and took Noah’s hand in hers. I wanted things to stay like this. Seconds later, Nate came rushing outside.

“Hey Derek. There’s a lady named Angela outside. And she’s ranting about his she wants YOUR kid.” I looked at Y/N and we rushed inside.

“WHERE IS DEREK LUH? I HEARD HE WAS PREFORMIN’ TONIGHT!” This Angela chick was goin’ ham in the front of the building.

“Mr. Luh, there’s a woman by the name of Angela Pierce wanting to see you. If you can’t get the situation under control, authorities will.” I nodded towards the security guard and proceeded outside, Y/N right behind me.

“Derek. Give me Noah.” I gave a cold chuckle.

“Angela; fuck back to the streets. Bitches don’t prosper here.” She frowned.

“That is my sister’s kid. You think putting a kid in this environment is a good idea? Derek; you cuss, smoke weed, probably do other drugs, fuck bitches constantly; you’re not fit to be a fucking DAD!” I was glad Noah had been taken somewhere else.

“He won’t be with Derek if he is doing any of that stuff. He’ll be with me.” Y/N stepped from behind me into Angela’s vision.

“Ha! Derek will drop you faster than a Fed-Ex package! He’s not good dating material either!” Y/N looked shocked.

“You won’t get Noah. And I suggest your nasty ass get off of these premises before the cops arrest your ass.” Angela smirked.

“You think this is over? I’m taking your ass all he way there Derek. Noah will be mine. So kiss your son goodnight for now. But just know; you won’t be able to for long.” Angela walked away.

I ran towards Noah and hugged him.

“Y/N, you have to help me keep a mini me! I can’t let him go! He’s already 4 now…” Y/N bent down right beside me.

“I’m going to be here. Right here.”

Well, in honor of me not writing any fanfics in a while; here goes the long- awaited part four. Maybe a part five? Probably. Ya girl thinks so.

Imagine you are 10 feet off the edge of this cliff of what feels like your standing on glass. But it is nothing but air below you. But you are smoking a blunt with jesus and your two closest pals. And after about 3 times around you are handing the blunt to jesus and jesus drops the blunt and the first words out of your mouth are “GOD DAMMIT JESUS YOU DROPPED THE BLUNT" 

Right after that i woke up. That Ladies and Gentlemen was my dream