Just moved into San Jose, California🎉
Really looking for some new friends around this area 😋
I’m 17, moved from Massachusetts… my hobbies include smokin weed, yoga, petting animals, and laughing at my own jokes
You should come hangout with me😏 @happihippie22

please don’t ask me to follow u back unless you know our blogs are similar or I’d fw it.
like I ain’t about to follow u back when u rebloggin lame shit like white girls smokin weed and lame white bitches wearing superstars on they knees doing the 🙏🏽 pose pls

anonymous asked:

how would jenna and tyler react if they caught J smoking

depends on wht hes smokin if its weed they hav a rule tht he has t ask n at leas one of thm hav t b w him whn he does so if they catch him smokin alone or w other ppl they revoke sme of his privileges n mayb put him in timeout

cigs r a vry vry rare thing he only gts if hes been rly good n one of ty or jen’s business partners accidentally leave an ecig or half a marlboro arnd th house bt tbh aftr a while w/o thm he dsnt like thm much n e more