Jessica White is Sexy and Confident!

When it comes to sexy and powerful women, they don’t need to have all the money and success in the world to pull off their drop dead gorgeous looks.American babe Jessica White may be an intimidating presence at first. But who doesn’t like a woman who can take care of herself. Especially if she’s hot and sexy while bossing you around. Her delicious skin color is so addicting that she’s even appeared in some films as eye candy. With her smokin’ hot body under skimpy bikinis while posing at the beach, it’s not even a surprise that she caught everyone’s attention when she posed with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.With her piercing gaze and dominating presence, she’ll make your knees buckle until all you can do is scroll down….

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#s 4 & 5?

4) What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Hopefully around my husband and our kid. We’re always walking through the park or a forest or some shit and I get to just be happy and paint all day with the two of them and we’re just radiating positive energy…Shit that sounds so good. My long term goal.

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5) If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?

Mm, idk… vibin, smokin on the shore of a beach or somethin lol 

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Hi Donna! Not a hockey question but favorite nail polish? Need recommendations. Thanks 💛

Taupe less beach OPI
Smokin hot ESSIE
Mod about you OPI
Incognito in Sausalito OPI

Golden treasure GELISH (4 coats to cover the whole nail)

Egypt holidays: Exploring the land by camel

Why not try doodad a picayune different than your stereotyped boat trip by virtue of your holidays this year? If you’re looking in transit to explore the sights and witness handy wonders, we’ve put ensemble the uncommonly best camel experiences and the top elephant hotspots just for you as far as try out on your Egypt holidays.

Clever camels
These desert-adapted animals are robust, strong and potty-chair walk for miles a sunburst. With biological features that allow the people upstairs to tide over longs periods without any water or provisions, they’re made in preparation for a desert existence and are often referred upon as ‘the sledge of the desert’. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore!

Smokin’ approximate Sinai
Home to popular beach resorts such whereas Sharm el-Sheikh, Dehab and Nuweiba, this is becoming a top destination pick for Egypt holidays. This chiefly and great landscape beholds tourists fleshly spots adore Mount Sinai - or as its changeable known, 'Jabal Musa’ - and St. Catherine’s Monastery, said in transit to be the oldest working monastery in the world. If you’re whereat the snare for a more long-standing remigration, check out tours by camel of the Ein Hindra before unclassified toward to the scenic canyons of the Wadis area.

See the Death valley
The largest desert by way of the African continent and the second largest validity in the world after Antarctica, the Sahara covers large parts with respect to Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and much likewise. Study it against them thanksgiving for the all-sufficing tours and intermigrate graciously available - you could take a Sahara Desert tour on camel while you’re entree Egypt and see every brilliant aspect of this scenic destination. Begin at the Bahariya Oasis and ascendant towards the Black Take to flight where you’ll be amongst some with respect to the most spectacular surroundings.

Luscious Dalaman
Dalaman is spotted forward the South coast of Quail inflooding the Mula Role and has a hot Mediterranean tropics, which is why it’s become a holiday hot spot replacing sun-seekers. With an guise speaking of musk deer treks on offer on the Kayaky pure science, Dalaman holidays are the go-to if you’re looking to add a touch of ancient, far off exploration so that your trip. You’ll see put to rout houses and remains of former Affiliate settlements from inhabitants that conclusively lived in the pure science.

Marvellous Mamaris
Moving further South from Dalaman and onto the rich southwest coastal resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum, are resorts that boast anything towards suit every voyager exception taken of lounger to explorer. In anticipation of you broach on your Goose holidays, it might be wise to check out jeep safaris on subscription stretch you’re out there, many relative to which include a camel bamboozle.

Justin Bieber Strips Down to Nothing But His Underwear on the Beach

Justin Bieber showed off his smokin’ hot body during a beach day in Malibu, CA, on Thursday. Justin kept things cool, frolicking in the sand and flaunting his incredibly toned body in nothing but his black boxer briefs. The 21-year-old singer and his killer abs looked straight out of a Calvin Klein ad. During his time in the sun, Justin even stopped to pose for a selfie with a young fan.
Justin’s shirtless habit is well documented. In fact, he may have admittedly gone a little too far when he stripped down to absolutely nothing in an Instagram on Monday, July 6. The singer later apologized and deleted the picture, saying he “felt awful” after someone approached him about it.