smokie smoke


With the party season upon us, I thought it was time to create something super smokey but with a splash of vibrancy! And as I have Brown eyes, an ideal colour to emphasis them is Blue.

Here I used a mix of creams and powders in a Matte and Metallic finish. This creates texture and adds depth to the look.

The tutorial for this makeup will be up on my YouTube on the 27th November!

It’s in association with Simple, so I will be showing you how to remove this heavy makeup so that you are not left with the dreaded ‘Panda Eye’ effect.

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Food Preservation Skills: Learning to Cure and Smoke Bacon

We’ve started a new rule. In an effort to gradually reduce our meat intake, the Hubs and I are also trying to learn more about preparing certain meat products at home. If we can’t make it, then we don’t buy it, and so we don’t eat it at home. For months now we’ve been grinding our own meat to make sausages, chillis, hamburgers, etc. It’s a lot of work, but removing that convenience and instant gratification made us more aware of our meat consumption.

Bacon…is something that’s been difficult to give up, but if we can make our own, we’re committed to stop purchasing the industrialized version of this product. This is our first time making bacon and our first time smoking meat, which is a food preservation skill we’ve been wanting to learn. Without a smokehouse or a lot of outdoor space, we used our grill to simulate the smoking effect. Not saying we did everything perfectly - we need a lot more practice - but this homemade hickory smoked bacon may be the first time I’ve had real smoked bacon, as opposed to the liquid smoke that’s poured over the commercial products. Homemade bacon is also hammier…it doesn’t crisp up the way store-brought does. I’m also delighted that I can better control the flavoring and amount of salt to use when curing the meat.

How do my other homesteaders do smoking? We’d love to hear your experiences! Anyway, 10/10, would try to make our own bacon again!

Sometimes the best part of our selves are the people we include in our lives.

In the most recent QA, Taliesin mentioned wanting Percy to be a good person before any eventual demise. So… I had thoughts. External aspects of a persons life can speak just as loudly as what’s inside. (And I wanted to play with a new brown sketchbook I got.)

Tennessee wildfires

Please send your thoughts and/or prayers to Eastern Tennessee right now, the wildfires (related to severe drought) that have been burning but somewhat contained for the last month, in the Smoky Mountains, have spread terribly today due to severe windstorms with gusts up to 70 mph in the mountains and 40-50 mph in the towns, there are mandatory evacuations in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the towns are basically full of fire and smoke, buildings and cabins are burning down now, power and phone lines down, the National Guard has been called to the area, parts of the interstate highways are closed, there is well over 500 acres of wildfire burning strong in the Smoky Mountains National Park.  We have not had a good real soaking rain in this area in about five months.  It is finally raining a little bit now but still very windy so it’s not helping much yet, hopefully the wind will die down overnight and the rain is supposed to continue and get stronger overnight, but it is a really bad and scary situation right now.  I am in a nearby city not in danger, but I know many people living in these cities, I love these areas and these mountains since I was a child and that is why I am writing this.  Thank you for reading this and thank you for any thoughts/prayers/good vibes you can send, especially for RAIN, good lasting rain.  And for safety and strength for the many MANY firefighters and other first responders involved in this situation.  Thank you.