smokeys back

What if the next episode is just Steven attempting to get Eyeball to rocket him back to the moon base but it turns out directing someone from inside a bubble in zero gravity is really difficult


I wanted Smokey Quartz to make a pun about YoYos or string, but then I took a step back and said to myself, no, no, Remember what happened with the last gem who said puns?

for the love of everything that is sacred


its terrible. It’s not “artist interpretation”. it’s not “because you can’t draw fat people” its because you’re too fucking lazy to learn how to draw fat people and that you cannot fucking sexualize it. 

every fucking fat character (especially female and/or genderswap ones) i’ve seen drawn skinny is usually given a huge bust and an itty-bitty waist. And even if she’s got small tits she’s still got huge hips which makes her “fat”

fuck that fuck you and fuck your fat erasure you’re fucking lazy 

there’s one picture of a “genderswap” roadhog and junkrat going around where my big, beautiful, fat piggy is drawn stick thin with huge breasts; not to mention drawn much younger. I’ve already seen pictures of Smokey Quartz as well drawn with them being drawn incredibly thin and “attractive” and even art without their third arm.

like what. the. fuck?

stop saying you can’t draw it. You can if you practice. that’s what art fucking is. If you’re drawing every single goddamn character as a skinny, “sexual” person then you are doing it wrong. Why can’t fat be sexy? Why can’t fat be beautiful to you? What the fuck is wrong with that? 

if you’re young and a new artist, this post does not apply to you. if you’re just starting out, its ok; you’ll get to be even better. I know you can do it. :)  but to those artist out there who’ve been drawing forever and continuously draw fat characters skinny; you’re gross. you are doing a gross thing and taking away the beautiful elegance of fat characters like Rose Quartz or the uncontrollable energy of Smokey Quartz. 

And to the artists who are trying very hard to get it right; you can do it. You may not get it now, but you’ll get there some day. Keep going! I believe in you! :)

i may have not slept in almost 24 hours but i damn well know what I am talking about. Stop erasing fat characters. let them be fat. stop drawing fat characters skinny. 


Hey guys! I know we’re a strictly Hetalia blog but recently there’s been a huge craze over Steven Universe (obviously, I mean, it’s the Steven Nuke) and in the episode Earthlings (Part 2) (Beta is Part 1, Back 2 the Moon is Part 3) there has been a new fusion among us, so I took the liberty of doing a screencap redraw!!

I’ve only done this once before and it didn’t turn out super great so I decided to avoid doing them, but I’m super proud of this?? I posted this on Instagram (my account) (post w/ comparison) (post w/o comparison) and I got super good feedback so decided to post it on here!

So here’s my (second) favorite fusion, Smoky Quartz!! (screencap on the top, redraw on the bottom)

-Admin Kilo

(Plus, I’m pretty sure all of the admins here also watch Steven Universe)

the writers better not just be teasing with that bit at the end of clark telling kara he wants to hear about his parents. i would watch an entire episode of kara sitting with clark maybe up on a mountain or something, describing to him the exact color of the kryptonian sky. the exact way you’re supposed to roll the sound when you pronounce el mayara. the way jor-el’s robes always smelled just a bit smokey when he came back from his travels. the way she felt when she first held her baby cousin in her arms. what an exploding planet sounds like. how clark’s eyes are set so much like his mother’s.

like i appreciate that kara can learn from him how to be a superhero. but i want to see clark learning how to be kryptonian 

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bismuth was voiced by an actress from the show orange is the new black, was in one ep (and bubbled and is resumed to be never brought back), smokey quartz was also voiced by an actress from oitnb, yet was in two episodes. (was brought back and has a clear possibility of being brought back.)