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Jyn Erso: exploding fireworks, shots with friends, beat up combat boots that are practically destroyed but never going to bring replaced, drinking under the stars, hot wiring a car on a dare, skinned dipping at night, winging at exam, drunken chats at 3 am with your best friend, texts in emoji, borrowed shirts, ripped jeans, cat-sly smirks, chortling at attempts at being sexy, scuffed converse, chipped nail polish, days old eyeliner, no sense of personal space, sharing seats, arms slung over shoulders, chin-tilted-eyes-glinting-staring-you-in-the-eye-defiance, spitfire words thrown at you to cut to the bone, bruised knuckles, rough kisses, whispered apologies to the night

Cassian Andor: leather jackets, stone-still water, cold eyes and face, grease and oil, dirty hands, one favorite coat, loyal forever once you’re proven, whiskey bottles, maps in the glove box, box of bad memories, rare half-smiles, rarer grins, hooded eyes in a smokey bar, piggy-back rides at 2 am, swimming in the ocean at night, smoking on the roof under the stars, campfires and constellations, pet names in another language, scruffy beard and bags under eyes, perfect A+ exam with minimal studying, unreadable eyes staring you down, ice-cold voice tearing open half-healed wounds, bloody lip, calloused hands over smooth skin, teeth on skin, apologizes without speaking

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Hi!! Could you do a case scenario about if the tfp autobots + megatron getting turned into sparklings? Like you did for the mtmte bots! Thanks :)

*squeals* Baby robots! Baby robots!

Optimus Prime:
-He is actually a very playful little sparkling, his favorite game is peek-a-boo
-If you’re not too busy, please cuddle him (he likes bring cuddled)

-He’s a cranky little sparkling that just wants to sleep
-If you get hurt, like you pinched your finger, he’ll crawl to you babbling and reach for your hand (he screams if you don’t give it to him) and give your finger a kiss because kisses make everything better

-Naps are such a challenge because he doesn’t want to sleep at all. He wants to play until he passes out in a pile of toys
-He likes it when you play with him, but he won’t let you touch his favorite toys. If you played with something he didn’t like before, he likes it now because you made it look fun

-Careful, he likes to throw stuff and put things in places they shouldn’t go (he is equivalent to the child who puts stuff in the toilet and flushes causing the house to flood)
-He gets into everything so you better keep things high up

-She hates being detained, she wants to be a free sparkling and go wherever you go… everywhere you go
-She never walked, she was crawling around one day following you on your daily routine, decided to stand up, and “ZOOP!” there she goes running past you laughing

-He is a curious baby who wants to know what everything is and put it in his mouth, keep a close optic on him
-He likes it when you hold him and carry him around, sometimes he is awake and looking around squealing and making happy baby noises, other times his head is on your shoulder asleep

-Be careful of those doorwings, as sparkling they are really sensitive and if he hits them on something he starts wailing for you to make them feel better
-He doesn’t like laying on his back and staying still, you lay him on his back and turn around for a second to get something and you’ll turn back to Smokey on his belly. You roll him back, he flops back over again. He keeps doing it until he just decides to crawl away laughing. (Just swaddle him in a blanket if you want to keep him still)

Ultra Magnus:
-He’s a clumsy little sparkling, he uses something to stand up and he falls back down on his butt
-He wraps himself around your leg until you pick him up, you think he wants to cuddle but he just wants to see what you’re doing

-He plays rough, gets hurt, runs to you to give his boo-boos kisses, then he does it again
-One day you hear a bunch of things crashing in a room he’s not suppose to be in and go running, you find him crying and crawling around running into walls because he got a bucket stuck on his head (don’t laugh, he’s freaking out!) once you get the bucket off he clings to you for a bit


Your phone rang for the third time since you’d been asked to meet the boys at the library, “Look, I get it now, I’m an asshole, you’ve shown me the errors of my ways, can we just go now?!”  he said nothing, crossing his arms and waiting for your reaction. “I will exorcise your smokey ass straight back to-” your threat was cut off by your phone ringing again and you decided to answer it to at least get Dean off your back and to avoid saying anything you knew you’d regret. 
“What’s taking you so long?” he forwent the pleasantries drawing a sigh from you as you glared at the demon who refused to move or be moved from his place in the motel room chair.
Something about teaching you a lesson in manners having been muttered before the ordeal. You weren’t entirely sure, you were too busy ignoring him to be paying attention to why he was throwing his demonic tantrum.  
“It’s not my fault! Send Sam back and we’ll be there in five minutes though” the older hunter chuckled at the clear exasperation in your voice, “Please? Dean, this isn’t a joke, I’m suffering”.
“He’s already headed out to the house, if you’d answered my first three calls…”
“I’m a hunter, not a babysitter, Dean”
“My point is, you’re on your own, kid” these were his last words before he hung up. Leaving you to let out a petulant whine to no one, to which Crowley cleared his throat to catch your attention before giving you a look and huffing.
“What?” you mouthed at him, knowing full-well how frustrated playing dumb would make him after having sat in the same spot for the past hour without you acknowledging why he was doing it,
Tossing your phone down onto your bed, you crossed the room with nothing but the smirk on your face as a clue for what you were about to do. 
“Okay, you’ve given me no choice” standing up from your bag, you turned to him and grinned as his eyes widened at the sight of what you held in each hand, “If you’re not out that door by the time I count to five, whatever’s left in these is my last resort” shaking the container of salt and the spray bottle of holy water, watching as his resolve fell with his shoulders and a sigh that left him as he rose from his seat with only mumbled complaint that you let slide.

“I wasn’t going to do anything!” you tried to sound angry or offended but the grin that you still couldn’t wipe off your face shone through your bickering as Crowley tried to defend his actions after you told Dean about your brilliant solution. 
“You brought the bloody bottle with you!” you looked down to find that it was, in fact, still hanging from your fingertips. Listening to Dean breaking down into hysterical laughter to your left, “I swear, you’re worse than Moose sometimes”
The muffled sound of splashing water and your sudden movement startled him enough to make him flinch as you held the bottle up to him, “One, two, three-” this time he saw the quirk of your lips and swatted the container away. You both knew the threat meant nothing now but then again you doubted it ever did. Maybe the king simply wanted to spend time with your manner-less, stubborn self.
Shaking off the idea before it effected your work or your perception of everything he said or did, you followed the men into the building. Watching as Dean found his composure after his laughing fit and Crowley, he glanced over his shoulder and caught you looking at him. You gave him a smile, a warm genuine one that seemed to catch him off guard after the morning you’d spent together but he returned it nonetheless.
Maybe he was right, you should apply your stubbornness to something more productive than making life harder than it needs to be and you decided right then and there that were going to start with getting to know him. How bad could he be? He was trying to make you into a better person after all. Even if his methods were flawed, you had to admit that his twisted way of caring had you feeling all warm and fuzzy, but you didn’t seem to mind.

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ok I know we love the tassel but can we talk about The Look when malec were on the phone. The grey streak and light eye shadow and the fact that Magnus was literally wearing the night time sky as a shirt

PLEASE I KNOW he looked so good!! the smokey taupe eyeshadow was back which i love; it’s kind of his signature look and i adore it. i loved seeing him get ready while casually on the phone with alec. i wish we could have seen a little more of it, with him selecting a piece of jewelry or a necklace, but this was great, too.

that shirt looks amazing on him. my favorite part is  always how much you can’t quite place him in a specific period of time by his clothes. like the stuff he wears isn’t altogether vintage, but nor is it entirely modern. it’s just kind of…a step outside of time entirely, which i think suits him perfectly.


Day 6 of Adrinette Month is Modeling! Adrien struggles through his day modeling for his father, while Marinette follows his orders as part of her internship under M. Agreste. Unfortunately, a model goes missing from the shoot, and they need an emergency stand in.

Additional note: Here is the music I listened to while writing this chapter, in case you’re into that.

Also on Ao3

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I wanted Smokey Quartz to make a pun about YoYos or string, but then I took a step back and said to myself, no, no, Remember what happened with the last gem who said puns?


Rose kept many secrets, even from us.

What if the next episode is just Steven attempting to get Eyeball to rocket him back to the moon base but it turns out directing someone from inside a bubble in zero gravity is really difficult

“It’s Time To Say Goodbye” New Moon Candle Spell by Smokey

A candle spell I did for the New Moon on the 26th of April to let go of the resentment and guilt from my past relationship and to finally get its influence out of my head. I haven’t even finished the spell and it was already hard for me to even think of my ex’s name. I couldn’t even remember his face anymore.

1 spell per ex. The spell should be done on the night of the next New Moon on the 25th of May. Please observe proper fire safety. Make sure you’re not wearing any long, hanging sleeves and if your hair is long please tie it up. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep it safe and secure, well away from any flammable objects, pets and children. You will have to leave this candle overnight so you should make sure it doesn’t get knocked over and you MUST set an alarm to wake you up at dawn.

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What You Will Need

  • A scented candle from your ex or something reminds you of them (usually white, but if you have a black scented one, that would be good too)
    - if unscented, you will need to anoint it with ¼ cup of olive oil, and any combination of the following:
    2 drops of neroli oil
    2 drops of orange
    1 drop of clementine oil
    1 drop of yuzu oil

  • A ribbon (purple if they were a good ex, black if they were a shitty one - or use a colour you associate them with)
  • A sigil: ”I have moved on.” (How to make a sigil: X X X X)
  • A carving tool
  • A small towel to clean your hands with
  • A piece of blank paper and/or old letters from your ex
  • A marker to write with
  • Optional: Tape.


It’s time for us to feel relief,
And save ourselves from all this grief.
It’s time for us to say goodbye,
And we’ll move on with both our lives

When all the love is dead and gone,
I will know by the risen sun.
It’s time for us to both be free,
And let it go. So mote it be.

The Spell

Please read all the steps before proceeding.

  1. Make sure you’ve got all of your tools with you. You will have to work on a flat and protected surface for the whole spell.
  2. Cleanse yourself and your space. Centre, ground and shield yourself. Take 10 deep breaths - In through the mouth, out through the nose. That’s 1 count. - and feel yourself being anchored to the ground, getting heavier with each breath. You can use any method of protection.
  3. Cast a circle.  If you don’t want to, then do something else that would purify and control the direction/flow of energy.
  4. Carve a sigil for “I have moved on.” onto the surface of your candle. Repeat the incantation as you do this. If you need to anoint your candle, this would be a good time to do so. Dip two fingers and your thumb into the oil. Focus on the meaning of the words as you’re rubbing the oil up and down the surface of the candle. Place this on top of the paper you’re wrapping it with.
  5. Light the candle and watch the flame. Try and focus on your ex. Any memory, any association - imagine throwing all those thoughts into the fire. Imagine all the hurt and pain burning away, leaving you behind with all the good things you got without their help. Imagine all that weight being taken off of you.
  6. Close your circle. You may take down your shields (if you want to) and ground yourself again. Have something to eat. Set an alarm for dawn. Leave the candle to burn overnight in a very safe and well-ventilated place. (WARNING: Do not do this if you live with your parents. They might think you’ll burn the house down. Instead blow the candle out and destroy it. Break it on the floor. Crush it in your hands. Do not leave this to burn overnight.)
  7. Watch the sun rise and feel it all go away. Today is a new day, and things are left in the past. It happened, and it hurt so much. But that doesn’t mean you will let it affect you still. It’s time to let go. Forget the bad, and the good.  How they looked and sounded, what they did and said, anything you associate with them. Movies, songs, objects, animals. Yes, including their dog too. All the good and bad. Accept that it’s over.
  8. By dawn, wrap the candle up in paper and tie it up with the ribbon. If you need to, use tape to make sure none of the candle crumbs fall out of the paper. And then you may top it off with the ribbon. Draw the sigil one last time on the tiny “present” and dispose of it in a public bin far from your home. Make your way back to your house without ever looking back.

for the love of everything that is sacred


its terrible. It’s not “artist interpretation”. it’s not “because you can’t draw fat people” its because you’re too fucking lazy to learn how to draw fat people and that you cannot fucking sexualize it. 

every fucking fat character (especially female and/or genderswap ones) i’ve seen drawn skinny is usually given a huge bust and an itty-bitty waist. And even if she’s got small tits she’s still got huge hips which makes her “fat”

fuck that fuck you and fuck your fat erasure you’re fucking lazy 

there’s one picture of a “genderswap” roadhog and junkrat going around where my big, beautiful, fat piggy is drawn stick thin with huge breasts; not to mention drawn much younger. I’ve already seen pictures of Smokey Quartz as well drawn with them being drawn incredibly thin and “attractive” and even art without their third arm.

like what. the. fuck?

stop saying you can’t draw it. You can if you practice. that’s what art fucking is. If you’re drawing every single goddamn character as a skinny, “sexual” person then you are doing it wrong. Why can’t fat be sexy? Why can’t fat be beautiful to you? What the fuck is wrong with that? 

if you’re young and a new artist, this post does not apply to you. if you’re just starting out, its ok; you’ll get to be even better. I know you can do it. :)  but to those artist out there who’ve been drawing forever and continuously draw fat characters skinny; you’re gross. you are doing a gross thing and taking away the beautiful elegance of fat characters like Rose Quartz or the uncontrollable energy of Smokey Quartz. 

And to the artists who are trying very hard to get it right; you can do it. You may not get it now, but you’ll get there some day. Keep going! I believe in you! :)

i may have not slept in almost 24 hours but i damn well know what I am talking about. Stop erasing fat characters. let them be fat. stop drawing fat characters skinny. 

Cars 3 AU Fanfic ~ Kidnap

Alright, so I was writing a request and I began to develop a scene much longer than it needed to be. Instead of posting it altogether, I have separated it into what you can call ‘Chapter 1′ and have it continue through other requests.

“GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU FREAK!” Lightning screamed, hitting the gas and beginning to gain speed as he took a sharp turn around.

But before he could even move, he was rammed into the side, being knocked off course.

“Not so fast! You are coming with me whether you like it or not,” Smokey hissed, hitting his own gas as hard as he could. managing to quickly shove the red car against the wall.

“Get OFF! OFF!” Lightning screamed, panic beginning to seep in. “Someone, HELP! HELP ME!” he cried, lifting his left tire and pressing it against the truck’s side bumper to push him away.

It didn’t do him no good, for Smokey’s grip on him was too perfect. And he kept on applying pressure, to which Lightning yelped from his insides gradually crushing.

The race car breaked hard, noting that driving forward would get him nowhere. His rear tires spun backwards wildly, trying to take the rest of its frame to safety in the opposite direction.

Lightning jerked back, and before he knew it he was finally free. He watched as the orange truck slammed into the wall where he once was pressed against, suddenly dazed for a moment.

Lightning panted, his eyes flicking over to the empty road. Now! He could make a break for it!

His entire frame was dented, however, and he was no longer able to stand straight anymore. His body was slightly tilted downwards and to his left, covering up a small portion of his left tires. And it hurt when he tried to move it up.

Smokey backed up quickly, his eyes glaring from side to side to see where his prey had gone off to. He spotted him, and his lips raised up into a scowl.

“Don’t think you’re free, kid. You’ve got nowhere to drive to.”

An image of Doc flashed through McQueen’s mind as he heard the word ‘kid’. Shaking himself, he backed up, contemplating whether or not he should speed away in his condition.

The orange truck narrowed his eyes. “You see him. He’s here, isn’t he?”

Lightning blinked, clearing his throat and glancing around. His entire frame was jittering back and forth, half from his vibrating engine and the other from the heavy thumping coming from underneath him.

“TELL ME!” Smokey screamed, charging forth and ramming into McQueen’s front. Loud clangs of metal sounded through, the two cars steadily being pushed backwards from Smokey’s own force.

Lightning cried out in pain, though it was barely audible due to his mouth being covered by Smokey’s bottom bumper, and it was terrifyingly inches close to the truck’s mouth.

The red race car accelerated harshly, his engine roaring with life with its sudden burst of speed as his back tires spun once again. Naturally having more endurance and strength, he pushed back against the orange vehicle, now taking the role to lead them both.

Anger flushed through him, and without thinking twice Lightning drew back momentarily and striked Smokey’s side bumper, the piercing sound slithering through the air loudly. Without giving him enough time to recover, McQueen struck again, this time against the truck’s left fender.

Smokey cried out in agony, attempting to retreat by reversing away. He cracked open his eyes, shooting a deadly glare at the other car. “You son of a–”

McQueen rammed into him again before he could finish the sentence. “Shut UP!”

The orange vehicle grunted, twisting his tires in the asphalt street. He looked at Lightning, gaze burning with hatred, but then his expression faltered as he looked past him.

Whatever Smokey was seeing, it couldn’t be good. But Lightning couldn’t afford to turn around and look as well. He had to keep his focus on this maniac.

Smiling, the older car chuckled in amusement. “I bet somewhere in your little mind you thought you were winning. You were wrong.”

McQueen gasped as he drove toward him quickly, using all the speed he could muster. The red car didn’t have enough time to dodge as Smokey smashed into him again, the two being dragged back.

Lightning cried out as his back tires lost leverage, his rear hanging off a ledge.

“No no no..!! Wait, stop, don’t–, you wouldn’t– STOP! I’M GONNA FALL!”

But it was too late.

Smokey shoved him forward again, and Lightning frantically dug his front tires into the edge, trying to pull himself up. Gravity suddenly seized onto his weight, beginning to drag him down into the dark abyss.

“NO!” McQueen screeched, and he began to slip into the large hole, disappearing. His cries rang out eerily.

Smokey neared up to the edge, glaring down to try and see where he had vanished to.

Then came a huge bang, followed by the crushing of metal and the echoes of steel bouncing off the walls of the trench.

Magic Fireball FX process

Tutorials are not something I normally do, but felt to save up my steps on doing the effects on this one! :)

1.- First, I start blocking out the general feel and shape of the magic effect. For this one, I wanted to do a blobby shape you’d see on a lava lamp…meaning that I’ll stay as much as I can with a round shape. I also start thinking of timing here. Lava lamps are way slower in real life would take away from the “fireball” im looking for, so obviously I’m doing more of a Fire timing here.

Keep in mind to keep it super lose here! This took me around 5-10 minutes. Just make sure the general idea is in here. Don’t sweat it too much :)

2.- I clean up the super rough shapes and push them into more distinct/interesting shapes. I still keep things relatively rough at this stage though. 

3.- Once I start feeling good about the timing and shape, I start adding inbetweens. This can be a little tricky to do because sometimes there’s too much stuff going on and it’s hard to keep up. Something that works for me well is to not rely on the onion skin so much. Go back and forth frames and start drawing things in. (Use the < and > arrows to flip threw frames!).

4.- Once the inbetweens are done I flatten down the frames to a solid color and start thinking a bit more in volume. At this stage any mistakes will become more apparent and it’s here where I clean it up a bit more.

5.- In this stage I start putting in some effects.

I bevel the whole thing with yellow on the top edges and purple on the bottom edges.

I also duplicate the animation, Blurred it in the Y axis to make it look smokey on the back. I also blurred the main animation to 5 pixels. I overlay a black gradient on the top so it helps it fade. On top of the ball I place a subtle green  on “add” to make the circle hot and give it color.

Hope you guys find this a bit useful! Happy animating!