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So you reblogged something a while ago ("no concrete explanation for how anyone was able to call Cruz’s Hamilton") and I'd like to hear your say on it *chinhands* especially because Hamilton said /Whipplefilter/ was calling which.. is.. strange.. (???) since 1) "race cars don't have phones" 2) Lightning asked Smokey to get Cruise back to the track, so why "call from Whipplefilter".. I think this bugs me more than there being no explanation as to why the cars are sentient dnhskdjmsjmdm 1/2

Theory 1: I did it. 

I called her. I am Chester Whipplefilter, and I called her from beyond the void. I’ve been forced to reveal my secret!

Theory 2: There is literally a tiny Lewis Hamilton inside of Cruz, and he helped them out.

I mean, it’s possible.

Theory 3: A fortuitous merge error.

Okay, this one I’m actually really into. XD I love computing drama.

Sterling has apparently invested money in some pretty intense, technologically advanced racing wrap, right? So Cruz and Lightning are both sporting tech that can transmit data to the cloud–speed stats and vital signs, sure, but also contact info (and probably also their purchasing habits, most frequently viewed webpages, their YouTube history, and demographic data for targeted ads).

Well, racecars don’t have phones, but retired crew chiefs cum backwoods auto mechanics do, because this is the gosh darn 21st century and you can bet Smokey drove into town to pick up his pre-ordered iPhone 7 the day it came out.

But with the iOS update shenanigans ensued, and everyone’s contacts got dealphabetized and no one could type Is. And since Smokey was the one with the phone, but Lightning was the one with the suit, Cruz’s bluetooth registered them as the same person because they happened to be parked too close to one another when it was collecting its data.

Then, the tech searched the cloud for Lightning’s last known alias, which happened to be Whipplefilter. 

When Cruz gets the call and says, confused, “Whipplefilter?” she’s not confused because she doesn’t remember who Whipplefilter is. She’s just not sure how that contact GOT INTO HER PHONE, since she didn’t put it there.

Luckily, this all worked out for the best, and it turns out the movie was basically saved by cloud-based computing and machine learning and invasive information science being in their infancy and kind of sucking.

Thanks, Sterling! And Apple.


Elizabeth Queen ♕ Favorite Moments
       ╰ s m o k e y  p u t n a m

I never should’ve let LeMarc go. You weren’t willing to shoot an unarmed man in the back. I think that’s something to admire, not regret. 

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Hi!! Could you do a case scenario about if the tfp autobots + megatron getting turned into sparklings? Like you did for the mtmte bots! Thanks :)

*squeals* Baby robots! Baby robots!

Optimus Prime:
-He is actually a very playful little sparkling, his favorite game is peek-a-boo
-If you’re not too busy, please cuddle him (he likes bring cuddled)

-He’s a cranky little sparkling that just wants to sleep
-If you get hurt, like you pinched your finger, he’ll crawl to you babbling and reach for your hand (he screams if you don’t give it to him) and give your finger a kiss because kisses make everything better

-Naps are such a challenge because he doesn’t want to sleep at all. He wants to play until he passes out in a pile of toys
-He likes it when you play with him, but he won’t let you touch his favorite toys. If you played with something he didn’t like before, he likes it now because you made it look fun

-Careful, he likes to throw stuff and put things in places they shouldn’t go (he is equivalent to the child who puts stuff in the toilet and flushes causing the house to flood)
-He gets into everything so you better keep things high up

-She hates being detained, she wants to be a free sparkling and go wherever you go… everywhere you go
-She never walked, she was crawling around one day following you on your daily routine, decided to stand up, and “ZOOP!” there she goes running past you laughing

-He is a curious baby who wants to know what everything is and put it in his mouth, keep a close optic on him
-He likes it when you hold him and carry him around, sometimes he is awake and looking around squealing and making happy baby noises, other times his head is on your shoulder asleep

-Be careful of those doorwings, as sparkling they are really sensitive and if he hits them on something he starts wailing for you to make them feel better
-He doesn’t like laying on his back and staying still, you lay him on his back and turn around for a second to get something and you’ll turn back to Smokey on his belly. You roll him back, he flops back over again. He keeps doing it until he just decides to crawl away laughing. (Just swaddle him in a blanket if you want to keep him still)

Ultra Magnus:
-He’s a clumsy little sparkling, he uses something to stand up and he falls back down on his butt
-He wraps himself around your leg until you pick him up, you think he wants to cuddle but he just wants to see what you’re doing

-He plays rough, gets hurt, runs to you to give his boo-boos kisses, then he does it again
-One day you hear a bunch of things crashing in a room he’s not suppose to be in and go running, you find him crying and crawling around running into walls because he got a bucket stuck on his head (don’t laugh, he’s freaking out!) once you get the bucket off he clings to you for a bit

Jyn Erso: exploding fireworks, shots with friends, beat up combat boots that are practically destroyed but never going to bring replaced, drinking under the stars, hot wiring a car on a dare, skinned dipping at night, winging at exam, drunken chats at 3 am with your best friend, texts in emoji, borrowed shirts, ripped jeans, cat-sly smirks, chortling at attempts at being sexy, scuffed converse, chipped nail polish, days old eyeliner, no sense of personal space, sharing seats, arms slung over shoulders, chin-tilted-eyes-glinting-staring-you-in-the-eye-defiance, spitfire words thrown at you to cut to the bone, bruised knuckles, rough kisses, whispered apologies to the night

Cassian Andor: leather jackets, stone-still water, cold eyes and face, grease and oil, dirty hands, one favorite coat, loyal forever once you’re proven, whiskey bottles, maps in the glove box, box of bad memories, rare half-smiles, rarer grins, hooded eyes in a smokey bar, piggy-back rides at 2 am, swimming in the ocean at night, smoking on the roof under the stars, campfires and constellations, pet names in another language, scruffy beard and bags under eyes, perfect A+ exam with minimal studying, unreadable eyes staring you down, ice-cold voice tearing open half-healed wounds, bloody lip, calloused hands over smooth skin, teeth on skin, apologizes without speaking

Smokey Quartz is back!!!!

Connie in a ponytail!!!


Lars being confident!!!

Greg finally learning about gems possibly???

Diamonds and war!!!

Bismuth in flashback with gems???

Both Jasper and Bismuth confirmed to come back!!!

Also, who else wants to bet that Lapis and Peridot will fuse?? Either that or get their stars.


I wanted Smokey Quartz to make a pun about YoYos or string, but then I took a step back and said to myself, no, no, Remember what happened with the last gem who said puns?

What if the next episode is just Steven attempting to get Eyeball to rocket him back to the moon base but it turns out directing someone from inside a bubble in zero gravity is really difficult

for the love of everything that is sacred


its terrible. It’s not “artist interpretation”. it’s not “because you can’t draw fat people” its because you’re too fucking lazy to learn how to draw fat people and that you cannot fucking sexualize it. 

every fucking fat character (especially female and/or genderswap ones) i’ve seen drawn skinny is usually given a huge bust and an itty-bitty waist. And even if she’s got small tits she’s still got huge hips which makes her “fat”

fuck that fuck you and fuck your fat erasure you’re fucking lazy 

there’s one picture of a “genderswap” roadhog and junkrat going around where my big, beautiful, fat piggy is drawn stick thin with huge breasts; not to mention drawn much younger. I’ve already seen pictures of Smokey Quartz as well drawn with them being drawn incredibly thin and “attractive” and even art without their third arm.

like what. the. fuck?

stop saying you can’t draw it. You can if you practice. that’s what art fucking is. If you’re drawing every single goddamn character as a skinny, “sexual” person then you are doing it wrong. Why can’t fat be sexy? Why can’t fat be beautiful to you? What the fuck is wrong with that? 

if you’re young and a new artist, this post does not apply to you. if you’re just starting out, its ok; you’ll get to be even better. I know you can do it. :)  but to those artist out there who’ve been drawing forever and continuously draw fat characters skinny; you’re gross. you are doing a gross thing and taking away the beautiful elegance of fat characters like Rose Quartz or the uncontrollable energy of Smokey Quartz. 

And to the artists who are trying very hard to get it right; you can do it. You may not get it now, but you’ll get there some day. Keep going! I believe in you! :)

i may have not slept in almost 24 hours but i damn well know what I am talking about. Stop erasing fat characters. let them be fat. stop drawing fat characters skinny. 


Day 6 of Adrinette Month is Modeling! Adrien struggles through his day modeling for his father, while Marinette follows his orders as part of her internship under M. Agreste. Unfortunately, a model goes missing from the shoot, and they need an emergency stand in.

Additional note: Here is the music I listened to while writing this chapter, in case you’re into that.

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Rose kept many secrets, even from us.