So tomorrow I am going shopping with some friends and FOR SURE I have to go to Sephora. I have not been there in a really really long time, only to their website. I have been thinking what I should buy there. I do need eyeshadow primer since mine ran out. (Urban Decay-Sin)

I really like this primer but the one I had must have been a sampler size since it had a wand. I need this but since it normally is in a tube, not sure. I also saw that Buxom makes an eye primer too in stick form.There have been mixed reviews on this so I may wait.

I also want to buy a lip plumper. I really like this one by Buxom called Katie.I already have this one as a sampler but I want a full size. But I already have enough lipgloss. Anyway I either want Katie or a similar color that is more clearer.

Yesterday I was finished with work really early so I did some shopping at this store called Francesca’s. I got a pair of leggings and this makeup kit from e.l.f. that was on sale for $2.98!

This particular kit is mainly for smokey eyes. I really like the instructions it gives, this is helpful for anyone new to doing smokey eyes. The primer did a pretty good job and my makeup stay on a long time. Normally I use Urban Decay primer but so far the e.l.f. primer may be just as good. I did the daytime smokey eye for work today. The day base color is actually pretty pigmented. Day highlighter goes on very light and the day contour is not that dark. The eyeliner pencil is ok, I’ll mainly use it for my bottom lashes since it doesn’t go on that dark. I haven’t tried the night smokey eye yet but I’ll wait for a special occasion to try it out. 

If you are ever looking for a good deal on drugstore makeup, shop at Target. They always have great deals, especially makeup products. Let me show you an example:

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

At CVS it will cost you about $10. To me kind of a lot for drugstore makeup, but that’s my personal opinion because I’m trying to watch my money. But at Taget it’s about $8. That is a difference of $2!!!! I find that crazy how 2 products that are exactly the same can cost different at different stores. So when you are at Target stock up on makeup for some good savings.

CVS Haul 

I went to CVS last night to get a few things. L'Oreal had buy one get one 50%. Maybelline had it if you spend $10+ you get $3 CVS rewards. So I got 2 L'Oreal The One Swipe eye shadows. I did not realize until I got home that the colors are specifically for certain eye colors. So the one that had blue was for blue eyes. But I have brown eye, don’t care I’m sure it’ll still look good. I FINALLY got Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow. I’ve been wanting it a really long time. I also got FIT ME powder in 130 because the one I am currently using has the silver pan thingy showing.