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Dan has grown and changed for the better. ‘danisnotonfire’ was a guy that would wear all black, didn’t like himself, never wanted to have his “hobbit hair,” would get upset and if he was called “gay,” tried to hide the fact he was a fan of Phil. ‘Daniel Howell’ is a guy that has called himself “Phil Trash #1” talks about boys being cute, when called gay he will just laugh and try to tell you there isn’t anything wrong with being “gay,” prefers that people don’t label themselves unless that’s what they like and that’s who they truly are. Daniel Howell is a guy that doesn’t care for society or gender roles because “gender rolls are the worst kind of bread,” he has painted his nails, and doesn’t mind painting them again, said if he ever wore eyeshadow he would like to have a smokey eyeshadow look. Daniel Howell is still a guy that likes all black, but has come to like colors (especially soft pastel colors). Daniel Howell has learned to love his natural hair, wants to embrace his curls, didn’t like his profile picture because he didn’t have his curly hair at that time. All around Daniel Howell has become a guy that loves himself, is comfortable with himself, and is the happiest he’s ever been.

silverstar52301  asked:

3? ♥

3. Do you wear eye-shadow? What color?

Omg yay, I was hoping that I would get this question because I absolutely love makeup. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow as a part of my daily makeup routine, but I do when I’m dressing up. I usually wear golds and browns, but I recently bought the Naked Smokey palette, so I’m excited to try out a smokey eyeshadow look! 

Thank you so much for asking ♥

- Dan painting his nails black and then painting them again but with sparkle nail polish
- Dan wearing ripped jeans
- Dan wearing more colors (pastel)
- Dan willing to have a smokey eyeshadow look
- Dan not giving a fuck about society rules
- Dan being all around comfortable with himself
Life is good