smokey bacon crisps

I’ve seriously lost count how many times I’ve re-watched yesterday’s robron ep now but what I failed to appreciate more than anything (amongst the crying) was the lighthearted comedy that shone through during the many moments Robert tried but failed to propose. 

  • Vic very nearly spilling the beans and drifting off with “…smokey bacon crisps” - it’s just in her nature to be the giddy one eager for news and it was so fitting.
  • Aaron doing a little spin and pointing his arm around hesitating as Robert tries to guess what on earth he’s hiding in the boot, only to then greet him with a tied up Lachlan and a “that” as though it’s just your average mishap in their daily life.
  • Robert’s one liners and the constant, general sarcastic tone of humour - “there’s a teenager in your boot”“so what now, Cain?” as Aaron looks at him squinty eyed as though Robert should be cool about this because he’s an expert, right?
  • Aaron’s “I forgot I was with the expert!” - I just find it hilariously adorable how he’d taken tips from Robert’s master plans and wanted to understand his way of dealing with issues even though he knows it never really works out well.
  • The machete/gun interaction - without a doubt the funniest part, Aaron was like a little kid egging on Robert to go along with his game plan of pretend like he was a genius mastermind and he was just parred off by Robert being a sarcy idiot again.
  • Aaron being so wound up at Lachlan - his voice turning extremely high pitched as he asks him what he’s laughing at and then if he wants to go for a swim whilst Robert remains calm and allows Aaron to return to normal mode, oh my god it shouldn’t be entertaining but it so is!
  • Aaron and Robert pretending to act dumb around the policeman - it was like watching a carry on criminal duo, you could see Aaron was playing it cool on the outside but on the inside he was screaming. Danny is SO good at versatile facial expressions it always amazes me.
  • Aaron’s “cheeky little git” when he realised the police officer thought they’d been banging in the woods - it was the perfect addition to their dynamic.
  • The final car conversation before the crash, it was just such domesticated bickering and it’s my favourite thing - Aaron grilling Robert so obliviously until he just blows the whole arrangement of the proposal because he’s done with nothing going his way. It was a dramatic end but it was so true and honest to how they function and that being the catalyst spoke volumes for their relationship!