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Smokey aura Quartz

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cleffery  asked:

alternatively, another prompt: you've probs heard of Alex being horrible at cooking 'cause she never had the time to learn, but hear me out - Alex making a mess out of the kitchen, and almost burning it down three times, while maggie sits worriedly by the side, and somehow despite the two actual fires, the food is really good. Maggie is in terrified awe

“Well?” Alex asks, wringing her hands nervously. Maggie surveys the scene before her. 

The countertop is a mess. Vegetable peels, and small puddles of spilled oil and spices. The oven door is still ajar, after Alex had yanked it open and pulled out a smoking mess. There’s still a slightly smokey aura hanging around the apartment and Alex’s apron is a mess and Maggie has been watching it all unfold through the gaps between her fingers.

“Are you gonna try it?”

Maggie stares down at what’s supposed to be a lasagna.

She doesn’t want to eat it. But her girlfriend stares at her expectantly, and love is all about sacrifice, so Maggie takes a deep breath and decides to sacrifice her taste-buds for the greater good of her relationship.

She brings a forkful of food to her mouth and it takes more courage than she’s ever needed on the force to put it in her mouth and eat it.

She waits for the sweet embrace of palate death, but it never comes. Instead, she gets what very well may be the best lasagna she’s ever tasted (other than her aunt’s, of course). She takes another bite. And another.

“Danvers, I say this with nothing but admiration, but what the fuck?”

Alex’s shoulders sag. “It’s terrible, isn’t it? I knew this would no happen.”

“No,” Maggie says through a mouthful of lasagna. “It’s amazing. That’s why I’m confused.”

“Well,” Alex says with a smirk, “you already knew I had magic fingers.”

eeveeprincessxd  asked:

Do you know of any science that could explain the process of creating a Shadow Pokemon as seen in Colosseum and XD?

Great question! Orre is one of my favorite regions, its a shame those 3D games don’t get more attention. Anyways, let’s sum up what we know about Shadow pokémon:

  • Shadow pokémon are created through a mysterious process that “closes the door to their hearts”; ie, removes all emotions and turns them into fighting machines.
  • They emit a smokey purple aura only visible to certain people or scientific equipment.
  • If “snagged” from their original owner (essentially stolen, for those who aren’t familiar with the games), they can be “purified” back into their natural state over time, similar to the friendship mechanic in the main games.

Okay, I think we have enough info to start! Let’s start with emotion. Emotions are caused by external stimuli, such as seeing the pokéball shake three times and then fail, confronting a 4-foot-tall bee, or finally beating the Elite Four. The brain, as always, does the actual interpreting. Your senses relay the information to the brain, and the brain acts accordingly.

There are three main chemicals associated with the brain: dopamine is associated with pleasure and happiness. Norepinephrine controls stress and anxiety, and serotonin is associated with memory. Memory plays a big part in emotion. For example, if you’ve been stung by a bee before, you’re much more likely to be afraid of bees.

Messing with the chemicals will effect your emotions. This is essentially how anti-depressants work. More effectively, however, removing emotions would require messing with the brain itself. For example, Alexithymia, the inability to identify your own emotions, is often linked with deformities in the brain. 

Alternatively, the two halves of your brain both play big parts. The right half “identifies” emotions, and the left brain “interprets”. If the right brain can’t communicate with the left brain, it will be overcome with negative emotions and unable to deal with them.

So, yeah. “Closing the door to a pokémon’s heart” involves messing with their brain in some way or another–maybe drugs, maybe electrical signals, who knows. In either case, a side effect of it is the invisible purple aura. And I’m willing to bet it’s “administered” in their pokéball.

When you snag a shadow pokémon it goes into a new pokéball. And since the drugs and/or electrical effects are only temporary, when they don’t receive a new dose for long enough they are “purified” and revert back into their normal state.

This was kind of all over the place, but I hope it answered your question. Thanks!

-Professor Julie