smokes like a dream


Honestly I’m never going to finish this so I’d rather u guys have it unfinished than not at all

Dreams Like Smoke

version 2

by sobeautifullyobsessed

I sigh yet again, halfway to forever.

If I can’t have a Hero,

I’ll take the Bad Boy decked in leather.

The Bad Boy with the vulnerable but deeply buried heart,

The devil smoke wreathing his head like a crown.

And what wouldn’t I give for a taste of it upon his lips,

A taste upon his tongue?

They say that where there’s smoke,

That way lies the fire.

So in that sleepy haze of smoke I dare the brief impossible;

To dream we burn together.

In a dark, delicious dream, we burn.


my favorite forgery is prokopenko.

Can you read my mind?

Prompt: What happens when a weirdo villain makes a thoughts shifter and you are with Damian? 

A/N :  Sorry for the lack of writing, I haven’t been mentally well to write stuff (to not make personal memories), but anyway I hope you like this one, and again sorry ||Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Damian  

Warnings:  Swearing, sexual innuendos, like super short smut or maybe just like two lines (LOL), fluff.

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“You are like the worst villain ever, why do you even bother in trying?” you brother asked the weird guy in front.

Yes, you brother was right, why on Earth this creepy guy wanted to do things so… bad, like really this dude got the worst of the ideas every fucking time. A fucking machine to make everyone think in cheese…what the fuck it’s his fucking problem?, you don’t know, but mostly his machines or weapons are based on human brains, so this evening was something more creative at least, but dumb.

“You are too dumb to understand! Our brains control everything! how are lives work, how we-”

“Yeah- yeah, you have gave us that chat before, we know. we’re taking you to Arkham…again” you told him as you placed a tape on his mouth.

He was still mumbling incoherent things as you waited for your family to arrive so they could bring with them the Gotham Police and take this weirdo out of your sight.

“What is he saying?” Damian asked you as you eyed the weird guy trying to speak.

“Like, you really want to know?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, we have plenty of time for ourselves, and there nothing we can do in here! it’s boring!” Damian said with despair.

“Well, maybe we can look around, this guy may have many toys” you smiled at your little brother.

He didn’t need anything more to go and search in the weird guy’s place. Apparently your ‘villain’ was tired enough to keep fighting against the restrains and the tape, so he was just quiet in the floor.

“Hey! look at this! I’m Brainy! Hands up, I’ll make you think about Super Boy!” Damian yelled at you as he pointed with a strange gun.

“Oh my god! Anything but that guy!” You acted like if you were losing the fight against your brother.

“I know you love him, so this must be a wish come true! ” Damian chuckled and then he placed the gun on the floor again.

“Sure thing, I love how he crush the life out of me when he hugs me, and even more, I love more his family, so cutie pies” you told him with a roll of your eyes.

“Come over here!” Damian said as he faced a really weird machine.

“What the heck is this?” you asked with a frown as your hands mocked the machine in front.

“Don’t know, but let me guess, this thing makes something with your brain” Damian told you with a chuckle.

“Hmm, it looks old, maybe it’s doesn’t even work anymore” you said as you analyzed the board in front.

“Well, we can try and turn it on” Damian said as he plugged the thing.

“Look, I could totally tell you that this is the worst idea ever” you told Damian with your arms crossed.

“You’re such a princess” Damian told you with a scoff as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“ 'Am not ”

“Yes you are”

“I am not a princess”

“Prove it then!”

And that easily you made what you thought to let the machine come to life once again and suddenly the machine made a strange noise and a blinding light came to life, Damian and you fell in the ground in matter of seconds.

“The heck was that!?” you asked more to yourself as you got up.

“I don’t know, but I have a headache now” Damian told you as he rubbed his face with his hands.

“Birds we arrived, where are you two?” you heard Jason’s voice into the comms.

“Heeeck, we’re going” you told Jason as you and Damian made your way back to the first place you were.

Hours after you were on your shared room with Jason, since your eyes crossed on the way back to the Manor you knew what he wanted and you were in the same page as you eyed him, so you will understand why literal, you ran upstair with Jason.

“Hell I’ve missed you so much” Jason said as he kissed your collarbone as his hands took away your bat-suit.

“You’re such a dork, we were apart just six hours” you tried to said without moaning when his hands took away most of the suit.

“Well, you can have an idea of how bad I want you” Jason smirked as he keep kissing those spots that drive you crazy for him.

“If you are just gonna suck my skin…it’s better that you move down” you grabbed Jason’s head so he could look at you, you were more than sure you eyes were like his, full of lust and desire.

“Ohhh, someone’s want to have control tonight?” Jason smirked as the grabbed you by your waist.

“Just do something! I want you right now!” You moaned again when his hand began going lower until it reached your panties.

“Don’t worry babe, we have all night long” it’s the last thing Jason said before going on down on his knees.

In the morning you woke up in the arms of Jason, you hummed softly as the memories of your dreams came to your brain. You frowned a little before you opened your eyes.

“Good morning, everything alright?” Jason said with his sexy morning voice as he looked down at you.

“Good morning” you said with a yawn as you buried you face closer to his chest “I have the weirdest dream of my entire life”

“What about it?” Jason asked you as he played with your hair.

“Well, first I wasn’t like myself you know? it was just weird, like I really don’t know how to describe it. I was in a garden full of dogs and bunnies, but then I was like inside of that Candy Crush game…”

“You better share those things you smoke, maybe I have sweet dreams like you” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I didn’t smoke or use drugs, Jay… and it’s better that you don’t use them either” you chuckled too.

You closed your eyes for some seconds and then you opened them again, you looked around the room and Jason looked at you confused.

“Are you alright?” Jason asked you as he sit in the bed next to you.

“I heard Damian… is he so loud in mornings?” you asked him as you frown again.

“Well, you have super hearing, I don’t listen anything” Jason told you as he began kissing your skin again.

“Oh… hold it back Jason, I’m starving” you told your boyfriend as you tried to make your way out of the bed.

“Mmm, you can eat something before you go down to the kitchen” Jason told you with a smirk as he tried to hug you.

“You are like a bunny Jason! Let me go” you laughed as your boyfriend tried to keep you on hold.

“But you love it” Jason said with a smirk as he let go of you.

“Yes I do, but I won’t be able to follow your steps with a lack of fuel” you said as you put some clothes (Jason’s shirt and pants) to go down.

“Those this means a fifth round?” Jason asked you with raised eyebrows.

“We’ll see” You said as you make your way out of the room.

You arrived to the kitchen as you hummed some song you heard on the radio. Alfred, Damian and breakfast were already there , but you usual cup with coffee wasn’t, so you search for it as you keep on thinking about that.

“Well, if you came down early maybe Bruce wouldn’t took it” Damian said with a scoff as you turned around to look at him.

“Did I said that out loud?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow

Alfred looked between Damian and you, he hadn’t heard anything, but somehow he was curious about the situation, but he said nothing.

“Yes, sister. Father took your cup, since you weren’t here an hour ago” Damian told you with a frown.

“So, you have been here for more than a hour…why?” you asked him as you crossed your arm in front of you.  

“None of your business”

“Oh! So you are grumpy today!”

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“I had a fucking nightmare!” Damian yelled as he couldn’t stand you anymore.

“Little Damian was afraid last night, was it about the Brainy guy?” you teased him as you looked for the juice.

“No… and Alfred put it in the freezer” Damian said with a frown as he returned to his cereal.

Alfred once again looked between the both of you with a raised eyebrow before he spoke.

“What were you looking for lady Y/N?”  Alfred asked with a frown as you turned around with wide eyes.

“I asked for the juice… how you know that?” you asked your brother as he eyed between you and Alfred again.

“You asked, I answered” he said as he keep on reading on the cereal box.

“Okay, well thank you… what was your nightmare about?” you asked Damian as you grabbed the juice from the freezer.

“Don’t tell father or Dick, but… I dreamed I was alone and you all were dead” he said without hesitation and without looking at you.

Alfred look at Damian confused and then at you, you had your eyes wide open, you didn’t realized that you have filled your glass.

“Lady Y/N!” you heard Alfred and you snapped again, you quickly cleaned your mess as Damian looked at you again.

“I didn’t know you had the same, sister” Damian told you confused.

“I didn’t told anyone Damian” you told him more confused.

'You really a lost case today, sister’

“And I’m not lost case Damian! I’m confused!” you told him with a scoff.. 

You looked down at you filled glass as you thought about how annoying your little brother was this morning.

“I’m annoying? Oh sorry sister I may shut my mouth then” Damian said with anger.

“Fine, it’s too early for this tea” Alfred said as he couldn’t actually comprehend the situation.

“Damian… I haven’t speak” you told your brother confused.

“I heard you” Damian said with a deep frown.

“Well I didn’t” you told him more confused.

You turned around giving Damian your back and Alfred and Damian looked at you more confused and then Damian yelled.

“Stop singing that song! You know I hated it!” Alfred looked at Damian with eyes wide open and then at you.

“Guess what?! I didn’t sing! How are you doing these?!” you yelled again as you turned around.

“I heard you sing that fucking song!” Damian yelled too.

“Okay, where is my iPod, just answer” you asked your brother.

'In my backpack’

“I don’t know” he said with a stern voice.

“So you don’t mind if I look in your backpack?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

Damian opened his eyes and looked at you with panic.

“Woah, you can feel the tension in here” Jason entered the kitchen, looking at a surprised Damian a confused Alfred and skeptical Y/N.

When you looked at Jason you couldn’t control your thoughts, Jason was without a shirt and his abs where just pure art, hell he was hotter than Firestorm.

“Oh god! We don’t need to know Y/N!” Damian yelled as he closed his eyes.

“Okay, what happening?” Jason asked confused.

“I think Damian and I… changed somehow thoughts” you told your boyfriend as he looked at both of you more confused.

“Yes, too early for this tea” Alfred said as he dropped all the tee in the sink.

Hours have passed and nothing hasn’t changed. You already talk with Bruce… but he wasn’t even amused, he look between you two and then he went out, HE LEFT.

So since that moment you and Damian had a internal fight, since he couldn’t shut his fucking mind so you began doing the same, but in your case was even better. If someone was going to win the freaking war of minds, it was you.

You looked at the person who will lead you to that success and then everything started. Damian was in his room thinking about things that he knew annoyed you the must, so you played the same game, being cheesy with Jason.

You eyed your boyfriend as he was doing some work out in the gym and you let your mind took you to your winning.

'Oh god Jason, look at you, that body, how the sweat runs down your spine’
'Papi chulo Jaybird, come here and flex me like that’
'Are you the sun Jason?, because I’m melting right here’

You didn’t make it so far when an angry Damian launched himself towards you.

“Stop! I don’t want more nightmares!” Damian said as he tried to stop your thoughts.

To be honest, you were laughing so hard because you keep on thinking about your boyfriend, which was smiling toward the both of you.

“Y/N! stop! I swear I will start thinking about Superboy” Damian said with anger

“Oh! What are you going to think about him? huh?”  you asked your brother with a smirk.

“Hey! Not fair! don’t talk about that shit ass with her!” Jason’s voice echoed.

“About that day” Damian smirked at you and then you heard him in your mind and your eyes snapped at him.

“Shut your mind Damian!“ you tackled Damian as you began tickled him so he stop.

"Not fair!” Damian yelled with laughter as his mind tried to keep the memory.

“Yes it is! Stop it” you said with a chuckled, Damian was going to piss his pants.

“Y/N! Stop! I’m going to piss!” Damian laughed harder.

“Are you going to stop?!” You asked your brother as a laugh came to your throat.

“NO!” Damian yelled as he focused once more in the memory of Superboy.

And then you heard Dick running toward the both of you.

“I heard Damian laughing! I have to record this!” Dick said as he make a zoom to Damian face.

“Grayson!” Damian tried to yell in anger but tears of joy were running down his cheeks.

“Sorry dude, but this is gold" you saw Dick’s grin all over his face.

“You both are going’ to be death when this is over!” Damian said once more in laughter.

“Who told you this has an end?” you smirked at your brother.

And then out of nowhere a tired Bruce entered the Gym, holding a gun towards you and Damian.

“Bruce?! What the fuck?!” you yelled as you leaved Damian’s shaking body.

“I’m putting and end to this” Bruce said  with a smirk and then a blinding light exploded in your vision.

Minutes later you opened your eyes again and you looked at your father who was smirking.

“Did you really enjoyed shooting us?” you asked him with a frown.

“More than I should have” Bruce told you with a smile… that was weird.

'How are you even Batman’

You smiled as you heard your own voice in your head, you looked at Damian who was sitting up as he rubbed his eyes.

“Dad” you looked towards Bruce who was looking at his new toy, he looked at you like a child. 

“Can you please stop stealing my coffee cups?” you asked him with a smile. 

“I don’t know what are you talking about Y/N” he told you a ‘Batman glare’

“Damian told me you grab them. At least tell me where are they” you told him as you began to stand up.

“Batman doesn’t steals coffee cups” he told you as he crossed his arms. 

“Yeah, and Batman doesn’t likes Rom-Com" you said with sass. 

“They’re on the Batcave” he told you with a stern voice. 

“Are you out of my mind?” you heard Damian’s voice and you looked towards him. 

“Yes you little shit, you can think about Superboy all you want” you told him as you help him get up. 

“Ugh, I will never see you two the same way, never” Damian told you as he pointed between you and Jason. 

“Don’t worry i just thought that to annoy you” you told Damian as you waved his hair, his frown disappeared when he felt this. 

“I think worst things” you told him with a chuckle and he made a disgusted face. 

“How are you even my sister” he asked you. 

“Ask the man playing with his new toy about that” you pointed towards your childish father.

“Is he okay?” Damian asked you in a whisper.

“Truth be told, he’s acting weird, but maybe it’s because he enjoy shooting at us” you told him with a chuckle.

“Dick! I swear if you don’t fucking stop with that song I will burn all your legos” you heard Jason yell.

“Guess we have another problem” you told your brother as you looked between Dick and Jason.

“Then clean your ears! I’m not singing!” Dick yelled at Jason.

“Bruce do you want to shoot at them?” you asked your father with a sigh.

“Believe I want, but this thing only charge once, I better fix up that” Bruce told you as he made his way out.

“What are we going to do with them?!” Damian yelled at his father.

“Just don’t let them kill each other!” Bruce yelled at the top of the stairs.

“We are doomed” Damian told you with a sigh.

You look at the scene in front of you and you sit on the floor.

“Sister, Bruce told us to keep them away from each other, not to sit and watch” Damian told you confused.

“I know Dami. But let’s make a bet, who will crack first?” you asked your brother with a smirk.

“What do you want to lose, sister?” Damian asked you with a raised eyebrow

“You gave back my iPod” you told him with a smile.

“Fine, you know I’m going to keep it forever then” Damian told you as he sit beside you.

“Damian, more than ever I wanted you to read my mind, so you know you are more than wrong” you told him with a chuckle.

“Shut up” he told you with a smile.

“Damian” you told him again, and he looked at you with a strange face.

“Are you really afraid you will lose me?” you asked him with a sad smile.

“What?” he asked you, his cheeks turned pink but you knew why.

“I saw it in your dream, you told me thousands of times there” you told him with a smile.

Damian didn’t said anything, he moved closer to you and he snuggled in your side.

“I’m surrounded by idiots, but you made it seams like it’s okay” he told you and you smiled at your little brother.

“Well, good that I’m not planning on leaving in a very long time” you told him as you caressed his hair and you felt him smile.

“Don’t tell anyone I dreamed that part” he told you and you chuckled.

“I can’t promise you that, but I’ll try” you told him and then you focused on your boyfriend and Dick.

“Jason! you better control your shit I want my iPod back!” you yelled at him, but it was a lose case, you already knew you will never see your iPod again.  

But once again, you love your weird life. 


Book covers: Black, Yellow & Gold

• Нил Шустерман “Обделенные душой”
• Дженнифер Смит “На что похоже счастье”
• Кэт Кроули “Лунное граффити”
• Рик Янси “Пятая волна”
• Holly Bourne “Am I normal yet?”
• Leigh Bardugo “Crooked Kingdom”
• Лейни Тейлор “Сны богов и монстров”
• Джесси Эндрюс “Хейтеры”
• Катарина Маки “Тысячный этаж”


Jongdae + Love Me Right MV  (1)

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19 and Snowbaz maybe?

19- one of you was tortured and is working through ptsd and the other has no idea until…well, now

I was the first to wake up that morning, which almost never happened. Simon was always up at 5am, at the latest, clomping around, noisily dropping bottles of shampoo in the shower and slamming drawers for no apparent reason other than they didn’t have what he wanted. Which never made sense because it’s not like he had to choose his clothes. Even on the weekends he’d wear his Watford uniform.

But today, for some reason, I woke up before him. Although I guess it makes sense. The Mage pulled him out of class yesterday to go on a mission and he came back looking like death itself. He practically collapsed onto his bed and has been out since then

I decide to start getting dressed because I can’t just stare at Snow until he wakes up. I’m halfway through buttoning my shirt when Snow wakes up, gasping.

“Morning Snow,” I say, looking at him through the mirror. I fix my tie, tightening it. Snow doesn’t say anything.

“Snow?” Nothing.

“Snow I’m talking to you.” I turn around and that’s when I notice he’s crying. Crowley….

“Snow what’s wrong?” I takes a step forward. Snow wraps his arms around himself tight.

“It’s nothing Baz. Leave me alone.”

“Clearly it’s not nothing. What’s wrong?”

“Why do you care?”


“Because is not a valid reason, Baz.” He sniffles, wiping his nose. Taking a deep breath, I sit on the edge of his bed.

“What’s wrong Simon?” He starts to sob. Taking a chance, I put my arms around him in what I think is a hug.

“Baz what–”

“Simon tell me what’s wrong,” I whisper into his neck. He smells like smoke and sugar and everything I dreamed about. I try to calm my racing heart as I pull away a fraction of an inch.

“It was just a dream Baz you don’t need to–”

“Yes I do. What’s bothering you?” He wipes his eyes again and let’s out a whimper that breaks my heart.

“Everything. The Humdrum, the monsters, the Mage…” He starts to shake under my hands. I pull him close to me and push his curls out of his face.

“Hey-hey. It’s going to be okay.” Then he looks up at me, with his blue eyes full of tears.

“Why are you doing this?” A lump forms in my throat.

“Because I love you, Simon Snow.”

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Hello darling, how's about a little fic or headcannon for Pharah, 76, and Zarya. Where they come back from a morning workout (because let's face it, they probably all get up at dawn to workout) and find their s/o still in bed, but wearing an article of their clothing.

Gaahh, don’t call me darling, you’ll make me blush! /////// I’m supposed to call you darlin’ dammit! >:0

Anyway, since you requested three people at a time, I’ll do headcanons for now, just because that’s easier and, frankly, I always find writing headcanons more fun because I can do little stupid things in those. <D



  • She and Zarya are long-distance work-out buds, I swear
  • Anyway she probably gets up at like four a.m.
  • Eats something small, fills a giant-ass water bottle, then she’s on her way
  • Her work-out consists of a five-mile run before the gym, a hardcore almost-military workout at said gym that would make masculine bodybuilder seem like a fragile little flower, then a seven-mile run before heading home
  • Once she gets home, she’ll take a shower so she doesn’t reek, then starts breakfast for her and her s/o
  • After breakfast is a go, she’ll go to check on her s/o and wake them up to come sit
  • They’re still asleep splayed out haphazardly on the bed
  • Like one foot’s against the headboard, the other leg is off the opposite side of the bed, their head’s hanging off the bed and resting on the chest at the foot of it instead, the blankets are everywhere but on the bed
  • At least they got a good night’s sleep, as the position shows
  • They’ll be stiff as when when they wake up though
  • They’re also wearing one of Fareeha’s pairs of boxer shorts that she uses as pajamas
  • They’re so precious and pure and sweet
  • She’ll just stand and are marvel at the beauty of her s/o, despite how ugly of a sleeper they are <D
  • Then she briefly forgets about breakfast until she smells smoke
  • “OH SHIT!” -loud but light foot taps as she runs back to the kitchen-
  • S/O wakes up from her shout and flails the rest of the way off the bed
  • After gaining their senses, they get up and stiffly limp to the kitchen
  • There’s the bird-wife fanning the slightly charred bacon before the smoke detector goes off
  • Personally, I like burnt bacon so this’d be a morning dream-come-true
  • S/O ends up helping her finish breakfast
  • Her fingers will eventually end up rubbing the skin just under the waistband of her shorts that s/o’s wearing at some point
  • She’ll set up the table while they fix the bacon, then they’ll both sit down to eat and chat over eggs and pancakes and more or less decent bacon
  • Afterwards she’ll invite them to join her for yoga or stretching so they can work out their stiff bodies together
  • Also because it another excuse for getting touchy, which Pharah’s always a fan of


  • Similar workout ethic as Pharah
  • Like I said, they’re long-distance workout buddies
  • Plus Zarya loves to show off
  • So she goes to one of those huge, hardcore public gyms that only seriously fit people go to use
  • Also you know that she made one of those huge, nasty-looking/tasting energy/protein smoothies before she went out too
  • And then she spends her morning putting them to shame in the best-humored way
  • She knows a lot of the people there
  • Gets into competitions with various bodybuilder one
  • One of these are probably Reinhardt
  • She usually wins, then proceeds to give whoever she won against tips
  • She indirectly becomes a personal trainer for some of those struggling there
  • When she comes home, the first thing she does is get a drink of water, then check in on her s/o
  • They’re curled up in her huge bed, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and wearing one of her tank tops that’s a literal dress on them
  • She’ll smile and quietly come in to change out of her workout gear
  • Then she’ll go over to her s/o and run her fingers through their hair or give their arm a little squeeze
  • Just something noticeable enough to wake their s/o up briefly so she can tell them that she’s home
  • She’ll kiss their forehead or temple and run her fingers lightly along their body where it’s clothed by her tank top
  • Might ride the tank top up a bit to massage the skin underneath a bit, just enough to help you relax back into sleep mode
  • It’s her favorite thing to see them wearing her stuff as sleepwear, tbh
  • Then she’ll leave them to sleep while she makes herself some breakfast
  • She’ll come back into the room with a cup of coffee and sit in bed with them until they finally wake up
  • Just tracing her fingers along their body or running a hand through their hair while listening to the quiet nature noises coming through the window
  • When they do wake up, she’ll ask what they want for breakfast
  • She’ll carry them out into the kitchen and have them sit on the counter while she makes what they want
  • If they really want to help, she’ll have them grab things that are nearby where they’re sitting for her
  • She’ll sit with you while you eat and talk about her workout and any dreams you had and plans for the day
  • Then you’ll both spend a couple hours in the shower together

Solder 76

  • He has a home gym or a private gym, or gets up earlier than everybody so he’s gone before more people show up
  • He’s just not a fan of working out in front of everyone else
  • He works out shirtless or in a tank top and either sweats or shorts and he just doesn’t want his scarred body to be looked on by loads of people
  • Not to mention the questions about working about blind he gets every once in while
  • He’s not blind, goddammit
  • He just has cloudy vision
  • The glasses Mercy had engineered for specifically for him helps a lot
  • His sight is almost back to normal now, if not a bit blurry still
  • Sometimes he loses track of time during workouts and his s/o will be up before he gets home
  • This happens frequently
  • So they’ll either make him breakfast or coffee or just go to the basement where the gym is to see him
  • Either way their wearing his shirt and his pajama pants, both of which are way too big on them
  • He hears them before he sees them and stops his workout to apologize for waking them up if he did so
  • When he turns around and sees them decked out in his sleep attire, he gets bit flustered though
  • Either stops talking mid-sentence to marvel at them or looks away and stumbles over the rest of his words
  • When they say he didn’t wake them up but he did lose track of his workout time, he gets all huffy and glares at the clock before walking over to give his s/o a hug and a kiss
  • If they’re okay with him touching them while he’s all sweaty, that is
  • They are; it takes a lot for him to get really sweaty gross
  • If they hadn’t made him breakfast and/or coffee, he asks them to stay while he does his last couple of sets
  • He offers to let them sit on his back while he does one-handed push-ups
  • Or hold down his feet while he does sit-ups (and give him kisses when he reaches his knees)
  • Or spot him while he does his weights
  • High-key trying to impress his s/o, even though he really doesn’t need to
  • At some point, he’ll just randomly comment something about them wearing his clothes
  • Something like “You look good in those” or “You can have those if you want”
  • Low-key telling them to keep wearing his clothes
  • After he finishes his workout, he’ll take them upstairs and he’ll go take a shower
  • He’ll probably ask them to sit in the bathroom with him to chat while he does so
  • Then they’ll both make breakfast after he’s done
  • They make the best coffee
  • His always tastes like dirty water
  • When they eat, he’ll have them sit on his lap on the living room couch and they’ll share breakfast together while watching cartoons or some random old movie that’s on
  • He’ll play with their clothes throughout breakfast
  • After the food’s and coffee’s all gone, the TV tray will be set aside while y’all cuddle for a while
  • He’ll continue to play with the clothes they’re wearing
  • Plus kisses
  • Ending up pinned down under him on the couch with his mouth on their neck his hands in their pants and up their shirt is a total possibility here
  • Keep wearing his clothes
I Still Feel Her (pt 3)
Jonny Craig
I Still Feel Her (pt 3)

“I Still Feel Her (Pt. III)”

How far back, can you remember?
Did the ice stop your heart?
Oh wait, that was me,
Oh wait that was me.
I froze to death.
My last words choking your breath.

Do the words still haunt you? 
Can you secure its claim,
Bottled up like smoke floating over flames?

I have no soul, no conscience.
Floating for one meaning.
Three words, I left you with
Three words, I left you with

Do the words still haunt you? 
Can you secure its claim,
Bottled up like smoke floating over flames?

I left you with one promise.
I hear your heart call my name.

Do the words still haunt you? 
Can you secure its claim,
Bottled up like smoke floating over flames?
In Dreams 18

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There are times when things are crystal clear, when everything makes perfect sense. He can distinctly remember feeling like he understood his place in the world, but that was a long time ago. Now, he feels like he’s on the road not taken in some strange way, lost in Frost’s yellow wood, meandering about, distracted by sounds, by the beauty and the dark places. Sometimes she’s right there next to him and others, he’s certain he’s lost her.

These last few months, he’s been wandering. Lost as he can be, distracted by Diana, by little white pills, by memories and nightmares when all along, the thing he needed to pay attention to, to keep his eyes wide open for, was her. Always her.

She’s asleep on the couch, she was so drained by the time she checked her apartment and got back to his place that she curled up and drifted off in the space of just a few minutes. He’d read in one of the books that the overwhelming exhaustion is normal, that he shouldn’t worry. But he still does. It can’t be helped.

He’s spent the last couple hours cleaning up the bedroom, making space for her. It dawns on him as he hauls out boxes of magazines and clippings that it’s the first time he’s done something like this for her. It wasn’t so long ago that they were discussing why she didn’t have a desk. She still doesn’t have a desk. She takes up so much of his heart, so many of his thoughts, but she can’t live in either of those places. He’s determined to change that, starting right now.

He may be a lost man, but one thing he’s sees clearly is her and if he can see her, he can find his way.

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #30

Something Happening Out On My Farm

I use the term “farm” loosely. It’s a house on a chunk of land, with a pond and some ducks and chickens. I work outside a lot so I know the lay of the land, so to speak. Lately I’ve been noticing a weird humming noise that seems to be coming from the earth itself, like literally coming from the air just above the ground. I was out over the weekend building a chicken coop. I decided to walk down the hill to get some firewood. I turned around, took two steps and was at the bottom of the hill.

The concerning thing is that this is a distance of over 100 yards. I literally blinked and was there. I walked back very slowly and tried to focus on what happened. That’s when the humming noise was most noticeable. It’s almost like I walked through it and lost all sense of time and direction. A methane leak? Magnets? I legit freaked out. My dog doesn’t like walking through the area, nor do the chickens.

Credits to: royboyblue

I Predicted The Future

This happened about 10+ years ago while I was in high school. I had a party at my house and invited all my friends. That night I barely drank because I had to watch the party and make sure people didn’t get too rowdy.

As the night progressed, a buddy of mine asked me if I wanted to smoke a blunt with him. I turned him down, as it would require me to leave the party unattended and go outside for a bit. So he went outside to smoke with some friends. The party ended around 1AM. After everyone left, I cleaned up and went to sleep. The entire night I maybe had 1-2 drinks, so I wasn’t drunk. Here’s where it gets odd.

That night I had a dream. And in that dream, I walked outside and into my mother’s garden. In the garden there is a flower pot. I knelt down and picked up a half-smoked blunt next to the flower pot. As I picked up the blunt, I woke up to my phone ringing. It was my friend who smoked that night. He told me that he had lost the half-smoked blunt (he thought he lost it inside the house) and warned me that it might be lying around somewhere. He was concerned that my mom might find it.

I hung up the phone and went to the garden. Next to the flower pot was the half-smoked blunt, just like in my dream. Keep in mind I hadn’t been drinking, nor did I accompany my friend outside when he invited me to smoke. That dream was frighting and amazing. I’ve never had another one like it.

Credits to: Digreth

Dimensional Elevator

So. Sunday morning, chilly in Rio de Janeiro. I woke up, there’s nothing to eat. I washed my face, changed, put a cap on so I don’t have to brush my hair and headed to a bakery to buy bread. I buy and headed back home.

I live in this condo complex that has three buildings. I headed into what I believe to be my building, got into the elevator. As the elevator door opened, all I see are white doors. My floor’s doors are all wooden-colored.

Did I get off on the wrong floor?” I thought as I headed back into the elevator. There’s a “6th Floor” sign, the right sign, on the door. “Did I get the wrong BUILDING?” I thought, as I went back to the ground floor to check.

I went out of the building and saw the sign “Building 2”, which is the right building. I headed back, puzzled, wondering what the hell had just happened. I got into the second elevator this time and I was able to get back into my apartment.

The following week, I saw the very same dimensional elevator with its floor indicator blinking between ground floor and 11th floor. The cables weren’t moving but there were whirring sounds. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Credits to: Jodanzuki

Universe Repeating Itself

This happened last year during the school year. My mom came up woke me up at 6:30 and I got ready for school, just like any other day. I went through my daily routine, got my clothes ready and got dressed. Then I left and walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. It felt just like any other day. The bus came over the hill and didn’t even slow down. It completely passed me. Everything went black, and I woke up in a cold sweat to the sound of my mom waking me up for school.

I remember everything from before, but I went right back to when I woke up. Everything was the same from when I woke up the first time. Even the time was the same- 6:30. I was spooked, but I dismissed it as just being a dream. 

I went and got dressed a little faster this time as I wanted to sit at the bus stop and think about what the hell just happened. This time, I got to the bus stop about 10 minutes earlier. But the weird thing was the bus got there earlier as well. I would have missed the bus if I didn’t get there earlier. To this day I haven’t told anyone about this for fear of being called insane.

Credits to: delete54321