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another drug related fic that i noticed isn't on your tag is fly like planes by hunterfics on ao3

Fly Like Planes (ao3) - “Ready?” Dan asks, letting out his hit in a constant stream of smoke through his mouth and nose.“You look like a dragon,” Phil tells him. Dan bares his teeth in a snarl that turns into a wide smile and a laugh. “Okay. Ready.”(Dan and Phil get high as balls in the tour bus)

thank you!

- Eliza

i’m taking a poll

how many of you have the same drinking/smoking habits as your partner? drinks > weed ? weed all day ? straight edge ? and … how much does it matter if you’re ON/NOT on the same page? i.e. you’re a pothead and your partner doesn’t smoke … you like to drink and your partner is straight edge?

***anyone who answers will be entered into my giveaway*** thanks for helping a gurl out w/ her curiosity ! ?

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no offense but why are you so damn hot

why so curious ➷ ➸ ➹ accepting

“you think i’m something, you should see my kids.” 

A koala was sitting in a tree smoking a joint…

when a lizard walks up and says “Hey koala what are you doing?”

The koala answers “Smoking a joint, come up and have some.”

The lizard climbs up and the two share the joint. After a while the lizard says his mouth is dry and excuses himself to a nearby river to have a drink.

The lizard, so stoned, leans over too far and falls in. A crocodile swims out to rescue him. When they get onto dry land, the croc asks, “What’s wrong with you, lizard?”

The lizard tells him that he was smoking a joint with a koala, and he got too stoned and fell in while taking a drink.

The croc has to see this for himself, so he asks the lizard to take him to the koala. When they get back to the tree, the croc looks up at the koala and says “Hey, you.”

The koala looks down and says “Shiiiit dude, how much water did you drink?”

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9, 10, and 15 !!

9) whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you

mmm icant rlly remember : o i dont think anyone has ever used a pickup line on me

10) do you believe in ghosts


15) what is your favorite memory

i remember being at my sistersflat in england with her and my other sister and it was like 10pm and we were laying in her bed eating dominos and smoking itwas cool

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Octavius climbs into bed next to Emma and sleepily embraces her with his head resting on her torso with a relaxed sigh , The Belle currently showering as she lost the game of Rock Paper Scissors that they use to decide the order each night


Emma gave a gentle sigh feeling the extra weight on the mattress beside her and his head resting atop her like it did. She didn’t even open her eyes more than a split second as she carefully adjusted, bringing a hand to gently shift through her Fiance’s hair. The other atop her stomach sliding to graze a gentle touch over his chest before returning to where it had been.

She always loved gentle embraces like a loose hug or being able to rest her own head on someone. When she was younger it was her best way to relax with Harley during any down time they had. But since getting into such a relationship as she was in now, she found she even enjoyed having others rest over her if they so chose to do. It helped her remember how much things had changed from her time in Ventus. It helped her remember just how loved she was. It soothed her.

name: lie ren
aliases: nezha, yuè huā ‘moon flower’ (by grandmother)
gender: masculine agender
age: seventeen
date of birth: january eighteen
place of birth: vale
hometown: unnamed isolated mountain village
spoken languages: mandarin, common tongue, can understand japanese but cannot fluently speak it
sexual preference: grey-a
occupation: lie heir, (former) beacon student, huntsman in training

eye colour: brown-grey (formerly), pale rose
hair colour: black, save for one pink streak
height: average
scars: yes
burns: no
overweight: no
underweight: yes

favourite colour: gold, red, black, white, blue
favourite hair colour: n/a
favourite eye colour: gold
favourite song: piano instrumentals
favourite movie: n/a
favourite tv show: nature documentaries
favourite drink: lychee juice, red wine, coconut water
favourite book: the wish granting cat

have they?

passed university: no
had sex: ship dependent
had sex in public: no
gotten pregnant: n/a
kissed a boy: ship dependent
kissed a girl: yes
gotten tattoos: not yet
gotten piercings: yes
had a broken heart: yes
been in love: ship dependent
stayed up for more than twenty four hours: yes

are they?

a virgin: ship dependent
a cuddler: rarely
a kisser: even more so
scared easily: no
jealous easily: yes
trustworthy: most of the time
submissive: yes
dominant: yes
in love: ship dependent
single: yes

siblings: no, but over twenty cousins (deceased)
parents: lie zhilan (mother) and sato daichi (father) (deceased)
children: n/a
pets: no but likes to feed stray cats

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“you’re just a ghost of blissful feelings,
a smoke I keep breathing”

- Smoke, PVRIS

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The Lion runs a gentle hand across Emma's back as he entered their shared room 'how're you feeling?' He smiles


“Fine for the most part?” Her tone a little unsure as she pulled a bud from her ear. Feeling along the cord for the remote built in to pause the video that had been playing on her scroll. The local news of the events in Vale.

“Felt a little dizzy, so I’ve been trying to just sit still till it goes away, but I’ve been fine otherwise…”

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is smoking a turn off?

1) smoke what..?
Imma assume tobacco
2) depends, like are they a chainsmoker who is addicted and we’re in a relationship so I’m around that constantly or do they just have one or two on a night out and this is the only time I’ll meet them?
former, I think so
latter, I could easily forgive
3) I hate myself for liking the aesthetic

hmu w/ Qs?