Hey One piece fans anyone interested in some badges~?
Cause I get a lot of badges I already have and ones I’m not all that interested in from random packs but I know some of you might like them and idk I don’t see a lot of these badges sold outside of Japan
Also I mean it would just really help me if you guys could get them off my hands since I really need both money and space ;w;
Reblogging to signal boost is GREATLY appreciated as well ^w^
Soo if you’re interested or want more details on the items please message me with the messaging feature (though I wouldn’t recommend using tumblr asks cause tumblr likes eating asks), you can also reach me on my email: greenokapia@yahoo.com, I accept paypal payment
Shipping is not included in the prizes written in the pictures since I assume different countries have different shipping, I ship from Iceland currently.

Osomatsu-san sales post

Ah also if you’re wondering how big the yakara can badges in the top pic are here’s a lil size comparison pic with my hand under the cut:

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