i really hate how people treat taylor like he’s an actual child but will treat hayley like the adult she is…. they’re literally one year apart it’s not hard to treat them both like adults.

taylor smoking isn’t even a big deal to get upset over. if he was a heavy smoker i’d get it but by the looks of this and over the years he really isn’t. it also ain’t the first time he’s smoked. and also he is and ADULT that can make his own choices.
y'all wanting him to quit is just stupid cause it’s like you’re babying him, just cause he smokes and you’ve seen one photo with him holding a cigarette literally doesn’t mean he’s unhealthy…..

he’s almost 27 years of age and literally still gets treated like a baby, even if he drink alcohol. y'all gotta grow up tbh

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Do you still have that vine of some one with severe smokers cough saying "I don't give a FUARK" or something along those lines? Sorry if it's too vague

no i wish i saved it the dude who made it deleted it :/

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If you were going to randomly matchmake people, what are some matches you'd make?

“Everyone with only themselves and their sense of self fulfillment without relying on someone else to make them feel ‘whole’ even though that’s a b.s. concept and puts a lot of stress on both sides of a relationship? That count?”

“No? K fine, ummmm, Rein with a houseful of cats. Teddy with myself, nonsexualy, forever. Shivonne with Sebastian as that cute-patoot needs a tough lady with a smokers cough to show him’s what’s what, after me of course, but they should have adorable children. Sam and Tuah but only if they let me watch. Iann and a bottomless pit with bad smells. Freddie and a reflection of himself. Charlotte and the Mayor but only if she murders him quickly then volunteers to be a life model for Savin so her nude statue might be displayed for any visitor to her musuem. Ephram and Ruby and life satisfaction probs. Cassie and a thrift store she can manage on her own and don’t need no man. Jen and all my dreams from now till the heat death of the universe, or some chick equally as hot but only if they let me watch. Malus and Tuah too probs? Elizabeth and an alternate universe version of herself as a dude. Malus and whoever that little freak desires, bless his pervy heart.”

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In which cases can a simple cough lead to something life-threatening?

A simple cough usually doesn’t lead to something life-threatening, unless the person is very immunocompromised (either through HIV/AIDS, or through immunosuppresion after a transplant of some sort). However, it can often be a symptom of  something life-threatening.

First of all, don’t underestimate the simple flu virus, influenza; it kills 500,000 people a year worldwide and is the cause of 2-3 million serious illnesses annually. Tuberculosis is still a very real thing, as is pneumonia; both can kill. Lung cancer starts with a simple cough, a smoker’s cough. Then there’s pertussis–whooping cough–or adult bronchiolitis, pulmonary fibrosis. It can be a symptom of sarcoidosis, congestive heart failure, or a pulmonary embolism. There are probably more I can’t think of.

The only direct life threat caused by a cough that I, or the respiratory therapist / paramedic sitting next to me, can think of, is rupturing a weak portion of the lung called a bleb. You can bleed from it, and potentially drown.

Anyway, I hope this was what you wanted! xoxo Aunt Scripty

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I don't know if you or anyone else agree but Catelynn looks like April in that "studio time" picture. Either that makeup, angle, or the cigarettes aged her and it's really sad because she is a pretty girl!Not trying to bully her, so sorry if seems it

I think Catelynn looks more like her mom the older Catelynn gets. I agree, I think Catelynn does look older than she is, but she’s been around smokers her whole life and has been a smoker for years. Plus stress ages you and she’s definitely had her fair share of stress.

In the early 1900s, people believed that smoking cigarettes turned you into a homicidal maniac. The belief was so common that ‘cigarette fiend’ became a valid defense for murder, and the term often accompanied an insanity plea. Source

A signed pledge card from the Primitive Methodist Anti-Cigarette League:

The New York Journal from November 14, 1899, about a case of “cigarette fiend:”