while talking about this and that, (I drew) Fuku-chan.

Shinkai-san is very difficult.. ^o^

on a back of random paper next to the telephone at my parent’s house. I was doodling while chatting with my sister, and unconsciously made Shinkai-san a smoker, and was flustered..

since my friend insisted on Maki-chan…my first drawing. some how it’s B point.

I did it! it was easy to draw! I added extra fat on!

Maki-chan is erotic, so can’t help it. I think tying the hair is cute . definitely matches him– ^o^

a stand-alone Moe.. maybe I’m often like that. oh, that’s why it rarely turns out to a drawing of a couple…!

maybe becoming sexy comes natural to a BL author..! embarrassing–!

Yoneda Sensei’s twitter 15 Nov 2014, while replying to her friends including managakas and BL novelist Kihara Narise ^^