Oooooh I actually really would like to share the nickname of papyrus/Sans from tale or AUs in Chinese fandom cuz thats cute and sexy to me LOL

Tale Papyrus - (The first square of the transliteration )

Tale Sans - (Also the first square of the transliteration)

Fell Papyrus - we still call him boss lol

Fell Sans - 芥末(Mustard)

Swap Papyrus - 烟枪 (Smoking gun/Smoker)

Swap Sans - 蓝莓(Blue berry)

Swapfell(KH) Papyrus - 财迷 or 紫帕 (Miser or Purple)

Swapfell(KH) Sans - 紫莓 or 葡萄(Purple Berry or Grape)

Fellswap/Swapfell(Red) Papyrus - 大狗 (Doggy)

Fellswap/Swapfell(Red)  Sans - 红莓 or 樱桃 (Red berry or Cherry)

Three Sheets to the Wind

When Portgas D. ‘Eddy’ Edward wakes up, he knows instantly he’s in trouble.

The only question is if it were of his own making or not.

For where there had once been the familiar setting the Thousand Sunny’s deck, he now finds himself stranded upon wooden docks, docks he doesn’t not recognise at that.

Slowly, the seven year old sits up, rubbing gently at the throbbing lump on his head as he tries to remember what happened.

They were sailing through the Grand Line, he recalls. Papa had been piloting Striker II, long stream of fire extending out from behind the boat, a lashing tail of propulsion that had the sea steaming as they cut through its waves. Mama had been on deck with him, Rheagle and Rogue sitting in her lap as she carefully went about reinforcing the alphabet for Rheagle.

Eddy remembers, he’d been helping. They’d been on the letter 'E’, he’d been using himself as an example, waiting for Papa to come aboard with new provisions. He was going to spend the month with them before heading back to the Whitebeards.

A few minutes later, and another ship had appeared out of nowhere. That’s where his memories start to get a little… fuzzy.

Peering around his new, unfamiliar location, Eddy tries reaching out with what rudimentary Haki powers he possess, but it slips right through his fingers. Not entirely unsurprising, given he’d only started learning a few months ago, but disheartening all the same.

His lower lip wobbles as his looks around again, reaching for the small sword always strapped to his belt. A gift from Gruncle Mihawk, who seems to be stopping by more and more often for 'training visits’. Papa insists he stops by far more than he did when they were young, but Mama keeps saying he (Eddy) is showing some real promise, so no wonder Mihawk’s interested.

Whatever that means.

“Hey, kid, you lost?”

Huddling into his long sleeve shirt (winter islands suck) Eddy peers up at the tall marine. Even though every damn marine seems tall to him.

This one is familiar though. Finally. If younger and with less scars than he’s used to.


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more Three Sheets pretty please?

“Smoker-san, wha-”

Eddy freezes, his eyes going round in surprise when he finally registers just who it is Smoker is confronting.


The word just slips out, he can’t help it, even if it isn’t right.

Because he’s too young for a start, like with Smoker there’s not enough scars; he’s missing the big one that was there long before Eddy even came into the world.

But it’s unquestionably Papa, from the slight waves to his black hair, to the cluster of freckles Eddy himself has inherited.

Papa who chokes st the very sight of him.

“N- ack- No! I can’t be your father, kid! I didn’t have sex till I left the island and I was always careful and you’re way too old to be mine!”

His skin is pale, making the freckles stand out; Eddy’s never seen them in such a contrast before.

He’s never known hurt like this before either.

He knew he was in the past, he knew it’d make no sense what so ever. But he’d just been so happy to see a familiar face, one he’s always associated with protection and love and warmth.

Not the sheer panic those features now exhibit.

“What did you say, kid?”

Swinging his head up to Smoker, Eddy quickly puts distance between them, incidentally moving closer to the younger version of Papa.

Papa who scrambles away from him, as if he’ll burn upon making contact.

It really hurts.

Let it never be said though that Eddy is in any way, shape, or form ashamed of who he is.

“My names Portgas D. Edward, my dad named me after Old Man Whitebeard and I’ve had a time-travelling accident. Thank you for taking care of me, Smoker-san!”


while talking about this and that, (I drew) Fuku-chan.

Shinkai-san is very difficult.. ^o^

on a back of random paper next to the telephone at my parent’s house. I was doodling while chatting with my sister, and unconsciously made Shinkai-san a smoker, and was flustered..

since my friend insisted on Maki-chan…my first drawing. some how it’s B point.

I did it! it was easy to draw! I added extra fat on!

Maki-chan is erotic, so can’t help it. I think tying the hair is cute . definitely matches him– ^o^

a stand-alone Moe.. maybe I’m often like that. oh, that’s why it rarely turns out to a drawing of a couple…!

maybe becoming sexy comes natural to a BL author..! embarrassing–!

Yoneda Sensei’s twitter 15 Nov 2014, while replying to her friends including managakas and BL novelist Kihara Narise ^^