smoker's choice

anonymous asked:

"How are smokers not ashamed of how they smell?" Easy, they get used to the scent because they're around it a lot. If you actually care about a smoker, you could suggest using a vaporizer. But I doubt you actually give a shit about anyone, not to mention someone else's health.

Did you genuinely just complain about me not caring about people or their health while defending smokers.

No, I don’t give two shits about smokers. Never implied I did. They’re doing it to themselves. They knew the risks when they started and they know the risk while they’re continuing. People that get terminally ill despite living a healthy lifestyle, those I care about. Nobody has to care about your self-chosen, selfish, cancerous lifestyle.

But this was never about their health. This is about freedom of choice. Smokers love to use the argument it’s their right to choose to smoke, and it’s their choice to take the risks. But smoking is not a habit that affects only the smoker. It’s smoke, you don’t control where it goes when you blow it out. You’re always bothering the people around you. It’s not your decision to make whether or not I’m willing to undergo your habits. You do not have the right to push your filthy habits onto everyone around you without their consent.