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LIV'S BIRTHDAY SESH - 06/05/2017

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. The day we’d been waiting for all week had finally arrived.

The day actually began on uncertain grounds as we still hadn’t actually sorted any MD yet. Nevertheless Me, Jick Bean and Ali hit Hanley to go sesh shopping. Primark was first to buy sunglasses and for Jack to buy his dressing gown he planned to modify at later at home. After a tactical Pound Bakery stop we went into Smokers Choice to enquire about MD testing kits. They didn’t sell them, but did offer us some pills. Yes, pills.

By the afternoon Matt had come though like a fucking hero and had sorted the same Cola Cube MD we had at his sesh. This was a considerable relief as Me, Jack, Ali, Saph, Mars and Bren. Many tears of joy were wept. It meant we were ready.

Early evening saw heads turning up for the pre sesh at Al’s crib. I’d pushed the boat out on a 4 pack of Aldi’s own Dark Fruit whereas most people had the sense to be drinking water. (This would prove retarded later in the evening, not that you needed telling.) We all dropped and then squeezed into Matt’s car and the B mobile ready for MC F Base to get his groove on.

The barn was already prepared (well played guys) so we just had to add some finishing touches (at this point Bren was already coming up) to the barn and speakers. I say touches… Specifically 180 glow sticks we had bought from Poundland which turned out to be fucking great.

Flood cranked up the tunes and the seshing began. Numerous come up spliffs were passed around and an hour in most people were onto their second drop. This hit many people like a brick wall and certainly took things up a notch.

As the evening wore on people were just off their nut completely. Aron was written off upstairs watching hamsters on the ceiling apparently. Chadwick was giving Flood a run for his money on the music and a few people had already crashed on the chairs upstairs. Meanwhile Ali double dropped and was fucking off her nut loving the tunes.

Come the early hours, the door was locked meaning nobody could get any water. This turned into a small epidemic as everyone by this point was mashed, stumbling around seeking a drink. I had a banging headache after drinking only 4 wannabe Dark Fruits and a rather delicious shit mix from my bartender Kieran. Pren came to the rescue with a small bottle she’d hidden. Matt also kindly offered some water, (and a key of MD - thanks man) which looking back was very lucky as id only had alcohol up until then.

By 4am, people were beginning to leave. Me and Jack finished the last of Jack’s MD (my fifth drop) and hit the chairs upstairs. Most people were coming down now so we started smoking as the party atmosphere slowly dripped away. By the end, Me, Jack, Jake, Kurt, Aron and Matt were left slumped in the chairs completely lifeless.

Me, Jake and Kurt left just before 7 to trek back to Al Pren’s. Me and Jack was still on it from his 4am last drop so I was all for a trek home and Jack was still on it waiting at home. The weather was stunning which made the walk pretty enjoyable to be honest. This is where I realised I’d got chewing gum on my clothes but didn’t have the mental capacity to care so carried on and ignored it.

We stumbled into Al’s realising there was no milk for a Marky Coffee (2 tea spoons of coffee, 2 tea spoons of sugar and a shit ton of milk) so me and Chadwick stumbled Bargain Booze only to have to wait 30 minutes for it to open.

The rest of the day was spent doing absolutely fuck all. (Other than Ali picking chewing gum off my shirt with an ice cube) All we did was bask in the glorious sunshine, smoke copious amounts and gorm out. Easily one of the least productive days of my life. I Didn’t get to bed until 10pm Sunday night which meant I hadn’t slept in 36 hours. It wasn’t until around 9 I had my first yawn of the day. Fuck knows what was fuelling me but by then I was truly fuckoed.

So it turned out to be a mint night with mint people. Flood’s already working on the playlist for the next one. I wish I had more memories to share but fuck my memory is wiped whilst off my nut.