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i love Blackwatch Jesse and Reyes. guys you can talk to me about Blackwatch Reyes anytime i love him so much i cannot tell you 

i love Overwatch it’s so gr8. i suck at it. but i still love. 

i’m still.. partially alive with drawing.. i don’t know why but i have no motivation/energy -lies on the floor- hmm

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When your best friend goes out of town.

When they leave:

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When you realize they’re coming home tomorrow:

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When you are finally reunited:

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When you finally get to sesh again:

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Once we’re both high:

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You know what’s weird? Smoke breaks.

I assume it’s a carryover from the days when everybody smoked and nobody thought twice about it. 

Regardless, it’s somehow still socially acceptable for a subset of the population to bugger off from their work for 5-10 minutes at a time to hold a tiny fire hazard in their hand as they indulge in their addictive and unhealthy vice. But only that one. There aren’t “booze breaks” for people who drink alcohol, “pot breaks” for people who smoke weed, “drug breaks” for those who partake in any of a wide variety of drugs, etc.

“But Jed, all those things you just listed can impair your judgment and would affect your work!” you may argue. “It wouldn’t make sense to have breaks in the workday for those things!”

Fair enough. What about “porn breaks,” then?  You get five minutes to go off and indulge in your little vice, wash your hands, and go back to work. No intoxicants whatsoever!

I admit I am exaggerating to make a point, but only a little. Why do smokers get extra time away from their work because they’ve got this bad habit? Why am I made to feel like I’m slacking if I want to go outside to breathe fresh air?

This is one of many things that I feel like we just accept without thinking about why.

everyone will know that I’ve been in love tonight

a permanent hug from you

      Heyy could you do a hc for zoro, law and smoker where their s/o really loves everything about stars and planets and whose dream is to make a map of the stars sorta thing (ya know same dream as nami but with the stars on the night sky)? Tysm ^-^ ~ Fluffy Law Anon        

A/N: I hope you like this, thank you for requesting my dear!!

S/O loves the stars + their reaction


  • Zoro might not understand how this could be your dream at first, he just thinks; The stars are always in the sky, so why bother drawing a map? Just look up??
  • But after you both spend more and more time together and after you share some nights with each other, only you both and the sky, he understands your fascination better
  • After that, he will make sure to support your dream as much as he possibly can
  • Will beat up everyone, I mean seriously, everyone that dares to make fun of your dream
  • He will never admit it, but he loves laying with his head on your lap while you draw the stars, especially when you go through his hair from time to time
  • Try to tell him that while he’s awake, he will FIGHT YOU
  • On some days, he asks you to tell him about all of the things you know about the stars while he’s training
  • He might not care all too much about the stars himself, but he cares about you and you just glimmer with happiness whenever you talk about the stars and planets so he will listen to you talk for hours
  • Thinks your smile is more beautiful than all of the stars combined but will never ever ever EVER tell anyone that
  • He is cute I hate this dude


  • Is your #1 supporter from the moment you tell him about your dream, even tho he never actually shows it openly
  • Before he met you, he never really cared about the stars and stuff, but after he gets to know you… Suddenly, the galaxy interests him as well
  • Will gift you some notebooks whenever he can, so you always have enough room for your thoughts and new discoveries
  • Likes to sit in silence with you, while you scribble some things into your book and he just reads some books about the human body or something
  • Stops from time to time to admire your figure sitting in between his legs just being so pure and innocent
  • Whenever he sees the reflection of the night sky in your eyes he just… woah
  • Like his heart can’t handle those emotions so he just covers his eyes with his hat and takes a deep breath
  • If you both happen to be apart for whatever reason, he likes to stare at the stars for hours bc he feels like that’s the closest you both can get without touching directly
  • Is sure you stare at them too so he might smile a tiny bit
  • Wow Law is actually pretty decent who would have thought that….??


  • Ok I feel like smoker is lowkey pretty romantic so he will probably say some cheesy stuff like,
  • “The stars are already hidden in your eyes, my love.”
  • Like the others, he will support your dream as much as he can
  • Promises you to bring you the stars omg my heart…
  • The thing with smoker is, everything that glimmers or shines will remind him of you now
  • Even if there’s a little firefly.. he will catch it and bring it to you bc it’s the closest to the stars you might get and he loves the smile you give him
  • Secretly stares at you from afar whenever you sit looking at the night sky with a little lamp bc you just look like a painting to him
  • Later then, when you both idk lay down to sleep, he will stroke your hair softly and ask you about the things you found out or what you’re currently thinking about
  • He is just very supportive of you and your dream and shows that
  • Yeah man, smoker is actually pretty cute I hella like him
What I would like to see in the upcoming One Piece’s chapters

So many things are happening right now in OP, so of course I’m really curious about the newest arc. Unfortunately or not, our heroes are separated into smaller groups and it will take a lot of time to wrap every important stuff. I know it will be a torture for me to wait again for Zoro-centric chapters, so as stress relief, I’m going to talk a bit about recent events and relationships that I hope will develop in the nearest future.

Like I said, Straw Hats are separated once again. Sanji is heading to Big Mom’s party, Luffy with Nami, Chopper & Brook are going after Sanji while Zoro, Robin, Franky & Usopp are going to Wano. The third group, now under Zoro’s command / guardianship, will work with Trafalgar Law (+ Heart Pirates) and Kinemon.

(I feel sorry for Usopp who stuck with Law, Zoro and Robin; a very morbid Trio indeed XD)

We already had a chance to see interaction between Zoro and Law, who apparently get along fine due to 1) their similar personality, 2) latest adventure in Dessrosa 3) drinking together. Still there is a lot of room for improvement and I really think Zoro needs to interact more often with other Supernovas. After all he is one of them despite not being captain (and no devil fruit user either) himself. His “lower” position could be an interesting thing in situation when the team must make a critical decision. They’re allies, yes. But that doesn’t mean they must follow other’s command and since Luffy right now is out of picture, Law and Zoro are the leaders. But who will lead a “mixed” team during fight? Will Law surrenders to Zoro’s decision / solution or vice versa? Or maybe there is a real understanding & respect between them, so they can rely one on another without any problem?

Eustass Kid was beaten by Kaido and now is his prisioner (Appo was working for the Yonko or became his subordinate recently, we will see how it went in future I believe). We don’t know where Kaido is keeping the captain of Kid Pirates (or what happened to Eustass’s crew), yet we know that Yonko is related to Wano and at this moment Zoro & Law’s group is heading there. During parting, Zoro already told his captain “I’ll round-up the Wano samurai for ya’” so I guess Roronoa will not wait for Luffy to take a big action by himself. Which I hope at some point will come to save Eustass.

I know it’s usually Luffy’s job to save an important characters and as much as I don’t mind it, I would love to see Zoro & Law’s team to be involve with that one cause. I can’t stop to think about Alabasta arc, when Zoro saved Smoker I’m really fond of that scene since Luffy 1) couldn’t because of water 2) told him to do so. This is not exactly an analogy to recent situation but since Luffy is involved in other things (saving Sanji making havoc at Big Mom’s party) I wouldn’t mind if Zoro once again save Luffy’s “enemy”/rival for him.

Also I really need to see Killer and Zoro together. Not only for the sake of one Supernova meet the other, but also because both are second-in-command / unofficial vice captains / a calm support for hot-headed idiotic captains. I know that Luffy has a very strong bonds with all of his crewmembers yet One Piece always put a lot of pressure at the bond between captain and vice captain / second-in-command. The fact that Killer and Zoro seem to fill such role in life of their captains makes them unique between Supernovas (they probably could trade many stories about idiocy of their captains). If Killer wasn’t captured with Eustass (who could order his crew to run away when it was clear Kaido is winning), he will want to save him. Zoro, like all Straw Hats, can understand Killer’s situation quite well. Not being strong enough to protect nakama, not being next to your captain when he needed you the most… yeah, there is a lot things to build between them an important understanding beside the “my captain is an idiot”.

I’m dying to see Zoro interacting with other Supernovas. I think it would be really interesting, both for his sake and the other characters. He and Law are getting along well but would it be the same with hot-headed Kid? Would they argue like Zoro used with Sanji? Not to mention how Law and Kid would acting around each other after time skip.

I don’t want Straw Hats to be pushed into background but lately there is not so much happening with them and now Kid and Killer are related to main story in more important way I can’t wait to read about them.

Side notes:

  • I always thought that Monster Trio and Captain Trio works in similar way; Law is an equivalent of Zoro while Kid is an equivalent of Sanji with Luffy being Luffy. As much as Law and Zoro get along, I think Sanji and Kid are too impulsive to not arguing with other.
  • I think Kid is so beaten because he refused to be a part of Kaido’s crew. He, the same as Luffy and Law, want to decide for himself. At least I think so…
  • Can’t wait to see Kid (and Killer)’s flashback
  • I wouldn’t mind to see Captain Trio once again in action
  • Hell, I wouldn’t mind to see MONSTER TRIO once again in action
  • This isn’t much important but if Zoro will save from drowning one of Supernovas/devil users (be it Kid or Law) I would be really happy. Since Alabasta arc, when Zoro saved Smoker I’m waiting for something similar to happen.
How to Write a Smoking Character

So I read this post about how to write a smoker and I’m gonna go ahead and add to this from a writer’s POV. If you’re not a smoker there may be things you forget to think about. It goes way beyond “He smoked a cigarette” if you’re writing a smoker, especially if he’s addicted. A few things to think about when building a character that smokes:

(long post below the cut)

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Red Team Cooking Habits

For my Last Responders AU. So most stations do a cook out rotation for who’s in charge of cooking and also added some notes on who cooks/brings what for cookouts. So here’s Red Teams.

Sarge: Good ol’ Southern home cooking, smoked BBQ, and grilling. Lots of fried food, gravy, everything seasoned with only lots of salt, pepper, cinnamon, BBQ sauce, bacon fat, and/or Old Bay. Sarge makes the best traditional Southern breakfast with homemade buttermilk biscuits, sausage, bacon, sausage or sawmill gravy, and eggs. Simmons will usually just eat the biscuits with some kind of jam and eggs.

Donut: Donut primarily bakes. He makes good desserts, but can also make various types of breads for fancy sandwiches. For big meals and cookouts, he focuses more on lean meat protein that’s grilled, of course. On cookout days, Sarge and he fight a lot about grill duties. Eventually the department gets a smoker as well as the grill, and Sarge just hangs out at the smoker.

Grif: Mac and Cheese with Hotdogs or Hotdogs and chili is the standard (or some other tv box dinner type of thing), but will occasionally go all out and whip up something that reminds him of home when he was a kid. Poi is a favorite if he can get his hands on it (Simmons loves it and the rest of Red Team tolerates it; Freelancers are hit and miss; Blues won’t go near it). Beef Hekka is hit with everyone and Grif will make Simmons some Lomilomi Salmon on those nights.

Simmons: His cook nights are…difficult. He’s a Pescetarian (he was vegan for a looong time, but military kind of broke him from that). Most nights he just makes salad and buys a bag of rotisserie chicken and an appropriate dressing. Some nights he’ll make some fancy fish dishes or he’ll try a new vegetarian recipe. It’s…very mixed results. There’s a few preferred favorites from Simmons “experimental” nights, but most will just order take out.

Lopez: Yes he can make Texmex as well as some amazing Mexican dishes and usually does. Simmons loves his pico de gallo and will scarf a whole bowl by himself. There’s also this shredded pork red sauce thing he makes that just blows everyone’s minds. He won’t say what’s in it, but it’s best slow cooked in the smoker. The other big thing Lopez makes is burgers. He actually cooks with a bunch of different seasonings and will try different combinations. If Simmons hasn’t done anything to piss him off, he’ll make Simmons a veggie burger. Sarge back seat cooks and asks why he always adds all “dem fancy spices; salt and pepper is perfect for everything!”

For A Long Time Looking at Stars

Pairing: Shane x Farmer
Genre: romance, hurt/comfort, slow burn, angst
Rating: explicit 
Warnings: suicide, self-harm, alcoholism
Summary: Taking place in a realistic Stardew Valley universe (no magic), this is a long, serious fic about falling in love while dealing with the ups and downs of mental illness. 



It was the last one of the night – Shane Daniels was out of money.

He tilted his head back, draining the lukewarm dregs from the bottom of his glass. It clanged loudly when dropped to the sticky wood table and he glanced around to see if the noise had startled anyone – to his surprise the saloon was alive with chatter and laughter, as distant to Shane as he was to it.

It was spring in the valley but the nights were still long, and the air bit with unexpected teeth when he exited the stuffy bar. Tugging his hood higher and shoving his hands in his pockets, he slouched away from the muffled laughter and headed home. When he arrived the lights were off, and pausing at the door he could hear no noise – his aunt was probably already in her room. Those three beers at Gus’s hadn’t been nearly enough, but if he was quiet he could grab the bottle from his sock drawer and sneak back out without having to deal with her.

Sneaking out of the house at twenty-nine years old. Son of a bitch, he thought, tucking it in his pocket with shame.

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