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borntobene  asked:

How would any onepiece character of your choice handle their significant other being mistreated because they are black or any other poc?

got you on this fam. Im going to do this in different situations too for some. 

One Piece characters with their s/o and discrimination  


  • He furrows his eyebrows when him and s/o are being followed in a convenient store. First he thinks its cause there pirates. But once he heard that man mutter about watching out for these black folks as if there bound to steal theres a problem
  • That glare he delivers sends shivers down the clerks spine. he backtracks and turns around arms folded, looking down at the man. But its best for you to grab him and make your way out the store 
  • He doesn’t know how to comfort you and looks at you but you shrug it off. He release his frustrating training extra. How you go about telling him how you feel is up to you

X Drake 

  • That chin of ex justice got some high tolerance. 
  • He move himself infront of the perpatrator in order to set distance between you and whoever so they don’t bother you any more and refrain from making any more dumb comments. 
  • But he’s wants to make sure your okay. He’s an amazing listener. Wants you to know he’s always there for you

Boa Hancock

  • Someone calls her s/o ghetto with a negative connotation of course. Probably in there wrong minded thinking of how someone so ghetto can get a woman so great
  • She’s turning there ass to stone 
  • But not before she royally shuts them down and emphasis what a great person her s/o is. And how in comparison with them they are just low scum. 
  • Comforts her s/o, almost babies them in sense. Not for sure if thats the best thing but its her approach. 


  • gives that scary smile with a serious threat behind it 
  • Someone maybe have passed you, and clutched there purse or personal belonging in fear you steal it and run off with it. 
  • trips the person. 
  • goes to you with a cup tea, book down and sits with you. The smile she gives you is beyond reassuring 


  • The whitebeard pirates are made up from all walks of life
  • on a side note I totally see the crew having deep discussions like these every now and then. They all have each others backs and yours
  • So he’s prepared for situation. He’s like that calm deadly
  • Wraps a protective arm around you. Or over your shoulder. The look he gives dares that person to say it again 


  • You two at eating at some local diner
  • he notices you shifting uncomfortably and asks you why. Then he hears the murmurs and disapproval of a couple sitting a few tables gossiping about how interracial couples shouldn’t even happen. The doves with the doves, the crows with the crows.
  • the concerned look he gives you kind of breaks your heart. He forgets all about them his focus is on you, and he will reassure you in every possible way.  


  • The hurt look on his face 
  • turning into a passionate explanation to the person whoever let out racial derogatory comments. There going to listen soever last word he has to say too 
  • Hell remind you of yourself worth wether your doubting it or not 


  • You two sit down in fancy restaurant he took you too. But they refuse color folks. The piercing look Mihawk gives hem for having the audacity
  • like that person is rethinking there life and decisions at that moment  
  • Takes you home and just makes dinner instead. 
  • He careful with his words, but he ask you how much you go through this. 
  • very caring and soothing Mihawk. Even if you disregard the situation easily 


  • You must be asking to the get the shit knocked out of you if you mistreat his s/o in front of him in any way shape or form 
  • is truly confused on how you can hate some one simply based on there appearance. Just. No. 


  • While he was after losing his marine position, and looking like a hobo the side way glances he gets oh boy. Some don’t recognize him, some do. 
  • He brushes them all off. Too chill for that. 
  • He has all the patience in the world, and I see him taking his s/o out of that situation and maybe sharing there experiences with discrimination   


  • Is there some discrimination law he can arrest them with 
  • I imagine this going as him and his s/o strolling down the street and someone under there breathe whispers something like damn black person, and Smoker stopping in his tracks. Now you need to be his sense of logic in this. 
  • The glare never leaves his face. It stays on his mind the entire night and he wonders damn my s/o goes through this what every day? and just feels so angry


  • Does Kidd even know of a peaceful approach
  • or calming his anger. Doubt it. Therefore if you disrespect his s/o you disrepsecting him. 
  • Probably at some bar you two walked in with his crew. Then they said they don’t serve colored people. The bar no longer is in establishment 


  • He gets them secretly taken care of and disposed. 
  • Doesn’t do that comfort shit. 
  • I felt like he prejudice ideals on some races too. With his kingly mindset and all 


  • Im going to use the scene with the negative comments on him and s/o being a interracial couple as well 
  • stops what he’s doing and just looks at the person. Staring into their soul and judging the shit out of them. Debates turning to his s/o immediately or dismembering the racist. 
  • Bepo knows. Take it for what Wanda said 
  • If his s/o doesn’t want to talk about it sure, but its not going to stop him from thinking about.


  • I really wanted to do Nami for this one 
  • She knows full well you shouldn’t judge someone by there appearance. 
  • and won’t get violent but she will tell the racist off. Apologizes profoundly to her s/o even though it wasn’t her doing she just, feels bad. mainly angry