…so i started to make this book when i moved back to l.a, in 2010. 
my city & the people it produces inspires me constantly, 
its influence on who i am, is undeniable, & on purpose. :)

this book was a way to merge my interests, 
put an idea out there, where i felt a void existed. 
that while we may seem unconventional, 
we are incredible, inspiring & valuable.

To create something i would treasure. 
a piece of me, for everybody. #west. 

i’ve been holding onto it for awhile, 
unsure of what & how to do something with it. 
its significance in my life is always evolving, 
eventually, i just wanted to share it, 
put it out there, to serve anyone who can use it, 
anyone maybe feeling misplaced, 
but can relate to the moments that we have. 
where we can regain our perspective, 
through faith in our purpose & love for our life. 

eventually enhance it, appreciate everything it signifies, 
& keep growing, keep creating. :)

I made some roll-out quotes from the book, 
that i’ll be posting on the book’s facebook page here. like it. :)

& share with us, with others, your experience, 
your moments that will help inspire others. 
we’re all the same, just differently the same. 
all of us, with our different sames, 
are valuable. :)

p.s. this is Rainy Days : Reign Supreme, a spread from the book.

Tony Sans - Back of My Mind (by HaffwayHouseOfficial)

#SmokeLA’s Own, :)