Smoked Meat Sandwich 

If you stop by Montreal, you gotta check what is all the fuzz about this Hebrew joint on St Laurent. The first time I went there, I ordered 3 smoked meat sandwichs and was debating if I should bring one home. It was simple and tasty. 

Schwartz’s, serves the best smoked meat from the original recipe of spices since 1928. Imagine walking through the door and taking a step back 80 years into “Main Street” history in Montreal. A “true” Montreal landmark that has welcomed celebrities and visitors from all over the world.

Montreal, Canada


Dinner, 24 March 2015.  We arrive exhausted from our travels (since Sunday afternoon when we left Eugene for Portland).  The Queen Elizabeth hotel is big and nice.  We have a quiet dinner in their main restaurant.  I get a salad and  Montreal smoked meet sandwich with fries.  Julia got a similar sandwich but skipped the fries for a salad and ate some of my fries.  It’s good to be someplace solid after 50+ hours in transit.

40: Flashback: Montreal

Notched + Tied have an affinity for the slower side of life- perfectly poached eggs, cured meat, raw denim, and disposable cameras. On a trip to Montreal last spring, the latter was used extensively, from the long winter drive up North, stopping at a wistful bar in New Hampshire, to the cities and streets of Canada. We recently developed the photos and found a wealth of gorgeous design, architecture, and an ensemble to share.

Before a smoked meat sandwich, the duo explored the city on foot, pausing at junctures brutalist and clean, modern and painted. Notched braces against the winter chill with a sapphire blue Burberry scarf atop a ¾ sleeve collaboration top from MOMA x Uniqlo screenprinted with Andy Warhol’s paratrooper boot design. The camel-colored peacoat is Ann Taylor, aviators, vintage Ray Bans. Graffiti unknown.

Explorers find the most curious places on foot and behind the wheel. We stumbled upon all sorts of gems: from Habitat 67, to abandoned steel mills and geisha strip clubs in the barren outskirts of the city. Notched and Tied always seem to end up in Canada when winter is still in town. There’s something magical about burrowing into a temporary home on the other side of the border.


Ray Ban Aviators: $199
Andy Warhol x UNIQLO shirt: $30
Burberry Heritage Scarf, Sapphire: $495
Ann Taylor Wool Peacoat: $350

Best smoked meat sandwich in North America 👍🏼 The bread kenut take it. (at Schwartz’s Montreal Smoked Meat)

Schwartz’s is apparently a must in Montreal, however I was not so amazed by their famous smoked meat sandwich- maybe with some more spices … 😋