smoked meat

Vegan Super Feast with Easy Chickpea-sy Pesto

In an attempt to further cut out toxic things in my life, I quit smoking and eating meat and dairy for a couple weeks.
This was made much easier by living with in a vegetarian household with my good friend Helly, who is also lactose intolerant, as we would often eat meals together.
One of the meals I made for us all was this vegan super veggie bowl with sweet potato mash, chilli and garlic kale, lightly pickled red cabbage, carrot roses, blanched sugar snaps, chickpeas, red peppers, baby plum tomatoes, sliced avocado, blue corn chips, tricolore quinoa, topped with rambo radish sprouts, homemade avocado hummus and my latest experiment - a chickpea, tahini and basil pesto!

Chickpea, Tahini and Basil Pesto


(Serves 4)

1 - Garlic clove
6 tbsp - Extra virgin olive oil
4 tbsp - Fresh lemon juice
4tbsp - Tahini
2 cups - Fresh basil (chopped)
½ cup - Chickpeas (cooked)
1/2tsp - Himalayan rock salt
1/4tsp - Black pepper


1. Using a food processor, combine garlic, tahini, oil, lemon juice and basil and process until smooth.
2. Add in chickpeas, salt and pepper and process.
- Feel free to add a little more olive oil or water to achieve your desired consistency. 

639. Smoked Meat

You know how an entire year ago I went on vacation to Quebec? Well, for some reason it took me this whole time to realise that I did in fact have smoked meat whilst I was there and I took a picture and I should have posted it on the blog. Quite how I managed to forget for 12 full months is beyond me; I’m a huge ditz obviously. Anyway, my smoked meat was served on top of poutine, which was probably just about the best thing ever. If anyone can tell me a better combination than chunky chips, cheese, rich gravy and piles of salty, smoky meat, then I will probably not believe them. I’ll just be over here googling flights to Canada.

639 down, 1157 to go


Tasty, juicy, delectable. My only regret from this first time of smoking meat? That I didn’t put more chicken on the grill.

I’ve never even seen the process of smoking meat besides the big commercial ovens at BBQ places, but I know how to read directions so I tried my hand at it today.

Next time I’ll do salmon or turkey wings. :)

The coals are still warm. I’ll put some homegrown tomatoes in there now… for salsa tomorrow.

I had one piece. I’ll save another in the fridge and put the rest in the freezer (individually bagged) to have on salads or in sandwiches. :)


You can’t come to Canada and not have poutine!

Yes, yes, yes… I know it’s better in Montreal, but I’m not in Montreal at the moment. :)

Every time I come to Toronto, I want to try a different place (Poutini, Poutineville) but I always end up at Smoke’s as it’s closest to the convention center and my hotel.

At artist Alvin Lee’s suggestion, I switched up my usual order and got my poutine topped with smoked meat last night, as you can see here. Delicious!!